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Friday, July 1, 2011

One Last Time: Goodnight, America…


Yesterday Glenn Beck and his audience began a new chapter.  His life at Fox and on mainstream TV ended as he exited the stage of his Fox News set for the last time with one last “From New York, Goodnight, America”.

TV Newser:

The final broadcast of “The Glenn Beck Show” was a little bit of everything: a look back, a glimpse into the future and a frank assessment of the reasons behind Beck’s Fox News Channel departure.

Beck, who ad-libbed much of his last hour as an FNC host, spoke candidly about the decision to launch a web-based TV channel, saying he hoped he had earned viewers’ trust on “The Glenn Beck Show.” “Anyone watching this show knows that I have bent this format so far out of its structure, out of its parameters,” Beck said. “This is a news channel. I do commentary.”

“This show has become a movement,” he said. “It’s not a TV show. And that’s why it doesn’t belong on television. It belongs in your homes, it belongs in your neighborhoods.” Read full story at the Blaze

Video:  Glenn Beck: The Final Fox Show  -  Filled with some memories of the past 2.5 years and hope and solutions…

Glenn Beck is a wonderful man who has worked so hard to share the truth that the lame stream socialist media does not want to tell us about. Glenn has generated an awareness among millions of us who were blindly trusting what the lame stream media put out there but no longer. Glenn has millions of people who have been and will continue to be enlightened by the truth. God Bless Glenn, his family, his staff and friends. …EricDadof3

So What’s Next…

Video:  Glenn’s Walk From last show at Fox to GBTV show immediately afterwards

Please support Glenn and his new endeavor by becoming part of the “saving America” team by signing up for GBTV. You can get a subscription for as little as $4.95 per month. If you are an Insider Extreme Member, you will automatically be subscribed to GBTV!  it is worth the price of a cuppa whatever you buy out… coffee, tea, etc, for a month’s subscription for not only education and solutions for America’s future but to be part of the the future of media…

The Truth About Beck’s Ratings

“The Five”:  Fox Announces New Show to Fill Glenn Beck Tim Slot

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