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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! US Military Refusing Orders from Barack Obama and Suing in Court!


Video:   BREAKING NEWS! US Military Refusing Orders from Barack Obama and Suing in Court!

No Award for Orly

Judge Rules FOIA Lawsuit over Obama’s Social Security Number Will Continue

Judge Rules Not to Dismiss FOIA Lawsuit Filed over Obama’s Social Security Number


Judge Royce Lamberth is the Chief Judge for the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC

(Jun. 3, 2011) — The Post & Email was contacted earlier today by Attorney Orly Taitz, who stated the following regarding her lawsuit, Taitz v. Astrue:

The judge did not dismiss my case against the Social Security Administration as the U.S. attorneys wanted, and he therefore ordered that the case will go on.

Also, the Department of Justice had asked to seal all of my pleadings because they contained the social security number which Obama has been using, but Judge Royce Lamberth ordered that I simply refile it, redacting the number, because it has already been out there.  They wanted my complaints and my first amended complaint sealed, but Judge Lamberth said it could be refiled.

The Post & Email then asked if Lamberth’s decision took the place of the default judgment which Taitz had requested in May based on the government’s failure to respond within 30 days, and she said that by law, she believes she should have received a default judgment.  “The government had 30 days to file a response to my complaint by May 5, but they didn’t respond until May 23, so I should have been entitled to a default judgment.”

Taitz also said, “We’re now in discovery, so I can issue subpoenas.”  She said she would welcome the help of an attorney who is licensed in Washington, DC and Hawaii to compel the Hawaii Department of Health to release information she had requested last month.  When we asked her if her California license should be honored by the officials in Hawaii, she said, “It’s kind-of a gray area, to be quite honest.  I am a licensed attorney, but they could say that I am not licensed in Hawaii and they don’t have to comply with my subpoena.  If agencies don’t want to comply, they can find all kinds of reasons not to.”

We asked Taitz if the Health Department had responded to her subpoena, and she answered, “No, not yet, but they have 33 days, and I sent it a week ago.”  Dr. Alvin Onaka, Registrar at the Health Department, had sent a letter stating that they would not provide Taitz with the information.

When we asked Taitz if Lamberth could issue a subpoena himself, she replied, “I don’t know.  The officials in Hawaii might say that they need to have an order from a judge in a court there.  Also, usually judges don’t sign subpoenas in FOIA cases.  However, I will try to find out if Lamberth could sign it.”

Taitz also mentioned that Obama’s White House Counsel, Robert Bauer, had announced his resignation from his post on June 2, the day after Lamberth issued his ruling in Taitz v. Astrue.  “Perhaps Bauer does not want to be deposed as White House Counsel for having had knowledge of Obama’s forged birth certificate and invalid social security number,” she said.  “I’m really questioning the timing.  They’re law clerks who work, particularly in the U.S. District Court in DC, and they know what is happening.  They know as the judge signs the order what it will say before it is posted on the electronic docket.  So yesterday, as Judge Lamberth signed the order whereby the case will go on, at the same time, Robert Bauer resigned.”

On a different subject, Taitz told The Post & Email that she has been receiving threats from someone employed by the IRS as an attorney who is reportedly a member of The Fogbow.  A video has recently been issued about members of The Fogbow, whom we suspect but have not yet proven have harassed others, working to uncover the truth about Obama. The harassment that has been reported contains violent, graphic death threats.  Taitz said that she was threatened with being taken away by people driving dark vehicles and that “it wasn’t going to be pretty” if she revealed the IRS attorney’s identity.  Of the harassment, Taitz said, “People need to write to the IRS about this attorney abusing her power as well as to Congress, specifically Rep. Darrell Issa.”

Taitz believes that the attorney is using two screen names:  “Georgetown JD” and “Butterfly Bilderberg.”

According to the video, The Fogbow has posted personal information about those seeking the facts of Obama’s birthplace, identity and citizenship, while The Post & Email has observed that members of The Fogbow do not appear to ever use their real names.  Taitz has also reported that a member of The Fogbow who might be the host of “Reality Check Radio” is a sociology professor at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT.

Taitz told us that she was able to obtain the Conference Attendance Record from the May 11, 2011 hearing in the lawsuit of Hornbeck v. Salazar in which she submitted a Motion to Intervene which lists the IRS attorney’s name.  Taitz had previously told The Post & Email that her Motion was rejected because of when it was submitted and because the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had a pending outcome on her oral argument from on May 2-4, 2011 regarding Obama’s eligibility to serve as president.

by Sharon Rondeau  -  Posted at the Post & Email

h/t to George King

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