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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Council Has Spoken!! Week of 6.29.12 Watcher’s Council Results


The Council Has Spoken!, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

Remember when the left claimed that pathetic attention whores like Cindy Sheehan had ‘moral authority’ and were beyond any criticism of their motivation or tactics because a loved one had been killed? And especially when that suited the left’s political agenda?

This week’s winner, Rhymes With Right for – Don’t Ken And Josephine Terry Have “Absolute Moral Authority”? examines how that neat little sophistry works, and wonders why it doesn’t apply across the board. Here’s a slice:

One of the things that is true of the Left is that it is generally guilty of great selectivity when applying those things it claims are absolute.

I could note their selective absolutism on discrimination (except for affirmative action), the right to keep medical care between patient and doctor (but only for abortion — ObamaCare will bring government into every other medical decision), free speech (except for speech the Left dislikes) and freedom of religion (you WILL buy birth control for your employees and do gay marriages or lose your tax exemption!).

And apparently that selective application of absolute principles applies to the parents of public servants who are killed in the line of duty.

Back in 2005, Maureen Dowd declared, regarding Cindy Sheehan, that “the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute.” Of course, the mere fact that Ms. Sheehan did not speak for the overwhelming majority of mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, or sisters and brothers of those who have died fighting the various terrorist groups seeking to impose radical Islam on the rest of the world didn’t detract from Sheehan’s “absolute moral authority” — the White House was obliged to accommodate her and tailor policy to her demands.

Of course, Sheehan’s “absolute moral authority” was conceded by the Left only until the Democrats took control of Congress and Sheehan began applying the same standards to Democrats that she did to Republicans — and she was dismissed as a crazy old auntie in the attic once she began to criticize Barack Obama. After all, “absolute” is a relative term to the Left.

I need to warn you about our non-Council winner, Natasha Smith’s “Please God. Please make it stop.” submitted by Joshuapundit. It’s not for the faint hearted or the weak of stomach. It was written by a young British female independent journalist making a documentary on women’s rights in Egypt..who got caught by a mob in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and what happened to her there.

Apparently the ‘Arab Spring’ doesn’t apply to women, especially not foreign ones. Do read it if you can stand it…the comments are especially instructive.

Well OK then! Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners
Non-Council Winners

This Week’s Honorable Mentions

See you next week! Remember to tune in next Monday for the Watcher’s Forum question, where the Council and invited guests provide pithy short takes as a roundtable on a major issue…don’t you DARE MISS IT!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Shock Heard Around the World May Save America – Updated

By Ask Marion

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) may just have fired the second shot this week that should shake every freedom loving American to their core. The temporary silence of the media, both MSM and alternative, was deafening after the Robert’s Court ruling upholding ObamaCare and then upholding the individual mandate as a tax caught everyone by surprise; the White House, the blogosphere, most so-called experts and the liberal mainstream media. Everyone had comments and responses prepared for several anticipated outcomes, but none expected this.

Rumor has it that Roberts received pressure, even threats, from undisclosed sources and caved, some say he moved to the dark side just this past week and some say Roberts has revealed himself to have real concern for the legacy of the Court that bears his name. Many feel that this ObamaCare ruling was the signature for ‘his’ court that he felt he needed.

“The Volokh Conspiracy”: Back in May, there were rumors floating around relevant legal circles that a key vote was taking place, and that Roberts was feeling tremendous pressure from unidentified circles to vote to uphold the mandate. Did Roberts originally vote to invalidate the mandate on commerce clause grounds, and to invalidate the Medicaid expansion, and then decide later to accept the tax argument and essentially rewrite the Medicaid expansion (which, as I noted, citing Jonathan Cohn, was the sleeper issue in this case) to preserve it? If so, was he responding to the heat from President Obama and others, preemptively threatening to delegitimize the Court if it invalidated the ACA? The dissent, along with the surprising way that Roberts chose to uphold both the mandate and the Medicaid expansion, will inevitably feed the rumor mill.

Then there are the speculation that Roberts is a genius, Was Judge Roberts Just Playing Bridge? or as Michael Savage said: Roberts Epilepsy Medication Affects His Cognition and affected this decision?

"Roberts is a genius": Article 1, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution says to raise revenue (taxes) a bill MUST originate in House of Representatives. This version of ObamaCare originated in the ways and means committee of the Senate! Did the Supreme Court miss that? Or is Justice Roberts sly as a fox?

And then there are those who wonder if the all American boyish looking Chief Justice has crossed over to the dark side, either recently or perhaps he was always a closet Progressive… or worse?

The word "tax" appears 413 times in the SCOTUS’s opinion #fullrepeal If you don't buy health insurance the IRS will take your tax refunds, so good luck with that! Charles Krauthammer said Roberts’ definition of this being a tax was very thin.

Some pondered since this is now a taxation issue, in light of other SCOTUS cases this year on equal protection in tax law, can Obama still give waivers? I would say no!

Palin tweeted: Congress has the power to rescind taxes, I expect them to do this after the recess in July. #Obamatax Later on with Greta Van Susteren on ‘On the Record’ Palin said, “This is a tax on all the people. Chief Justice John Roberts just shown the light on one of the big ObamaCare lies being perpetrated by President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and HHS Sec Kathleen Sibelius.”

Then there are serious concerns about the precedent now set for other horrific “taxes”, for anything they choose based, on this decision… maybe for breathing will be next? All citizens are now taxed for living here – except of course Muslims who are exempt because their religion doesn’t allow them to buy insurance. The Amish are also exempt. Some have said this is the dhimmitude tax. If you convert to Islam, you won’t have to pay. Some have suggested a new “We are all Muslims now” program; watering down both the effects of radical Islam by infiltration and cutting the funding for ObamaCare based on religious freedom.  US Catholic Church leaders are rejecting the ObamaCare Court Ruling.

This is a complicated decision and will take more than a few hours or even a few days to decipher and study. For those of you wanting to take a shot at it. Here are the links below to the 193 page decision.

28 June 2012

supreme court obamacare opinion .pdf

click here to download 193 page .pdf [776 kb]
click here to download directly from the supreme court website
click here to go to the supreme court 2011 term opinions of the court page and look for:
National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius

After the initial shock of the virtually unconsidered ruling settled in the comments began:

"A Dark Day for American Liberty".....Statement by VA AG Ken Cuccinelli

This is a dark day for the American people, the Constitution, and the rule of law. This is a dark day for American liberty.

This decision goes against the very principle that America has a federal government of limited powers; a principle that the Founding Fathers clearly wrote into the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. The Constitution was meant to restrict the power of government precisely for the purpose of protecting your liberty and mine from the overreaching hand of the federal government.

This unprecedented decision says that Congress has the authority to force citizens to buy private goods or face fines - a power it has never had in American history, and a power King George III and Parliament didn't have over us when we were mere subjects of Great Britain. Since the federal government itself could never articulate to the court a constitutional limit to this power, Congress has gained an unlimited power to force citizens to buy anything.

I am disappointed with the court's ruling and with the unprecedented attack on American liberty the president and the previous Congress have created with this law.

Stay tuned - I will be providing more analysis on this in the coming hours, as well as next steps.

Rush Limbaugh: “There is nothing constitutional about this law (ObamaCare)!” Neal Boortz said, “Here come the death panels! and the doctor’s shortages

Glenn Beck took the extreme step on radio today to actually demonstrate, on a pretend human being, what medicine will look like under Obamacare in the near future. Stu & Pat get a lesson from "Dr." Beck to experience what the challenges of being a "real" doctor are. Warning, the video is fairly graphic.

And longtime D.C. political operative considers today’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare a good thing in the fight to defeat Barack Obama in 2012. Here’s why:

The Obamacare ruling is good news for us. Real good news. It’s 2010 all over again now. Swing states will shift over to Romney in most cases. Trust me on this. We’ve done the polling. The data is conclusive on this. It’s a huge tax. We got Obama lying.

Again. The Tea Party movement, which was as real and powerful a political movement as I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, is back in play. That scares the hell out of the Obama White House. You just got a bunch of Dems sweating hard over their re-election. The Republican Party will now be a lot more focused and clearly conservative and that’s exactly what they need to be this time around. We must make the election a clear divide between one side and the other and this Obamacare ruling has forced that to happen.

And the initial reports I’m getting are telling me there was a lot more clever going on inside that decision than the initial reaction will indicate. It’s the Obama Tax now. And states were given an out. The entire law is a big ass convoluted mess and the ruling has reinforced that fact. Obama will have to defend something he doesn’t understand, and Romney can now sit back and just repeat over and over again “repeal-repeal-repeal”.

The giant has woken up. Country needed a hard kick in the ass to remind us what is at stake in November. Now we are truly ready to fight! Read full article: Here

Many including Senator Coburn have Repudiated the Chief Justice: He did Not ‘Enforce the Constitution’ Today, ‘Is On The Wrong Side’ In Ruling. Some have even mentioned the possibility of impeaching Supreme Court Justices, but in reality the chances of that moving forward would be like the impeachment of President Obama himself with the present Congress in place.

This decision was an overall a win for the Obama administration but, there is always a silver lining if you dig deep enough. There are five (actually six) good things about the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare decision: It made taxation the panacea for constitutional questions; The liberal judges inadvertently brought Federalism back; Roberts got the liberals to actually set up a limit on the Commerce Clause; This deflates Occupy Wall Street’s and the Wisconsin protestor types’ biggest cause so Mitt Romney will now have a much easier time defeating Barack Obama… plus Obama now owns this massive regressive tax increase. Plus the decision also allows states to choose ‘not’ to increase their Medicaid rolls if they choose to turn down the new related federal funds and develop their own programs. Former Clinton advisor and author (most recent book: Screwed!), Dick Morris says that might be the biggest win of all. Morris also says this win will ultimately defeat Obama.

Tammy Bruce: This==> Obama Wins the Battle, Roberts Wins the War By Gutting Commerce Clause

Several states have already chosen not to take the so-called new funds or return their ObamaCare grants and ‘not’ to expand their Medicaid programs or develop exchanges, because in the end, after the first year it will cost the states millions… if not more eventually. Alaska is the only state who did not apply for a grant and Florida, Louisiana and New Hampshire quickly returned theirs. Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas are among the list of other states who have or are expected to decline or return their funds and develop their own programs (probably most of the 27 states involved in the Supreme Court case plus Virginia who had their own case will decline the funds ). Between the states who are opting out, businesses who will keep their employee rolls to below 50 or drop their health insurance coverage all together and just pay the fine and individuals who will not purchase insurance until they are sick and need it, funding and the implementation of ObamaCare looks precarious. (But remember ObamaCare does give the IRS the ability to charge you directly by withholding monies due from your tax returns.)

The Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaCare and the uphold the mandate as a tax leaves small business owners with the same uncertainty that has kept them from expanding and hiring and has caused many more large businesses to move offshore equating to a continued stalemate in the growth of jobs and the U.S. economy, which will both hurt President Obama’s re-election prospects. Small business owners still hope that ObamaCare will be repealed either by Congress or next January if (when) Romney is sworn in as President, but until then they will continue in the same mode of uncertainty they have now operated under for almost 3-years. “Obamacare is bad medicine, it is bad policy, and when I’m President, the bad news of Obamacare will be over”, said Romney after hearing the ruling. He has previously vowed to give all 50 states and U.S. territories waivers the first day of his administration and then focus on repealing it completely.  If Obama is re-elected most small business owners will either choose to drop the medical coverage for their employees and pay the fine (which has always been the goal of the Obama White House to ultimately create a single-payer system) or they will keep their employee total number below 50, using outside contractors to do work instead. Large companies will also hold on until November to see if Romney is elected. But if Obama is re-elected you will see a mass exodus offshore costing the U.S. even more jobs and continuing the downward spiral of the American economy.

And in the end no matter how you look at it, if you ‘really’ look at it, America cannot afford ObamaCare. Socialized medicine is one of the benefits that is killing the European Union and we only have to look as far as Canada to realize that the care is inferior to what we have now. And for anyone who still does not believe that there is an ulterior motive to ObamaCare, amazingly an Obama administration actually found the unsustainable status quo cheaper than Obamacare… but they moved ahead anyway.

So the GOP may look back on today (June 12th 2012)… this week and realize that they owe John Roberts and his court a debt of gratitude for revitalizing the tea party and re-energizing the American Spirit. In the end… the problem is not Chief Justice John Glover Roberts… it is President Barack Hussein Obama and it is the responsibility of the American people through elections to get rid of him and other Progressives in government if he is not what we want and the opportunity to replace both Obama and ObamaCare is only months away. With the new momentum created by the highly unpopular Supreme Court rulings that have come down this week plus the encouragement of the vote to hold AG Eric Holder in contempt, things are looking better than most expected.

The people have certainly already spoken, as reflected in @MittRomney‘s fundraising numbers (in one day) since the SCOTUS ruling came down. THREE AND HALF MILLION DOLLARS and counting in small individual contributions and some 49,000 people are reported to have registered to vote on June 12th 2012.  Seems the court may have awakened a sleeping giant and in the end this unpopular and questionable ruling may just save America.

We now need to replace the word Obamacare with Obamatax


Beck GBTV Video: Reaction to Court Upholding ObamaCare -  Glenn is encouraging everyone to help spread the word and to get people registered to vote - On "Real News from The Blaze" last night, the panel discussed some of the crass and surprising reactions from Democrats following the Supreme Court's ruling. Will their actions affect the outcome of the coming election? Watch the full segment HERE

Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit

Palin: Thank you, SCOTUS!

Chief Justice Roberts Is a Genius?

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Obamacare ruling: The liberal Apotheosis of John Roberts

Obamacare Has Literally Replaced the Constitution

The Crucifixion of Chief Justice John Glover Roberts

Health-Reform is Constitutional: Here are the Tax Implications (Taxes and more taxes)

What ‘Planned Parenthood’ is to parenthood, Obamacare is to care!


And remember when the Republican leadership said they would not spike the ball should this decision go there way?  Well as usual the other side is doing just that:

While surfing the Obama campaign’s Twitter this evening, we came across the following:

New Line of T Shirts From Obama Campaign Proclaims Healthcare Still a BFD

Can’t read it? No problem. Let us help you out with this zoomed in version:

New Line of T Shirts From Obama Campaign Proclaims Healthcare Still a BFD

For those who don’t remember, “BFD” stands for “Big F***ing Deal,” which is a reference to a line that Vice President Joe Biden was caught uttering in Obama’s ear while the latter signed Obamacare into law. In other words, the Twitter feed for a sitting President just used an obscenity.

At first we thought this was probably the result of someone at Obama campaign headquarters having one too many celebratory beverages, or possibly the result of the account getting hacked. Unfortunately, not only is it not that, but it’s a deliberate fundraising ploy. The Obama campaign has literally created shirts to the effect of this simple Tweet, and the place to buy them is what the link leads to. Not convinced? Here’s a picture:

New Line of T Shirts From Obama Campaign Proclaims Healthcare Still a BFD

Dignity in victory is apparently a nonexistent concept at Obama campaign headquarters. And apparently this isn’t even the first time they’ve tweeted this exact message, with these exact shirts. Dignity in general may be a foreign concept as well.

H/T Twitchy and the Blaze

Solution: Repeal and replace Obama as well as Obamacare!

Freedom Works:

The Supreme Court this morning upheld Obamacare. They allowed the law to stand, including the individual mandate.

The Court has, in essence, given this decision back to Congress and the people, where political power ultimately resides.

The House of Representatives has done its duty in voting to repeal Obamacare. The American people have also spoken: They do not support Obamacare and fear its consequences more every day. In fact, a recent poll shows that two-thirds of Americans favor repeal of all or some part of the law.

With the outcome of the decision, The Heritage Foundation, America's leading conservative policy organization, has rallied and put together a Repeal Obamacare Project to raise the necessary funds to tirelessly fight for repeal.

We cannot allow Obamacare to stand, regardless of what the Court says. It must be repealed.

Your support is critical. Donate today to The Heritage Foundation's Repeal Obamacare Project.

Thank you for your support of conservative principles and the ideas that have made America great.

Renew your membership
Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.
President, The Heritage Foundation

A vote has already been scheduled in the House of Representatives by Eric Cantor for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) for July 9th, and remember now that this is a tax issue we now only need 51 Senators to vote for repeal. But the big focus for the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare(ObamaTax) and the repeal of the Progressive ideology gripping our country is the repeal of Obama himself, his policies and his team in November at the ballot box. This video is absolutely the truth, the final verdict, the future of our country is up to us… and the moment is now! It is now in our hands to repeal ObamaCare in January 2013 and to do that we must elect Republicans far and wide who will repeal it. We have no choice this year but to win in November, and I mean win all around the country. We have to win Congressional seats and Senate seats and we must win the presidency. We don’t have any choice – the Supreme Court has seen to that. Time to put the petty bickering aside, get over the Romney wasn’t my first choice issue and the considerations of not voting because Romney is a Mormon or wanting to make a statement by voting for a 3rd party candidate . What is at stake is much bigger than any of that!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

By Wayne Allyn Root – originally posted on 5/30/2012 – h/t to Deonia Copeland

Most political predictions are made by biased pollsters, pundits, or prognosticators who are either rooting for Republicans or Democrats. I am neither. I am a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, and a well-known Vegas oddsmaker with one of the most accurate records of predicting political races.

Neither Obama nor Romney are my horses in the race. I believe both Republicans and Democrats have destroyed the U.S. economy and brought us to the edge of economic disaster. My vote will go to Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson in November, whom I believe has the most fiscally conservative track record of any Governor in modern U.S. political history. Without the bold spending cuts of a Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, I don’t believe it’s possible to turnaround America. [Being the former Libertarian VP candidate, W.A.R. gets a pass on voting for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul to make a/his point, but truly in this election the goal must be to defeat President Obama… not make a point.  A vote for a third party candidate in this election will harm that ultimate goal.  Whether you don’t vote at all or if you vote 3rd party you help Obama get re-elected and ultimately harm yourself, your children & grandchildren, and the future of America! We must keep our eyes on the ball… on the imperative goal of making Barack Hussein Obama a one term president.]

But as an oddsmaker with a pretty remarkable track record of picking political races, I play no favorites. I simply use common sense to call them as I see them. Back in late December I released my New Years Predictions. I predicted back then- before a single GOP primary had been held, with Romney trailing for months to almost every GOP competitor from Rick Perry to Herman Cain to Newt- that Romney would easily rout his competition to win the GOP nomination by a landslide. I also predicted that the Presidential race between Obama and Romney would be very close until election day. But that on election day Romney would win by a landslide similar to Reagan-Carter in 1980.

Understanding history, today I am even more convinced of a resounding Romney victory. 32 years ago at this moment in time, Reagan was losing by 9 points to Carter. Romney is right now running even in polls. So why do most pollsters give Obama the edge?

First, most pollsters are missing one ingredient- common sense. Here is my gut instinct. Not one American who voted for McCain 4 years ago will switch to Obama. Not one in all the land. But many millions of people who voted for an unknown Obama 4 years ago are angry, disillusioned, turned off, or scared about the future. Voters know Obama now- and that is a bad harbinger.

Now to an analysis of the voting blocks that matter in U.S. politics:
*Black voters. Obama has nowhere to go but down among this group. His endorsement of gay marriage has alienated many black church-going Christians. He may get 88% of their vote instead of the 96% he got in 2008. This is not good news for Obama.

*Hispanic voters. Obama has nowhere to go but down among this group. If Romney picks Rubio as his VP running-mate the GOP may pick up an extra 10% to 15% of Hispanic voters (plus lock down Florida). This is not good news for Obama.

*Jewish voters. Obama has been weak in his support of Israel. Many Jewish voters and big donors are angry and disappointed. I predict Obama's Jewish support drops from 78% in 2008 to the low 60’s. This is not good news for Obama.

*Youth voters. Obama’s biggest and most enthusiastic believers from 4 years ago have graduated into a job market from hell. Young people are disillusioned, frightened, and broke- a bad combination. The enthusiasm is long gone. Turnout will be much lower among young voters, as will actual voting percentages. This not good news for Obama.

*Catholic voters. Obama won a majority of Catholics in 2008. That won’t happen again. Out of desperation to please women, Obama went to war with the Catholic Church over contraception. Now he is being sued by the Catholic Church. Majority lost. This is not good news for Obama.

*Small Business owners. Because I ran for Vice President last time around, and I'm a small businessman myself, I know literally thousands of small business owners. At least 40% of them in my circle of friends, fans and supporters voted for Obama 4 years ago to “give someone different a chance.” I warned them that he would pursue a war on capitalism and demonize anyone who owned a business...that he’d support unions over the private sector in a big way...that he'd overwhelm the economy with spending and debt. My friends didn’t listen. Four years later, I can't find one person in my circle of small business owner friends voting for Obama. Not one. This is not good news for Obama.

*Blue collar working class whites. Do I need to say a thing? White working class voters are about as happy with Obama as Boston Red Sox fans feel about the New York Yankees. This is not good news for Obama.

*Suburban moms. The issue isn’t contraception…it’s having a job to pay for contraception. Obama’s economy frightens these moms. They are worried about putting food on the table. They fear for their children’s future. This is not good news for Obama.

*Military Veterans. McCain won this group by 10 points. Romney is winning by 24 points. The more our military vets got to see of Obama, the more they disliked him. This is not good news for Obama.

Add it up. Is there one major group where Obama has gained since 2008? Will anyone in America wake up on election day saying “I didn’t vote for Obama 4 years ago. But he’s done such a fantastic job, I can’t wait to vote for him today.” Does anyone feel that a vote for Obama makes their job more secure?

Forget the polls. My gut instincts as a Vegas oddsmaker and common sense small businessman tell me this will be a historic landslide and a world-class repudiation of Obama’s radical and risky socialist agenda. It's Reagan-Carter all over again.

But I’ll give Obama credit for one thing- he is living proof that familiarity breeds contempt.

Wayne Allyn Root  - Wayne Allyn Root (W.A.R) is a former Presidential candidate, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, and a Tea Party favorite

*Add to this the new momentum created by the highly unpopular Supreme Court rulings that have come down this week plus the encouragement of the vote to Hold AG Eric Holder in contempt and things are looking better than many expected.

The people have certainly spoken today. As reflected in @MittRomney's fundraising numbers since the SCOTUS ruling earlier today. THREE AND HALF MILLION DOLLARS and counting in small individual contributions.

Let us all hope and pray that this man is right!! Get involved and don’t get over-confident.

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare…


In a landmark 5-4 ruling, the court upheld the individual insurance requirement at the heart of Obamacare...[Full Story]

GOP Vows Repeal as Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

Obamacare - The Latest News

Rep. Poe to Newsmax: US Can’t Afford Obamacare

6/28/2012 3:08:20 PM

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare, Congress must act quickly to repeal the legislation and stop the government from taking over patients health-care choices, Rep. Ted Poe told Newsmax in an exclusive interview Thursday.

Attorney Gen. Bondi: Our President Has Failed

6/28/2012 2:59:42 PM

The representative system of government only works when leaders are honest with the people, Florida Attorney Gen. Pam Bondi Thursday. The most sobering part of the Supreme Court decision (on Obamacare) is that it set Constitutional limits.

Attorney Gen. Cuccinelli: Ruling About Liberty, Not Healthcare

6/28/2012 2:52:58 PM

Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli found the silver lining in Thursday s Supreme Court ruling, upholding the Affordable Care Act. This was about liberty and not about healthcare, Cuccinelli told Newsmax.TV.

Rep. Gardner to Newsmax: Election Will Right Court Mistake

6/28/2012 2:24:48 PM

Rep. Cory Gardner on Thursday denounced the U.S. Supreme Court s decision to uphold Obamacare, saying it gives the government an unprecedented power to tax Americans.

Rush: Obamacare 'Largest Tax Increase in the History of the World’

6/28/2012 2:16:55 PM

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare Thursday morning is an act of deception. Obamacare is simply a massive tax increase, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said.

Rubio: Obamacare Is ‘Middle Class Tax Increase’

6/28/2012 2:05:47 PM

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a rising star in the Republican Party, said the Supreme Court ruling confirms that Obamacare is essentially a Middle Class Tax Increase, and predicted opponents will win new support for repealing the healthcare law.

Cassidy to Newsmax: Americans ‘Deliberately Deceived’

6/28/2012 2:00:21 PM

Rep. Bill Cassidy accused President Barack Obama Thursday of deliberately deceiving the American people about the individual mandate in Obamacare, saying the Supreme Court decision had finally revealed what it really is a new tax on Americans.

Dershowitz: The Healthcare Decision Is Good in the Short Term, Questionable in the Long Term

6/28/2012 1:56:36 PM

Alan M. Dershowitz's Perspective: When former President George W. Bush nominated John Roberts to become Chief Justice of the United States, a newly elected senator named Barak Obama voted against his confirmation.

Pelosi Calls Ruling a ‘Victory,’ Invokes Kennedy

6/28/2012 1:52:14 PM

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi invoked the memory of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy on Thursday as she hailed the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare as exciting and a victory for America's families.

WSJ: Court Ruling on Obamacare Vindicates Hospital Consolidation, Investments

6/28/2012 1:37:35 PM

The Supreme Court decision to uphold President Barack Obama s Affordable Care Act vindicates the hospital industry in its more than two year-strategy of consolidation and investment to control costs and gain better bargaining position with payers, the Wall Street Journal...

Tea Party Leader Martin to Newsmax: Court ‘Got It Wrong’

6/28/2012 1:32:16 PM

The head of the Tea Party Patriots said Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong to uphold Obamacare, and pledged that her group would help Americans correct this decision by repealing the law.

Gingrich: Obamacare Repeal 'Defining Issue of Fall Campaign'

6/28/2012 1:26:58 PM

The Supreme Court ruling in favor of President Barack Obama s healthcare overhaul will do little to reduce the uncertainty that is preventing employers filling job openings, former GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich predicted. Instead that doubt will continue at least...

Rep. Gardner: SCOTUS Decision 'Unprecedented'

6/28/2012 1:26:53 PM

Rep. Cory Gardner sounded a popular Republican theme Thursday in the wake of the Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare.

Rep. Gohmert Calls for Justice Kagan’s Impeachment

6/28/2012 1:21:08 PM

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert called the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare “illegitimate” and said Justice Elena Kagan should be impeached because she served as U.S. Solicitor General when the law was passed.

WSJ: Drugmakers Will Pay Billions in Fees, Price Cuts Due to Healthcare Ruling

6/28/2012 1:01:55 PM

The Supreme Court s decision to uphold Obamacare gives drug companies more certainty, The Wall Street Journal reported, even though drugmakers will spend billions of dollars in fees and price cuts. Beginning in 2014, individuals will be required to have health insurance...

Romney: I Will Repeal Obamacare as President

6/28/2012 12:56:03 PM

Reacting to the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he agreed with the dissenting justices and will act to repeal Obamacare if he is elected president. I agree with the dissent, and what the court did not do on the...

McConnell: Court Blew Obama’s Cover By Declaring Healthcare Overhaul a Tax

6/28/2012 12:41:20 PM

The Supreme Court blew the cover of President Barack Obama and the Democrats when it ruled that the provisions of the healthcare law are indeed a tax, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Newsmax in an exclusive interview.

Court Ruling Lets More Than $800 Billion in Higher Taxes Proceed

6/28/2012 12:36:35 PM

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the bulk of the 2010 healthcare law means wealthy investors may sell assets before the end of the year as taxes in the overhaul remain in place and will take effect next year.

Roberts Based Ruling on Judicial Restraint

6/28/2012 12:36:02 PM

If the U.S. Supreme Court had wanted to make history, it could have: Striking down the individual mandate in the health-care law would have been the most weighty Supreme Court ruling since Franklin Roosevelt s first New Deal was ruled unconstitutional three-quarters of a...

Obamacare Ruling Helps Most, but Not All, Healthcare Niches

6/28/2012 12:33:16 PM

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Barack Obama's historic overhaul is expected to be a boon to most of the healthcare industry by making coverage affordable for millions of uninsured Americans.

Kudlow: Obamacare Taxes Bad for Economic Growth — and All Families

6/28/2012 12:26:46 PM

Twenty new or higher taxes across-the-board are bad for economic growth, bad for job hiring, bad for investors, and bad for families. A tax is a tax is a tax, according to Judge Roberts.

Huckabee: GOP Sweep Needed to Repeal Obamacare

6/28/2012 12:19:09 PM

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee denounced the U.S. Supreme Court s decision upholding the Affordable Health Care Act and called for donations to his super PAC to make sure that our Congress and the White House are in the right hands through a GOP sweep of the polls in...

Insurance Group: Obamacare Ruling Won't Lower Costs

6/28/2012 12:15:11 PM

A Supreme Court decision to uphold the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) won't do anything to lower healthcare costs, Janet Trautwein, CEO of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), said Thursday. The Supreme Court...

Bill McCollum: War Against Obamacare 'Has Just Begun'

6/28/2012 12:13:09 PM

Former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, a leading figure in the legal challenge to Obamacare, tells Newsmax he is disappointed and shocked that Chief Justice John Roberts voted to uphold the individual mandate provision in the healthcare reform bill. But he...

Rep. Cassidy: 'American People Deliberately Deceived' By Obama

6/28/2012 12:13:05 PM

Rep. Bill Cassidy, a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus, called Thursday s Supreme Court decision, a bad day for fiscal responsibility.

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Stay tuned… More to come on this shocking ruling…

Supreme Court Issues Huge Win for President Obama, and a huge loss for the American People!!

Or… Was Judge Roberts Just Playing Bridge?

SCOTUS ObamaCare Ruling creates largest tax increase on middle class ever and hands the GOP a second front issue for Election 2012: the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare and the loss of jobs (which this ruling will make worse) in a faux artificially propped up economy will energize Conservatives, Independents and Constitutionalists en masse~

“Death Panel” Three Years Later

by Sarah Palin on Monday, June 25, 2012 at 11:11am – on Facebook

Sarah Palin Gallup Photo

As we wait for the impending Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, I reiterate what I wrote in my first post on this topic nearly three years ago. I stand by everything I wrote in that warning to my fellow Americans because what was true then is true now, and it will remain true as we hear what the Supreme Court has to say.

It was a pretty long post, but a lot of people seem to have only read two words of it: “death panel.” Though I was called a liar for calling it like it is, many of these accusers finally saw that Obamacare did in fact create a panel of faceless bureaucrats who have the power to make life and death decisions about health care funding. It’s called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), and its purpose all along has been to “keep costs down” by actually denying care via price controls and typically inefficient bureaucracy. This subjective rationing of care is what I was writing about in that first post:

The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the cost of health care, but as the economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost. And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Health care by definition involves life and death decisions. Human rights and human dignity must be at the center of any health care discussion.

Rep. Michele Bachmann highlighted the Orwellian thinking of the president’s health care advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the White House chief of staff, in a floor speech to the House of Representatives. I commend her for being a voice for the most precious members of our society, our children and our seniors.

We must step up and engage in this most crucial debate. Nationalizing our health care system is a point of no return for government interference in the lives of its citizens. If we go down this path, there will be no turning back. Ronald Reagan once wrote, “Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.” Let’s stop and think and make our voices heard before it’s too late.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t strike down Obamacare entirely, then Congress must act to repeal IPAB and Obamacare before it is indeed “too late.” All of Obamacare must go one way or another.

- Sarah Palin


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Obama Embraces 'Death Panel' Concept in Medicare Rule

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Soylent Green Anyone???

Obamacare rationing panels an ‘immediate danger to seniors’: former AMA president

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here’s How You Can Browse the Web Without Being Tracked

Think Big Brother Isn’t watching?? Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website

A political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration and its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal was ordered to be shut down by the Obama campaign’s ‘Truth Team’, according to private investigator Douglas Hagmann, who was told by ISP GoDaddy his site contained information that was “maliciously harmful to individuals in the government.”

Hagmann, CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., a private investigative agency serving a roster of Fortune 500 clients, was given 48 hours by GoDaddy to find a new home for his website before it was deleted.

Hagmann was told the reason for the shutdown was because the website featured “morally objectionable” material… Hmmm guess that means too much inconvenient truth for Holder and Obama? After GoDaddy refused to identify the complainant, only saying that it was not “any official government agency,” further investigation by Hagmann revealed that the order came from a group tied to Obama campaign headquarters.


Here’s How You Can Browse the Web Without Being Tracked

How to Search the Web in Private Mode Without Being Tracked

The Blaze:

Most everyone already knows when you search for things on the Web, advertisers are picking up on that and quickly turning data around into marketing to attract you. As soon you search “sterling silver necklace” for mom’s birthday, lo and behold, the next website you go to — completely unrelated to the necklace — has ads from featuring none other than potential necklaces you may be interested in.

This may or may not bother you, but as CNET points out, there are times when you may not want more, shall we say, sensitive searches resulting in ads. The tech blog was recently asked ”How does one browse sensitive subjects without being tracked via cookies?”

It is possible. CNET describes this as “private mode,” which is available on most Web browsers:

But even this won’t completely stop ads. According to CNET, there are further “do not track” measures that can be used, including Abine’s Do Not Track browser add-on and AVG’s Do Not Track, which lets you customize what you’re blocking.

Hot Spot Shield hides IP addresses, which can be used to associate data with other information a particular website may already know about you, even if cookies have been disabled. IP addresses are often what Internet service providers are asked for by law enforcement for investigations.

For those who are what CNET calls “hard core,” there is Tor Project, which offers completely anonymous browsing over encrypted channels. This, CNET acknowledges, could be a little “overkill” for the average user but you won’t see any ads corresponding with your recent searches here.

Update: A Blaze reader called up another search engine that doesn’t record IP addresses: StartPage. There are many options out there and we can’t name them all, but this is a good start.

StartPage Search Engine Offers Anonymous Web Browsing

Geoff DuncanJanuary 28, 2010 By Geoff Duncan

StartPage is search engine that doesn't record your IP address, your searches, or anything about you. And now you can surf to linked pages anonymously.

StartPage isn’t exactly a new contender in the Internet search field—it launched all the way back in early 2005—but it is unique among Internet search engines in that it does not record information about its users. Back in 2006 the company began deleting all personal search details from its own log files, and in January 2009 the company stopped recording the IP addresses of its users. Where search engines like Bing are patting themselves on their backs for deleting users’ information after six months, StartPage hasn’t been recording that information at all.

Now, StartPage has added a new feature to its search service: the ability to search anonymously to found sites using its Ixquick proxy server, so users can connect to Web sites without passing any identifiable information along to them, including their IP address and information stored in cookies. Users can connect to a site directly, or click a “proxy” link below search results to connect anonymously.

“People are more concerned about online data retention policies than ever before,” said StartPage CEO Robert Beens. “We wanted to offer them a useful tool and this proxy is a logical extension of our services. A search engine is a starting point for people to visit other pages. Now our users can take the privacy they get with Startpage to the next step, and go privately to the sites they have found as well. This proxy completes the total search privacy picture.”

Well, it does and it doesn’t: while StartPage’s proxy service does prevent remote sites from setting browser cookies and recording a user’s IP address (instead, sites see the IP address of StartPage’s proxy service) plug-ins and other technologies can still get to users through the Ixquick proxy. For instance, Adobe’s Flash offers Local Shared Objects that can be used in manners similar to browser cookies; in fact, some online metrics firms, advertisers, and content companies use them as way to profile users and even as backups for browser cookies in the event a user is savvy enough to delete them to protect their privacy. Nonetheless, StartPage’s proxy service does offer users protections that simply aren’t available with any other search service: combined with appropriate client-side technologies (like advertising and flash blockers), users can take significant steps towards maintaining their online privacy.

Users may also find that sites visited via the Ixquick proxy don’t render the same as they do via a direct connection. There are many possible reasons for discrepancies, most of which have to do with how the site has been developed. The Ixquick proxy strips Javascript code from visited sites; it also won’t load frames hosted on another domain or enable users to fill out text-based forms. Users may also notice sites loading more slowly, since StartPage has to mediate all the requests.

StartPage says it has been profitable for the last five years, and earns its money through online advertising, just like any other search engine. However, the advertising is presented on the basis of Web site content compared to searches, not on the basis of users’ activity, search history, or compiled online profiles.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obamacare Has Literally Replaced the Constitution

Written by Gary North on June 22, 2012   - Tea Party Economist – Cross-Posted at True Health Is True Wealth

The textbook account of how laws are made is for children. It presents the procedure as if it were governed by the Constitution. This is silly. That went out with high-button shoes.

The legal system that prevails today is administrative law: rule by government bureaucracies that cannot be fired. The story of how this legal revolution has re-shaped law in the West, threatening a new tyranny, appears in the 45-page introduction to Law and Revolution (1983), a great book by Harvard University’s legal historian Harold Berman. Those 45 pages are among the most important that I have ever read.

A recent study by the Cato Institute describes one section of Obamacare: the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB. This unelected board will set prices and payment systems for medicine under the plan.

Obamacare was created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which in turn creates IPAB. According to the Cato report, written by a lawyer,

When the unelected government officials on this board submit a legislative proposal to Congress, it automatically becomes law: PPACA requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement it. Blocking an IPAB “proposal” requires at a minimum that the House and the Senate and the president agree on a substitute. The Board’s edicts therefore can become law without congressional action, congressional approval, meaningful congressional oversight, or being subject to a presidential veto. Citizens will have no power to challenge IPAB’s edicts in court.

But what if — this is 99% hypothetical — a majority in Congress decides that the IPAB payment schedule (taxes) is not a good idea? Well, tough bananas.

PPACA forbids Congress from repealing IPAB outside of a seven-month window in the year 2017, and even then requires a three-fifths majority in both chambers. A heretofore unreported feature of PPACA dictates that if Congress misses that repeal window, PPACA prohibits Congress from ever altering an IPAB “proposal.” By restricting lawmaking powers of future Congresses, PPACA thus attempts to amend the Constitution by statute.

IPAB’s unelected members will have effectively unfettered power to impose taxes and ration care for all Americans, whether the government pays their medical bills or not. In some circumstances, just one political party or even one individual would have full command of IPAB’s lawmaking powers. IPAB truly is independent, but in the worst sense of the word. It wields power independent of Congress, independent of the president, independent of the judiciary, and independent of the will of the people.

This means that the Constitutional sovereignty is a dead concept, unless five people on the U.S. Supreme Court declare the law unconstitutional. (Therefore the ruling on Thursday 06.26.12 is the most important in America’s history… there is a lot more at stake than just healthcare!)

This will serve as a legal precedent. New laws will create similar boards.

Kiss the Constitution goodbye.

It was all so easy.

The 22-page report is here: Continue Reading on

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egyptian Zombie Apocalypse

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton – The NoisyRoom


Chandler’s Watch


Drudge Report

Turns out that reports by the mainstream media of the Muslim Brotherhood being ‘mostly secular’ and basically harmless, were somewhat off the mark. They were only ‘mostly dead.’ The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was named the winner of the Egyptian election for President this morning.

Morsi received up to 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him approximately 51% of the vote. The other candidate, Ahmed Shafiq, the final Prime Minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million votes. More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated. 95% of Egyptian Muslims in the United States voted for the Muslim Brotherhood. This also leaves the fate of about 12 million Coptic Christians in serious doubt. By Islmaic law, they can convert, pay the Jizya tax or die.

Upon winning, Morsi claimed that very little would change, except of course for the better. So, I guess that explains why, he has claimed “Our Capital ‘Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing’.” Sounds like a threat of war to me.

And from Allen West:

A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama Administration of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt. We were castigated as alarmists and loose cannons. Today our predictions have come to reality and the ominous specter reminding us of the Iranian revolution is evident. The Muslim Brotherhood claimed they would not run a presidential candidate. Clearly the Arab Spring is nothing more than a radical Islamic nightmare. Now we need to unequivocally reiterate our support to the Coptic Christians and Israel. What an incredible foreign policy faux pas by the second coming of President Jimmy Carter, the Obama Administration. I call upon President Barack Obama to cut off American foreign aid to Egypt, denounce the results of this election, repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamist political entities.

Sadly, West should not hold his breath on Obama and his administration’s support. After all, Obama’s administration was so ‘worried’ that they instructed Egypt’s military to cede power to The Muslim Brotherhood:

The Obama administration warned Egypt’s military leaders on Monday to speedily hand over power or risk losing billions of dollars in U.S. military and economic aid to the country.

As Egypt’s Islamist candidate claimed victory in a presidential run-off, Pentagon and State Department officials expressed concern with a last-minute decree by Egypt’s ruling military council giving itself sweeping authority to maintain its grip on power and subordinate the nominal head of state. The move followed last week’s dissolution of parliament by an Egyptian court.

So, keeping faith with his Muslim roots, Obama utilized coercion bordering on extortion to ensure the handover of Egypt’s reins to The Muslim Brotherhood, taking the next step in a transition to a worldwide Caliphate and further down the road to a new dark ages, forcing Dhimmis to their subjective knees. From 1389 Blog:

And with this win and the ensuing celebrations of Muslims in Egypt and worldwide, there will certainly be changes. The Islamic police will almost certainly crack down on ‘violations’ of their faith and the iron fist of Shariah will descend everywhere. Take for instance an Egyptian man, who brutally beat his pregnant wife to death for not voting for Morsi. Change to die for.

This is not an Arab Spring, this is an Islamic winter in hell. Don’t pooh-pooh this and say, well, it’s just Egypt. No my friends, you are witnessing the escalation of World War III and Israel is ground zero. Tens of thousands are joyously dancing in Egypt’s streets, shouting ‘God is great!’ But these are the same violent, radical Jihadists who also said that should they come to power, they would wipe Israel from the face of the earth. A dark and vengeful God demands they do so and the world is in deep denial. Morsi is not only part of the Muslim Brotherhood, he has connections to Hamas and al Qaeda. Our White House evidently now has a revolving account for the Brotherhood so they can stay and schmooze with Obama. Birds of an Islamic feather.

Morsi will institute full Islamic law. 84% believe that heretics should be put to death, 82% believe that adulterers should be stoned and 77% believe that thieves should have their hands cut off. The barbarians have stormed the gates of the Middle East and are now ushering in their dream of a risen worldwide brutal Caliphate in the bloody name of Allah. The only thing worse that could happen, is if Egypt aligns with Iran. Oh, wait, the new regime is already aligned with Iran. They love death, we love Pepsi… Death is winning and the Egyptian Zombie Apocalypse is begun.


Islamist candidate wins Egyptian presidential election

White House invites Egyptian lawmaker tied to terrorist group

Reinvigorated Islam

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**EXCLUSIVE** Some may remember that Walid broke the story last year about Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, having close familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; her mother is a member. We have new information that there is a strong connection between Huma's mother and the wife of the man whom Egyptians just elected as their new president. 

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