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Reading Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election is a great place to start!

The Founding Father's Real Reason for the Second Amendment

And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

POTUS Flip-Flops Again… While FLOTUS is Out of Touch… Does It Matter?

I absolutely do not give a rat’s petuti about ‘Jersey Shore’ or Snooki!  In fact, I have never watched that show until I looked up a re-run yesterday just to see who Snooki was and who Obama was again lying… un contradicting himself about?  Soon after, Snooki was arrested.

Why does this matter?  And why should anyone care?  We should care about the fact that President Obama would lie about something so stupid and trivial because it proves if he would lie on national TV about this… he would, will and does lie about pretty much everything!  And that should worry and disturb everyone!

Obama Flip-Flops: Does He Know Who Snooki Is, Or Not?

Barack Obama has been caught in a contradiction. I guess that is what we are calling untruths or lies these days?!? Asked about Jersey Shore star Snooki on The View today, the President replied, "I don't know who that is." But two months ago he knew who she was! Nitpicky video analysis ahead.

YouTube:  Obama On the View:  Does He Know Snooki?

Asked for his opinion on Snooki (who voted for John McCain) the president claimed ignorance. But two months ago he dropped Snooki's name in a White House Press Correspondents Dinner punchline about a health care provision named in honor of the hit MTV show. "It [the provision] reads, 'The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and House minority leader John Boehner.'" So which is it, Obama? Do you know Snooki, or don't you? Clearly, this is the Watergate of our time, and America demands an answer.

We believe there are three… (maybe four) possible explanations for Snooki-gate:

  • 1. He forgot Snooki. (Which is odd, because she's the kind of person who tends to get seared into your mind forever.)
  • 2. He is as ashamed of partaking in television's guiltiest pleasure as you are. His ignorance on The View was feigned.
  • 3. Obama's famously hip speechwriters got ahead of him and dropped a cultural reference he didn't understand for the sake of Beltway chuckles. He recited the joke without getting it, and promptly forgot its context as soon as it was over.
  • He is a pathological liar and can’t stop himself

The Gawker Daily

And While We Talking Jersey…

Please say it isn’t so… he is now bowing to Governor Christie

Finally, at least bowing to a leader worthy of an Obamabow: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie… but really??

Did the President Meets His Match in Chris Christie?

This picture just made my day. I know Governor Chris Christie is awesome, but I think President Obama is taking it a bit too far.

WATCH: Chris Christie Tells Truth, NBC News Shocked


[Pic] Obama bows to Saudi King *update* Video added

Michelle Obama Breaks Tradition… or Didn’t Understand It

The Obama’s will be taking 4th vacation in a month

First Lady's Spain Vacation Tab Unseemly?

First Lady's Spain Vacation Tab Unseemly?

Costa del First Lady: Michelle Obama treats daughter Sasha to stay at five-star Marbella resort

The British have been captivated by the Costa del Sol for decades and now it seems the appeal has crossed the Atlantic.

First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha are due to travel to the resort of Marbella in southern Spain next week for a private trip with long-time family friends, the White House announced today.

But Barack Obama, who turns 49 on 4 August, will celebrate his birthday home alone while elder daughter Malia, 12, attends summer camp back in the States.

The Obamas tour Ghana in 2009

Private trip: The Obamas tour Cape Coast in Ghana last year. First Lady Michelle and younger daughter Sasha will travel to Spain next week, while the president - who turns 49 while they're away - and elder daughter Malia stay in the U.S.

Despite the unusual choice of holiday destination, Mrs Obama, who will be on the Costa del Sol between 4 and 8 August with nine-year-old Sasha, has reserved 30 rooms at a five-star hotel.


It is thought Mrs Obama has booked the rooms at the prestigious Villa Padierna, a golf and spa resort located along the coast from Marbella.

With a reputation as Spain's most exclusive hotel, room prices start at 250 euros (£210) for a standard double and rise up to 5,000 euros (£4,175) for a private villa within the gardens.

Night life in Marbella: The tourist spot has gained a reputation for being something of a party town

Night life in Marbella: The tourist spot has gained a reputation for being something of a party town

Mrs Obama and Sasha will be accompanied by an entourage of secret service personnel who will follow their every move.

The cost of housing the First Lady and her entourage could raise questions back in the U.S. over the use of taxpayers's money.

Mrs Obama will pay an official visit to Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. Spanish newspapers today reported that the royal family had invited her to join them at their summer palace on Majorca in the Mediterranean.

Villa Padierna and golf course at dusk

Luxurious: The Obamas will spend four nights at Spain's most exclusive hotel, the Villa Padierna on the Costa del Sol near Marbella

However Mrs. Obama will miss her husband's 49th birthday on August 4.

While there had been speculation in the Spanish media that the president will fly over to celebrate his special day, this was today denied by the White House.

A spokesman said: 'The First Lady will travel to Spain next week for a private, mother-daughter trip with long-time family friends. President Obama will not be joining this trip.'

Following their Spanish jaunt, Mrs. Obama and Sasha will tour the oil slick-devastated Gulf Coast of Florida before spending ten days on the New England resort island of Martha's Vineyards, a long-term favorite of celebrities and politicians.

Last updated at 9:04 AM on 28th July 2010

Read more:

Snooki Arrested

Snooki Arrested

Wondering What Happened to the Oil Spill??

Pelosi Blocks Oil Spill Investigation

Pelosi Blocks Oil Spill Investigation

The latest version of the CLEAR Act is slated for a floor vote in the House this week as Democrats look for ways to use the Gulf oil spill as a means to pass elements of their unpopular energy agenda.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stripped out authorization for an independent investigation into the Gulf disaster.

The Natural Resources Committee unanimously passed the amendment in committee markup July 14 offered by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) that would establish a bipartisan, independent, National Commission on Outer Continental Shelf Oil Spill Prevention.

Unlike the commission set up by President Obama -- packed only with environmental activists and no petroleum engineers -- the commission unanimously approved by the Natural Resources committee would be comprised of technical experts to study the actual events leading up to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Not a single member of the committee voiced opposition at the bill’s markup.  The Senate has also approved an independent commission.

“To investigate what went wrong and keep it from happening again, the commission must include members who have expertise in petroleum engineering.  The President’s Commission has none,” Cassidy, the amendment’s author, told HUMAN EVENTS after the announcement.  “It defies common sense that this amendment passed unanimously in committee, only to be deleted in the Speaker’s office.”

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), top Republican on the Natural Resources Committee said the Obama’s administration’s commission was set up to protect the President.

“By deleting the bipartisan, independent oil spill commission that’s received bipartisan support in both House and Senate committees, Democrats have shown they are more interested in protecting the President than getting independent answers to what caused this tragic Gulf spill.  Some of the biggest failures that contributed to the Gulf disaster are the direct responsibility of the federal government and by deleting this bipartisan, independent commission, Democrats ensure that only the President’s hand-picked commission will be digging into any failures of his own Interior Department appointees.  There is widespread agreement that no member of the President’s commission possesses technical expertise in oil drilling, and several are on the record in opposition to offshore drilling and support a moratorium that will cost thousands of jobs,” Hastings said.

The bill also sets up myriad regulations and new standards and laws for drilling that have nothing to do with offshore drilling.

“Even more outrageous is this bill’s attempt to use the oil spill tragedy as leverage to enact totally unrelated policies and increase federal spending on unrelated programs by billions of dollars. What does a solar panel in Nevada, a wind turbine in Montana, uranium for nuclear power, or a ban on fish farming have to do with the Gulf spill? Nothing -- but the spill is a good excuse to try and pass otherwise stalled or unpopular new laws,” Hastings said.

Another member of the committee, Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), pointed out the hand-picked Obama commission is just getting underway with no findings or recommendations made.

“This ‘fix it’ bill is being rammed through without an accurate and full understanding of what actually went wrong. The Presidential Commission is just barely beginning its work, no investigations are yet concluded, and the failed [blowout preventer] still on the ocean floor, yet we are voting on a bill without knowing what went wrong,” Fleming said.

“Furthermore, at a time when Washington should be focused on creating jobs, this bill will do just the opposite by hampering future energy development and stifling job creation along the Gulf Coast,” Fleming added.  “This knee-jerk legislation -- coupled with the Administration’s damaging Moratorium on offshore drilling -- will worsen, not help, the situation.”

Yet the House is poised to vote this week on the CLEAR Act, likely Friday.

“This bill has less to do with preventing another spill than it does preventing domestic energy production,” Cassidy said.

UPDATE: House Republicans released bullets on the CLEAR Act this morning breaking down some of the measures included in the bill, including:

-     Imposes job-killing changes and higher taxes for onshore natural gas and oil production. It fundamentally changes leasing onshore by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, which affects not just leasing for natural gas and oil, but also for renewable energy including wind and solar. Forest Service and BLM leasing are shoved into the three new agencies that are replacing the former Minerals Management Service (MMS).

-     Creates over $30 billion in new mandatory spending for two programs that have nothing to do with the oil spill (the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Historic Preservation Fund). In the version of the bill headed to the House floor, Democrats added brand new language that expressly allows this $30 billion to be earmarked by the Appropriations Committee.

-     Raises taxes by over $22 billion in ten years – with the taxes eventually climbing to nearly $3 billion per year. This is a direct tax on natural gas and oil that will raise energy prices for American families and businesses, hurt domestic jobs, and increase our dependence on foreign oil. This tax only applies to U.S. oil and gas production on federal leases – giving an advantage to foreign oil and hurting American energy jobs.

-     Requires the federal takeover of state authority to permit in state waters, which reverses sixty years of precedent. The mismanagement, corruption and oversight failures of the federal government are being used as justification to expand federal control by seizing management from the states.

-     Allows 10% of all offshore revenues – an amount possibly as high as $500 million per year – to be spent on a new fund controlled by the Interior Secretary to issue ocean research grants (ORCA fund). There is no requirement that the fund is used for the Gulf region or anything related to oil spills or offshore drilling. These funds can be earmarked.

by  Connie Hair  -  07/28/2010

BP’s well is still “constantly leaking  oil”; “Nothing to see here”

Oil & gas industry expert Bob Cavnar says BP is lying and that oil is constantly leaking!

Basic Facts on the CLEAR Act (H.R. 3534)

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jul 28 -

  • The CLEAR Act is being sold as a response to the Gulf oil spill crisis, yet the bill itself stretches far beyond addressing this tragedy to include page after page of provisions that are unrelated to the oil spill, will kill American jobs, and are premature by acting before Congress has the full facts from the numerous ongoing investigations into the Deepwater Horizon explosion and spill.
  • The Obama Moratorium on deepwater drilling has already cost tens of thousands of jobs and this bill will eliminate even more American energy jobs by making it harder and more expensive to produce American energy both onshore and offshore. The Gulf spill has already taken a terrible economic toll on the Gulf Coast and affected businesses across the country – and Congress shouldn’t enact laws that impose even further economic harm and lead to thousands of more lost jobs.
  • Reforms are clearly needed to make American offshore drilling the safest in the world, but this bill gets ahead of the facts in a rush to write new laws. The investigations need to be completed so that Congress can act intelligently. For example, the Deepwater Horizon rig’s blowout preventer that is supposed to be a fail-safe device to prevent any spill is still a mile under the ocean – it needs to be retrieved and examined. The focus must be on permanently stopping the leak, cleaning up the oil, assisting Gulf Coast communities, holding BP 100% accountable, and getting to the bottom of all that went wrong. To ensure it makes the right reforms, Congress mustfirst know exactly what caused and contributed to this disaster.
  • With this bill, Democrats are exploiting the Gulf oil spill tragedy as a political opportunity to push through provisions that are unrelated to the spill response or reforms to offshore drilling. The latest version of the CLEAR Act:

-     Imposes job-killing changes and higher taxes for onshore natural gas and oil production. It fundamentally changes leasing onshore by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, which affects not just leasing for natural gas and oil, but also for renewable energy including wind and solar. Forest Service and BLM leasing are shoved into the three new agencies that are replacing the former Minerals Management Service (MMS).

-     Creates over $30 billion in new mandatory spending for two programs that have nothing to do with the oil spill (the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Historic Preservation Fund). In the version of the bill headed to the House floor, Democrats added brand new language that expressly allows this $30 billion to be earmarked by the Appropriations Committee.

-     Raises taxes by over $22 billion in ten years – with the taxes eventually climbing to nearly $3 billion per year. This is a direct tax on natural gas and oil that will raise energy prices for American families and businesses, hurt domestic jobs, and increase our dependence on foreign oil. This tax only applies to U.S. oil and gas production on federal leases – giving an advantage to foreign oil and hurting American energy jobs.

-     Requires the federal takeover of state authority to permit in state waters, which reverses sixty years of precedent. The mismanagement, corruption and oversight failures of the federal government are being used as justification to expand federal control by seizing management from the states.

-     Allows 10% of all offshore revenues – an amount possibly as high as $500 million per year – to be spent on a new fund controlled by the Interior Secretary to issue ocean research grants (ORCA fund). There is no requirement that the fund is used for the Gulf region or anything related to oil spills or offshore drilling. These funds can be earmarked.

-     Establishes “marine spatial planning” regulatory authority – which allows for ocean zoning that could lead to restrictions on fishing, energy production and even onshore activities such as farming. This vague new regulatory authority could cost fishing jobs, energy jobs, manufacturing jobs, farming jobs, and many more jobs that may impact waterways that drain into the ocean.

  • The bill includes unlimited spill liability for offshore operators, which could effectively eliminate independent producers from operating offshore if they cannot obtain insurance policies to cover their operations. According to an independent study from IHS Global Insight, “by 2020 an exclusion of the independents from the Gulf of Mexico would eliminate 300,000 jobs and result in a loss of $147 billion in federal, state, and local taxes from the Gulf region over 10 years.”
  • Democrat leaders also deleted a provision adopted without objection in the House Natural Resources Committee just two weeks ago to establish a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate the oil spill – a provision that has also passed a Senate Committee in a bipartisan vote.


Click to view PDF to print

Contact: Jill Strait or Spencer Pederson (202) 226-2311

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - Videos

Ready to get creeped out?  This is all True!!  The people in the know have been writing about these things for years!

Video:  Food: the Ultimate Secret Exposed – PT 1/2

Ecoscience written by out Science Czar, John Holdren – I read this textbook at UCLA in 1971… and yes it does say all these things!

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2

Video:  Dr. Russell Blaylock on AJ Tv “The Rockerfellers & Social Engineering” PT 1/5

Video:  Nutrition & Behavior: A Lecture By Russell Blaylock, MD

Video:  Rockefeller NWO RFID Chip Implanted in Everyone (Britain Blocks This Info)

The provisions for this have already been passed in the Stimulus Bill and the ObamaCare Bill

Video:  Caller Ask About Fluoride being Added to Food - Alex Jones Tv

Filling Your Home With Mercury

Video: WARNING:  Swine Flu (H1N! virus) Vaccine DEADLY!

Video: The Obama Deception HQ Full Length Version

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

The Slow Poisoning Of America

Papers prepped to disbar Elena Kagan


'She should not be a justice when she's defrauded the Supreme Court'

Posted: July 27, 2010  -  9:38 pm Eastern


One of Washington, D.C.'s most feared and fearless corruption watchers has told WND he intends to file an ethics complaint to have Supreme Court nominee ElenaKagan disbarred from practicing before the court she aspires to join – and possibly subjected to criminal prosecution – for her role in an escalating controversy over partial-birth abortion.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA, is bringing the complaint, alleging Kagan altered an official scientific report used as evidence by the Supreme Court to persuade the justices to overturn bans on partial-birth abortion.

As WND reported, dozens of pro-life organizations are already asking the Senate to investigate Kagan's 1997 amendment to an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists report, which was then used by theSupreme Court as justification for overturning Nebraska's partial-birth abortion ban in 2000.

In her confirmation hearings, Kagan defended the amendment, saying, "My only dealings with (the College) were about talking with them about how to ensure that their statement expressed their views."

Several analyses have concluded, however, that Kagan's amendment dramatically changed the meaning of the organization statement, and court records show the statement was passed off on the Supreme Court as official scientific opinion, even though the organization's panel of scientists never approved Kagan's wording.

Klayman told WND he believes Kagan's behind-the-scenes work constitutes "conspiracy to defraud the Supreme Court," and he intends to take the evidence that has been compiled by the pro-life groups to file a complaint before the clerk's office of the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to have Kagan disbarred as a practicing lawyer in front of the Supreme Court.

But Klayman said he isn't stopping there.

"Then I'm going to ask the Supreme Court to refer the matter to the Justice Department forcriminal investigation and possibly prosecution of obstruction of justice," he told WND, "because it was reasonably foreseeable that her altering that ... report would ultimately be used in court proceedings, including but not limited to the Supreme Court."

Klayman concludes, "Elena Kagan should not be a justice of the Supreme Court when she's defrauded the Supreme Court. In fact, she shouldn't even be allowed to practice in front of the Supreme Court under these circumstances."

Klayman, a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor whose battle against "the seedy underbelly of Washington" is chronicled in his book "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment," is the only lawyer ever to have obtained a court ruling that a U.S. president committed a crime.

He is still known in Washington as the biggest enemy of the city's elite, having made a name for himself suing Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and foreign dictators such as Castro, Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His battles against corruption in the Clinton administration became so well-known that a character in the hit TV series "West Wing" was based on him, Harry Klaypool.

Now, Klayman says, even if Kagan is confirmed by a vote in the Senate, he doesn't plan on giving up the fight.

"If she is ultimately confirmed – and we can hope that she will not be – then we will go to phase two, which will be impeachment," Klayman told WND.

Working to stop Kagan's nomination

While the pro-life groups are petitioning U.S. senators to investigate Kagan's amendment and Klayman is turning to the Department of Justice, other organizations are drafting efforts to pressure the Senate into rejecting Kagan's nomination outright.

Randy Thomasson, president of, is offering constituents a "take action" option on his website, while a "Stop Kagan Campaign" also is under way.

"We will continue to put every member on notice – Republicans and Democrats – that a vote for Kagan is a vote against the U.S. military, a vote against the Constitution, a vote against free speech and a vote for ultra-partisan extremism and activism on the bench," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND who is orchestrating the "Stop Kagan" effort that has generated tens of thousands of individual letters to senators.

The "Stop Kagan Campaign" allows any American citizen to generate 100 individually addressed letters to every U.S. senator, each including the name of the sender and all delivered by FedEx for the low price of just $24.95.

According to Farah, Kagan disqualified herself from serving on the Supreme Court with her statement under oath that she has no view of "natural rights."

"In all my years of observing Washington, I don't think I've ever been more stunned and disappointed by the testimony of a Supreme Court nominee than I was with Elena Kagan," said Farah. "This is someone, who, from her own testimony, doesn't believe in theDeclaration of Independence, which we just celebrated and commemorated for the 234th time in our nation's history. This is someone who claims she doesn't have a view about 'natural rights' – those that real Americans believe are unalienable and God-given."

Farah is asking all of his constituents to join his "Stop Kagan Campaign", which delivers personalized, individually addressed, anti-Kagan letters to all 100 U.S. senators by FedEx for only $24.95.

The statements by Kagan came in an exchange with Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. Farah said most of the press failed to cover her responses, which he deemed as newsworthy as any she made during the hearings:

Coburn: Do you believe it is a fundamental, pre-existing right to have an arm to defend yourself?

Kagan: Senator Coburn, I very much appreciate how deeply important the right to bear arms is to millions and millions of Americans. And I accept Heller,which made clear that the Second Amendment conferred that right upon individuals, and not simply collectively.

Coburn: I'm asking you, Elena Kagan, do you personally believe there is a fundamental right in this area? Do you agree with Blackstone [in] the natural right of resistance and self-preservation, the right of having and using arms for self-preservation and defense? He didn't say that was a constitutional right. He said that's a natural right. And what I'm asking you is, do you agree with that?
Kagan: Senator Coburn, to be honest with you, I don't have a view of what are natural rights, independent of the Constitution. And my job as a justice will be to enforce and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Coburn: So you wouldn't embrace what the Declaration of Independence says, that we have certain God-given, inalienable rights that aren't given in the Constitution that are ours, ours alone, and that a government doesn't give those to us?

Kagan: Senator Coburn, I believe that the Constitution is an extraordinary document, and I'm not saying I do not believe that there are rights pre-existing the Constitution and the laws. But my job as a justice is to enforce the Constitution and the laws.
Coburn: Well, I understand that. I'm not talking about as a justice. I'm talking about Elena Kagan. What do you believe? Are there inalienable rights for us? Do you believe that?

Kagan: Senator Coburn, I think that the question of what I believe as to what people's rights are outside the Constitution and the laws, that you should not want me to act in any way on the basis of such a belief.

Coburn: I would want you to always act on the basis of the belief of what our Declaration of Independence says.

Kagan: I think you should want me to act on the basis of law. And that is what I have upheld to do, if I'm fortunate enough to be confirmed, is to act on the basis of law, which is the Constitution and the statutes of the United States.

"This woman apparently thinks our rights descend from our Constitution, which is crazy," said Farah. "The Constitution is there to protect our unalienable, God-given human rights – not to define our rights or to invent them."

The campaign to deny Kagan confirmation in the Senate, however, began long before the hearings.

"This woman, as president of her university, banned the U.S. military from recruiting on campus," Farah reminds. "Just contemplate rewarding that kind of vehemently anti-American action with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Elena Kagan must be stopped."

He devised the "Stop Kagan Campaign" based on previous successes in generating heavy volumes of mail to members of Congress.

"It's a phenomenal bargain," says Farah. "It makes it easy for you to sound off on this historically bad nomination. It's a small investment. And I am convinced that if enough Americans take advantage of it, Kagan will be stopped – even by this Senate."

But time is short, Farah says. America is distracted by a floundering economy, a disastrous oil spill and a government that creates new crises on a daily basis, he explains.

Calling Kagan "an activist who wants to govern from the bench," Farah says there's a way to give senators a "spine transplant" and prepare them for the most contentious confirmation fight since Clarence Thomas.

"Kagan is a radical antimilitary and proabortion zealot," said Farah. "This selection by Barack Obama reveals once again his extremist agenda of leaving America undefended, elevating alternative lifestyles to sainthood and exterminating the most innocent human life with reckless abandon and persecuting anyone who tried to stand in the way. In a nutshell, that's who Elena Kagan is."

Farah's goal is to inundate senators with 100,000 letters calling for her rejection for a lifelong appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The letter campaign is based on previously successful efforts in which nearly 10 million "pink slips" were delivered to members of Congress opposing nationalization of health care, cap-and-trade legislation, hate-crimes laws and other bills, as well as the current campaign to stop amnesty in the U.S. Senate.

The letter to the senators reads:

"In a few months, the American people will have a chance to speak at the polls again. Almost every analyst and every public-opinion survey suggests the electorate is angry about the direction of the country. I strongly urge you not to show contempt for the will of the people and the Constitution by confirming the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan.

"Kagan is not what Americans want and she is not what the country needs.

"At a time when federal central control is strangling the American economy, she calls for more regulatory authority not just in Washington, but for the president himself.

"At a time when American security is facing internal and external threats and our nation is still engaged in two foreign wars simultaneously, she advocates banning military recruitment on campuses because of her compulsion to see open homosexual behavior flaunted in the ranks.

"At a time when Americans have been stripped of their ability to write their own laws protecting the lives of the unborn, she advocates the creation of task forces to investigate and prosecute peaceful pro-life activities.

"At a time when Americans are recognizing the unique blessings of their Constitution, she advocates the consideration of foreign laws in shaping Supreme Court rulings.

"For all of these reasons and more we will surely learn about in the days ahead, please reject the nomination of Elena Kagan."

By Drew Zahn  -  © 2010 WorldNetDaily

Send this letter now to all 100 U.S. senators, each individually addressed and delivered with your name on it, for only $24.95.

Don't forget to sign the petition to stop Kagan's nomination.

If you choose not to participate in the WND letter, then please write letters of you own!

Senators from your State.

U.S. Government on Twitter

Kagan's Smoking Gun? Partial-Birth Abortion

Don't forget to sign the petition to stop Kagan's nomination.

If you choose not to participate in the WND letter, then please write letters of you own!

Senators from your State.

U.S. Government on Twitter



Kagan Nightmare:  Unabashed Liberal Progressive

Kagan:  Markets and Morals


Don't forget to sign the petition to stop Kagan's nomination.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Reading and Catch-up Suggestions - Part VII

Summer Reading Series

The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America

Remember the book we’ve all seen in Candidate Obama’s hand caught on photo… in 2008?  It's a Muslim's view of a defeated America! (For those of you who are Snopes fans… they authenticated the photo as being true.  Here is the book below…)


The Post-American World

The Post American World (Obama’s World) Review

The New Babylon - Those Who Reign Supreme

The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America

Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad

A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The War for Righteousness: Progressive Christianity, the Great War, and the Rise of the Messianic Nation


Control Freaks: 7 Ways Liberals Plan to Ruin Your Life

The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters

Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator

Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics

Praise For Economics in One Lesson

"A magnificent job of theoretical exposition."  —Ayn Rand

“I strongly recommend that every American acquire some basic knowledge of economics, monetary policy, and the intersection of politics with the economy. No formal classroom is required; a desire to read and learn will suffice. There are countless important books to consider, but the following are an excellent starting point: The Law by Frédéric Bastiat; Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt; What Has Government Done to Our Money?... by Murray Rothbard; The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek; and Economics for Real People by Gene Callahan.

If you simply read and comprehend these relatively short texts, you will know far more than most educated people about economics and government. You certainly will develop a far greater understanding of how supposedly benevolent government policies destroy prosperity. If you care about the future of this country, arm yourself with knowledge and fight back against economic ignorance. We disregard economics and history at our own peril.”

—Ron Paul, Senator from Texas

The Wit & Wisdom of Ronald Reagan

The American Patriot's Bible: The Word of God and the Shaping of America

The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

Should Barack Obama Be President? DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, AUDACITY OF HOPE, ... Obama in '08?

The Obama Nation

Think about it… What were the dreams of Obama’s Father??  Why did he leave him?  The dreams were to pursue Marxism and Communism…

The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts

A World in HDR  -  A little beauty during an ugly time!

The Reconstruction of America – Purchase From the “Artist”

The Reconstruction of America – Amazon

The Reconstruction of America

Somewhere in America this Sunday, in a small wooden church, a meek and grateful congregation will hold their heads and worn songbooks high and proudly tell about the old, old, story.  Somewhere in America this week, in an elementary school classroom, a teacher standing near an American flag will proudly tell her young students the story of our nation's founding, how the many institutions and freedoms they know about today or will soon encounter were once mere ideas, the subjects of great debates, and then a declaration, and then a war Americans invented, and constantly reinvent, the unique aspects of our spiritual, government, and secular institutions.  From the first paragraph of the Declaration of independence to the first amendment to the Constitution, our founders recognized the preeminent place our Creator and the free exercise of religion must hold in a nation that protects individual liberties. 

This book is an effort to reconstruct the great heroes, icons, and institutions of America, to tell a story of the people, places, and ideas that inspire us, make us smile, and make us cry, yet remind us of the inherent goodness of our country.  

Foreward by Neil Cavuto

The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life

The Author, on Glenn Beck, said that we can usually break people into 3 groups in a crisis.  10% will jump in and lead.  80% wait to be lead.  10% will do something WRONG.  He said that that the 80% actually get a feeling of being "PARALYZED".  Sound familiar to some of you?  We hear about all this crazy stuff and feel paralyzed....can't think, can't fight.... We start feeling like nothing we do matters. Like there is more of them than us. This is exactly what they want.  Like lions roaring in the tall grass, Clinton says one thing, Chris Mathews says another, Obama signs an executive order, Congress refuses to listen....we freeze.  It's normal.  It's the 80% theory at work.

Shake yourself off, tell yourself it's ok, it's normal...then dive in.  DO it.  Do something, (hopefully with a smile!).  If you can't, then make sure you are listening to that "leader" that inspires you. (And realize, She/he may at times also feel paralyzed and discouraged.)
Think outside the box!  What kind of survivor are you? 
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It says my survivor-type is the "fighter".  How about you?

To hear the author in an AMAZING 5 minutes, watch this video from April 16, 2010, Called "Surviving the Cuts"...The Plan!

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A Three Day Journey Into Radical Transformation – Part 3 ‘Urgent Watch’

Yesterday we find out that the SEC has new expanded powers… today the administration is asking for new powers for the FBI.  The FBI will be able to demand all the Internet information of not only the company but all its employees… if they deem it a terrorist threat without going to a judge first… and if they do you cannot even tell someone.  Hmmm… if it is a terrorist threat, why would they not want to go to a judge first?  What happened to the promise of the most transparent presidency ever???

White House Proposal Would Ease FBI Access to Records of Internet Activity… without warrants and you won’t be allowed to tell anyone that they took your records… really?

Obama's SEC gets free pass
It's interesting that the left is largely silent on the blatant power grabs by this administration - such as the latest with the SEC who are now exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests. Everyone should be up in arms because no matter who is in control, government and power has proven to be a horrible combination. Glenn has more on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

If you have not already read the Weatherman Underground Manifesto:  You Do Not Have to be a Weatherman to Hear the Wind Blow… Please do, It is Imperative!   It is what Obama and his minions are using to Fundamentally Transform America.  It is what he promised us during the election and they are well underway. Please read the manifesto, especially if you children and bring them to the 8/28 Event at the feet of Abraham Lincoln.

PART 1 can now be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

The Names Have Changed But the Philosophy Is the Same

Amazing Bill Ayers Audio Unearthed… from the same Week Obama Worked With Him…

The names have changed but the philosophy is the same |

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FNC By Glenn Beck

The goal of the Weather Underground was a  “dictatorship” of a “new democracy” that develops into socialism.

OK, let's focus on what a dictatorship is: "An autocratic form of government in which the government is ruled by an individual, the dictator."  Well, that could never happen in America, right? But you tell me: Are we heading in the direction of individual liberty or an all-powerful government controlled by few?

Take health care and financial reform — both massive bills that leave much of the decision-making in the hands of unelected bureaucrats who are selected by the president — namely Cass Sunstein.

The SEC just announced that they don't have to answer to the Freedom of Information requests. The FBI can look at your e-mails, without going to a judge first. And what about the move to get rid of the Electoral College in states like Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland and Washington?

This is a power struggle, and which direction is the power currently heading? More power for you, the individual, or more power for Washington? You have to decide: Are all of the decisions by this administration merely a series of wild, unlucky mistakes or is it a power struggle? Is the president trying to stabilize or fundamentally transform America?

A lot of people will glance at the Weather Underground manifesto and say, Oh, Glenn! It's the 1960s. This has got nothing to do with today. Well, it's not like President Obama has the manifesto stapled to the wall behind his picture of Lincoln so he can look at it when no one is around and secretly plot to end the Vietnam War.

But, as we look through the manifesto, you can see the philosophy is the same. Insert the victims of today over the victims of yesteryear, clean up the outdated-radical-hippie language of the '60s and you pretty much have a position paper from this administration.

Back then, the victims were the Vietnamese, the students, the labor unions, the working class, the Third World and the oppressed. Well, today, it's no longer the Vietnamese. It's the Iraqis or the Palestinians or the Afghan people.

In other words, whatever side we're supposedly not on.

And while the left is still complaining about the oppression of unions and students, their new victim of police brutality and racism are illegal immigrants. This was their approach towards the Arizona law. They knew the law specifically prohibited targeting anyone because of their race, so they had to fall back on the idea that the police were so racist that they would violate the law to harass Hispanics.

PART 2 can now be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

Remember this gem from the president:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If you are a Hispanic American in Arizona — your great-grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state. But now, suddenly, if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're going to be harassed. That's something that could potentially happen. (This entire statement was a falsehood!!)

Clinton-Appointed Judge Guts Arizona Immigration Law


This is not a new tactic. The police, presented as a racist entity of capitalism that brutalizes innocent people, have been central to this movement since the Weather Underground of the '60s: "The pigs are the capitalist state... pigs really are the issue and people will understand this, one way or another. They can have a liberal understanding that pigs are sweaty, working-class barbarians who overreact and commit 'police brutality.' Or they can understand pigs as the repressive imperialist State doing its job."

When you understand this philosophy, doesn't the “police acted stupidly” comment make a little more sense? See, it doesn't matter to them why you think the police are evil racists, it just matters that you do. The Weather Underground believed that the police had to be resisted at every turn and they followed closely a principle that might seem familiar to those who have watched this program over the past year.

They wrote: “Our beginnings should stress self-defense... moving toward (according to necessity) armed self-defense, all the time honoring and putting forth the principle that ‘political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.’"

Hmm, where have I heard that before? Here's manufacturing czar, Ron Bloom.


RON BLOOM, WHITE HOUSE MANUFACTURING "CZAR": We know that the free market is nonsense. We kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.


America, do you know anyone who thinks like that? Anybody? Even if you did, would you hire them? Our president doesn't just know somebody who thinks like that, he's surrounded by them.

Now, if you think we're only talking about guys in suits blabbing on about political theory, remember, there are people dedicated to this cause who are still violent and active, such as the New Black Panther Party. Here they are in 2000:


MALIK SHABAZZ, FORMER CHAIRMAN OF NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY: A black dream today of self defense — of self defense — in the face of racism, in the face of police brutality, in the face of overwhelming odds against us, we today have a vision of a black dream today. A black dream that when we see caskets rolling in the black community, that when we see caskets rolling and funerals in the black community, that we will see caskets and funerals in the community of our enemy as well today.


The philosophy of these Black Panther radicals is the same as the radicals of the Weather Underground. They used race as a powerful weapon. We've talked to you at length about liberation theology on this program. Well, so did the Weather Underground: “The black liberation movement... is automatically in and of itself an inseparable part of the whole revolutionary struggle against U.S. imperialism and for international socialism.”

They are using race as a weapon!

Video: Obama Speech Police Shutdown YouTube Videos

And from the founder of black liberation theology, James Cone:


JAMES CONE, FOUNDER, BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY: Well, if you're identifying with the victim, you not only want to feel good about that, you also have to pay back what you took. You just don't say, "Please forgive me now." The only way in which your repentance, your forgiveness can be — can be authentic, your reception of it can be authentic, your repentance can be authentic, is that you give back what you took. And white people took a lot from black people.


Liberation theology is less of a religion than an anti-capitalist political philosophy. The Weather Underground made it very clear that you cannot separate these two viewpoints. They criticized “so-called black capitalists who are promoted by the power structure to seem independent but are really agents of white monopoly capital.”

What does that mean? Do I need to say more than Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell?

PART 3 can now be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

What's next in the radical blueprint for Obama?  The youth.

Obamas’ Liberal Re-Education Program for American Youth

Video:  Militant Black Obama Youth Group

Video: Obama Youth Groups Sing… Sounding All Too Familiar  - Please watch to the end -  We’ve seen it before!

Do not think these things cannot happen in America.  They have happened before!  In the early 1900’s children were used in America, as part of the Yellow Dog Youth League, to spy on their neighbors and parents… just like the Hitlerjugend was used in Germany!

NEA: Let's celebrate communism! Teachers' union, Mao's launch of 'People's Republic':

H. R. 5741  -  To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.

PDF of the full bill:

Status of this bill:

Jul 15, 2010: Referred to the House Committee on Armed Services.

Make no mistake, this is mandatory service required by the President for whatever purpose he sees fit.  During the Presidential campaign, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel talked about the National Civilian Security Force Obama wanted, and Rahm stated it would be mandatory for those between 18 and 25 years old.  Clearly they are expanding the age group for this mandatory National Civilian Security Force.

If you wondered what he meant when he talked about this Civilian Force during the campaign, no need to wonder anymore.

Is this okay with you?

PART 4 can now be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

America… you can continue to hide your dead in the sand… your and your country’s peril.  Or you can draw a line in the sand and prepare to stand against it all…  Think about it, Think about it… What were the dreams of  Barrack Obama’s Father??  Why did he leave him?  His dreams were to pursue Marxism and Communism!  Is there any wonder why he pursues the route?

If you have not read The Obama Nation and Dreams from My Father, which we all know now was written by Obama’s Weather Underground friend and now Professor Bill Ayers, you need to… after you read the manifesto.

Hundreds took to the streets to protest in Arizona.  Interestingly enough is that they were almost all professional SEIU (union) protestors.  Not locals… Not illegals.  You must ask yourself why!

PART 5 can now be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

Urgent:  3-Day Journey Part 2 – Please Watch

Beginning of a 3-Day Journey… Please Watch

Nutroots…. Uh Netroots Nation Attacks Glenn Beck and American Patriots…

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You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows.

Bob Dylan's use of the phrase, "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" in Subterranean Homesick Blues encouraged the young to make their own decisions, including about drugs, to know what's happening based on changing conditions in order to know about what's coming. It's based on the nautical phrase to know the windward side.

July 24, 2009, 2:22PM

"Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization. Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation."   …Eugene Debs

I've been thinking about the lack of anger at what's transpired in the US and the world regarding the banking crisis.  A crisis in which America's and the world's middle class lost trillions of dollars from their retirement portfolios and pension funds to unregulated gambling by the kingpins of the financial world.  To add insult to injury, one firm that profited by selling the market short as it began its descent received massive amounts of cash from those taxpayers who had lost fortunes in the collapse as did another firm that invented the investment vehicles that led to the downfall.  Perhaps worst of all, the same rubes who lost all that net worth were asked to bail out those firms that precipitated the crisis in the first place. All the while, the legislature wasn't legislating protections, the regulators weren't regulating, the auditors weren't auditing, and the rating agencies were feathering their own nests while fouling ours.  We should all be pissed.  But I'm not seeing much anger, just quiet resolution, shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone, as the lathe of heaven sculpts the future of our parents, ourselves, and our children.

Trying to make sense of the general absence of outrage from those of the middle class who lost so much in this crisis, I reflect on the banking and social crises of the early 20th century and the dynamics in play at the time.  More anger was directed toward the firms guilty of the financial gaming then and it manifested in strong regulatory reforms in the banking industry.  Of course the sense of outrage had been building for some time.  The antitrust movement in the latter part of the 1800s and early 1900s, plus corporate/government scandals had primed Americans to be keenly aware of the profound disadvantage ordinary Americans suffered when pitted against the wealth and organization of the capitalists.  While the trustbusters of the earlier generation had curtailed overt collusion between principles in any given industry there remained a more insidious, and amorphous type of collusive thought among industrialists.  At the time the labor movements in America and around the world attempted to organize workers in order to combat corporate greed and attain better pay, working conditions, and workers rights.  Leaders such as Eugene Debs appeared in the US and began to inspire workers to claim their rightful share of the economic pie.  The overthrow of the Tsar in Russia, giving birth to a large Communist nation, dedicated to anti-capitalistic ideals must have struck fear into the hearts of capitalists here and around the globe.

The manufacturers were cautious of pushing their agenda so far that workers in the US might actually rise up against them, and remove them from their position at the heart of the economic engine of the world.  It was an era that the moneyed class will not soon forget.   They quickly set out to discredit communism in particular and socialism in general, and did a fair job of it.  Today we hear charges of socialism leveled at policy suggestions as if such concepts were born of Hades with little or no regard for the underlying humanistic principles on which those socialist ideas rest.  Back in the early part of the 20th century the leaders of industry were truly afraid of how far the workers of America would go to achieve their goals.  These industrialists show every sign of having completely recovered their composure in the interim.  They no longer fear the mob which has quietly been lulled to sleep with a specially prepared version of Grimm's Corporate Fairy Tales.

"I don't want you to follow me or anyone else. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I could lead you in, somebody else would lead you out."  Eugene Debs

In retrospect, I think the Captains of Industry learned an unforgettable lesson from their brush with mortality, and what that was, and how they implement those ideas accounts for much of America's torpor when we ask 'Where is the outrage?'.  The first part of this process was the co-opting of those who should rightfully feel outrage.  At the tail end of the depression of the 30s, the US entered the war against the Axis powers, which united Americans for the most part, in a righteous and just cause.  Anger toward corporate greed was diverted to a more easily quantifiable enemy whose combat brought America's engines of production roaring back to life in the production of war materiel.  Following the worldwide conflict the US economy boomed as it became the supplier of manufactured goods and food to a world still recovering from the wars' ravages.  To coin a phrase, we were rolling in it, (dough), and for once there was enough to satisfy the desires of the captains of industry as well as labor.  The strength of unions continued to grow, at least for a while, and that was a worry for those holding the economic reins of the American economy. The civil rights movement added to the earlier successes of organized labor in spreading wealth from the capitalists to the workers by demanding equal treatment, voting rights, and pay for America's minorities.  So sometime in the 1960s, a meme began to circulate.  The message was that the American middle class is a partner in the corporate successes of Industry.  Over time we came to believe, without much scrutiny, that our personal financial well-being was inexorably linked to the ideas promulgated by industrialists and financiers.  Thus began the great co-opting of American middle class and labor.  Polls have shown that as much as 40% of Americans believe the are in the top 20% of Americans when personal wealth is the yardstick*.  The ongoing meme has worked to convince a significant portion of the middle class that they are actually upper class, and as such should support the ruling class's programs and goals, (see: Trickle Down Economics).  The apparent dichotomy between capitalist's goals and labor's became even more apparent as industries began abandoning labor and producing goods abroad in order to increase corporate profits by 10%, while saving Americans 3% on the cost of Teflon coated skillets and other gew-gaws of 20th century life.  Meanwhile union labor jobs as well as middle management jobs began drifting away to wash up on foreign shores, as we made the transition to the so-called service economy and free trade. 

No one really explained that such an economy is essentially static, tied to population increases as the only real way to increase the market for 'product', and consequently overall wealth.  A few will live the Capitalist dream of building a better mousetrap such as Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs and increase their cut of the available wealth.  So a few will have carved immense fortunes from the remnants of the middle class, while many more work two jobs, trying to make ends meet as they reach for the brass ring of economic success in the 21st century.  Many still believe that their fortunes revolve around the economic ideologies of the corporations that are bleeding them dry, with high healthcare costs, insurance rates, the latest, 47" plasma screen TV, and the premium cable package to back it up.

And now that I've gone and mentioned TV, I guess I will continue a bit along those lines as to how these 'memes' become part and parcel of our cultural thought.  One need only ask oneself who owns the means of distributing news/infotainment?  Other than little corners of the web such as TPM, those media moguls are the same industrialists that have been defining the message from the beginning.  So, with the exception of these still open corners of the  World Wide Web, if the message starts to slip a bit, the corporatocracy just keeps posing questions in the form of news analysis and commentary.   Ready-made, wind-up corporate weathermen, primed to tell us which way the wind blows, so those who are not paying full attention will know when to trim the sails of their expectations for healthcare reform, etc.   Just keep repeating, " Obama's health care reform is imperiled" often enough, and people get the message.  Everybody loves a winnah!  And wants to back a winner.  Mortgage products  aren't the only thing that's been sliced and diced and released for test marketing.  The American public has been studied, it's demographic preferences rated and weighted by politically and psychologically astute marketing experts.  In short, these guys have got your number and mine.  If you listen to them, everybody is a winnah!  Step right up!  Come see the dog-faced boy!  Three tosses for a dollar!  Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!  That's about what we're left with now in the MSM.  A carney side-show barker, and a trip through the hall of mirrors while trying to make sense of the continuing transfer of wealth from the many to the few, while the meme is circulated, and the next question is posed:  Why should the rich fund the poor's healthcare?  Contrary to the message promulgated by those who would co-opt the righteous anger of the newly displaced, the unemployed, those bankrupted by soaring healthcare costs, and those who work too hard for too little money, these Masters of Industry aren't your partners, and they don't have your interests at heart.   You could cry in frustration, but it would be more effective if, like the workers of the early 20th century, you got MAD.

*I couldn't find a link to this, though I know what I stated is generally correct.  If anyone knows of this particular poll, please supply a link.

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