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Sunday, July 31, 2011

“Raising the Debt Ceiling” For Dummies


Lost in all the politics of raising the debt ceiling is a simple understanding of why it is so dangerous to do so.

The government-controlled media is trying to ensure that the public doesn’t have the facts, lacks a clear understanding of the problem and chooses sides based on emotion.

The fact is, at the end of 2008, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported, “At the end of 2008, that debt equaled 40 percent of the nation’s annual economic output (a little above the 40-year average of 37 percent). Since then, the figure has shot upward: By the end of fiscal year 2011, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects federal debt will reach roughly 70 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) — the highest percentage since shortly after World War II.”

The entire US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2010 was $14.62 Trillion. The US debt ceiling currently stands at $14.294 Trillion, which was exceeded in May of 2011. Obama and Congress will be raising the debt ceiling well above our US GDP. Does this make America economically stronger or weaker?

To clarify what the rating agencies said, “Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s credit rating services issued warnings that United States could be downgraded because of the continued large deficits and increasing debt.”

To say that our government is simply spending more than it takes in is an understatement when it comes to the out-of-control spending we’ve experienced under President Obama; what he’s doing is dangerous. He has spent about $12.2 Trillion in just 3 years; that’s $5.15 Trillion more than the approximate $7.05 Trillion that was given to him by taxpayers.

Obama has made America the largest debtor-nation in the history of the world and fully intends to keep spending.

To put this into perspective, let’s look at it this way… It’s like a person spending $86,500 a year when they only bring home $50,000. How long will creditors keep loaning money to this person… especially if this person says they refuse to meaningfully cut their spending and instead expects to increase it every year?

Let’s look at it another way… It took roughly 220 years for our nation to accumulate $5.181 Trillion in debt which occurred in 1996. From 1996 to the end of 2008 (12 years), another $4.473 Trillion was added to our national debt, which is why we screamed for Bush to stop spending. Obama is adding $5.15 Trillion in just 3 years. What he’s doing is dangerous.

So, if you’re not screaming for Obama to stop spending, why not? Raising the debt ceiling without significant strings attached gives him the blank checks he needs to plunge us even further into debt. He refuses to cut spending and dishonestly threatens our creditors, seniors and others in hopes they’ll support him out of fear. He’s historic alright; no President in the history of our nation has ever threatened its citizens or its creditors in this way.

Obama isn’t spending our money to help improve the lives of America’s poor, seniors, veterans, homeless, minorities or others we care deeply about. Here’s just a taste of his real priorities… where he’s been spending our money and what our kids and grandkids will be expected to repay for decades to come:


· $63 billion – US Global Health Initiative.

· $665.7 million – International Family Planning & Reproductive Health Programs.

· $1 billion – to Mexico so that they can drill in the Gulf (while Obama caused 23,000 Americans to lose their jobs because of his ban on US drilling in the Gulf).

· $2 billion – to Brazil for OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING!!!!

· $147.3 million – US pays Brazil each year in cotton subsidies to keep its mouth shut.

· $30 billion – of the $100 billion per year for UN Climate Change Policy; the UN admitted global warming is about wealth redistribution, not climate change policy.

· $430 billion from TARP that Timothy Geithner stated will be recovered by January 2011 – of which the Fed spent $350 billion in taxpayer funds to save 35 foreign banks.

· $8 billion – US pays to IMF for Greece Bailout.

· $1.9 billion – International Agriculture Programs.

· $54.1 billion – USAID to other countries for FY 2011 – President Obama already sent $173.5 billion for international/foreign assistance ($90.6 billion in 2010 – a 60% increase compared to FY 2008; $82.9 billion in 2009 – a 47% increase compared toFY 2008).

· $5.96 million – U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation 2010 Awards (i.e. mosque restoration overseas). NOTE: Section 205.1(d) of title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations prohibits USAID funds from being used for the rehabilitation of structures to the extent that those structures are used for “inherently religious activities.”


· $80 billion to Apollo Alliance (socialist/communist George Soros group) to expand community agitation; see this video too.

· $422 million – Funding for Public Broadcasting/NPR – a private company that doesn’t need taxpayer funds.

· $161 million – NEH anti-American group which targets our military.


· $44 billion – This represents a 28% pay increase for Fed employees (Fed pay increased 36.9% since 2000 while private worker’s pay increased only 8.8%.)

· $148 billion – loaned to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – these are government operated organizations that are taking control of 90%+ of U.S. home mortgages, and these are the organizations who contributed to the housing meltdown.

· $1.416 billion – Serve America Act FY 2011 to recruit our children at school and get them into “volunteerism” (i.e. recruit and train community agitators).

· $1 billion – Dead people to whom our Federal government sends our money.

· $1.4 billion – FDA to take over our food supply and hire 17,000 more taxpayer-funded government employees.

· $400 million – Michelle Obama’s Food Deserts to open government food stores that are closer to urban areas to save residents the 5 extra minutes of driving time that it takes to get to their existing, privately owned store.


· $1.741 billion – INCREASE for “critical efficiency and renewables programs” – this is just the amount of increase to their existing budget.

· $2.4 billion – “clean tech” for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, a $2.287 billion increase from $113 million in the previous budget [ID:nN01180827].

· $6 billion – clean energy technologies.

· $535 million – Global warming money for a politically-connected private company, Solyndra, to lay off workers and build a new plant (see video here).

· $611.4 million – Bureau of Labor Statistics to gather data on ‘green jobs.’

· $123 million – DoE’s wind program, a $43 million increase over current spending.

· $300 million – the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E.

$880 Billion is being spent on these items alone in 2011. Are these discretionary expenditures worthy of collapsing America’s economy at a time when we need to reign in spending? If Obama continues to refuse to cut spending, that’s just what will happen.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda coming from Obama and his regime – to include his pals. They’re doing George Soros’ bidding. If you haven’t heard, Soros wants a ‘managed decline’ of our dollar and an economic collapse is exactly what he wants. Obama’s actions are clearly leading to what Soros wants.

It’s dangerous to raise the debt ceiling without significant cuts and caps on Obama’s spending and a legislative balanced-budget amendment to prevent future Presidents from doing what Obama’s doing to America.

By: AJ – Posted at the NoisyRoom


NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth

Next Round in the Debt Crisis (Updated)

The object of the game is to  destroy American capitalism  by having the government take over everything!!!!
                         Want to play?   No???

Too bad, you're already playing...  and just don't know it.              

And by the way?
   You're not winning.

NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth

Here’s where we are at.  Exposing the smoke and mirrors of the congress.


NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth

NIA hasn't written about the whole debt ceiling issue over the past few weeks because in our minds it is completely irrelevant. Our elected representatives in Washington along with the mainstream media have been wasting thousands of hours of time and hundreds of millions of dollars debating a topic that has no meaning at all. The President, Senate, and House of Representatives are putting on a show to make it look like they care about cutting spending and balancing the budget. Except for a select few elected representatives like Ron Paul who care about protecting the U.S. Constitution and preserving what little purchasing power the U.S. dollar still has left, every other politician in Washington is putting on a complete charade in order to trick their constituents into believing there is a difference between the proposals from the Republicans and Democrats.

While our incompetent and corrupt mainstream media has been proclaiming there are major differences between the two bills proposed by House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, NIA believes John Boehner might as well be a Democrat and Harry Reid could easily pass himself off as a Republican. There are absolutely no meaningful fundamental differences between Boehner's plan that was approved by the House of Representatives yesterday evening, before being killed by the Senate two short hours later, and Reid's bill, which was just rejected by the House today in a pre-emptive vote before the Senate even had a chance to vote on it.

Both bills are estimated to reduce the U.S. budget deficit by approximately $900 billion over the next 10 years. Of the $900 billion only about $750 billion are actual discretionary spending cuts with the rest being an expected reduction in interest payments on the national debt as a result of either bill passing. When you have an unstable fiat currency that is rapidly losing its purchasing power and could collapse at any time, it is impossible to accurately project what our budget deficits will be 5 or 6 years from now, let alone 9 or 10 years from today. As far as the next two fiscal years are concerned, both proposed bills from Boehner and Reid are estimated to only cut spending by a total of about $70 billion in fiscal years 2012 and 2013 combined.

The budget that former President Bush submitted to Congress in early-2007, projected the deficit to decline in each of the following four fiscal years. Not only did the deficit not decline the next four years in a row, but it nearly tripled in 2008 and from there more than tripled in 2009. Shockingly, Bush's budget actually projected a $61 billion surplus in fiscal year 2012, but instead we will have a budget deficit of $1.1 trillion based on President Obama's latest budget, which takes into account unrealistic GDP growth next year of 4.86%.

U.S. GDP growth for the first quarter of 2011 was just revised down yesterday by 81% from 1.91% to 0.36%. The advance estimate of second quarter GDP growth came in at 1.28%, well below the consensus estimate of 1.8%. NIA is going to really go out on a limb and predict that second quarter GDP growth will soon be revised downward as well. If this is the highest GDP growth the U.S. could muster after the Federal Reserve's $600 billion in QE2 money printing, this should prove once and for all that monetary inflation does not create real economic growth and employment.

The U.S. Treasury as of Thursday night had $51.6 billion in cash, with its cash position declining by $15.2 billion during the previous 24 hours. It expects to bring in $172.4 billion from August 3rd through August 31st in tax receipts, but is scheduled to pay out $306.7 billion during this time period for an estimated deficit of $134.3 billion. The U.S. is scheduled to make its next interest payment on the national debt on August 15th and it will equal approximately $30 billion. Over the last 9 months the U.S. has spent a total of $385.9 billion on interest payments on the national debt, which means it is on track to spend a record $514.5 billion this year on interest payments alone. Just a tiny 30 basis point increase in the interest rate on the national debt would totally wipe out the deficit reductions proposed by both Boehner and Reid.

The U.S. Treasury has been able to pay its bills in recent weeks by using many different accounting gimmicks. However, come Tuesday, there will be no more accounting tricks left to play and the U.S. won't be able to meet all of its obligations. Without a raise in the debt ceiling, the U.S. government will have to prioritize who it pays using the tax receipts coming in, which will probably include the $30 billion interest payment on the national debt (to avoid a default), $49.2 billion in Social Security payments, $50 billion in Medicare/Medicaid payments, $31.7 billion in defense payments, and $12.8 billion in unemployment benefits. With $23 billion of the $49.2 billion in Social Security payments due to be paid on August 3rd and $59 billion in t-bills due on August 4th, the U.S. Treasury's remaining cash balance could dissipate very quickly.

The 10-year bond yield reached a new 2011 low yesterday of 2.785%, its lowest level since November 30th of last year. It is approaching its record low of 2.08% from December of 2008 during the middle of the financial crisis. With threats of a U.S. debt default making headlines across the world, investors are once again rushing into U.S. bonds as a safe haven. It is almost as if the whole world has gone insane. The world is fearful of the U.S. government defaulting on its debt and not being able to pay off maturing bonds, so as a safe haven let's just all rush into the very asset that will soon be worthless due to either an honest default or default by inflation. The U.S. dollar bubble is the largest and longest running bubble in world history and U.S. bonds are currently mispriced big time.

U.S. dollar-denominated bonds should be the last asset in the world to benefit from fears of a U.S. debt default. One positive sign that NIA members are having success at spreading our message to the world is that gold reached a new all time high yesterday, rising $15 to $1,631 per ounce, with silver rising $0.31 to $40.10 per ounce. Thanks to the efforts of NIA members who worked tirelessly to spread the word about NIA's economic documentaries including 'Meltup', 'The Dollar Bubble', and 'Hyperinflation Nation', a larger percentage of the global population than ever before is educated about the global currency crisis that is ahead.

During the financial crisis of late-2008/early-2009, gold and silver prices declined along with all other assets. Today, NIA estimates that half of the world's investors seeking a safe haven are buying dollar-denominated assets like U.S. Treasuries and the other half are seeking safety in precious metals. By mid-2012, investors will most likely no longer look at U.S. bonds and other dollar-denominated assets as a safe haven. During future times of uncertainty, NIA believes that precious metals will receive nearly 100% of safe haven buying, just like the U.S. dollar received 100% of safe haven buying in late-2008/early-2009.

Once the debt ceiling is inevitably raised, the U.S. Treasury will have a lot of catching up to do in order to get its house in order, and we will likely see the largest amount of debt ever sold by the U.S. government in a single month. With QE2 having finished at the end of June, the U.S. will be relying on foreigners in these upcoming record Treasury auctions. In our opinion, we are likely going to see interest rates rise at an unprecedented rate that will shock the world.

Don't believe the mainstream media's laughable claim that there is a shortage of U.S. Treasuries. It was just reported yesterday that Cambodia, one of the most rapidly growing emerging market economies with GDP growth this year of 6.5%, is moving away from the U.S. dollar, which currently accounts for 90% of their currency in circulation, in favor of its own currency the riel. NIA believes it is only a matter of time until China ends its currency peg with the U.S. dollar. The world is flooded with trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasuries that will soon have no buyers except the Federal Reserve. There is no chance of yields falling below record lows from December of 2008.

The mainstream media has been reporting all week that if the U.S. defaults on its debt as a result of a failure to raise the debt ceiling, it will be the first time that our nation has defaulted on its debt obligations. Most NIA members know that the real U.S. debt default already occurred in 1971 when President Nixon closed the gold window and stopped allowing foreign governments to convert their U.S. dollar holdings into gold. Since then, the U.S. currency system has been completely fiat and the national debt has increased by 3,400%.

For the past 40 years, the U.S. government has been running on fumes left over from when countries were able to convert their paper U.S. dollars into gold. The price of gold has increased by 3,900% during this time period, meaning the U.S. dollar has lost 97.5% of its purchasing power. Meanwhile, the median household income has only increased by 384%. In terms of gold, the median U.S. household is earning 87.9% less income today than they did in 1971. The U.S. debt default of 1971 was many times more significant than the pending debt default, because back then our foreign creditors expected to receive real money and not a piece of paper with no real value that we print. The average American family has experienced a dramatic decline in its standard of living since 1971. The U.S. dollar and its reserve currency status is currently serving as the last thread that is keeping our "house of cards" economy propped up.

The U.S. debt ceiling is very similar to a publicly traded company's authorized shares. When a public company consistently loses money like the U.S. government does, they print new shares just like the Federal Reserve prints dollars and when its total outstanding shares reach the shares authorized, the company's Board of Directors simply raises the shares authorized, which allows it to continue issuing shares and diluting shareholders. Since 1962, the U.S. has raised its debt ceiling 74 times. Any public company that needed to raise its authorized shares 74 times would likely have seen its stock price decline by 99.99% from above $10 to below 1 penny.

NIA is strongly against an increase in the debt ceiling because there are ways for our country to stay afloat and continue operating without getting deeper into debt. The U.S. is currently supposed to have 8,133.5 tonnes of gold reserves at Fort Knox. We don't know for sure if these gold reserves still exist because the last audit of our gold reserves took place in 1954 and we had the little minor issue of our real debt default in 1971. Assuming that all of our gold is still there, this gold is worth $426.5 billion at the present time, enough to cover our U.S. government's deficit spending for almost four whole months. The U.S. government also owns valuable land, buildings, monuments, and other types of Real Estate, that could also be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Although we don't support selling all of our gold and Real Estate, if the U.S. government isn't going to implement real spending cuts that will lead to a balanced budget, we rather sell our assets than see the dollar-denominated savings and incomes of all Americans lose its purchasing power.

If we continue raising the debt ceiling and getting deeper into debt in order to pay back the debts we already have, we are defaulting on our debts through inflation. With gold at a record high of $1,631 per ounce, the market is clearly telling us that a default through inflation is coming. As the Chinese, Japanese, and our other creditors are paid back in U.S. dollars that are rapidly losing their purchasing power, they will be reluctant to increase their purchases of U.S. Treasuries in the future, which we desperately need them to do in order to fund our spending increases. With the Federal Reserve likely to become the Treasury buyer of last resort, the world will lose their confidence in the U.S. dollar and hyperinflation could potentially break out as soon as 2013.

NIA believes it is very likely that U.S. GDP will begin declining again in late-2011, which will officially put the U.S. in double-dip recession territory. In our opinion, the U.S. is still in the early stages of a hyperinflationary depression and the so-called economic recovery reported by the government and mainstream media has been completely phony and only due to misleading and manipulated economic statistics that don't factor in the real rate of U.S. price inflation. We expect Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to do everything in his power to avoid a double-dip recession at all costs.

By the end of 2011, we are confident that not only will we see QE3 under a new name, but the Fed will act to force banks to lend their $1.6 trillion in excess reserves. It is a joke that we are debating spending cuts of $70 billion over the next two years, when only very dramatic across the board spending cuts of 50% or more of the total budget will give the U.S. any hope of balancing the budget and avoiding hyperinflation. Best case scenario, if the U.S. government cuts spending by 50% or more in all areas of the budget including entitlement programs and is able to prevent hyperinflation, NIA still believes we will see the U.S. dollar lose 90% of its purchasing power this decade with the price of gold rising to above $16,000 per ounce.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

h/t to Anglo at Sovereignty in Colorado

National Inflation Association | 96 Linwood Plaza #172 | Fort Lee, NJ 07024


Next Round in the Debt Crisis (Updated)


Scientist Tied to Global Warning Being Investigated for ‘Scientific Misconduct’

JUNEAU, Alaska (The Blaze/AP) — A federal wildlife biologist whose observation in 2004 of presumably drowned polar bears watchin the Arctic helped to galvanize the global warming movement has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for scientific misconduct, possibly over the veracity of that article. Newser has more:

Charles Monnett is being investigated for unspecified “integrity issues” apparently linked to his report that polar bears could face an increased threat of death if they’re forced to swim farther as Arctic ice recedes.

Monnett, an Anchorage-based scientist with the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, or BOEMRE, was told July 18 that he was being put on leave, pending results of an investigation into “integrity issues.” But he has not yet been informed by the inspector general’s office of specific charges or questions related to the scientific integrity of his work, said Jeff Ruch, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

--> (Related: New study of NASA data may debunk global warming predictions) <--

On Thursday, Ruch‘s watchdog group plans to file a complaint with the agency on Monnett’s behalf, asserting that Obama administration officials have “actively persecuted” him in violation of policy intended to protect scientists from political interference.

Monnett, who has coordinated much of the agency’s research on Arctic wildlife and ecology, has duties that include managing about $50 million worth of studies, according to the complaint, a copy of which was provided to The Associated Press.

The complaint seeks Monnett’s reinstatement along with a public apology from the agency and inspector general. It also seeks to have the investigation dropped or to have the charges specified and the matter carried out in accordance with policy. The complaint also says that investigators took Monnett’s computer hard drive, notebooks and other unspecified items from him, which have not been returned.

A BOEMRE spokeswoman declined to comment on an “ongoing internal investigation.” Ruch said BOEMRE has barred Monnett from talking to reporters.

Documents provided by Ruch’s group indicate questioning by investigators has centered on observations that Monnett and fellow researcher Jeffrey Gleason made in 2004, while conducting an aerial survey of bowhead whales, of four dead polar bears floating in the water after a storm. They detailed their observations in an article published two years later in the journal Polar Biology; presentations also were given at scientific gatherings.

In the peer-reviewed article, the researchers said they were reporting, to the best of their knowledge, the first observations of polar bears floating dead offshore and presumed drowned while apparently swimming long distances in open water. Polar bears are considered strong swimmers, they wrote, but long-distance swims may exact a greater metabolic toll than standing or walking on ice in better weather.

They said their observations suggested the bears drowned in rough seas and high winds and “suggest that drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open water periods continues.”

The article and presentations drew national attention and helped make the polar bear something of a poster child for the global warming movement. Al Gore’s mention of the polar bear in his documentary on climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth,” came up during investigators’ questioning of Gleason in January.

In May 2008, the U.S. classified the polar bear as a threatened species, the first with its survival at risk due to globalpolarswim warming.

According to a transcript, investigator Eric May asked Gleason his thoughts on Gore referencing the dead polar bears. Gleason said none of the polar bear papers he has written or co-authored has said “anything really” about global warming.

“It’s something along the lines of the changing environment in the Arctic,” he said. Gleason said others put their own spin on research or observations.

The complaint alleges Gleason and Monnett were harassed by agency officials and received negative comments from them after the article was published. Gleason eventually took another Interior Department job; he didn‘t respond to an email and a BOEMRE spokeswoman said he wouldn’t be available for comment.

Ruch also claimed the investigation is being done by criminal investigators with no scientific background, even though the case is an administrative matter.

Source:  The Blaze  - Cross-Posted at Just One More Pet

So… What Else Do They Not Tell Us …Or Lie About?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next Round in Debt Crisis Battle

Video:  Boehner to Dems:  Put Something On the Table

House Approves Speaker Boehner's Revised Debt Plan

Senate plans to vote to kill House bill as early as tonight

The U.S. House has passed its version of a bill to raise the debt ceiling.  The final vote was 218 to 210.  22 Republicans voted against it, because Boehner’s either bill didn’t go far enough in cuts or a guaranteed trigger for them to support it, and no Democrats voted in favor of the plan.

Here are the Republicans who voted against the bill (Freshman members are in bold):  Amash (MI), Bachmann (MN), Broun (GA), Chaffetz (UT),Cravaack (MN), DesJarlais (TN), Duncan (SC), Graves (GA) Gowdy (SC), Huelskamp (KS), Johnson (IL), Jordan (OH), King (IA), Latham (IA), Connie Mack (FL), McClintock (CA), Mulvaney (SC)Ron Paul (TX), Tim Scott (SC), Southerland (FL), Walsh (IL), Wilson (SC).

This was the third version of a debt plan House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) produced this week in an attempt to garner enough Republican votes to pass it. The bill now heads to the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has said he has enough votes to table, or discard, it immediately. And, if the Senate successfully tables Boehner’s bill, the body is likely to move onto Sen. Reid’s version, which lifts the debt ceiling through 2012 and cuts $2.2 billion in spending.

Senate Democratic leaders said they could hold a procedural vote on Senator Reid's proposal to lift the debt ceiling as early 1 am ET Sunday.

In remarks this morning, President Obama said Mr. Boehner's bill "does not solve the problem." The President pointedly called out Speaker Boehner's efforts to appease members of the Tea Party. "What’s clear now is that any solution to avoid default must be bipartisan.  It must have the support of both parties that were sent here to represent the American people -– not just one faction," he said.

Today's sequence of events came after the House was minutes away Thursday evening from voting to lift the debt ceiling and cut $900 billion in spending. But Republican leaders pulled the bill from the floor after Speaker Boehner spent the evening attempting to finalize support for his bill but fell short.

The road to lifting the debt ceiling has been rocky. Negotiations between a bipartisan group of lawmakers and Vice President Biden failed. So did talks between the President and Speaker Boehner, as did subsequent talks between the President and Congressional leaders.

No agreement between Republicans and Democrats and the House and Senate means the path forward is still uncertain with the August 2nd deadline imposed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner fast approaching.

House Democrats encouraged the President to invoke the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution to unilaterally lift the debt ceiling without Congressional authorization. The White House continues to reject that option.  (This is a completely unviable option considering that the 14th Amendment does not apply here. Per Judge Andrew Napolitano: The provisions in the 14th Amendment were written to deal with unique issues caused by the Civil War and the execution of the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. The left keeps distorting the facts and the Constitution and wrongly applies the provisions to allow them to do whatever they want… not what is legal, Constitutional or what the American People want!! Read more at: Review: The Debt Ceiling and Economic Crisis Debate Rages On.)

July 28, 2011

Curious to know the impact Obama’s budget would have on America’s fiscal future? The chart below provides a rather painful preview of the next decade under the President’s budget alternative.

Picture this — Obama’s budget for America

As Heritage’s Mike Brownfield explains, ”Obama’s budget would set America on a dangerous fiscal course that leads to massive deficits well into the future—hitting $1.2 trillion in 2012 and, after dipping slightly, rising back to $1.2 trillion again by 2021.”

According to the Congressional Budget Office’s projections, the President’s budget would more than double the national debt in 10 years – totaling approximately $9.5 trillion.

Paul Ryan Destroys Reid Bill in Blistering Speech; ‘Let’s Cover the Moon with Yogurt!’

Live Blog:  The U.S. Debt Battle


The tea party… which means “We the People” are not happy.  A Balanced Budget Amendment and no raising of the debt ceiling is what most people want.  That is what they voted for in 2010.  The problem is when you only control half a branch of government, it is a tough battle and when you have people like Harry Reid and the President running interference, telling tales and controlling the mainstream media it is even tougher!!

75% of Americans support a balanced budget Amendment

66% of American support Cut, Cap and Balance

Most people say they don’t care if we go into so-called default, mind you we won’t really go into default… there are funds to pay what is most important to Americans as well as the interest on our debt.

And the powers that be feel that America’s Credit Rating will be down-graded from AAA status to AA status even if we raise the debt-ceiling.

Regardless whether you are happy or not with the outcome… the GOP has passed 3 plans in the House and Boehner, like the results or not, tried his best to work a compromise.  (And Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has another last ditch bill ready in the Senate.)  The Dems have passed nothing, finally proposed one bill that is a ruse and have run interference for the President… who also has put ‘no’ deal on paper.  If we lose our AAA credit rating and go into pseudo default it will be President Obama and the Democrats fault… not the GOP’s and not the tea party’s.

If we keep letting Obama spend and up the national debt… it is all our faults!

Within hours after the House passed their second bill dealing with the debt crisis in about a week, Harry Reid again tabled the discussion and the vote on this bill.  My question is, if you are so sure you are right and the people and your party are with you, Harry… why won’t you allow a vote on these bills?  And if Obama really wanted to make this go away, all he and the Dems needed to agree to was to begin the process of a balanced budget amendment that 75% of the American people want.  So why not do it?  After all Obama will either be long out of office before that amendment goes into affect, or he will be a dictator and it won’t matter anyway.

So, why not?  Because destroying the the economy of the United States has always been part of Obama and his handlers’ plan!  And that is the elephant in the room that nobody is willing to discuss!!

Best Quote I’ve heard this week is: “The tea party is the Dem’s new George Bush, so no matter what you don’t like… it’s their fault!”

Ask Marion~

Tweets of the Day:

  • If 3rd World Dictator Obama is pres after Jan-20, 2013, an AA rating will be a memory
  • How can they put a man with Dementia in charge of the Senate?
  • Rubio: "Compromise that's not a solution is a waste of time."


As the Party of Socialism tries to convince the GOP that is it not the Party of Reagan, but the Party of Surrender, Harry Reid is desperately searching for sixty votes in the Senate so he can get his “I want to destroy the American economy bill” passed.

Can it be passed?  -  The Search for 60

House Defense:  Hardliners Slam Reid Debt Plan, Obama  -  Video: Reid’s Gimmicks Unmasked

Harry Reid Filibustering His Own Bill?

NYT:  Coming Soon:  ‘Invasion of the Walking Debt’

RS:  In Defense of Holding the Line

Congressional Leaders Struggle to Work Out Bi-Partisan Debt Deal

Balanced Budget… Balanced Budget Amendment… The Only Sane Idea

Thomas Sowell:  Ideals Versus Realities

Reid Wants to Give Obama Blank Check for Rest of Presidency

Debt Crisis:  NYT’s Graph Glitch

Senator Tea Party:  DeMint Drives Conservative Direction on Debt and Deficit

As Predicted: Call for Obama’s Impeachment on the Table

Video: Michele Bachmann on the debt limit. I like her! Left hates her because fights like a democrat!

Video:  Screw Congress… I’ll Do It On My Own  -  The really scary part is all the clueless fools in the audience chanting, “Yes You Can!”

Obama called out GOP again today to compromise… Because $14.5 Trillion is not enough!!!!!!! Compromise!, and I guess neither were Boehner’s attempts?!?

No budget in 800 days? Liberals saying Democrats had a budget this year. Obama… that was rejected by all? Clueless how budgets get passed?  However he is not clueless about raising the debt ceiling… without meaningful matching cuts and or a balanced budget amendment!  Obama knows it would be another nail in the coffin of America and another step toward his plan to fundamentally transform America… into a second rate nation!

Many, including Trump, feel that the GOP doesn't know they are in the driver's seat. All they have to do is sit back & wait for Senate & Obama to pass #CCB. Tick, tick, tick...  Time for the GOP to play poker!

Last Update: 07.30.11: 4:15p.m. ET  -  Reid’s Debt Ceiling Increase Bill defeated in the house. The vote was 246-173. Senior official confirms Pres Obama has summoned Dem Leaders Reid and Pelosi to WH meeting on debt limit stalemate… no Republicans.  So Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority McConnell just appeared together in short press conference:

Pres. Obama needs to tell us what he can sign. We're in those discussions now. –McConnell

Boehner: It's time for the POTUS to tell us what he's for.

McConnell: "I think we all know that if the president decides to reach an agreement w/ us, the Democrats...will fall in line."

Boehner says POTUS has driven Congress into cul-de-sac

Former Fox News White House Correspondent Major Garrett: Remember that driving metaphor from POTUS and 2010 campaign (reverse/forward)? The press would be a lot more credible if they treated POTUS the way they treat Boehner and McConnell. Amen

**Unnamed conservative reporter at Boehner/McConnell press conference said it appears that Obama and Reid might be getting the message that the tide is changing and they they will get the deserved blame for this debacle they’ve created, so my be talking compromise now.**

***At the end of the day, the most amazing thing to me is how many people are still completely disengaged… clueless.  Jon Stossel went out in the street… Leno Jay-Walking style and asked people what the debt ceiling was, how much it was and who John Boehner is and most didn’t have a clue and many said they did care.  I can only pray that those people choose not to vote!!***

Friday, July 29, 2011

The SMOKING Gun: Preparation for War on the People

Please Read All the Way to the Bottom

Here it is folks, the irrefutable facts as related to most of our

suspicions.  We do have a subversive government in power

as of this time.  Study the following and draw a comparison

with what you see.


Ruins of houses in Fredericksburg, Virginia Circa Civil War. Are we preparing for another?


by Andrew C. Wallace

July 27, 2011 -


ESTABLISHMENT has taken over and Looted our Republic and our People into bankruptcy, effectively denying us of our Constitutional Rights while preparing to make War on “We The People” for total Marxist One World Order governance.


Our Corrupt Officials are Usurpers, paid by the ESTABLISHMENT who have been caught red handed sending thousands of illegal guns to Mexico and other countries for no legal purpose so they could say that the guns and resultant killings were caused by legal gun sales in America. This was then a major gamble to create public support for ongoing efforts to promote gun control that back fired. The ESTABLISHMENT cannot tolerate the fact that as long as we have guns to defend ourselves we will kill them when they attack us. The ignorant cowards among us who have not prepared for survival and self defense will mostly die at the hands of the Marxist ESTABLISHMENT just like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. For self defense details read Greg Evensen,

The Obama Stimulus Program funded this treason that resulted in the deaths of two Federal Officers and countless others. Attempted cover-ups at the highest levels of government consisting of spin, lies, retribution and additional restrictions on gun sales with records of gun purchasers is ongoing.

William Hoover from the ATF started the lies by falsely testifying to Congress in 2008 that 90% of firearms recovered in Mexico were from civilian sources in the United States. The ATF later admitted that the 90% figure only applied to their much smaller data base, WND 7-13-11. The highest levels of government have been exposed for this treason by their own words, Congressional Hearings, and reported as Operation Gun Walker, Gun Runner, or Fast and Furious in the media.

Mike Vanderboegh, a courageous patriot, with the help of whistleblower Federal agents brought this to light and continues to report on it in great detail at:

I believe that God had a hand in exposing this most evil preparation for war on the people by ESTABLISHMENT usurpers so that we could expose them and take back our country.

All available facts attest that the ESTABLISHMENT is preparing to make more war on the people. For us to win, we must know our enemy. This is a factual polemic outlining how our freedoms have been denied, and our resources looted for over 100 years by our enemies, the corrupt Super Rich Families, also known as the Ruling Class, Global Elites and the “ESTABLISHMENT”; who control Corporations, Unions, Government Officials in both parties, Media, Tax Free Foundations, Universities, Private Federal Reserve Bank and Think Tanks. These Members and Underlings of the ESTABLISHMENT are enemies of the people responsible for the looting and destruction of our Republic. Most people find this truth hard to accept. The ESTABLISHMENT’S ultimate objective is Marxist Global Governance (One World Order), Ultimate Power, and control of all the Money without any freedoms or Constitutional Rights for the people. Even the Bible allows us to hate and detest the ESTABLISHMENT for their heinous crimes which are second only to those of Judas Iscariot.

The Democratic Party is now a “self proclaimed communist organization”, but like the Republicans are also subordinate members of the ESTABLISHMENT and totally subservient to it. People working for any part of the ESTABLISHMENT are dirty rotten traitors, or ignorant brain dead slaves deserving of the enmity, contempt and loathing of all Patriotic Americans.

As you are learning this is a powerful, well established, comprehensive and complex treason.

I will not bore you with all of the thousands of unlawful attacks and depravations of our constitutional rights by the Marxists. It is an ongoing death by a thousand cuts, so we will defeat the ESTABLISHMENT they serve with a few strategic actions in accordance with the Tenth Amendment and the Rule of Law.



Be Happy and Rejoice, because Contrary to Marxist propaganda we can quickly have Full Employment with Unlimited Prosperity, and Freedom in a few months by reverting to Proven CONSTITUTIONAL procedures used prior to 1913. As one example, we simply end the income tax, IRS, any alternate federal taxes, tax free foundations and the Federal Reserve Bank. We then use tariffs as was done in the past.

THESE FEW ACTIONS WOULD DEFUND UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, END LOOTING, SUPPORT PROPER WAGE LEVELS, FORCE RETURN OF MANUFACTURING TO AMERICA AND RETURN TO FREEDOM WITH UNLIMITED PROSPERITY. This would take our wealth out of the hands of the ESTABLISHMENT and return it to the people. I think the ESTABLISHMENT would attack us for ending their plunder, but so what, they detest and want us dead anyway.

Our primary objective must be to defeat most elected officials in both parties who are Marxist subordinates of the ESTABLISHMENT, and therefore, by definition, Absolute Enemies of the people and our Constitution. Many Judges, if not most, as Lackeys of the ESTABLISHMENT deny citizens their constitutional rights and must be prosecuted. It is impossible for self proclaimed Marxist/Progressive Officials and Judges to owe allegiance to our Constitution. They are Traitors by the very definition of their self proclaimed Marxism which can’t coexist with our Constitution, or the Bible.

Based upon the information in this article, recent experience and the history of Marxism, there is almost a certainty that the Marxists will attack Patriotic Americans with violence when they lose the elections, or when they think they could lose the elections. American Patriots in complying with the rule of law will not initiate violence, but will defend themselves in kind, with great determination, this is known as the Doctrine of the Three Percent,

Now hear this, ESTABLISHMENT controlled government officials (Traitors), and the ESTABLISHMENT owned Federal Reserve Bank have forced most Americans, their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents into eternal poverty by the Treason of Usurping our Republic and Looting. When these traitors are lawfully removed from power we can take back much of our stolen wealth. Fully two thirds of all government expenses by our treasonous government officials are unconstitutional looting of We The People. Gold and Silver money is required by the Constitution because it retains value and cannot be printed which makes it difficult to manipulate and steal as is now being done. We must cut our losses by terminating the Private Federal Reserve Bank and its Fiat money at once. Most Americans would be very well off today if our government officials were not traitors using Unconstitutional Laws to impoverish us. Read papers by the following writers, if you want to know in detail how the criminal ESTABLISHMENT has looted us for 100 years and continues to do so, Devvy Kidd, Edwin Vieira, Cliff Kincaid, J.K.Ryter, Lynn M. Stuter, Andrew Wallace, and many others at:

There are also millions of brainwashed clueless people of several races, who deprived of proper FAMILIES, EDUCATION, AND RELIGIOUS TEACHING by elected officials are doomed to exist as slaves and criminals in ever increasing poverty, crime and depravation. They are Inmates living on the dole in the Marxist Inner City Utopias as proscribed by the United Nations Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development), also known as ‘Stack and Pack”. For specifics go to Tom DeWeese,

They believe the communist lie that they have a constitutional right to do nothing but rut, producing fat, dumb, and lazy people who prey on, and intimidate decent citizens. Residents in Marxist Utopias will be allowed to live by the Communists only so long as they assist in destroying our Constitutional Republic. Marxists will then kill the non productive troublemakers for they contribute nothing to Marxist income redistribution (Social Justice). It is no accident that Communist officials in large cities refuse to allow citizens to have crime reducing firearms. Recently we have seen how the self proclaimed Marxist Union Thugs have attacked innocent people, reminding us of the hundreds of millions killed in the name of Marxism.

The Fealty of Senior Military Officers to our Constitution and Republic is in serious doubt due to their waging of unlawful war, being incapable or unwilling to protect the lives of our military from terrorists in this country, forcing members of our military to live with dangerous Sodomites, and denying due process to those who had the courage that Senior Officers did not possess to question legitimacy of orders. Those who face death on the battlefield deserve Senior Officers who have the courage and integrity to back them up even when it puts their careers at risk.

The average man will tolerate Sodomites meaning them no harm, but not in their personal space, and if seriously accosted by one will instinctively and without thought attack them instantly in a great rage over which they have no control. You can only verify this fact by asking men who have had this experience, not some politically correct professional with limited life experiences. We should never allow any member of our families to serve in the new Sodomite Military.

Our Constitution requires that the American people must be protected from unlawful invasion and occupation promoted by the ESTABLISHMENT TRAITORS for cheap and subsidized workers. OVERWHELMING DEADLY FORCE must be used to repel invaders at our borders and to root out and deport the illegal occupiers who are causing death, destruction and unemployment in our country. Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower deported illegals so Americans could have jobs. Unconstitutional citizenships given to children of illegals must be reversed. Greedy ESTABLISHMENT corporations hire illegals at slave wages and the government taxes every man woman and child in this country about $100 a month to support them. This theft is in addition to the cost of welfare for Americans who are not employed because of illegals. When illegals are deported there will be a major reduction in crime and jobs for every American who wants to work. Those Americans who can work, but refuse to work will starve when the dollar is worthless, or government benefits are withdrawn.

Any elected Official supporting Amnesty or anything else for illegals is an ESTABLISHMENT traitor to their people and is just like the Blacks who sold their own people into slavery in the first place. The amazing fact is that disadvantaged Blacks and Whites continue to vote for these very same slavers, Democratic progeny of the KKK, who throw them under the bus by supporting illegals for profits of the ESTABLISHMENT.

Any politician, regardless of party who is supported by the Marxist Media is most likely a subordinate member of the ESTABLISHMENT and should be defeated. You must know the source of the politicians money, go to

WE CALL THIS TREASON. Two thirds all federal government expenditures are unconstitutionally supporting unlawful departments, programs, edicts, laws and actions not allowed by the tenth Amendment to the Constitution. Most Judges believe “the law is what they say it is”, and ignore our Constitution depriving Americans of the Rule of Law. These rogue Judges must be impeached and prosecuted. This will not be easy because the whole corrupt system is controlled by the ESTABLISHMENT. Newly elected officials must impeach and prosecute corrupt judges and other official supporters of the ESTABLISHMENT. We must assume that many of our newly elected Officials will be corrupted by the ESTABLISHMENT. So we must activate the MILITIA OF THE SEVERAL STATES THAT HAS THE CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE, SECOND TO NONE, TO ENFORCE LAWS OF THE REPUBLIC BY PROSECUTING THE USURPERS.

All of our efforts to peacefully remove the Traitors will fail if they mistakenly think they can start a guerilla war against three hundred million Americans. Trust fund recipients, Ivy League graduates, professors and other worthless progeny of the ESTABLISHMENT and their Quisling followers would only be targets of opportunity for Patriots who have been attacked. We can only pray that the ESTABLISHMENT knows they would lose much that they had looted from the people, but might save their lives if they did not attack the people.

Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based upon teachings in the Bible. It is impossible by definition for a Marxist (Progressive, Communist, Fascist, Socialist, et al) to believe in God or to support our Constitution. Marxists believe in Social Justice, Mass Redemption and Redistribution. The Bible and the Constitution are based upon Equal Justice, Individual Redemption and Charity. We were the first and only country in the world where people were free to govern themselves and prosper to unheard of levels with capitalism under our Constitution. Marxism on the other hand has killed hundreds of millions of their own people while forcing them into slavery and poverty every time, it has been tried. Watch “Third Reich, The Rise”, a movie on “History International” of real people showing how they were led into death and destruction in almost exactly the same way it is being done here and now by our Marxist usurpers in government under the ESTABLISHMENT. Many Americans are just as uninformed as the Germans were under Hitler, and most of our Jews support this ideology that killed six million Jews and destroyed much of the world. For a broader understanding read Jim Schwiesow,

Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are controlled by Marxist Heathen Traitors who, without authority, pass and enforce unconstitutional laws, decisions and edicts resulting in the loss of our God given rights to Life, Liberty and Property. Anon

Complying with Political Correctness is Cowardice. Passing or enforcing unconstitutional laws is Treason. Our Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and any attempt to Compromise it is Treason. Anon

The purpose of the UN was originally to stop war and end transgression by nations. That purpose quickly morphed into world economic and political control over sovereign nations. Then the objective immediately became creation of one world government under control of the wealthiest global political elite and their global corporations. Anon

Mark Lowry said it best, “The wealthiest global political elite and their global corporations (The ESTABLISHMENT), seek a centralized Marxist One World Order which will not tolerate the rights of the people to self determination and self rule.”

It is my prayer that this tightly written paper will inform and guide Patriots in the process of taking back their God given rights and freedoms from Marxist Heathen Traitors.

Andrew C. Wallace

An UNreal Creations eProd by Gary the dRAt

Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida City

July 28, 2011

Intel Hub Note: This startling information comes to light just days after our report about the Pentagons plan for a 20,000 strong internal army force to take on the American people.

In Homestead, Florida, Posse Comitatus is dead. The Air Force now responds to civilian crime in the small city, population around 30,000.
Military “crime stoppers” violate Posse Comitatus in Florida. Photo from Homestead ARB website.

“Here at Homestead Air Reserve Base we have the Crime Stop hotline that allows anyone either on base or off the installation to anonymously report a crime,” explains the Homestead Air Reserve Base website.

“If you know of a crime that has been committed, if you see a crime in progress, or if you see a suspicious person, vehicle, or situation that makes you feel a crime may be occurring, call the Security Forces Crime Stop Hotline…”

On July 15, military police – known as Security Forces patrolmen – detained a criminal suspect at a Circle K in until Miami-Dade police arrived.

“Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility, the better informed we are the safer we can make the installation and the surrounding community,” said t. Juan Lemus, Security Forces Police Services Chief.

Crime prevention off military bases is the responsibility of civilian police, not the military. In 1878, following Reconstruction, the Posse Comitatus Act was passed.

It limited the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement. The statute prohibits Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress. has reported numerous violations of Posse Comitatus since September 11, 2001.

In 2009, the National Guard provided “security” in Kingman, Arizona. The Coast Guard, under the Department of Homeland Security, is now exempt from the Act.

The military participated in a checkpoint along with Tennessee cops and Homeland Security in April of 2009. The governor and state representatives were not aware of the illegal collaboration when contacted by the Alex Jones Show.

In 2008, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center and the California Highway Patrol used the Christmas holiday as an excuse to collaborate on a drunk driving checkpoint in San Bernardino County.
Following a shooting in Alabama, the Army was dispatched from Fort Rucker to patrol the streets of Samson in 2009.

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl called in the National guard to help in “domestic” disputes in 2009. Ravenstahl used a snow emergency as an excuse. He went on television and said “be advised that you will begin to see National Guard Humvees in some of your neighborhoods beginning this evening.”

The above represents just a small sampling of the military violating Posse Comitatus. The Act was violated in earnest following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The devastating storm proved to be a beta test for military violations of the law.

NORTHCOM announced in 2008 it would use battle-hardened troops from Iraq for “civil unrest and crowd control” in the United States. On September 30, 2008, the Pentagon announced the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team would be an “on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks,” the Army Times reported.
The mission soon expanded from disasters to every day police activity.

The firewall between military and civilian police duties was demolished with the passage of H.R. 5122, also known as the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007.
It allowed the president to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act, and take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization when public order has been lost and the state and its constituted authorities cannot enforce the law.

The bill was repealed in 2008, but this has not stopped the military, numerous federal agencies, and the Department of Homeland Security from blurring the distinctions between military, federal and local police responsibilities.

According to John R. Brinkerhoff, acting associate director for national preparedness of FEMA from 1981 to 1983, “the Posse Comitatus Act is not only irrelevant but also downright dangerous to the proper and effective use of military forces for domestic duties.”
Brinkerhoff cites the Quadrennial Defense Review for 2001 that has declared homeland security to be the primary mission of the Department of Defense.

Brinkerhoff is a longtime martial law advocate. He borrowed his ideas on martial law from then FEMA director, Louis O. Guiffrida. In 1970 at the Army War College, Guiffrida outlined his plan for martial law in case of a national uprising by black militants. The paper advocated the roundup and transfer to “assembly centers or relocation camps” of at least 21 million “American Negroes,” the Miami Herald reported on July 5, 1987, during the Iran-Contra hearings.

Canceling Posse Comitatus is not about a benevolent Pentagon helping strapped local officials and over-burdened local cops save people from car accidents or the ravages of hurricanes and tornadoes. It has little to do with rioting “Negroes.”
It’s about imposing martial law. Propaganda campaigns portraying uniformed soldiers wielding the jaws of life soften people up for the presence of troops on the streets. Military checkpoints in California and Tennessee have nothing to do with drunk drivers or seat belts. They acclimate the public to soldiers manning checkpoints like they do in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Quadrennial Defense Review for 2001′s declaration that homeland security is the primary mission of the Department of Defense is particularly dangerous now that the government with the help of the corporate media has shifted the threat of terrorism from distant cave-dwelling Muslims to local “far right” extremists.


Video:  Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida ...

Bulletin by AdmiralConservative

Join me tonight for a discussion about how Martial Law is being instituted covertly in this country. We'll be discussing the Miami/Dade situation as well as the new curfews and fines being instituted by Good Ol Rahm.... THIS IS MARTIAL LAW!

Rahm Emanuel Sets 8:30p.m. Curfew in Chicago for Kids Under 12

Wake up people!!!! The show starts at 10pm EDT...

Video of this discussion through this channel -

Martial Law Being Covertly Imposed in the U.S. (Freedomlink Radio) Part 1 of 3

Law Being Covertly Imposed in the U.S. (Freedomlink Radio) Part 2 of 3

Martial Law Being Covertly Imposed in the U.S. (Freedomlink Radio) Part 3 of 3


Video Response To - Martial Law Rule In Bill - Fox News - Debt Ceiling http://www...

Important Alert… Especially for Parents and Grandparents! - Frightening!


Video:  Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

You may be perfectly safe after changing the settings… but who really knows?

How to protect your mobile phone and computer from illegal police searches

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, long defenders of electronic rights, has  written a legal guide

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Constitution is clear about the issue of privacy. In fact, the Fourth Amendment states, in part, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated..."

With that in mind, it's safe to say it's more than just a little disturbing to know that, in certain circumstances, police can search your cell phone and computer(s), even if you don't want them to and even if they don't yet have a warrant to do so.

The good news is, someone out there has recognized the problem and has taken steps to help you protect that vast amount of data you have stored on your smart phone or laptop.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, long defenders of electronic rights, has written a legal guide designed to help you better understand your rights and, more importantly, when police can - and cannot - legally confiscate and search your personal electronic devices.

"In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to remember what your rights are and how to exercise them," says EFF Senior Staff Attorney Marcia Hofmann. "Sometimes police can search your computer whether you like it or not, but sometimes they can't. We wrote this guide to help you tell the difference and to empower you to assert your rights when the police come knocking."

Adds EFF Staff Attorney Hanni Fakhoury, "With smart phones, tablet computers, and laptops, we carry around with us an unprecedented amount of sensitive personal information.

"That smart phone in your pocket right now could contain email from your doctor or your kid's teacher, not to mention detailed contact information for all of your friends and family members," Fakhoury continued. "Your laptop probably holds even more data -- your Internet browsing history, family photo albums, and maybe even things like an electronic copy of your taxes or your employment agreement. This is sensitive data that's worth protecting from prying eyes."

According to a summary of full EFF legal guide:

· Always say "no" when police ask if they can search your server, personal computer or cell phone because if you give them permission to search, they don't need a warrant - even to enter your home;
· If police tell you they have a search warrant, ask to see it because you have a right to;
· Make sure police are only searching the areas outlined in the warrant;
· Be silent - you don't have to help the police or answer their questions, and that means you don't have to give them your encryption keys or passwords;
· If you do decide to talk, don't lie because lying to the police is a crime;
· Finally, if you can consult with a lawyer before police conduct a search or even just talk to you, that's ideal.
This guide is extremely helpful in this digital age when being secure in our "papers" and effects now includes our data-filled electronic devices. Know your rights; that is your best protection.

Consistently watch the other hand my friends… we are living in scary times.  Technology may make things easier for you… but it also makes it easier for Big Brother and the other bad guys (pedophiles, robbers, etc) to keep an eye on you and your loved ones… and they are!

By Ask Marion


Cops to Use Facial Recognition iPhone

Cyber Command and Internet Dangers

Microsoft Files Patent for Software that Allows the Government to Spy on All Personal Digital Communications

America: Losing our AAA Credit Rating Anyway… So “NO” Reason to Raise Debt Ceiling!

Egan Jones, Moody’s and S&P  warn of credit rating downgrade for US from AAA to AA.  Now they are saying that even if we raise the debt ceiling they will no doubt downgrade us anyway.

Giving Obama another Trillion dollars and expecting him to be responsible with it it is like giving an alcoholic a 5th of Whiskey and expecting him only to take one drink on special occasions.

If we are going to lose our AAA credit rating, there is absolutely no reason to increase the debt ceiling.  We would be much smarter to hold out and insist that Cap, Cut and Balance be passed by the Senate and signed by the president and then move forward cutting like crazy!  No matter what Obama and the Dems tell us, the United States will not go into default!  We will finally just have to sit down tighten our belts as a nation and deal with the debt… and now is better than later when it is even higher.

We borrow 42 cents of every dollar we spend and half of that is from countries like China who hate us and are actually receiving land for whole cities to be built here in the United States in exchange for some of that debt we keep running up.  Much of the rest that we are borrowing is just printed money…

Obama is responsible for half of the total national debt we owe after only 2.5 years in office.  He created this debt and the responsibility is his!  Wake-up America, this is not George Bush’s fault, and I’ll admit he was a spender with two wars going!

Under George W. Bush we were paying $1.6 Billion in interest per day.  Under Obama, we are now paying $4.3 Billion in interest every day.  It would be a fool’s folly to raise our debt by another Trillion dollars if we lose our credit rating and have to pay more for that borrowed money.

The GOP has put forth plan after plan to avoid this debt crisis and last minute debt ceiling fight and House passed Cut, Cap and Balance last week.  President Obama has put forth nothing except an outline in a speech that the CBO said they couldn’t score (which he knew in advance).  The Gang of Six (mixed group of Senators) put out a 5-page outline and Harry Reid finally put out a last minute plan for the Dems that is a complete ruse.  One must wonder how long it will take for Americans to stop listening to the mainstream media who are just minions for the Obama administration and start using their common sense?!?

A downgrade in our country's credit rating could have an immediate impact.

"If we go from a AAA to a AA, our interest rates will go up, they won't explode. But, they'll go up, which means a larger portion of our tax money will go to paying interest," said Joe Prinzinger, Lynchburg College Economics Dept. Chair.

Tax money - dollars that you and I give to the feds - won't be spent on us; It'll be used solely to pay down the federal debt.

"People will wind up paying a higher percentage of their income to pay for groceries, gasoline, home and car loans and necessities," said Prinzinger

And there definitely will be a negative impact on Wall Street.

On April 19th Timothy Geithner went on TV and said there was no way that the U.S. credit rating would be downgraded.  On July 25th the president went on TV and said if there was no solution we would definitely lose our AAA credit rating.  So which is it.

You might not like everything that the GOP is fighting for or even what they end up agreeing to, and you will like the sacrifices even less if they hang firm, but in this fight they were the only players!  The insanity is that Obama keeps calling for a compromise on the debt crisis and for balance, yet it is he and his party that have no plans, refuse to compromise, threaten vetoes and refuse to move forward on a Balanced Budget Amendment that 75% of Americans support and is the only way that we can settle and stop future crisis and the unbridled spending of Washington.  66% support Cut, Cap and Balance which the House of Representatives passed last week, Harry Reid refused to allow the the Senate even to vote on and Obama threatened to veto before it was even passed.

If you understand Obama’s ideology and goal, this is exactly what he wants and spending us into second rate nation status is the plan! The real insanity is that most of America still doesn’t get that!

by Ask Marion


Fearmonger Friday:  Obama Administration Will Announce Which Bills Will Be Paid, Which Not, After Market Closes on Friday

Dick Morris (Op-Ed):  Obama’s Big Lie

Senator Jim DeMint… Cut, Cap and Balance

Review:  The Debt Ceiling and Economic Crisis Debate Rages On

CUTS Today Can Disappear Tomorrow… With a Balanced Budget Amendment…!  Originally posted at Idiots on the Left

Reid’s Gimmicks Unmasked: Record $3T Debt Increase Tied to Just $1T in Cuts

Obama on Sidelines in Critical Battle Over Debt Ceiling

Donald Trump Finally Weighs In On Debt Ceiling Debate

Video: Joe Walsh to Obama: Stop Lying

Steve King on default: Obama could be impeached

Super Congress:  Echoes of Tyranny Rising

Propa-Organists  -  Many in the know feel Soros will spend much of his time and money feeding the pro-Obama media, creating havoc for the 2012 election and attacking groups like the tea party, Fox News and anyone who is anti-globalism and therefore anti-Obama.

Mt. Debtmore USA


Debt Ceiling Analogy...

I’ve heard quite a few descriptions of the current debt ceiling debate lately, using the old teenage dependent’s credit card analogy. That analogy is not a bad one, I reckon, but it needs a little tweaking … in my opinion.

The analogy goes like this:

The Dhimmicrat Congress, having reached the legal limit of it’s spending capabilities and demanding a raise of the debt ceiling is like your teenage son maxxing out the credit card you gave him and now is asking for an increase in his credit limit. Since you’ve raised the limit so many times and he’s maxxed it each and every time, you’re getting a little peeved that he can’t grasp the concept of limiting his purchases.

That’s purdy close, but there’s more to it…

Your son didn’t just charge up the card, he also managed to talk several of your neighbors into loaning him even more money to blow – more money than you will earn in a lifetime. And he fully expects to pay back those loans with his credit card.

Those neighbors that he owes money to; hey hate your guts.

Your son has been boarding outlaws and hoodlums in your basement. He’s feeding them, clothing them and providing them entertainment, drugs and hookers. He’s using your money to support these people, in your own home, and they also hate your guts.

Your son has been buying expensive, custom-built guns and giving them to another set of your neighbors. These particular neighbors hate your guts also, and have actually assaulted you personally in the past on multiple occasions. Now they have some really cool weaponry to use on you – that you paid for.

Your son has hired someone to control what you can and cannot eat.

Your son has hired someone to control what you drive.

Your son has hired someone to control what you listen to on the radio.

Your son has hired someone to steal all your personal guns.

Your son has hired someone to control all those other controllers.

And each and every one of those controllers hate your guts.

Your son is now demanding that if you can’t afford extra credit card payments that you get another job. Although your son has never had a job of his own and can’t even spell the word, he’s convinced that by spending more of your money he can create some jobs for you. You will be able to work for him. He’ll pay you with your own money so you can afford to raise his credit card limit. And just to make sure that plan works smoothly he’s also subsidizing a union for you to join as his employee. The union will make sure your son treats you right because you’re paying them too. And of course, they’re giving some of that money to your son for landing them the contract.

You are getting ready to kick the living crap out of your son.

There. That’s a fine tuned analogy for ya…

Update:  Your job description as your son’s employee is to think up new innovative ways your son can swindle you.

Rather than going from the sublime to the ridiculous… we are now going the other way to here what Thomas Sowell has to say":

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell

Ideals Versus Realities

Many of us never thought that the Republicans would hold tough long enough to get President Obama and the Democrats to agree to a budget deal that does not include raising income tax rates. But they did -- and Speaker of the House John Boehner no doubt desires much of the credit for that.

Despite the widespread notion that raising tax rates automatically means collecting more revenue for the government, history says otherwise. As far back as the 1920s, Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon pointed out that the government received a very similar amount of revenue from high-income earners at low tax rates as it did at tax rates several times as high.

How was that possible? Because high tax rates drive investors into tax shelters, such as tax-exempt bonds. Today, as a result of globalization and electronic transfers of money, "the rich" are even less likely to stand still and be sheared like sheep, when they can easily send their money overseas, to places where tax rates are lower.

Money sent overseas creates jobs overseas -- and American workers cannot transfer themselves overseas to get those jobs as readily as investors can send their money there.

All the overheated political rhetoric about needing to tax "millionaires and billionaires" is not about bringing in more revenue to the government. It is about bringing in more votes for politicians who stir up class warfare with rhetoric.

Now that the Republicans seem to have gotten the Democrats off their higher taxes kick, the question is whether a minority of the House Republicans will refuse to pass the Boehner legislation that could lead to a deal that will spare the country a major economic disruption and spare the Republicans from losing the 2012 elections by being blamed -- rightly or wrongly -- for the disruptions.

Is the Boehner legislation the best legislation possible? Of course not! You don't get your heart's desire when you control only one house of Congress and face a presidential veto.

The most basic fact of life is that we can make our choices only among the alternatives actually available. It is not idealism to ignore the limits of one's power. Nor is it selling out one's principles to recognize those limits at a given time and place, and get the best deal possible under those conditions.

That still leaves the option of working toward getting a better deal later, when the odds are more in your favor.

There would not be a United States of America today if George Washington's army had not retreated and retreated and retreated, in the face of an overwhelmingly more powerful British military force bent on annihilating Washington's troops.

Later, when the conditions were right for attack, General Washington attacked. But he would have had nothing to attack with if he had wasted his troops in battles that would have wiped them out.

Similar principles apply in politics. As Edmund Burke said, more than two centuries ago: "Preserving my principles unshaken, I reserve my activity for rational endeavors."

What does "rational" mean? At its most basic, it means an ability to make a ratio, as with "rational numbers" in mathematics. More broadly, it means an ability to weigh one thing against another.

There are a lot of things to weigh against each other, not only as regards the economy, but also what the consequences to this nation would be to have Barack Obama get re-elected and go further down the dangerous path he has put us on, at home and abroad. Is it worth that risk to make a futile symbolic vote in Congress?

One of the good things about the Tea Party movement is that it resisted the temptation to actually form a third political party, which has been an exercise in futility, time and time again, under the American electoral system.

But, if the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party becomes just a rule-or-ruin minority, then they might just as well have formed a separate third party and gone on to oblivion.

Writers can advocate things that have no chance at the moment, for their very writing about those things persuasively can make them possible at some future date. But to adopt the same approach as an elected member of Congress risks losing both the present and the future.