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Reading Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election is a great place to start!

The Founding Father's Real Reason for the Second Amendment

And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Manchurian Candidate

Manchurian President Video

The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists

The Manchurian Candidate – Article by David Horowitz

Rules for Radicals – Saul Alinsky

Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

American Progressivism

Dreams from My Father & The Audacity of Hope (Written by or Obama… or William Ayers?)

The Obama Nation – by Jerone R. Corsi

Memorial Day 2010 and National Memorial Day Concert for the Nation

If you missed the 2010 live airing of the National Memorial Day Concert on Sunday, May 30th 2010, here are a few highlights:

Show Preview Video: Here

Backstage Interviews for 2010 Memorial Concert

The 2010 National Memorial Day Concert focused on three main themes this year: honoring the sacrifices, suffering and love of a new generation of young military widows whose fallen spouses served in Iraq and Afghanistan; paying tribute on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War to the heroic service of the soldiers who fought and perished; paying homage to the more than 125,000 WWI and WWII service members who did not come home but rest in 24 military cemeteries in the foreign lands where they fought for liberty.

The program was co-hosted for the fifth year by Emmy Award-winner Gary Sinise ("CSI: New York") and Tony Award-winner Joe Mantegna("Criminal Minds"), two acclaimed actors who have dedicated themselves to veterans' causes and supporting our troops in active service. Joining them was be an all-star line-up of dignitaries, actors and musical artists.

For more than 20 years this top-rated annual program has honored the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, their families at home and all those who have given their lives for our country. The show is broadcast live in High Definition from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol before an expected live audience of hundreds of thousands, to millions more at home and, via American Forces Network to the nearly one million American service men and women, Department of Defense civilians and their families overseas, stationed at bases in 175 countries as well as 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea.


“Our country’s fairly young as countries go, 200 years. And in that 200 years we’ve had men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to be able to live in, arguably, the greatest country on the planet,” Mantegna points out. “Even with the faults and the problems we may have it’s almost like a noble experiment ; the ‘great experiment’ as many historians have put it.  This country is founded on the basis that men and women should be free. We believe in democracy and the ability to vote and be able to follow the religion you want all those things that the founding fathers planned this country to be have had to be defended and protected and preserved for the last 200 years and our military has had to pay that price. Memorial Day is that holiday that we’ve set aside to pay homage to them. In my mind that makes it the most important holiday of all.

Lionel Richie Rehearses for National Memorial Day Concert

“The evening, that has become an American tradition, offers viewers a time to remember, to heal and bring our country together”, said Sinise. “The 2010 event will focus on three themes:

-- The concert will honor the sacrifices, suffering and love of a new generation of young military widows whose fallen spouses served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

-- On the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, the broadcast pays tribute to the heroic service of the soldiers who fought and perished in this "forgotten war."

-- The concert will also pay homage to the more than 125,000 WWI and WWII service members who did not come home but rest in 24 military cemeteries in the foreign lands where they fought for liberty.  Combined worldwide losses in WWI & WWII was over 8 million people.

Joining co-hosts Sinise and Mantegna was an all-star line-up that included: distinguished American leader Colin L. Powell USA Ret.; Oscar, Golden Globe and multiple Grammy award-winning music legend and humanitarian Lionel Richie whose distinguished career includes over 100 million records sold; Grammy, CMA and ACM Award-winning country music artist Brad Paisley; Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress Blythe Danner; acclaimed actors Dennis Haysbert and A.J. Cook, Mentagna’s co-star on Criminal Minds; classical crossover artist Katherine Jenkins; three time Tony-nominated Broadway star Kelli O'Hara; and Grammy-winning gospel/adult contemporary superstar Yolanda Adams in performance with the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack Everly.

The National Memorial Day Concert kicked off at 5:00 p.m. ET and was broadcasted live.  If you missed it, hopefully PBS in your area will replay it later today (May 31st along with the Ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery, that unfortunately our president has chosen to skip to go on vacation in Chicago.).  It is definitely programming that all Americans should watch, but especially young Americans!

The True Meaning of Memorial Day - Video

Reagan’s Normandy Speech

Below are photos of 20 of the 24-military cemeteries where Americans are buried in foreign lands.

Our European arrogance in alphabetical order

1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France.. A total of 2289


2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgiu . A total of 5329


3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France. A total of 4410


4. Brookwood,  England  American Cemetery. A total of 468


5. Cambridge , England .. 3812


6. Epinal ,  France  American Cemetery. A total of 5525


7. Flanders Field  , Belgium .. A total of 368


8. Florence,  Italy  . A total of 4402


9. Henri-Chapelle  , Belgium . A total of 7992


10. Lorraine , France . A total of 10,489


11. Luxembourg , Luxembourg. A total of 5076


12. Meuse-Argonne. A total of 14246



. Netherlands , Netherlands . A total of 8301


14. Normandy , France . A total of 9387


15. Oise-Aisne , France . A total of 6012


16. Rhone , France . A total of 861


17. Sicily , Italy. A total of 7861


18. Somme , France . A total of 1844


19. St.. Mihiel , France . A total of 4153


20. Suresnes , France . a total of 1541


Video:  Names On A Wall/The Vietnam Wall Memorial

America, apologize to no one. (Except maybe ‘for’ the clown we now have in the White House)

Remind those of our sacrifice and don't confuse arrogance with leadership.  The count is 104,366 dead brave Americans, and rising.

And we have to watch an American elected leader who apologizes to Europe and the Middle East that our country is arrogant"!




I hope you remember this when election time comes around again..

Remember that our Commander in Chief went to Chicago on vacation instead of to honor our dead heroes in Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day 2010

Nobody should have to be told that is wrong… especially not a U.S. President

Our military’s policy has always been to bring our men home, every last one, bury them in a permanent military cemetery like the ones above and keep looking for our MIA’s an POW’s.

But I guess sometimes that hasn’t been the case:

Read about McCain & Kerry --- I can perhaps understand Kerry, but not McCain, he was a prisoner of war himself--- They both are disgusting!!

clip about John McCain opposing efforts to bring home POWs taken from the film Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs

If you have some time, read “Was Rambo Right?”, by Ron Unz and get a hold of a copy of Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs.

It is about time that we Americans realize that Career Politician’s, Members of the Progressive Movement believing in Socialism and Marxism, CFR Members, International Bankers who control the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, Academic Elitists, and the list goes… supported by puppets in Hollywood and the Mainstream Media on are not our friends nor do they represent them or their interests or care about their sacrifices.

I never miss watching the Memorial Day Concert; it has been a favorite of patriotic Americans for 20-years and is one of the better things on TV every year.  Today, however, apparently after the White House received endless complaints about Obama’s absence at the Arlington event, they sent Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the the concert. (As usual they missed the point!)  It as almost enough for me to change channels.  Thank God they only showed her 2 or 3 times.  I decided instead of changing the channel to pray that after sitting through this amazing and patriotic program that God would soften her heart and open her eyes, so that she would change her beliefs and policies.

Our additional  Memorial Day gift from the federal government was the National Park Service Removing the Replacement Mojave Desert Cross.  Please do not stand-by and let this stand.  To the amazement of everyone the U.S. National Park Service ordered its employees to remove a replica of the original memorial cross honoring our brave war dead, who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Instead the Park Service honored the demands of those who hate our American way of life and rewarded their disregard for the laws our American heroes fought and died for.

Wishing all a safe, blessed and happy Memorial Day. May we all take a moment to remember the reason for the Holiday and for all of those who made it possible for us to celebrate this day.

Put out your flag and if you don’t have one, make it your weekend investment… and if anyone tells you or a Veteran you know that they can’t display their flag… make sure that flag gets displayed!  Teach your children and grandchildren to be proud Americans~

God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops!!

Memorial Concert Program Sponsors were:

The National Memorial Day Concert is sponsored by Disabled American Veterans and Golden Corral Restaurants and is made possible by the National Park Service, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Department of the Army, the National Endowment for the Arts General Dynamics, and public television stations nationwide. All travel is provided by American Airlines.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

McCain and the POW Coverup

clip about John McCain opposing efforts to bring home POWs taken from the film Missing, Presumed Dead: The  Search for America’s POWs

There is a longstanding story of POWs in Viet Nam, even ones who have returned home and are living today in the US, who were betrayed and forgotten. 

In a recent article written by Ron Unz, former publisher and owner of American Conservative monthly magazine:

Vietnamese refused to return their American POWs unless the U.S. government agreed to pay reparations. Nixon signed a document promising to do exactly that, but the Vietnamese, being cautious, kept many of the POWs back until the money was delivered. Then Congress refused to authorize the funds because “America doesn’t lose wars.” Nixon and later U.S. leaders never acknowledged the fate of these captives lest the American people become outraged. And as the years and decades went by, and various schemes to ransom or rescue the POWs were considered and rejected, their continued existence became a major liability to numerous powerful political figures, whose reputations would have been destroyed if any of the prisoners ever returned and told his story to the American people. So none of them ever came home.

John McCain is one of those politicians whose reputations would have been destroyed by the late return of POWs from Viet Nam after, as Congressman and Senator from Arizona, he opposed efforts to work with veterans groups and the Vietnamese to bring home US vets.

Additional testimony regarding John McCain’s actions detrimental to the POW/MIA movement and efforts to bring vets home, along with testimony of witnesses that John McCain produced 22 (some say 32) propaganda films on behalf of the North Vietnamese and against US interests (since sealed and classified by the federal government), can be found in a documentary entitled:

Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs

If you have some time, read “Was Rambo Right?”, by Ron Unz and get a hold of a copy of Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs.

Source:  McCain and the POW Coverup - Sonoran Alliance

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Fifty Thousand Named Carved Into the Viet Nam Was Memorial Wall

When you see the actions of Barack Obama and John McCain and their cronies… waffling and spinning tales, after have information suppressed, you realize you had very little choice in the last election… They are both Progressives and are/were both controlled by George Soros.

It is about time that ‘we’ Americans realize that Career Politician’s, Members of the Progressive Movement who believe in Socialism and Marxism, CFR Members, International Bankers who control the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, Academic Elitists, and the list goes… supported by puppets in Hollywood and the Mainstream Media are not our friends nor do they represent us or our interests or care about our sacrifices, including our Veterans.

Is there a way to stop this… yes indeed!  Stop being politically correct; demand our laws line up with the Constitution and that they are enforced (no more case law taught in law schools or used as the bases for ruling; stand-up and speak out no matter what the cost; teach yourself the truth about our history (using original sources) and demand that your kids learn the same in school or move them to a private school or homeschool situation; arm yourself by being prepared for any emergency… look for my new book:  The Five G’s to weather the Perfect Storm; stop allowing illegals to demonstrate and fly Mexican flags while standing by and allow a vet to be told he can’t fly the American flag; do your due diligence with all candidates and legislation and be part of the movement to find true America voices and heroes to run. (The last two Presidents we had that believed in America and fought the under-ground establishment were John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Help find, support, grow or be candidates like that allow people, even if you disagree with them like Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh,  Star Parker, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin,  Michelle Malkin, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Mike Pense, Lt. Colonel Allen West  to speak and be considered without letting the media destroy them.  There are some honest politicians, some honest distributors of information and new voices of hope, including those above… but the powers that be try to discredit and silence them before they can make a difference.  Stop letting that happen… stop listening to the lies.

We are getting there… but we no longer have the luxury to time.  Demand the truth from everyone beginning with yourself.  Be honorable and demand it from Washington.  And give of yourself and encourage charity instead of allowing the government to take your taxes and your freedom in exchange for their choices for charity as they redistribute your wealth.  Believe  in God, the little voice in your head and  common sense… not in Big Brother and his Program!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maricopa (AZ) Sheriffs Speak Out - Support Arizona

Video:  Maricopa Sheriffs Speak up

Mayor Gordon accuses the Maricopa County Police Department in Arizona for racial profiling. Mayor Gordon is standing with activist groups. The police department...

Video: New Threat on the US/Mexico Border

Based on a one-year in-depth study, a researcher estimates there are about 240,000 immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had a average of four victims each.

Between the signing of NAFTA in 1993 and the year 2002, 879,280 production jobs in the United States were displaced.  Think what it must be by now… 8-yrs passed this study. The manufacturing centers of the Northeast and Midwest states of California, Texas, and Florida were hit the hardest.

Since 9/11, 69,050 have been killed by illegal aliens.

A Must Watch Video (wsbtv2):  Terror Threat – Who’s Crossing the Border?? 

DHS Terrorist Alert: Jihad coming to American via Mexico

Update From: 24 May 2010

American Intelligence -> Border Threat List Surprises Georgia Congressman

Border Threat List Surprises Georgia Congressman

Posted: 1:04 pm EDT May 3, 2010Updated: 5:35 am EDT May 21, 2010

UPDATE: Videos and Border Patrol reports at the end of the story. Memorize this phrase, 'OTM', Other Than Mexican, because there's quite a few of them entering.

DOUGLAS, Ariz. -- In the Arizona border town of Douglas, border patrol agents say it's a 24/7 game of cat and mouse. They use cameras, night vision and underground sensors to track and catch illegal immigrants who jump the fence between Mexico and the United States.

Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer rode along with border patrol agents as they caught two men.
The agent said it's the second time in four days he's caught one of them.

J.D. Hayworth is a former Arizona Congressman. "They catch these guys and release them and a couple of days they are back again. It doesn't solve any problem. It just keeps the backdoor to the U.S. wide open."

From what Farmer observed in Arizona, the fence in Douglas is easy to jump. It's short and there's no razor wire atop of it. In fact, just a few miles outside of town you can walk into the country. Border officials said the fence is only meant to keep drug smugglers from driving vehicles across the border.

The area is the busiest spot in the nation for border patrol. Records show last year, agents caught a quarter of million people trying to enter the U.S. in the Tucson sector alone. According to those documents, a lot are from Mexico or South America, but hundreds of them aren't and are from nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Since January, border patrol agents say they have been on the lookout for 23 Somalis with ties to al-Qaida. Jailers released them from a Mexican prison and some law enforcement officials said they think they are headed for the U.S. border.

The U.S. government no longer releases a list of what they call "captured O.T.M.s", which stands for "other than Mexicans". Channel 2 Action News obtained it from a congressional staffer.
We showed it to Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, who is on the Homeland Security Committee. He said he hadn't seen it before.

"It's shocking to see the number of people from Middle Eastern countries coming in on that list," he said. "I tell you this is something our committee members really need to see. I'd like to have a copy of that list to take with me back to Washington so I can share it."

Congressional reports show that Mexican drug cartels tightly control the smuggling of both people and drugs. Law enforcement said they fear the cartels are helping smuggle terrorists and weapons into the U.S.

Chris Simcox is the co-founder of the citizens group, The Minutemen, which used to patrol the border. He said, "The day after 9/11 we should have sent troops to our border and stopped this illegal immigration and prevented these cartels from growing to the strength that they have. They now control Mexico. They own Mexico."

More Videos Here

As president Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction!” 

Secure the border, enforce our laws, finish the fence, support AZ, protect and follow the constitution, and insure our sovereignty!

Beck’s Founders Friday: African-American Founders

By Glenn Beck

See Video: Part of Beck’s Show on African-American Founders

FNC - James Armistead, an American hero

Did your school completely omit some of the greatest stories in American history? And if so, why would they do that?

If you take a look at paintings of revolutionary times — like of the Boston Tea Party for instance — you don't see a whole lot of racial diversity. In movies like "John Adams" or "Johnny Tremain," African-American faces are few and far between and the only times you ever see them, they're shown as slaves.

But take a look at this painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill. At first glance it again looks like just another bunch of white guys. But take a look at the man on the very right side of the picture. That was Peter Salem, the hero of that battle who saved scores of American lives that day.

Look at this picture of the Battle of Lexington. One hundred and fifty Americans, all members of the Reverend Jonas Clark's church, went out to defend their town. And when the shot heard round the world was over that day, there were 18 Americans lying on the ground including both black and white patriots. One of those injured patriots on the ground in this painting was a black man named Prince Estabrook, but you never hear about him.

How about this one of the crossing of the Delaware? You see George Washington and the others, but what about the black man helping row that boat across the Delaware? His name was Prince Whipple and he fought alongside Washington during the Revolution.

Or look at this one of French general Marquis de Lafayette: The obvious assumption here is that this was his slave. But, he was not. His name was James Armistead. He was a double spy. The Brits thought he was spying for them, but he was really spying for General Washington. He'd give the Brits bad intel and reveal good, critical information to the Americans.

Did you know that America had an African-American ride in the opposite direction, at the same time, to warn that the British were coming, just like Paul Revere?

Did you know that Frederick Douglass, a black man and former slave, had a personal relationship with President Abraham Lincoln?  Read:  Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

Frederick Douglass was upset about the 3/5 of a man ruling for slaves in the Constitution until he read it for himself and realized that it was favorable to blacks and an anti-slavery compromise; an attempt by the Founding Fathers to minimize representation of Southern States with slaves.

If asked who was the first Black Speaker of the House… what would you say?  Probably that there hasn’t been one… Not true, the first Black Speaker of the House was Joseph Hayne Rainey. in April 1874.  It is all part of the history that has been scrubbed from our rich history by the Progressive Left… part of their “dumbing down of America” agenda.

Charles Burton featured on Beck’s show was on the over-sight board in Texas helping to make sure that the black history mentioned in Glenn’s show will be back in the textbooks… which the Progressive left was fighting tooth and nail through the process.

I hope after watching the video of this show that you ask yourself… “Why was this rich history erased?  And who sold us on the Democrats as being the party for reform and the progress for minorities when Lincoln and MLK were Republicans; JFK’s civil rights legislation was written and born under Republican General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower; when the KKK was primarily an organization of Southern Democrats, when MLK’s niece who marched for civil rights with her uncle and dad supports Glenn Beck (the White House’s created devil) and when the policies of social economic  and social justice programs promoted primarily by the Progressive Democrats are exactly the programs that holds minorities, of all colors, down and allows the Democrats to control them. (It has been said over and over again, that if JFK were alive today, he wouldn’t recognize nor be allowed to run as a Democrat… he’d be a Republican.) 

The Progressive left’s shell game primarily waged through: the takeover of the Democratic Party; elitist academia; leftist Hollywood and media; and radical progressives who have infiltrated our educational and publishing systems,  on Black America is the same that they have and are playing on Hispanic America.  Political Correctness is the Revenge of Marxism and what separates us to be controlled.  Social and Economical Justice programs are what holds minorities and the poor down and creates hate and envy.  And, American Progressivism is the enemy and downfall of America as we know it and our freedoms.

Black Americans in Congress

**Book by David Barton:  Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White

A Patriot's History of the United States...

George Washington's Sacred Fire

Glenn Beck" weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel

Friday, May 28, 2010

Developing Story(s): Obama Serves 14-State Governors with Warnings of Arrest as UN Brings Foreign Troops onto American Soil

When you read these two developing stories… if you think about it, they are linked, and as it is happening, they are diverting you with the Sestek story… but virtually no information this or the peculiar events on the oil rig the night of the explosion.

Even if you think this sounds a bit crazy… I suggest you spend a little time reading and thinking about it.

Barack Hussein Obama had served 14-State Governors in the United States, National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that the Governor’s actions in attempting to form “State Defense Forces” needs to be halted “immediately” or they will face arrest for the crime of treason.  The employment of NSLs was authorized by the Patriot Act introduced by George W. Bush.  Contained within the section related to these letters, it is forbidden for anyone receiving a NSL warning to even acknowledge the existence of said communication.

Obama is angered by the several State Governors who have reestablished “State Defense Forces.”  These forces are described as: “State Defense Forces (also known as State Guards, State Military Reserves, State Militias) in the United States are military units that operate under the sole authority of a state government; they are not regulated by the National Guard Bureau nor are they part of the Army National Guard of the United States.  State Defense Forces are authorized by state and federal law and are under the command of the governor of each state.  State Defense Forces are distinct from their state’s National Guard in that they cannot become federal entities.”

Mr. Obama is fearful of these State Defense Forces, in that he does not have control of said forces, and with the U.S. Military stretched to near breaking from multiple deployments and theatre actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, these State military forces would be under the direct command and authority of the Governors in which states have said forces.  In essence, the Governors would have “de facto control” of the United States.

The two Governors leading this move are:  Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota; and Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.  Both of these State Governors stated they have: “…deep fear the President is destroying their Nation.”  Governor Pawlenty’s fear of Obama is that since Obama took office he has appeased America’s enemies and has shunned some of America’s strongest allies, especially Israel.  Governor Perry has declared that Obama is punishing his State of Texas by dumping tens-of-thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants into the cities and small towns of Texas.  Governor Perry further recently stated: “If Barack Obama’s Washington doesn’t stop being so oppressive, Texans might feel compelled to renounce their American citizenry and secede from the union.”

Obama fearing a revolution against him by the states, has moved swiftly by nationalizing nearly all National Guard Forces in multiple states; Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, South Carolina – to name a few.  The Governors of the Great States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia still have under their Command-and-Control the State Defense Forces to go against U.S. Federal forces should the need arise.  Also important to note:  There are NO U.S. laws prohibiting National Guard troops from also joining their State’s Defense Forces.  This dilemma occurred during the Civil War with many “citizen soldiers” choosing to serve their states instead of the Federal Government.

This is a fluid and still developing situation that warrants close attention.

via Obama Serves 14-State Governors with Warnings of Arrest.

The fact that Obama is going after these Governors should scare the the Hell out of you!!  Especially with the most recent events and and comments of the Obama administration on creating a Civilian Force, threatening tea party groups and others  and inviting UN forces onto our shores.

Switzerland, the most peaceful Country in the world maintains a full time militia by training by arming all their adult citizens.

Never forget that the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment… the right to keep and bear arms, not to go hunting, but as a last resort to defend ourselves from the tyranny of the government, if needed.


soldiers gather at camp atterbury

URGENT ALERT:  Monday , May 24, 2010

The government has began activating National Guard Units in a large Multi-State

operation.  Georgia, Minnesota, Alabama, Kansas, and Texas units are involved so far.

Reports are coming in that CONFIRM that an extreme number of Foreign Troops have arrived and activities are indeed taking place at the Navy Base in San Diego, CA

Developing Story Update From Earlier in the Week – This Should Scare the Hell Out of You:  Confirmed Russian & Foreign Troops Ordered Into U.S. – Read and Look Below

Updated: Thursday, 27 May 2010, 7:13 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 27 May 2010, 7:13 PM EDT


Soldiers from around the world gather at Camp Atterbury

Security Forces from Greece, Kosavo, and Turkey and what appears to be a couple BLUE HATS in the footage in the background at CAMP ATTERBURY, Edinburgh IN which is about 35 minutes from Indianapolis, IN and about an hour or so from Louisville, KY and about an hour and a half from Cincinnati, OH...These troops are there for what the public is told is a PEACEKEEPING MISSION....

MEDIA COVERING THE EVENT:    WISH TV 8 from Indianapolis, IN

Ongoing Developments at – UN vehicles hidden on Air Force Face, troop mobilization, chat, Fema Camps, coordinates of airstrip, etc. (The fact that “they” are hiding this should send up flares in your head!!”)

Surfacing Reports of Multi-State National Guard Mobilizations  -

Developments will follow if/when they become available…

Related: (Some reasons why this should scare you!!)

Please Read – Special Army Unit Ready to be Deployed on American Soil Just Before Nov. Elections

Army Prepares for Tea Party Terrorists  -  Hello??

Socialist Clinton signs Treaty to ban small arms in America, Civil War 2 is close

VIDEO: POLICE STATE - New Orwellian Bill Could Imprison Any US Citizen For Life  - 

VIDEO: Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evenson - Armed Forces Plan Direct Action Against U.S. Citizens

Riot Police called in on peaceful tea party.

DOJ in Court for right to read your emails, Googles, facebook and twitters… taking your right to privacy

20 Signs that the US is become a Totalitarian State

Obama’s Private Army – Video

Video: Obama Calls In Riot Police on Peaceful Tea Party

Foreign and UN Troops on our soil… acting as police force in unacceptable.  A New International Order or a New World Order are the same thing… anti-America and anti-freedom.

Wake up America… they are counting on us being asleep…

“You can fool some of the people some to of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time…”  The Progressives which includes the White House are counting on the fact that they can fool most of the people most of the time… Don’t let them be right!!

“Pray like it was all in God’s hands, but fight like it was all up to you!!”


UPRN Sharing Info for your thought…

White House: Clinton Talked to Sestak ... So Does That Make It OK?

What happened to the Candidate who promised to stop corruption and “change” the way Washington did business? Instead the corruption and smoke and mirrors is worse than it ever has been and the “change” is destroying the very foundation our Country is built on… and the White Spin is unprecedented!!

White House Asked Bill Clinton to Urge Congressman  Sestak to Drop Out of Senate Race

Turns out fellow Progressive and form President Clinton offered Sestak a senior position in the Obama administration that could not have been done without Obama’s knowledge.  It is both despicable another and a Federal misdemeanor.

The White House asked former President Bill Clinton to talk to Rep. Joe Sestak about the possibility of obtaining a senior position in the Obama administration if he would drop out of the Democratic primary race against establishment-backed Sen. Arlen Specter, the Obama administration will say in a report to be released Friday morning, Fox News has confirmed.

The report, by the White House Counsel's office, will describe the Clinton conversations as informal and unhinged from any precise job offer since, as a former president, Clinton could not guarantee Sestak anything.

The conversations with Sestak were initiated by Clinton at the behest of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel was Clinton's political director when he was president. Clinton promoted Sestak to vice admiral and made his director of defense policy. Sestak was a loyal and tireless supporter of Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency in 2008.

The report will be released one day after President Obama said the White House would issue a formal explanation that should answer questions about Sestak's allegation and insisted "nothing improper" happened. On the same day, Clinton had lunch with Obama.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has also said nothing improper happened, but refused to elaborate when asked repeatedly about the charge at Thursday's briefing.
Sestak, who did not drop out and won the race against Specter last week, repeated his allegation in an interview on Sunday, but also declined to elaborate.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who has been leading the charge for more details on the allegation, said he hopes Obama's pending response "will detail what conversations were had with Congressman Sestak."

At the behest of the White House, former President Bill Clinton urged Rep. Joe Sestak to drop out of a Senate primary, according to a White House report. (AP) 

(Full Aricle) The White House asked former President Bill Clinton to talk to Rep. Joe Sestak about the possibility of obtaining a senior position in the Obama administration if he would drop out of the Democratic primary race against establishment-backed Sen. Arlen Specter, the Obama administration said in a report released Friday morning.

But the report, by White House Counsel Robert Bauer, concluded that "allegations of improper conduct rest on factual errors and lack a basis in the law."

Batting down allegations that the White House dangled the secretary of Navy position in front of Sestak, the report said that Sestak was offered executive branch positions on advisory boards that were uncompensated.

One of the jobs Clinton specifically discussed with Sestak was the president's intelligence advisory board. But a White House official said the plan always was for Sestak to remain in the House, and he couldn't have served in the House and on the president's intelligence advisory board.

The report also described the Clinton conversations as informal and not tied to any precise job offer since, as a former president, Clinton could not guarantee Sestak anything.

Clinton initiated conversations with Sestakat the behest of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who was Clinton's political director when he was president. As president, Clinton promoted Sestak to vice admiral and made him his director of defense policy. Sestak was also a loyal and tireless supporter of Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency in 2008.

In a written statement, Sestak said Clinton called him last summer to express concerns over his jumping into the Senate primary, "and the value of having me stay in the House of Representatives because of my military background."

Sestak said he told Clinton that "my only consideration in getting into the Senate race ... was whether it was the right thing to do for Pennsylvania working families and not any offer. The former president said he knew I'd say that, and the conversation moved on to other subjects," Sestak said.

The White House report disputed any suggestion that there was "impropriety" in Clinton's discussion with Sestak over possible alternatives to his Senate candidacy.

"There have been numerous, reported instances in the past when prior administrations -- both Democratic and Republican, and motivated by the same goals -- discussed alternative paths to service for qualified individuals also considering campaigns for public office," the report read. "Such discussions are fully consistent with the relevant law and ethical requirements."

The report comes one day after President Obama insisted "nothing improper" happened with Sestak. On that same day, Obama had lunch with Clinton.

"This is punishable by prison. This is a felony," said Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who has been leading the charge for more details on the allegation.

"This is about the White House. This is not about Congressman Sestak," Issa said, adding that he wants to know what Clinton was empowered to say. "They've answered a question and it begs many more answers," he said. "We want elections not to be appointments."

Sestak's opponent in the general election for the Senate seat, Republican Pat Toomey, questioned why it took so long for this explanation.

"If this explanation is as innocent as it looks, I sure don't know why it took three months to say so," Toomey said in a statement. "As I've said many times, this job offer issue is not my focus, and it's not where Pennsylvanians want the focus of the campaign to be."

Critics say the Sestak job offer may have violated the part of the U.S. code that says: "Whoever, directly or indirectly, promises any employment, position, compensation... appointment... provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of any person as consideration, favor, or reward for any political activity...or in connection with any primary election ...shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."

Fox News' Major Garrett and Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

The White House will try to spin this… and are, that it was a harmless discussion.  Really??  When a former president offers you a  senior position  in the WH through one of the presidents men (Rahm Emanual)… not to run against a Senator that switched parties (for the WH) to help pass ObamaCare, we all know that the president knew.  And they are all attorneys and know that this was and is in inappropriate and illegal.  If it wasn’t it wouldn’t have taken them all this time to comment.

Sestak's Statement on White House Report on Job Offer
White House Report on Sestak Job Offer (PDF)
White House Asked Clinton to Talk to Sestak About Senate Run

After Joe Sustek’s interview on the steps of the Congress today, in a follow up interview with Ben Stein, one of the most credible thinkers of our time, along with Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell, said Sustek’s story sounded like a cooked up story and still has a shoot from the hip Rahm Emanuel feel to it.  This writer agrees.  Ben, who has been around since the Nixon years, says the whole story just doesn’t ring true.  Hopefully someone is asking… was there a quid pro-quo?  And would a former president really be involved in something like this, if it was as benign as they are trying to spin it?

One of the scariest things about all this is not the isolated action but that they will just keep spinning the story away from President Obama… and secondly that there is a good part of the American people who will just shrug it off… just like the people of liberal Connecticut have such little character that after (D) candidate Blumenthal lied about fighting Viet Nam (more than once)… a disgraceful lie and picture of his lack of integrity, instead of taking a hit, Blumenthal, after taking a week to even apologize after the lie was uncovered, has received a bump in the polls.

And perhaps even worse… again, the White House waits to drop the bomb to the media on the same day(s) that Congress is cracking  the whip trying to cram threw two outrageous power grabbing and freedom stealing so-called ‘financial bills’… to side-track the public, often more interested in sensationalism than true issues.  If someone takes a good look, every time there is a major unpalatable and detrimental bill to the rights and freedoms of the American people, that they might or should stand up over being pushed through, the Obama White House manages to create a side-tracking emergency.  Those that are paying attention, see it, but the majority still seems to choose to be fooled.  (There was also conveniently some eye-opening information released yesterday about the off-shore spill, that the powers that be hope nobody will notice:  As people were dying and diving into the cold oily black sea and the oil rig was burning nobody called out a May Day or for help, until a 23-year-old realizing the lapse did so… and was reprimanded by her boss.  Since then the media has been stopped from going out on their own and taking photos or gathering info.)

As many are off for the weekend, Newt Gingrich on Hannity… live agrees with Ben Stein from earlier, that something about this story smells wrong and that the Sestek-Clinton connection is being floated to divert focus from Rahm Emanuel and Obama himself… and this event might even lead credibility to Rob Blogoiavitch’s claims?  And with new developments and reports on two developing stories of Governors threatened by WH and UN Troops mobilizing on our soil… perhaps it is another game of smoke and mirrors to divert the public.

There is an old saying that people generally have the government they deserve.  I always hated that statement and felt is was untrue but the more I really get involved, read and study… the truer it seems to be.

“You can fool some of the people some to of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time…”  The Progressives which includes the White House are counting on the fact that they can fool most of the people most of the time… Don’t let them be right!!

“Pray like it was all in God’s hands, but fight like it was all up to you!!”

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body

(NaturalNews) You can rid you body of most fluorides with some easy natural remedies. Fluorides have been linked to a variety of severe chronic, even acute health issues. First a quick review summary of fluoride.

Fluoride Toxicity

Fluoride is a soluble salt, not a heavy metal. There are two basic types of fluoride. Calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. But it is not nearly as toxic, nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries. This fluoride has an amazing capacity to combine and increase the potency of other toxic materials. The sodium fluoride obtained from industrial waste and added to water supplies is also already contaminated with lead, aluminum, and cadmium.

It damages the liver and kidneys, weakens the immune system, possibly leading to cancer, creates symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia, and performs as a Trojan Horse to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier. The latter is recognized as a source of the notorious "dumbing down" with lower IQ's and Alzheimer's effects of fluoride.

Flouride also causes people to become docile.  It was used by both the Germans and the Russians to control prisoners during WWII and their occupations.

Another not commonly known organ victim of fluorosis is the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland can become calcified from fluorides, inhibiting it's function as a melatonin producer. Melatonin is needed for sound, deep sleep, and the lack of it also contributes to thyroid problems that affect the entire endocrine system. The pineal gland is also considered the physical link to the upper chakras or third eye for spiritual and intuitive openings.

Various permutations of Sodium Fluoride are also in many insecticides for homes and pesticides for crops. Sometimes it is even added to baby foods and bottled waters. If you live in a water fluoridated area, purchase commercially grown fruits, especially grapes, and vegetables that are chemically sprayed and grown areas irrigated by fluoridated water, you are getting a triple whammy! Better skip that fluoridated toothpaste!

Avoiding Fluoride Contamination

As always, the first step in detoxifying is to curb taking in toxins. Purifying water by reverse osmosis or distillation in fluoridated water communities is a good start to slowing down your fluoride contamination. Distillation comes with a bit of controversy, as all the minerals are removed. A great mineral supplement such as Fulvic Acid (not folic acid) or unsulfured blackstrap molasses is recommended if you distill your water.

Avoiding sprayed, commercially grown foods while consuming organic or locally grown foods is another big step. Watch out for processed foods such as instant tea, grape juice products, and soy milk for babies. They all contain high concentrations of sodium fluoride. So do many pharmaceutical "medicines". By minimizing your sodium fluoride intake, your body can begin eliminating the fluorides in your system slowly.

Magnesium is a very important mineral that many are lacking. Besides being so important in the metabolism and synthesis of nutrients within your cells, it also inhibits the absorption of fluoride into your cells! Along with magnesium, calcium seems to help attract the fluorides away from your bones and teeth, allowing your body to eliminate those toxins. So during any detox efforts with fluoride, it is essential that you include a healthy supplemental dose of absorbable calcium/magnesium as part of the protocol.

So Now Let's Speed Up the Fluoride Detox

This author received a comment stating that an earlier article's source reference to sunlight for decalcifying the pineal gland was inaccurate. He said that darkness, not light, is needed to stimulate the pineal gland into melatonin production, which should lead to breaking up the calcification of that gland. Besides being logical, further source research indicates the critic is correct!

Day time exercise, a healthful diet, not over eating, and meditation all contribute to higher melatonin production from the pineal gland. Though very helpful to many for getting a full night's deep sleep, it appears inconclusive whether melatonin supplements will help decalcify the pineal gland. But it does seem logical that it might.
Iodine supplementation has been clinically demonstrated to increase the urine irrigation of sodium fluoride from the body as calcium fluoride. The calcium is robbed from your body, so make sure you are taking effective calcium and magnesium supplements. Lecithin is recommended as an adjunct to using iodine for excreting fluorides.

Iodine is another nutrient lacking in most diets and causing hypothyroid symptoms of lethargy or metabolic imbalances. Eating lots of seafood for iodine has it's constantly rising mercury hazards. Seaweed foods and iodine supplements that combine iodine and potassium iodide are highly recommended over sea food by most.
Tamarind, originally indigenous to Africa but migrated into India and southeast Asia, has been used medicinally in Ayurvedic Medicine. The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tree can be converted to teas and strong tinctures, which have also shown the ability to eliminate fluorides through the urine.

Liver Cleanses are considered effective for eliminating fluorides and other toxins. There are two types of liver cleansing, both of which can be performed easily at home over a week or two of time. One of the protocols focuses on the liver itself , and the other cleanses the gall bladder, which is directly connected with liver functions. Simple instructions for both can be found on line with search engine inquiries.

Boron was studied in other parts of the world with pronounced success for fluoride detoxification. Borox, which contains boron, has a history of anecdotal success for detoxifying sodium fluoride. Yes, this is the borox you can find in the laundry aisles of some supermarkets. It needs to be taken in with pure water in small quantities.

As little as 1/32 of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a teaspoon in one liter of water consumed in small quantities throughout the day is what has been demonstrated as safe and effective. Around 1/8 of a teaspoon with a pinch of pure sea salt in a liter consumed in small quantities daily has been reported to have dramatic results. There is the possibility of a food grade version with sodium borate, if you can find it.

Dry Saunas combined with exercise releases sodium fluoride stored in fatty tissues. It can be intense enough to cause side effects or an occasional healing crisis. So keep the pure water intake high and drink some chickweed tea to protect the kidneys while using a highly absorbable cal/mag supplement. Lecithin is another useful adjunct to this protocol for fluoride detoxification.

Those Adjuncts to the Listed Remedies

Vitamin C in abundance was not mentioned as a helpful adjunct. It is now. But do not use ascorbic acid as your vitamin C source for an adjunct to any of the fluoride detox methods. Do take in as much other types of vitamin C as you can tolerate, along with a couple of tablespoons of lecithin daily. Add those to your absorbable calcium and magnesium supplements with plenty of pure water, get good sleep and rest, and the detox should be relatively smooth.

Chelation therapies are recommended primarily for heavy metal removals. Though fluorides are salts, the synthetic waste product variety, sodium fluoride, comes with a cargo of toxic heavy metals. And these pernicious salts have a way of combining more heavy metals. So including any one of several chelation therapies may be beneficial for overall health improvements while applying your chosen fluoride remedy or remedies.

Those include bentonite clay internally or externally, fulvic acid (NOT folic acid), cilantro pesto with chlorella, and even DMSA or any other chellation therapy with which you are familiar.


Boron Testing
List of foods with fluoride contamination
Website that offers a bibliography of other sources
suana remedy
Earth Clinic Folk Remedies
Great comprehensive overview of fluoride


Obesity Conspiracy:  What Is Really Making You Fat?

Stop GMO:  Genetically Modified Foods

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This Should Scare the Hell Out of You: Confirmed: Russian & Foreign Troops Ordered Into U.S.

Today We Heard Obama Was Sending 1,200 Troops to the Border… Really? Confirmed: Russian & Foreign Troops Ordered Into the U.S.  They Call This the Beginning of UN Control and Global Governance

Russian troops and equipment

Intel Hub – Once again, a story that we broke has been confirmed. The Intel Hub has broke some of the most valuable Intel out there to date. We broke this information almost a full week ago. It has now been confirmed through multiple sources. The Intel Hub does not post anything that isn’t well researched and these revelations have proved that once again. We have contacts embedded within many factions of the government and military. The Intel we have now suggests this situation will get far more sinister over the coming weeks. Please check out our shows and website at Please submit any tips

Recent numerous reports have been circulated in various web sites and blogs about two seemingly major unusual events taking place in the U.S.

The First event involved extremely large and unusual numbers of National Guard Units in various states being called up for drills or exercises potentially for upcoming deployments.  Many have speculated that these are unusual call ups because of the sheer numbers being engaged and the so-called secrecy behind them.

Many people have commented that they are simply being activated in preparation for deployments to Iraq this summer, but one ‘CONFIRMED’ report involved the Minnesota 1st Brigade Combat Team and marks the largest deployment of Minnesota military forces since World War II. This alone is highly suspicious.

The More disturbing INTEL that has hit the wire in the past couple of days is the report of large numbers of foreign troops arriving at a large naval base in San Diego, California.  This report came at dusk on Wednesday May 19, 2010.

U.S. Navy vessels were spotted unloading extremely large numbers of UN and Russian troops and Equipment.  They disembarked the vessels as it was still light out in plain sight. Mostly Russian troops.

Up until recently this was not confirmed, but merely rumor of a report from an undisclosed military source. Kudos to the Intel Hub!

AS OF TONIGHT MAY 24, 2010……..We here at SENTINEL COMMAND have been able to actually CONFIRM this report to be true, by means of an On-The-Ground

This is extremely important INTEL because there have been reports that U.S. Secretary Napolitano had previously requested 3 to 4 brigades of troops from the Russian government to specifically assist in the quelling of domestic civil unrest by U.S. Citizens. This was done by the Obama Administration

The arrival of these troops obviously confirms this earlier rumor, otherwise they would not be here at this particular time. Although there doesn’t appear to be any ‘immediate’ threat …….this highly unusual event does cause extreme alarm and should have us all on our toes and looking for signs that something is going to happen and happen soon.

I need to urge each and everyone of you to stay alert and sharp and have your gear ready…..and above all, we need you to be our eyes and ears more than ever at this time.  If any of you can obtain further INTEL on this report or any other activity occurring in your immediate vicinity, then PLEASE Report this back to me IMMEDIATELY.   Please make sure the INTEL is Solid and Confirmed and not some rumors heard through unreliable third parties or websites.

A Link, as usual, has been set up for you to report any INTEL you can gather, at our DEFCOM page, as well as the news of this report and developments as they occur.  READ


M. Freebyrd


Boatloads of UN & Russian Troops Arrive on U.S. Soil

May 20, 2010

This report is confirmed, however we are requesting that anyone in the area or vicinity in and around San Diego, CA that is willing to investigate and film contact us immediately at This report came from inside the military from a protected source known only as Razor Scout. This source holds major credibility with the Intel Hub, and this should not be taken lightly. We need a team assembled quick to go scan the area. Please submit any tips on this subject to “Calling all Intel Soldiers!!!”

Intel Hub – As of the evening of Wednesday May 19, 2010 at dusk; an on duty undisclosed military source was in a meeting in or around 32nd street  Naval Base in San Diego, CA. They heard rumbling of big ships and went to see what was going on. Navy vessels were spotted unloading many UN and Russian troops. They disembarked the vessels as it was still light out in plain sight. Mostly Russian troops. We will be providing coverage as we get it. Here is another related link

The Fight Of Your Life

The Moscow Report: Napolitano’s Request for Brigades of Russian Troops

Blue Battle Flag

Robert Jones – This is the report on the briefing given to the political and military leaders of the Russian government January 28, 2010 by a retired flag officer of the US Army in reference to Lt. Gen. Steven Blum Deputy commander NORTHCOM’s request for 3 – 4 Brigades of Russian troops pursuint to an agreement between the US and Russia I refered to on the thread Striking Matches.

I had this all written and ready to post at 3:00pm local time 7:00am EST when my laptop CRASHED and I lost everything Grrrrrrr. Please excuse me for not rewriting this as quickly as I would have liked to I was more than a little frustrated.

My ride and escort arrived promptly at 9:00am, after passing through several layers of security and descending 4 stories under the Kremlin to a rather nondescript conference room which looked like it could seat about 30. With a little help from their IT people I was able to connect my laptop to their projector and test the sound system and placed the briefing packets I had brought with me in front of where people would be seated (I was not sure how many people would attend so I made up 30 packets). At 9:40am people started to filter in and the doors were closed at 10:00am, I found it interesting that even here in the depths of the Kremlin armed guards were stationed at both doors.

The briefing proceeded for 45 minutes and with a few exceptions you could have heard a pin drop for the entire presentation, I was a little concerned that is until I finished and asked if there were any questions. For the next 20 minutes the questions came fast and hard until Minister Lavrov asked “Knowing our capabilities as you do and how the American’s would react what would you expect our losses to be if we were to agree to send security forces to America as part of a larger international force?” I paused for a moment and told him that Russia should expect 75% to 80% causalities and that Russian/American relations would be seriously compromised for at least 2 generations.

And that was the end of the briefing, as the people left the room several came up to me before leaving to thank me for coming and making an “interesting and thought provoking” presentation. My wife’s cousin invited me to his office for some coffee and until I arrived I had no idea how far up the chain of command he was (he is a member of the Supreme High Command). We talked for about an hour concerning several aspects of the briefing when he handed me an unmarked file, I sat in total disbelief of what I saw. In my hands was a letter from Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Janet Napolitano officially requesting that the Russian Federation contribute 4 brigades of “Advanced Security Forces” as part of a larger multinational force to assist in quelling domestic violence within the United States of America. The letter was dated September 14, 2009 and signed by Secretary Napolitano.

May 24, 2010 by NotForSale2NWO
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Dangerous Bank Bill Clears Senate, but Fannie-Freddie Escape Reform? And Obama Gloats…

Senate passes sweeping financial regulation bill

By Jon Ward - The Daily Caller | Published: 05/20/10 at 8:48 PM | Updated: 05/21/10 at 2:23 PM

The Senate Thursday evening passed a landmark financial regulation bill that Democrats said would prevent future taxpayer-funded bailouts of large Wall Street firms, but which Republicans said was a rushed and overbearing measure that could do more harm than good. The Senate passed the bill on a 59-39 vote, with four Republicans joining Democrats in voting for it and two Democrats voting against it. The bill will give the federal government new powers to take over failing financial institutions and unwind them, require complicated derivative trading to be routed through a central clearinghouse, and create a massive new consumer protection agency. The bill will now go to a conference committee so that it can be reconciled with a version passed by the House last fall. Democrats want to get the bill to President Obama’s desk by July 4. Democrats hailed the legislation. “It means that we’re finally going to put an end to the whole notion of ‘too big to fail.’ You’re never going to have to hear about taxpayers bailing out Wall Street,” said Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia Democrat, who was a key player in crafting the bill. Obama made a simple and firm promise: “There will be no more taxpayer-funded bailouts — period.” But Republicans slammed the bill for doing nothing to fix the problem of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-owned failed mortgage giants who have cost taxpayers $145 billion and are poised to hemorrhage hundreds of billions more over the next few years. Sen. Richard Shelby, the ranking member on the Senate Banking Committee, asked how the Senate could pass legislation on a topic so complex when the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, created by Congress to determine the causes of the 2008 financial crisis and near-meltdown, has just recently only begun its work and is nowhere near to delivering a final report. “This represents a fundamental failure of this body to do its own due diligence before we even attempt such a significant undertaking,” said Shelby, an Alabama Republican. “The American people expect more, and certainly deserved more from us.” The GOP also said the government’s takeover authority would privilege large financial institutions over smaller one and still leave risk of bailouts in such a way that Wall Street is incentivized toward greater risk-taking instead of less, that derivatives regulations would be overly burdensome and drive trading overseas, and that the consumer agency would be a huge and unnecessary bureaucracy that could end up intruding into every day American commerce. Sen. Lamar Alexander, Tennessee Republican, said the measure was “supposed to rein in Wall Street, but instead is just another Washington takeover – this time of Main Street.” Shelby said that “behind the veil of anti-Wall Street rhetoric is an unrelenting desire to manage every facet of commerce under the guise of consumer protection.” The president and Democrats framed the bill as a victory for the American people over the concerted efforts of Wall Street bankers and Republicans who stood against reform. “President Obama, Congressional Democrats and the American people achieved a victory … despite weeks of Republican attempts to weaken or delay the bill’s passage,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine.

Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, wrote that the bill was “not reform.” “Its fundamental architecture expands and centralizes power in Washington, doubling down on the root causes of the 2008 crisis. It is based on a vision that government can foresee future crises and avert them, despite the fact that an army of regulators never saw the most recent crisis coming,” Ryan said. Tony Fratto, a former Bush administration economics adviser and spokesman, said the bill was “borne of ignorance, myopia, and vengeance, not sound policy.” “If the derivatives title, in particular, isn’t fixed in conference, U.S. financial institutions will be harmed irreparably, and they will lose a competitive advantage over our foreign institutions,” Fratto said. “The bill takes a great U.S. asset — our deep, liquid markets and banks — and sacrifices them for populism.” But Warner insisted, at a press conference after the bill passed, that the the U.S. had led the way in showing the rest of the global economic system how to provide rules of the road to prevent another economic crisis. “Europe hasn’t acted. Asia hasn’t acted. They’re still waiting for America to act,” said Warner, who also said the bill would allow the U.S. to remain the financial center of the world. Similarly, Obama said that the bill he signs “will not stifle the power of the free market — it will simply bring predictable, responsible, sensible rules into the marketplace.” The Republicans who voted for the bill were Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Susan Collins of Maine, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and Olympia Snowe of Maine. The Democrats who voted against were Maria Cantwell of Washington and Russell Feingold of Wisconsin. At the Democrats press conference afterward, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat who is in a tough reelection fight this fall, appeared with Warner, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, of Connecticut, and two other Democrats who are facing significant election challenges: Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, and Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who is in the middle of a primary runoff that will be decided June 8.

Source:  The Daily Caller

Obama Gloats: GOP ‘Backed Down’ on Finance Bill

Sunday, 23 May 2010 10:19 AM

President Barack Obama was gloating Saturday when he sent out a personally signed e-mail to his campaign e-list with the subject line “They backed down.”

“They” are several members of Republican caucus in the U.S. Senate.

Obama’s regulatory finance bill passed the Senate Thursday with four Republican senators crossing the aisle to join with Democrats.

Obama told his online supporters, now organized under the Democratic Party’s “Organizing for America” project, “When opponents in Congress tried to block the legislation altogether, you stood up -- and they backed down.”

Despite the Senate win, Obama claimed that Wall Street and others are still fighting to stop the bill, which needs to be reconciled with the House version.

Obama also made the fantastic claim that opponents had spent “$1 million per member of Congress” to lobby against the bill. If true, opponents would have spent a staggering $535 million to stop his bill.

In the letter, Obama encourages supporters to “please donate $5 or more today” to help mobilize thousands to counter the “special interests’ attacks.”

© Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Santelli Blames Financial Regulation Vote for Dow Drop: 'What Are They Doing in Washington?'

Video – George Carlin Speaks the Truth the Liberals Won’t Admit (a language warning, but sadly nothing worse that what Rahm Emanuel says 100 time a day in the White House.)  If you don’t understand what Carlin is talking about just do a little research and you can start with the links below…

The Greatest Scandal in Modern History - Treason in Process

Maurice Strong and the Cap ‘n’ Trade Crime of the Century

ShoreBank, Obama’s Mother and Geithner’s Father – Hmmm? Coincidences?

A Cornucopia of Corruption… And Treason

Mind Control Used by Mass Media

Video: Ron Paul at Hearing May 20th – Ron Paul has been warning America and calling for the audit of the Federal Reserve for years… to deaf ears.  Here is a call from Congressman Paul from 2002 to Abolish the Federal Reserve.

China Vice Premier Meets US Federal Reserve Chairman – Xinua - (17 hours ago – May 23rd. 2010)