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Reading Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election is a great place to start!

The Founding Father's Real Reason for the Second Amendment

And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obama "The Greatest Deception In American History"!! - Exclusive Dr. Jerome Corsi And How No One Gets A Reassigned SS Number

Video: Exclusive Dr. Jerome Corsi, Obama "the greatest deception in American History"!!

by 1776umphreys

Appearing on Liberty Talk Radio, Dr. Jerome Corsi (author of Where's the Birth Certificate? and The Obama Nation) explains his latest article on "Postman: Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school" How Postman Allen Hulton came to know President Obama as the foreign exchange student the Ayers family put through college. Jerome also discusses the current investigation conducted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, what information we could be seeing next, and how President Obama is the greatest deception in American History.

Some believe that this all is connected to Andrew Breitbart’s death, perhaps not natural?!?

Examiner Cover - Breitbart_thumb[1]

The Plot Thickens: How No One Gets A Reassigned SS Number



An intensive investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) is being used by President


Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 (Obama's current SSN) on or about March 1977.

Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut . Because of that, his SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among only a select few reserved for Connecticut residents.

Obama never lived or worked in that state! Therefore, there is no
reason on earth for his SSN to start with the digits 042. None

Now comes the best part! Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii , where he died.

Conveniently, Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig's death, and because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and therefore, no questions were ever raised.

The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro simply scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits, and selected Mr. Ludwigs Connecticut SSN for Obama.

Just wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and onto
the issue of Barry O's use of a stolen SSN. You will see leftist heads exploding, because they will have no way of defending Obama.

Although many Americans do not understand the meaning of the term "natural born" there are few who do not understand that if you are using someone else's SSN it is a clear indication of fraud.

Let's all get this information out to everybody on our mailing lists.
If the voters of this great nation can succeed in bringing this lying,
deceitful, cheating, corrupt, impostor to justice it will be the
biggest and best news in decades for our country and the world.


“Very Interesting Bit of Detective Work”

1. Back in 1961 people of color were called 'Negroes.' So how can the Obama 'birth certificate' state he is 'African-American when the term wasn't even used at that time?

2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in " Kenya , East Africa ". This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the " British East Africa Protectorate".

3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital ". This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively. The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?


Post-colonial history (from Wikipedia)

Why hasn't this been discussed in the major media???


Mustaine13[2]Rock star: Obama not born in U.S.

h/t to John Rolls – Before It is News and WND

Eligibility invades U.S. town-hall meetings


Media Blackout Out on Obama Eligibility Near-Total as INS Dos Found: U.S. Certificate Issued to One East African-Born Child of U.S. Citizen In 1961!

Obama’s Radical Friends…

What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama

Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Matters, Especially Now

You be the judge… light is the best disinfectant!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Globalist Plan to Disarm America

Globalist Plan to Disarm America:

PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act /
State Department Publication No.7277

by Bernadine Smith  -  h/t to AJ

If someday your children or grandchildren ask you how Liberty died in America and what happened that caused the demise of the Nation, read this and you will be able to answer them.

If they ask you why the Citizens have been disarmed, you'll know. If you want to know why, go to your local library, no matter where you live in the United States. Tell the librarian to show you where the 'United States Code books' are shelved. There are 25 books in the set. They are reddish-brown in color. They are printed by the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC. These hard-covered books are printed every 8-10 years. They are updated with annual soft-back supplements each year until a new hard cover issue comes out. At the present time, the 1988 hardbacks are on library shelves.

OPEN VOLUME 9. The page numbers are in the center near the middle binding. The section numbers are along the edges.

TURN TO PAGE 651. Here you will find Public Law 87-297 which calls for the United States to eliminate its armed forces. This law was signed for the United States in 1961. John F. Kennedy signed it and every president since has worked to enact its provisions. The government knows you will not approve which is why they want to take away your firearms.

(This is Title 22 USC section 2551)

TURN TO PAGE 652. Here you will find the definition of what the government means by "disarmament." The disarmament calls for the elimination of our armed forces. It also calls for the elimination of weapons of all kinds.

(This is Title 22 USC 2552 (a).

TURN TO PAGE 654. Here you will find it stated as item (a) "control, reduction and elimination of armed forces..." and as Item (d)" ...Elimination of armed forces...." What you need to know is that your armed forces are being eliminated and relinquished from national control which, in turn, wipes out our sovereignty as a nation. In two stages, we will have no more army, no more navy, no more air force. In the third stage, we shall have a "zero" military. Before Stage I closes, all citizen owned guns are to be banned.

(This is Title 22 USC Section 2571 (a).

Public Law 87-297 is further explained in the State Department Document called Publication 7277. Your librarian can also furnish you a copy. Also ask the librarian to get you a copy of "The Blue Print for the Peace Race." It is a 35-page booklet printed by the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency as Publication No. 4 - General Series 3 - Released May of 1962. Publication No. 4 is the unabridged version of State Department Document 7277.

Both of these booklets explain how our military is to be reduced to 2.1 million men. China and the Soviets are to be reduced to that level also. At this point, we are at Stage I at which time we are to transfer (on a permanent basis) one-half of our armed forces to be merged with the Russian and Chinese armies. In Stage II, the remaining one-half of our armed forces is then turned over to this same Security Council of the United Nations. The person in charge of the merged armies must, by agreement, always be a Russian. The world's smaller nations turn 100% of their armies over to the same under-secretary of the Security, Council in Stage II. President George Bush and Admiral Wm. J. Crowe [have referred] to this process as being "in transition."

TURN TO PAGE 655. On this page in Volume 9 of the United States Code, read "Policy Formation." The directives there (written in 1963 to pacify objectors) are supposedly to restrain anyone from disarmament, reducing or limiting our armaments, or taking guns away from the people unless it is pursuant to the treaty-making power of the president, or if it is authorized by further legislation by the Congress. (This is title 22, Section 2573.)

Every couple of years the House of Representatives votes to appropriate funds for this on-going program. Since P.L. 87-297 was first passed into law in 961, there have been 18 updates to it - all bad - with no deletions of these issues I lay before you now. The Congress knows that the plan includes the policing of the United States by foreign troops. (The world army they are forming in Europe.) The Congress is allowing our military bases to be closed down, except for those that will be used by the world army. You will find that plan in Publication 7277 and in "The Blueprint for the Peace Race."

If the president and Congress can promote a "Constitutional Convention" you will find yourself with two new constitutions (communist in structure) which in one states in Article VIII, Section 12: "No person shall bear arms or possess lethal weapons except the police and members of the armed forces...."

The Congress has praised these documents and is on record in Senate hearings seeking ways to install these constitutions. Ask your librarian for "Revision of the United Nations Charter - Hearings Before a Subcommittee (Foreign Relations) Feb. 2-20, 1950 U.S.Government Printing Office." Nothing has changed since. They are still viable. The ultimate goal to be reached in Stage III of the disarmament process is to "proceed to a point where no state [nation] would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force...."

Anyone who doubts the truthfulness of what has been presented here is free to go to the library and go through the steps which have been outlined above. While you are at it, look up Public Law 101-216.

State Department Publication 7277 is available at: and in electronic form as file PUB_7277.ZIP on at least the following bulletin boards:

Paul Revere - San Jose (408) 947-7800 or (408) 279-0872

The Rising Storm (408) 739-8693

If in future years your children or grandchildren ask why you allowed their freedom to slip through your fingers, now you can’t say you didn’t know.

People ask how and why the Holocaust happened… Germany let themselves be disarmed!!

For those who think it can’t/won’t happen here in the U.S.:

See Lieberman’s Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps

Dear fellow Patriot,

Gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced the Obama Administration will be working hand-in-glove with the UN to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty.”

Disguised as an “International Arms Control Treaty” to fight against “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates,” the UN Small Arms Treaty is in fact a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.

I’m helping lead the fight to defeat this radical treaty in the United States Senate and I want your help.

Please join me by taking a public stand against this outright assault on our national sovereignty by signing the Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey.

Ultimately, the UN Small Arms Treaty is designed to register, ban and CONFISCATE firearms owned by private citizens like YOU.

So far, the gun-grabbers have successfully kept the exact wording of their new scheme under wraps.
But looking at previous versions of the UN Small Arms Treaty, you and I can get a good idea of what’s likely in the works.

If passed by the UN and ratified by the U.S. Senate, the UN Small Arms Treaty would almost certainly FORCE the U.S. to:

*** Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding Americans cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally;

*** CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);

*** BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons;

*** Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this is NOT a fight we can afford to lose.
Ever since its founding 65 years ago, the United Nations has been hell-bent on bringing the United States to its knees.

To the petty dictators and one-world socialists who control the UN, the United States of America isn’t a “shining city on a hill” -- it’s an affront to their grand designs for the globe.

These anti-gun globalists know that so long as Americans remain free to make our own decisions without being bossed around by big government bureaucrats, they’ll NEVER be able to seize the worldwide power they crave.

And the UN’s apologists also know the most effective way to finally strip you and me of ALL our freedoms would be to DESTROY our gun rights.

That’s why I was so glad to hear that the National Association for Gun Rights is leading the fight to stop this assault on our Constitution!

The truth is there’s no time to waste.

You and I have to be prepared for this fight to move FAST.

The fact is the last thing the gun-grabbers at the UN and in Washington, D.C. want is for you and me to have time to mobilize gun owners to defeat this radical legislation.

They’ve made that mistake before, and we’ve made them pay, defeating EVERY attempt to ram the UN Small Arms Treaty into law since the mid-1990s.

But now time may not be on our side.

In fact, we’re likely to only have a few weeks to defeat the treaty when they make their move.

And we definitely don’t have a President in the White House who will oppose this treaty.
So our ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to stop the UN Small Arms Treaty is during the ratification process in the U.S. Senate.

As you know, it takes 67 Senate votes to ratify a treaty.

With new pro-gun champions joining me in the Senate, rounding up enough votes to kill this thing should be easy, right?

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even with the Republican tidal wave in 2010, there still isn’t a pro-gun majority in the Senate to kill ratification of the treaty.

You know just as well as I do how few Senators are truly “pro-gun.”

Not only that, but many Senators get “queasy” about killing treaties for fear of “embarrassing” the President -- especially with “international prestige” at stake.

They look at ratifying treaties much like approving the President’s Supreme Court nominees.

Remember how many Senators turned their back on us and voted to confirm anti-gun Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor?

A dozen more only voted against Sotomayor after receiving massive grassroots pressure from the folks back home.

So if we’re going to defeat the UN Small Arms Treaty gun owners have to turn the heat up on the U.S. Senate now before it’s too late!

Do you believe the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment are the supreme law of the land?

Do you believe any attempt by the United Nations to subvert or supersede your Constitutional rights must be opposed?

If you said “Yes” to these questions, please sign the survey the National Association for Gun Rights has prepared for you.

Your survey will put you squarely on the record AGAINST the UN Small Arms Treaty.

And along with your signed survey, I hope you’ll send a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or even just $35 to help finance this battle.

With your generous contribution, the National Association for Gun Rights will continue contacting Second Amendment supporters to turn up the heat on targeted U.S. Senators.
Not only that, but they’re preparing a massive program to launch the second this treaty is brought before the Senate.

Direct mail.  Phones.  E-mail.  Blogs.  Guest editorials.  Press conferences.  Hard-hitting internet, newspaper, radio and even TV ads if funding permits.  The whole nine yards.
Of course, a program of this scale is only possible if the National Association for Gun Rights can raise the money.

But that’s not easy, and we may not have much time.

In fact, if gun owners are going to defeat the UN Small Arms Treaty pro-gun Americans like you and me have to get involved NOW!

So please put yourself on record AGAINST the UN Small Arms Treaty by signing NAGR’s Firearms Sovereignty Survey.

But along with your survey, please agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or even just $35.

And every dollar counts in this fight so even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your time and money devoted to defending our Second Amendment rights.

For Freedom,

Rand Paul
United States Senator

P.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced the Obama Administration will be working hand in glove with the United Nations to pass a new GLOBAL, “Small Arms Treaty.”

If we’re going to defeat the UN Small Arms Treaty gun owners have to turn the heat up on the U.S. Senate now before it’s too late!

Please return your Firearms Sovereignty Survey and put yourself squarely on the record AGAINST ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty.

And if you can, please make a generous contribution to the National Association for Gun Rights of $250, $150, $100 or even just $35 right away!

And every dollar counts in this fight so even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will make a difference.

Remember, in future years your children or grandchildren will ask why you allowed their freedom to slip through your fingers!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

ED Rush View on the Martin Case "When & Why Now"

Erik-Rush_avatarby Erik Rush Email | ArchiveWND

Author of Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession

A commie president and the Trayvon tragedy

This past weekend I was asked by my friend and Fox News commentator T.J. McCormack to visit with him on his radio show and comment on a column he’d written concerning the Trayvon Martin shooting. Pretty much anyone with a forum (whether television, radio, online publications or social media) who’s commented on this issue has taken heat either from the right or the left. In this case, it was both.

T.J.’s take on the shooting, subsequent media feeding frenzy and rash of activism was a little different than most being bandied about. It was a sincere appeal for prominent parties on both sides of the issue to unite amicably in light of the incident’s grave potential repercussions.

“Coming together” for the good of the nation would certainly hold the moral high ground, but I opined that this was probably about as likely as my becoming a volunteer at the local Obama campaign office.

There are simply too many agendas in play to hope for such unity to manifest. The radicals are driving the discussion and the response, which in this case is analogous to the inmates running the asylum. Race-baiting career activists are fomenting anger and tension with the full complicity of the establishment press. The former seek continuing relevance and ongoing financial support, while the latter seeks ratings. Both are ideologically aligned with – or rather, part of – the radical element.

And the politicos? Well, Democratic leaders are obviously aligned with the radical element, particularly if they’re part of this administration, and the remainder are close enough. Republican leaders will be in trouble no matter what they do. If they remain silent, they’ll be called cowards; if they speak out and don’t call for George Zimmerman’s boiled severed head, they’ll be called racists. Most would rather have the coward label than the racist one, so have said nothing. Conservative commentators who weigh in are dismissed as party to perceived racist policies, and any reasonable liberal voices are being drowned out by the din of the far-left propaganda machine.

How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change? If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war.

– Rev. Jesse Jackson, March 12, 2012

It may surprise some people when I say that the hypocrisy and irresponsible, dangerous rhetoric of career civil-rights activists are hardly the issue here. Neither is the alacrity with which the news media pounce on stories like this while ignoring the 2007 Tennessee gang-rape and mutilation slaying of a white couple by four black men, or the recent attempted immolation of a white Kansas City youth by a gang of black kids. The issue isn’t black Americans’ inability to discern that their political allies have accounted for exponentially more deaths of blacks via their policies than all the confirmed race-related killings of blacks over the last 40 years.

The issues upon which we should focus are the when and the why this is occurring in the way it is occurring. We may never know the truth of what happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in the moments before the shooting, but if we examine the when and the why of its aftermath, the truth becomes eerily apparent.

When President Obama commented on the Martin shooting, some contended that he had “acted stupidly” in commenting on something he should have stayed out of for reasons of due process and presidential decorum. I contend that like nearly everything he does, it was quite calculated. While specious as well as gratuitous, Obama stating that if he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon” was nevertheless calculated to engender an emotional response. The reason it was calculated to engender an emotional response is the same reason many things are transpiring across the political landscape, all at the same approximate time.

That’s the when part … which is, quite clearly, right now.

The things to which I refer that are transpiring concurrently include the aftereffects of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, violence on our border with Mexico, the Occupy movement, assaults on religious freedom and free speech by the administration and activists, and the implausible organization and mobilization of fringe malcontents into politically active groups. These developments can all be traced (as I’ve recently indicated) to Obama’s political roots, which are borne out by his policies, his associations and his affinity for such doctrines as Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory.

The specter of a communist takeover of the U.S. still remains singularly preposterous to millions of Americans who would quickly come to arms if they actually believed it a possibility. I’m not entirely certain how President Obama proposes to suppress those who would rise up against him were his intentions to become widely apparent, but I believe that part of the plan is to factionalize us (such as is occurring over the Martin case and Occupy Wall Street). I believe he’s also counting on deepening economic adversity to heighten Americans’ collective stress. Another element might be to provoke concerned patriots into action that he could point to as a threat to domestic tranquility, thereby convincing a preponderance of Americans to accept fundamental compromises to their civil liberties.

In such a case, Obama could then employ some of the more traditional Marxist tactics, such as mass executions, as cohorts of his friend Bill Ayers once advocated. It’s already apparent that certain factions would be more than happy to aid him in that effort. Quite a few conservatives have pointed to the timeliness of Obama’s executive order of March 16 (on “National Defense Resources Preparedness”) as an overture to just such action. Called a mere “tweak” of the amended Defense Production Act of 1950, many have asked why the president saw a necessity to “tweak” a law with provisions that essentially give exclusive and unlimited power to the Executive Branch in the event of a national emergency, which would necessarily be declared by the president himself.

To those whose assessment of individuals is not predicated upon what comes out of their mouths and the mouths of their surrogates, the truth is clear: President Obama is a communist, laboring with like-minded comrades to actualize a long-embraced communist agenda – and their end game is fast approaching.

That is the why of it.

by Erik Rush -   a columnist and author of sociopolitical fare. His latest book is "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession” In 2007, he was the first to give national attention to the story of Sen. Barack Obama's ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, initiating a media feeding frenzy. Erik has appeared on Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes," CNN, and is a veteran of numerous radio appearances. More <- <-  Email | Archive

White Guilt

The Race Card: White Guilt, Black Resentment, and the Assault on Truth and Justice


Witness counters Trayvon Martin media narrative

Sarah Palin: I think the president’s comments on Trayvon Martin were orchestrated

What Happened to the Post Racial Dream and Promise?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watcher’s Council Nominations… Individual Mandate Edition

JoshuaPundit on Mar 28 2012

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday.

Watcher’s Council News:

This week, Ask Marion , The Grouch, Modern Sojourners and Liberty’s Spirit took advantage of my generous offer of linkage and earned honorable mention status.

You can, too! Want to see your work appear on the Watcher’s Council homepage in our weekly contest listing? Didn’t get nominated by a Council member? No worries.

Simply head over to Joshuapundit and post the title a link to the piece you want considered along with an e-mail address ( which won’t be published) in the comments section no later than Monday 6PM PST in order to be considered for our honorable mention category, and return the favor by creating a post on your site linking to the Watcher’s Council contest for the week.

It’s a great way of exposing your best work to Watcher’s Council readers and Council members. while grabbing the increased traffic and notoriety. And how good is that, eh?

So, let’s see what we have this week….

Council Submissions
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Enjoy! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter..’cause we’re cool like that!

Creating an Incident… Ignoring the Facts… Manipulating the Public… Controlling the Media

Sometimes I feel like I am living in an alternative universe… where nothing makes sense…like Alice after falling down the rabbit hole. In fact lately it is a lot more often than just sometimes.

Americans of all colors, religions and creeds elected Barack Hussein Obama to be the 44th President of the United States of America, hoping against all the signs, against all the whispers, in spite of the lack of vetting and the lack of experience of candidate Obama and really against all odds.  Why?  They wanted to believe that he would be the most transparent president ever.  They wanted a new beginning filled with hope for America.  And they wanted the cloud of America’s slavery and racist years to finally be over.  Even the people who didn’t vote for BHO hoped that their fears were wrong and that President Barack Hussein Obama really would be the man those who elected him had been almost hypnotized into believing.

Then came the International apology for America tour by our new president, the beer summit and the ObamaCare cram down and the illusion began to cave in along with the substantiation that the media really was in the bag for the Progressive left and Team Obama and the hope of transparency was an illusion.

There is an old saying: There are are 3-sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth… and then comes everyone’s opinions based on the first 3 sifted through the beholder’s personal bias, experiences and a combination of education, social conditioning and media propaganda.  Team Obama and the Progressive Left are doing their best to control them all.

Demonizing Conservatives

During the 2008 Election and since the Obama administration took power, the demonizing of conservatives has moved into overdrive.  It began with the demonization of Sarah Palin and it has never stopped.  Sean Hannity ran another installment of his Liberal Hate Speech Special Series recently:

Video: Liberal Media’s Hateful Obsession With Sarah Palin

Video: Elite media's biggest liberal offenders

The left attacked, lied about and brutalized not only Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin but her whole family, after Obama announced that politician’s children were off limits, which meant his children.  And the MSM, political pundits and so-called comedians from Ed Schultz to Bill Maher, to Katie Couric to Chris Matthews to Media Matters and the list goes have not only never stopped but have stepped up their game with a vile level of rhetoric that has never before been heard or accepted.  And the libelous attacks have been especially outrageous against women and black/minority conservatives including GOP candidates Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain.  And even though the truth has come out about Sarah Palin, that there was a ‘Journolist’ conspiracy against her, that the law suits against her turned out to be frivolous, most of the negative books written about her have been discredited and the emails released by Alaska from her governorship proved that she was competent and effective, the lies destroyed Palin’s 2012 presidential run opportunity and the attacks against Bachmann and Cain knocked them out of the 2012 election race as well. 

Palin, Bachmann and Cain are all also committed Christians, a category receiving as much distain from the progressive power elite as conservatives, highlighted in: Study Links Being ‘Born Again’ (or a Catholic) to Brain Atrophy.  Funny how ‘progressive atheists’ seem to be so obsessed with religion. (On the flipside on of the best books on American was written by atheist S.E. Cupp: Losing Our Religion)

Video: Bill Maher: Obama’s Million Dollar Man

We have even allowed the leftist media to get away with attacking Palin and Santorum's special needs children. And we have fallen for the media propaganda that Obama is such a fabulous speaker than nobody can debate him, except perhaps former Speaker Gingrich. Really? I’ve seen Sarah Palin speak live. She can mesmerize a room full of people, from a small intimate gathering to the Republican Convention in 2008 without a teleprompter or even notes. President Obama takes a teleprompter to his talks to elementary school children and if you get past the programming, he is pretty dull and often stammers through when they catch him off script and without his prompter, often making remarks that have to be corrected or walked back.  The difference is that the MSM ignores Obama’s mistakes and dwells on the GOP candidates’ and other conservative’s mis-speaks.

Juan Williams and Star Parker were two of the guests on Hannity’s Liberal Hate Speech show highlighting both personal experiences and attacks on themselves as well as the left’s use of intimidation and misinformation plus their use of the welfare system to control blacks and minority populations in general.  Juan Williams, author of Muzzled, was fired from NPR for stating his opinion on the O’Reilly show and was called a porch monkey by the left for a pervious statement.  Star Parker, the author of Uncle Sam's Plantation, was a welfare recipient, on and off for 7-years, until she became a Christian and changed her life around.  Both have been attacked even though Juan is a Democrat and Star is a conservative, but neither fit the progressive left’s stereotype or plan for African Americans in every instance.

  Sandra Fluke Spin

Does anything strike you about these four photos?

Margaret Sanger

Sandra Fluke

Fluke_150x150 B&Wsandra-fluke

The Fluke Thickens… Are Sanger and Fluke Related and Was Rush Right Afterall?

It has become more and more evident that the appearance of Sandra Fluke is/was no fluke but rather she has turned out to be a straw woman for Team Obama and the Progressive left… Sandra Fluke’s appearances on-camera, as well as Rush Limbaugh’s well publicized reaction to her Congressional testimony, turned her into a martyr for the Left.

Sandra Fluke was used by the Obama administration to change the conversation and focus off the real issue, the religious freedom issue, that President Obama was losing when Rush Limbaugh did them a huge favor by allowing himself to be sucked in.  But now there are not only holes in her story but she has been connected to White House advisor and former Commincations Director Anita Dunn as well as to leftist Soros sponsored media group, Media Matters and is a professional activist for contraception, abortion and even taxpayer funds for sex change operations.

Fluke and Rush

Yet again as both the real information and speculations surfaced, the MSM spun the story in Fluke and White House’s favor ignoring anything that resembled the truth or investigative reporting. They have even convinced themselves and more than one uninformed Obama-robot that Rush Limbaugh’s comments, even after an apology, rose to the level of the vile and unacceptable comments made regularly by the left, by the likes of Ed Schultz or Bill Maher, about conservative women.

The Trayvon Martin Case

The Trayvon Martin case is the latest… We are being told by the media that Trayvon Martin was an innocent kid, shown at age 12 instead of 17 by the photo being used on the news, who was just minding his own business walking home from the store while talking on his cell after buying Skittles.


Meanwhile the media has generally already tried George Zimmerman, consistently showing a mug shot instead of a decent photo,  while Obama weighed in on the shooting, saying the incident requires all Americans to “do some soul searching.”

“When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” he said. “I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative to investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together – federal, state and local – to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are gonna take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

“How touching. Obama self-identifying with a ‘designated’ victim without waiting for even the most basic of facts. Don’t expect a beer summit to come from this, they are leveraging racism for chaos”, ignoring that  Zimmerman is half White, half Hispanic and that some of Beck: Is the Trayvon Martin Case Our ‘Bubba Effect?’his relatives are Black.  Obama also immediately called on the DOJ to investigate for any racial or civil rights issues.  These actions caused the local Miami-Dade police chief to step aside during the re-investigation and gave the media and the activist left the signal that facts don’t matter.

And of course, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have gone wild spewing their usual racial venomous rhetoric, as the Black Panthers put out a Wanted Dead or Alive flyer offering a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman.

Meanwhile appears a video of: Trayvon Martin was punching Neighborhood Watchman when he was shot


This video has statements by a key witness "John" who saw Trayvon beating Zimmerman and who heard Zimmerman screaming "help" contrary to liberal speculation. George Zimmerman followed a suspicious individual, Trayvon Martin through a neighborhood that had suffered 11 recent break ins. Trayvon appeared to be looking around at houses in the rain casing the neighborhood. Trayvon pulled his hoodie over his face and ran after he noticed Zimmerman watching him while he was casing the neighborhood. Zimmerman drove after him, but lost sight. Zimmerman got out of his truck and looked, started walking back to his truck and Trayvon approached him. Zimmerman asked him what he was doing in that neighborhood and Trayvon began violently beating him as opposed to saying he was staying with his father which a reasonable person who hadn't been burglarizing homes might say. Trayvon was a six foot three 17 year old high school football player, contrary to A new photo of George Zimmerman obtained by the Sentinel.the child photos the media keeps showing.

Below are some more recent picture of Trayvon.  You can contrast with the innocent sweet picture(s) of him when he was 12 that the liberal media is using; just the opposite of George Zimmerman’s picture, showing him in the worst light instead of his employment photo here to the right.

Zimmerman as a private citizen, although not advisable, can follow suspicious people in his neighborhood and in his car and ask them questions. He also was under no obligation to obey the rules of other neighborhood watch organizations, which are being sited in the news.

The police operator said to Zimmerman "We don't need you to do that." when Zimmerman said he was following Trayvon. However that was not an order; it was a suggestion. The police try to discourage people from taking risks that police get paid to take. That suggestion has zero legal bearing on this case.

From the surfacing information, Trayvon committed a felonious, violent assault against Zimmerman – something liberals and the media apparently don't consider a big deal. The violent attack by Trayvon justified Zimmerman defending himself.  Instead of asking why Zimmerman shot Trayvon, perhaps we should be asking what Trayvon was doing for Zimmerman to notice him and why Trayvon violently attacked Zimmerman? And NO being followed by a Neighborhood Watchman is not a justification for a violent assault on the Watchman or anyone. (And yes, we would all have hoped that this would have ended differently, but more and more witnesses seem to be coming out on Zimmerman’s side.)

Everyone of all colors and political affiliations believes that the Trayvon Martin incident  deserves a full investigation but every fair minded person also believes that both parties George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin deserve fair treatment and a fair trial if one is warranted… not to be tried in the media or put in the hands of the New Black Panther Party.


It was announced by Mikhail Muhammad, leader of a small militant organization called the New Black Panther Party, who said he was seeking up to 10,000 black men willing to form a militia to find Mr. Zimmerman and administer what they regard as justice.  Really?  So where is the DOJ’s outrage on this?

The parents of Treyvon Martin attended a Congressional Forum which appointed a special prosecutor. 

Theyvon’s ‘grieving mother’ also found time to file two trademark applications containing her late son’s name amidst all this…  I’m must saying…

'I Am Trayvon': Trademark and more in works

Two days in U.S. Congress has now been taken up with Treyvon Martin –George Zimmerman case instead of dealing with our imploding economy. Rep Bobby Rush Kicked Off House Floor for Wearing ‘Hoodie’. Think about it. While Congressmen were ranting in Hoodies, without having all the evidence: The Fed was/is buying 61 percent of US Debt to push off a crash until after the November election.

And on a side note:

Meet registered Democrat and self-identified Hispanic American, George Zimmerman.  NPR refers to George Zimmerman simply as "white."


Zimmerman, the man at the center of the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting is a registered Democrat.  The MSM is trying their best to spin this as a white prejudice conservative hate crime by a crazy gun owner who took advantage of a good law (now also being targeted by the gun-control lobbyists), without saying it directly.  George Zimmerman is none of those things.  Zimmerman’s friends describe him as a Hispanic (half-white just as President Obama describes himself as Black), not a racist, and a good man working on his degree in criminal justice… including a good African-American friend who has been all over the airwaves defending his George.

But Wait For It… In the Words of Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton… Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste… So they Aren’t!! Are They Trying to Create a Bubba Effect?, Just Create Move Division?  Or Spark a Reason for More Gun Control and Martial Law?

Glenn Beck Describes Bubba Effect as it Relates to Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Organizations exploit Trayvon Martin incident to push their COMMUNIST agenda

Talk about exploitation, Team Obama has just issued a new campaign Obama hoodie.  Coincidence or audacity?


'Hooded' legislators make a point  -  The Times Union

ALBANY — Citing "demonizing stereotypes," a group of mostly African-American and Hispanic state lawmakers wore hooded sweatshirts into the legislative chambers on Monday in solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager gunned down a month ago by a neighborhood watch officer who had told police the youth was acting suspicious.

Could This Be Anymore Organized??

In response to the slanted coverage of the Treyvon Martin Case

The University of Texas's Daily Texan and their cartoonist Stephanie Eisner produced this cartoon… on Yellow Journalism and media bias below:


The cartoon is/was right on, but purposely missing the point… instead of the Progressive MSM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NBPP, the DOJ or Team Obama taking another look, the Progressive students  at UT (the bluest city in Texas) are demanding all kinds of crazy things from and of the Daily Texan and their cartoonist Stephanie Eisner.

Worst Story We All Missed in America - Not Covered by MEDIA

Video:  Worst Story We All Missed in America - Not Covered by MEDIA

Channon Christian  

Age: 21
University of Tennessee student
Parents: Gary and Deena Christian
Carjacked and kidnapped on Jan. 7, 2007
She and boyfriend Newsom were later raped and murdered.

Christopher Newsom

Age: 23
Halls High School graduate
Parents: Hugh and Mary Newsom
Carjacked and kidnapped on Jan. 7, 2007
He and girlfriend Christian were later raped and murdered.


I am a CNN junkie, but never saw this on CNN or any other TV channel or on the web. Most likely you didn't hear or see this on news either. WHY? yes a BIG BIT WHY?

My main purpose of this video is to let people know this kind of crime in sick, frightening, mentally devastating. My hope is this kind of crime never ever happen again. Thank you.

Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, and Channon Gail Christian, 21, were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee. They were murdered and, according to a Tennessee grand jury, both the man and woman were raped after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Their vehicle had been carjacked.

The four suspects indicted in Knox County will be tried separately, at trials scheduled between May and August of 2008. Davidson has also been indicted for a second robbery which was committed after the murders. Why not NOW?

People involved in the Christian and Newsom Murder Trials

And Hey MSM, President Obama, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton...where is your outrage on this?

BLACK teenagers poured gasoline on a WHITE boy walking home from school and set him on fire: cops said Boy's mother says she was told it was not a hate crime?!?

And how about the Near-Total Media Blackout Out on Obama’s Eligibility? <-- <-- Read More Here

Whether it is true or crap… shouldn’t we investigate and know the truth?


When Fox was setting up the time for Jerome Corsi to be interviewed on Muller’s debut show, he was specifically prohibited by the show’s producers from discussing anything to do with the constitutional eligibility questions still plaguing Obama.

Corsi has been the nation’s leading investigative journalist on the Obama eligibility issue and is the author of the New York Times bestseller Where's the Birth Certificate? As such, he played a central role in introducing the issue to Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff’s investigative team recently completed the first phase of an ongoing law-enforcement investigation into the many vexing and totally un-vetted issues of Obama’s past that bear directly on the legality of his serving as president.

Corsi agreed to the restrictions on the Mancow interview, and the Fox segment was taped and scheduled for broadcast.

But then, Corsi’s publicist received a call from the show’s producer saying network executives had viewed the segment and determined that it “didn’t fit,” and thus would be scrubbed.

“It’s clear censorship at Fox,” according to Corsi.

If this is the case at Fox… you know it won’t be heard on MSM stations that are bias toward Obama and the Progressive left.  Even Russian media are exposing Obama birth 'forgery' and I have read the same in many International publications, who are laughing at us.

We are being played and manipulated America and it is time that we (the people) wake up, educate ourselves to understand the process and stand up!! The tools of divide and conquer; political correctness; mis-reported hate-speech; created chaos; manipulation of public opinion by selective reporting; and utilizing the Cloward & Piven strategy and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, whereby you spin the news and blame your enemy for doing what you are actually doing and diverting everyone’s attention from you and what is important are being used on us daily. And between now and 2012 Election the spin, pressure, mis-information and chaos will continue to increase. 

Team Obama is worried and creating chaos and crisis is definitely and option in their wheelhouse.

Please join the fight and help make sure that others know the truth and see what is going on as well.  Help make Obama a one term president and prepare yourself for the worst… just in case.  There is too much at stake to remain a neutral bystander.

 GBTV Video:  Organized for Chaos  - 2012.03.26

Ask Marion - h/t to AJ, MJ and Terresa Monroe Hamilton of the NoisyRoom

Day Two of Supreme Court ObamaCare Hearing: ObamaCare Could Be on Life Support

mandate memo

Photo:  The Blaze

People Are Saying That Obama's Healthcare Law Got Massacred At The Supreme Court Yesterday

Business Insider ^ | March 27, 2012 | Grace Wyler

The Supreme Court just wrapped up the second day of oral arguments in the landmark case against President Obama's healthcare overhaul, and reports from inside the courtroom indicate that the controversial law took quite a beating. Today's arguments focused around the central constitutional question of whether Congress has the power to force Americans to either pay for health insurance or pay a penalty. According to CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, the arguments were "a train wreck for the Obama administration."

The Supreme Court just wrapped up the second day of oral arguments in the landmark case against President Obama's healthcare overhaul, and reports from inside the courtroom indicate that the controversial law took quite a beating.

Today's arguments focused around the central constitutional question of whether Congress has the power to force Americans to either pay for health insurance or pay a penalty.

According to CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, the arguments were "a train wreck for the Obama administration."

"This law looks like it's going to be struck down. I'm telling you, all of the predictions including mine that the justices would not have a problem with this law were wrong," Toobin just said on CNN.

Toobin added that that the Obama administration's lawyer, U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, was unprepared for the attacks against the individual mandate.

"I don't know why he had a bad day," he said. "He is a good lawyer, he was a perfectly fine lawyer in the really sort of tangential argument yesterday. He was not ready for the answers for the conservative justices."

In the aftermath of today's arguments, Toobin and many other legal reporters agree that the Obamacare decision will come down to a fight between the nine Supreme Court justices.

According to reports from the courtroom, the four liberal justices seem inclined to uphold the law. But it is still unclear if the Obama administration's legal team will be able to get a fifth vote.

The WSJ reports that Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is considered the swing vote in the case, reportedly pushed Verrilli hard on his defense of the individual mandate, telling him that the government has a "very heavy burden of justification" to show where the Constitution gives Congress the power to force people to buy healthcare.

Tom Goldstein of SCOTUS blog sums up the end of the arguments:

Towards the end of the argument the most important question was Justice Kennedy’s. After pressing the government with great questions Kennedy raised the possibility that the plaintiffs were right that the mandate was a unique effort to force people into commerce to subsidize health insurance but the insurance market may be unique enough to justify that unusual treatment. But he didn’t overtly embrace that. It will be close. Very close.

Listen below to Solicitor General Verrilli nervously starting his opening argument on individual mandate (around 25 sec mark):  HERE

Video:  "This Is A Train Wreck For The Obama Administration!" Jeff Toobin On Healthcare Supreme Court

Revealed: Inside Obama’s Individual Mandate Memo and Why Obama Changed His Mind

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SICK & SICKER: ObamaCare Canadian Style – Please Take the Time to Watch This

This presentation of the movie SICK & SICKER is sponsored by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons. However, instant downloads, DVDs and screening packages are available at or by calling 310-795-2509.

Where will ObamaCare lead America?

Logan Darrow Clements shows what happens when "the government becomes your doctor" using licensed news footage from Canadian TV, interviews with doctors, patients, journalists, a health minister, a Member of Parliament, a doctor who went on a hunger strike as well the producer's own Canadian relatives. Clements even rents a hospital to show the mismatch between supply and demand in a medical system run by politicians. SICK and SICKER puts ObamaCare on ice with cold hard facts from Canada. (widescreen, color, 50 minutes)

This is an important watch, if you haven’t seen it, and timely since the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments right now on overturning the entire law as well as just the individual mandate.

Video: SICK & SICKER: ObamaCare Canadian Style  - Please take the time to watch

Video: Obama Argues Against Obamacare

--> Listen to Audio of Supreme Court over Obamacare <--

Day One of the Supreme Court ObamaCare Hearings  -  Day One ObamaCare Hearing Summary

First words leaking from the court room after day two is that Judge Kennedy appeared to be leaning toward overturning the mandate based on his questions.  -  Day Two ObamaCare Hearing Summary to come… Please check back later.

March 23rd Second Anniversary of ObamaCare… March 26th a Future Day in American Infamy?

The 5 possible fates of 'ObamaCare'

Source:  True Health Is True Wealth - h/t to MJ

Media Blackout Out on Obama Eligibility Near-Total as INS Dos Found: U.S. Certificate Issued to One East African-Born Child of U.S. Citizen In 1961!


WND:  Even though almost half of registered voters tell pollsters they are not convinced Barack Obama’s birth certificate is authentic – and even though the first official U.S. law enforcement investigation into the matter established “probable cause” that the document released with great fanfare by the White House last April is a computer-generated forgery – a virtual media blackout remains in effect on the most controversial story of the Obama presidency.

Even when one of several bombshell findings of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s six-month investigation into Obama’s constitutional eligibility was rated last week by Internet ranking service as one of the most-read news stories in the entire world – due almost entirely to coverage by WND and the Drudge Report – not only the establishment press, but most of the “conservative” media as well, looked the other way. For example:

  • Shortly after Arpaio’s March 1 press conference, a popular column discussing Obama’s eligibility to serve as president was published on – which bills itself as the “leading conservative and political opinion website” – but then, the column inexplicably disappeared from the site.

Titled “Sheriff Joe Exposes Forgery of Obama’s Selective Service Registration,” by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown of the Western Center For Journalism, it had been Townhall’s eighth-most-read and most-emailed column that day. Then suddenly it was gone – and WND’s requests for comment failed to elicit any explanation from Townhall.

  • Then last week, another regular Townhall columnist, Diana West, wrote “Why the Silence About Obama’s Historic Scam?” but found that it wasn’t posted on Townhall at all. Worse, it was déjà vu for West, whose previous column on the same topic likewise was also spiked.

When WND asked West why her last two columns on the subject of Obama’s eligibility weren’t posted on Townhall, she responded: “This week’s empty hole where my column on media silence on Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference would normally go, like last month’s empty hole where my column on the Atlanta court proceeding on eligibility would normally go, speak for themselves.”

West’s column cited the “hard, sharp facts that might poke through my discussion of what is surely the biggest scandal to emerge around the seemingly dodgy docs Barack Obama is using to verify his identity.”

She also noted the “logic- and history-defying news and political blackout of the March 1 press conference called in Maricopa County, Ariz., by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse.”

West’s challenge to readers was simple: “I ask you: Have you read in your local paper about the technical evidence that led the posse’s three retired criminal investigators and two attorneys to conclude that the birth certificate image White House officials uploaded at the White House website on April 27, 2011, did not originate in a paper format, but rather was created (forged) as an electronic file on a computer?

“Have you seen on network or cable news the video clip (one of six posse videos at YouTube) re-creating exactly how an additional fraud might have been committed to forge the president’s Selective Service registration card? Heard even conservative talk radio discussing the posse’s discovery that immigration files in the National Archives recording overseas arrivals into Hawaii are missing from the week of Obama’s 1961 birthday? Or about the retired mailman’s affidavit attesting that the mother of ex-Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers enthusiastically told him that she helped with “foreign student” Barack Obama’s education?

West also found it highly revealing that, while “watching the posse’s press conference online, I heard lead investigator Michael Zullo explain that the 1961 Hawaiian newspaper listings of Barack Obama’s birth confirm nothing because the posse ‘can prove beyond a doubt’ that these newspapers announced arrivals of foreign babies as well as native-born. Zullo also announced the posse had ‘documented evidence of two adopted individuals who were breathing three years prior’ and were similarly listed as newborn infants. Heard anything about that?”

What about Fox News?

When Fox was setting up the time for Corsi to be interviewed on Muller’s debut show, he was specifically prohibited by the show’s producers from discussing anything to do with the constitutional eligibility questions still plaguing Obama.

Corsi has been the nation’s leading investigative journalist on the Obama eligibility issue and is the author of the New York Times bestseller Where's the Birth Certificate? As such, he played a central role in introducing the issue to Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff’s investigative team recently completed the first phase of an ongoing law-enforcement investigation into the many vexing and totally unvetted issues of Obama’s past that bear directly on the legality of his serving as president.

Corsi agreed to the restrictions on the Mancow interview, and the Fox segment was taped and scheduled for broadcast.

But then, Corsi’s publicist received a call from the show’s producer saying network executives had viewed the segment and determined that it “didn’t fit,” and thus would be scrubbed.

“It’s clear censorship at Fox,” according to Corsi, who says it’s apparent the network didn’t want an appearance by anyone even linked to the Obama investigation, and claims it confirms the various reports that the mainstream media are censoring reports on Obama’s eligibility.

“Fox does not want to cover the Obama eligibility issue,” he said. “It’s a clear indication Fox is moving to the left. [Owner Rupert] Murdoch must be under increasing political pressure …”

Corsi added, “This confirms stories we’ve been gathering about the threats (against reporting on Obama’s eligibility),” he said. “In fact, it’s reaching such a level of censorship that it’s of interest to the sheriff’s posse.”

He was referring to the “Cold Case Posse” of law-enforcement professionals and attorneys assembled by Arpaio, who announced the results of their six-month investigation on March 1.

Arpaio’s investigation continues, but at the news conference announcing the initial results, lead investigator Mike Zullo stated, ominously: “During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations [if they continued reporting on eligibility]. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs.”

The threats were so intimidating that some individuals quit their positions over safety concerns for their families, Zullo confirmed.

Before the White House’s April 27, 2011, release of the purported Obama birth certificate, Fox did provide some coverage – spurred on by both Donald Trump’s bold, public questioning of the birth certificate, as well as the then-imminent release of Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate” which shot to No. 1 on the Amazon bestseller list a full month before release. But ever since Obama released his document – judged by virtually every expert who has rendered an opinion to be a forgery – Fox, like other major cable and broadcast networks, hasn’t touched the issue.

The irony is that Trump, a key instigator of the original coverage, now says Obama’s vaunted birth certificate is likely a forgery, and is strongly encouraging Arpaio’s investigation.

Likewise, as the Daily Caller reported last week in a story headlined “Lord Monckton: ‘I’m no birther,’ but Obama birth certificate ‘plainly a forgery,’” Lord Christopher Monckton, the former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, said of Obama: “[W]hat he has done on the White House website is he has put up a document which he is plainly a forgery and I would regard that as a very serious matter.”

Because of the media blackout on reporting the results of the Arpaio team’s six-month investigation, Zullo eventually agreed to an ebook project to allow the evidence assembled by the professional investigators to reach the eyes of the public.

NOTE: In case you missed the news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” you can view it here.

And here, in case you missed it, is an excerpt of the viral interview with retired postman Allen Hulton who testifies that the family of unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers funded “foreign student” Barack Obama through Harvard Law School:  What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama


From Conception...To Election

"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptible doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the full most sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson 

Friday, March 23, 2012  -  By Dan Crosby – of  The Daily Pen


IMPLICATIVE DISCOVERY: A government document found buried in the online reference section of a Boston Public Library archive bolsters a growing mountain of evidentiary data against Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president. The document indicates that a consular officer issued a single certificate of statutory citizenship, within the time frame including August 4, 1961, to a child born to a U.S. citizen between July 1st and December 31st, 1961 in the Kenyan region of Africa. The record also reveals that the certificate was the only one issued for this specific type of arrival in the U.S. over a span of more than 18 months, among thousands from other parts of the world.

NEW YORK, NY – A recently discovered rare immigration record found by researchers working on behalf of an ongoing investigation into the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of the U.S. presidency reveals that an American consular officer issued a single Certificate of Citizenship to only one passenger arriving in the U.S. from the Kenyan region of Africa between July and December of 1961.

The record shows demographic and status classifications for a passenger who was explicitly recorded at the INS Arrival Inspection Station as an individual being born to a U.S. citizen parent arriving from the Kenyan region of Africa between July 1st and December 31st, 1961.

This information and the dates of its documentation are disturbing given the rare nature of the issuance of certificates of citizenship for children who acquire their citizenship by birth to incoming U.S. citizens in this particular region of Africa.

Sample of a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship

These dates not only align with the alleged date of Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961, but also with evidence indicating that Ann Dunham departed from Hawaii beginning in February, 1961, shortly after her undocumented marriage to Obama Sr.

Also supported by this data is the implication of an African trip by the absence of Dunham’s passport information which is known to have existed from the 1960s which was used in at least one occasion for her departure with Obama Jr. to Indonesia where the two lived with Lolo Soetoro, Dunham’s second husband. If Dunham had filed for a “renewal” of an old passport, rather than for a new passport in the mid 1960’s for the Indonesian trip, which would have been the common practice for the life of a passport, this would have been indicated on the missing application which would have been included with the series of documents released by an FOIA request in early 2010.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service published its annual Report of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1963, for the year of July 1st, 1961 ending on June 30th, 1962. According to information on page 99 of the report the only certificate of acquired citizenry issued based on the grounds of birth to a U.S. citizen abroad was coincidentally also issued in the same time frame during which Barack Obama’s alleged birth date occurred on August 4th, 1961.
According to the INS, Certificates of Citizenship are issued upon arrival in the U.S. to those who have acquired statutory citizenship (not natural-born citizenship) by birth to at least one U.S. citizen parent within the previous year while that parent(s) was temporarily in another country. COC are notifications provided by the American Consulate Service, via the INS, to individuals born to at least one U.S. citizen abroad in order to provide interim citizen alien status while immigration status is processed and secured. COC are not issued to natural-born citizens or children born to non-U.S. citizen parents arriving in the U.S., nor are COC received through the same process as required for naturalized citizenship, according to the INS.
 A COAC is issued to an arriving child from abroad who is:
- born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent and one parent with “alien” non-citizen status, or
- born in the U.S. to two alien parents who both naturalize after the child’s birth, or
- born abroad to a U.S. citizen who did not live in (or come to) the United States for a period of time prior to the child’s birth, or
- adopted and is permanently residing in the United States and can become a U.S. citizen by action of law on the date on which all of the following requirements have been met:
- The child was lawfully admitted for permanent residence; and
- Either parent was a United States citizen by birth or naturalization; and
- The child was still under 18 years of age; and
- The child was not married; and
- The child was the parent’s legitimate child or was legitimated by the parent before the child’s 16th birthday (Stepchildren or children born out of wedlock who were not legitimated before their 16th birthday do not derive United States citizenship through their parents.); and
- If adopted, the child met the requirements of section 101(b)(1)(E) or (F) and has had a full and final adoption; and
- The child was residing in the United States in the legal custody of the U.S. citizen parent (this includes joint custody)

As previously reported by Dr. Jerome Corsi of WND and other sources, the void of documented and testimonial evidence accounting for Ann Dunham’s presence in Hawaii between February and early August of 1961 implies that she had reasons to travel to Kenya shortly after her undocumented marriage to Obama’s alleged father in February of 1961. According to the widely accepted but highly suspicious uncorroborated account of events, Dunham would have been at least three months pregnant at the time of the marriage. The only evidence accounting for Dunham’s presence after August 1961 is a transcript of registration to attend fall extension classes at the University of Washington, in Seattle, beginning in late August, 1961.

The previous year’s INS report shows that no other Certificates of Derived Citizenry by birth were issued to anyone arriving from the Kenyan region of Africa between July 1st, 1960 and June 30th, 1961. During this time, the INS recorded 282 alien arrivals from Kenya by air, and three U.S. citizens.

The arrival of these Kenyan aliens is corroborated by the African American Students Foundation Report of Activities 1959-1961 which documents the arrival of the same number of students in the U.S. on September 7, 1960 from Nairobi, Kenya via the second sortie of the Airlift America Project, a project initiated in April 1959 by the AASF and former Kenyan Prime Minister, Tom Mboya, to bring African students from Nairobi to study in the U.S.

Of the 2397 arrivals from Africa who were originally classified by the INS as “Aliens” between July 1, 1961 and June 30, 1962, only one was from Kenya. INS procedures dictate that arrivals under the age of 18 not possessing a U.S. passport are issued “alien” status until the alleged parents of the child are officially issued a Certificate of Citizenry. The Certificate of Citizenry can then be used in conjunction with state birth registration procedures to acquire a birth certificate for the child.

A COC is also considered a primary form of identification by the State of Hawaii in 1961 to prove a foreign born infant’s residency in the U.S. prompting the issuance of a standard Certificate of Live Birth under Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17 which would then allocate the location of the birth to the mother’s residence.

Corroborating data from passenger arrivals of flights entering the U.S. between July 1st, 1961 and June 30th, 1962 indicates this one individual may have been originally classified as an alien upon arrival prior to application for derivative citizenship. The INS report shows there was only one individual who was originally classified by the INS as an alien arriving by air from Kenya. This individual was possibly inspected by INS officers in Hawaii upon arrival at the INS station located within Honolulu International Airport sometime in early August of 1961.

Unfortunately, the report does not give data supporting that this individual was accompanied by a U.S. citizen parent. This may be explained by the disparity of time between being classified as an “alien” in the interim until a COAC was granted and the collection of data for this report’s date of publication.

According to the INS report data, a voluntary birth to a U.S. resident in Africa in 1961, away from the quality of care offered at U.S. hospitals was extremely rare with only eight such cases in more than two years. The rarity of this event would leave an easily referenced recording of the birth abroad. Hawaiian law also specifies that documentation used to issue birth certificates by the Hawaiian Health Department includes certificates of citizenship issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service upon arrival of children born to U.S. citizens abroad.

Posted by Penbrook One at 5:27 PM


Help Sheriff Joe blow the lid off Obama’s fraud. Join the Cold Case Posse right now!

Obama’s Radical Friends…

What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama

Impeach Obama Banner at Rally for Religious Freedom - San Diego