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Saturday, July 9, 2011

No award for Orly

The American Bar Association frequently gives awards to lawyers who show a commitment to justice.  Unfortunately, the ABA is about as far left as the Communist Party, so those who usually get those awards are lawyers committed to socialism, not freedom.

Orly Taitz has waged an almost one-woman war on the eligibility issue.  She is absolutely convinced that Barack Obama is not legally qualified to be President.  She had endured insults, threats, some from Judges, fines and every roadblock the Obama regime could throw her way.   Had she been as tenacious on a similar issue with George W. Bush, she would be the toast of the legal community.

Orly probably does not want an ABA award, but she may be getting closer to something of great importance to her.  It is the “holy grail” of the eligibility movement.

Orly Taitz may be about to get the original, type written birth certificate of Barack Obama.

Taitz filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Social Security Administration for information on Barack Obama’s social security number.  Obama, for anyone not familiar with it, has a Connecticut issued social security number.  You can tell the point of issuance of a social security number by the first three digits of the number.   For baby boomers, social security numbers were generally issued when they started working.  Now, it is more common to get a social security number at the birth of a child.

Obama was raised in Hawaii.  He started working as a teenager in Hawaii.  According to all available information, he never worked in Connecticut.  So how did he end up with a Connecticut social security number?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Orly Taitz wants to know.

She has now issued a subpoena for the original birth certificate.  Not the forged birth certificate Obama released to the public.  She wants the original.

Things are now going to get interesting.

If Obama was really born in Hawaii and everything is as advertised, his lawyers can simply let the birth certificate be provided to Orly Taitz and that will end the matter.  Given the history of the Obama regime and his defense of his birth certificate, even though he has released a forged birth certificate, that is unlikely.

If the Obama regime fights this, they will file a motion to quash the subpoena.   Taitz has already received at least one favorable ruling in this case.  The news articles on the subject do not specify what the ruling was, but presumably it was a motion to dismiss the lawsuit summarily.

Some conservatives derisively dismiss anyone who supports the eligibility issue as a “birther.”   There certainly is enough evidence out there to raise questions.  The significance of the eligibility issue is what happens if we are right.  If Obama was never eligible to serve as President, everything he did is void.  Two Supreme Court Justices, gone.  A host of Federal Judges, gone.  Every bill he signed, gone. Obamacare, gone.

What are the chances of this happening?  Who knows?  The bigger question is, given the potential reward of undoing everything Obama has done, why any conservative dismisses the eligibility issues, as “birtherism” is simply beyond belief.

If Orly Taitz wins, she will deserve a place among the great lawyers of this country, who fought incredible odds to win justice.  The left wing American Bar Association will never give her an award for this.  But I’m willing to bet she’s not saving any space on her wall for an ABA award either.

Nothing screams born in Hawaii like a birth certificate signed by: 

U K L Lee

Source:  Tea Party Nation


Exclusive:  Court Subpoena of Obama's Original Birth Certificate Served to Hawaii Health Department.

Former DOH Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino Claimed Obama’s Vault Copy Birth Certificate Was Half Handwritten

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