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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wall Street protesters accuse feds, biz of infecting food supply - Obama Says He Supports Them… It is Escalating~

Update: Obama Just Admitted He Sides With The Protestors & They Are Going To Take The Country By Force!

The President  just said the protests will continue unless he gets his way with Congress..
This is f__king insane people
Do you realize what's happening here?
When asked about the protests he just said
"the American people will run congress out of town"
"we need to do something bold - something big"

…Godlike Productions

Important: If you have not been paying attention to this… it is time you did!!

Remember Rahm Emanuel's adage… never let a crisis go to waste… or is it more like create one if you need it?!? Many believe that this entire protest was not only created by the Left but that it was always supported if not encouraged by the administration. Many believe it is the first step in creating enough chaos to cancel the elections. Others think it is a way of diverting attention and focus from a closer investigation of the Federal Reserve. These theories of a direct tie in to the administration, globalist allies and their minions seems to to be proving correct by Obama’s own words.

President Obama Press Conference pt.1

October 05, 2011 MSNBC

President Obama Press Conference pt.2
October 06, 2011 MSNBC

President Obama Press Conference pt.3

October 06, 2011 MSNBC

President Obama Press Conference pt.4

October 06, 2011 MSNBC

President Obama Press Conference pt.5

October 06, 2011 MSNBC

President Obama Press Conference pt.6

October 06, 2011 MSNBC

I’ve Seen it on Television: Obama Responds to Wall Street Protests

A National Call to Action

Wall Street protesters accuse feds, biz of infecting food supply

The U.S. government and corporations have "poisoned the food supply" and "undermined the farming system," charges the group behind the ongoing Wall Street protests.

The website for the Occupy Wall Street group posted on Saturday what it called its first official declaration of demands.

The document claims "corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments."

The treatise is replete with assorted accusations, including:

  • They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.
  • They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity and continue to give executives exorbitant bonuses.
  • They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one's skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • They have poisoned the food supply through negligence and undermined the farming system through monopolization.
  • They have profited off of the torture, confinement and cruel treatment of countless nonhuman animals, and actively hide these practices.
  • They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.
  • They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.
  • They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
  • They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.

The food supply claim is not unique to the website document.

On Sunday, Jason Mattera, a host on New York's WABC Radio, randomly interviewed a handful of protesters on Wall Street using a roaming reporter, Jill "Flipper" Vitale.

Two of the protesters accused the government of poisoning the food and medicine supplies.

"A Marxist system will be the best thing for all of us in America," one protester told Mattera.

"A system that does not kill people and infect us with the food that they give us," the protesters said. "The food that they feed us with the soybeans that they give to animals. And they are changing our DNA structure."

Another protester, who goes by the name Cuz Joe of Black N Blue Productions, treated the radio audience to a rap song he wrote that including the following lyrics:

Those are the basic necessities/ Chemical concoctions pass off as remedies/ That has been the poisons and toxins designed to control your mind/ So u don't find the real food and that stuff u consume is heading to the landfill.

Who's really behind Wall Street protests?

As the news media struggle to find a unifying theme behind the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters, a closer look at the activists behind the agitation reveals a transformative agenda aimed at assaulting U.S. capitalism.

The Occupy Wall Street movement launched two weeks ago and has been escalating ever since.

Police closed the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday and arrested more than 700 anti-Wall Street protesters for blocking traffic lanes and attempting an unauthorized march across the span.

The protests spread across the U.S., including to Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles. The organizers' exact motivation has until now been sketchy.

The Twitter feed of a group calling itself Take the Square, one of the social media planners behind the Wall Street protests, has been blasting a multitude of messages, including:

  • "Fight market dictatorship."
  • "People of the world rise up!"
  • "We are legion."
  • "Take to the streets."

Organizers have also been calling for rewriting the U.S. Constitution, imposing a "Robin Hood Tax" on most financial transactions worldwide with the goal of taking from the "rich" to give to the "poor" and giving the Federal Reserve permission to regulate interest rates on savings accounts.

The scheme seeks to bring to American streets the "same indignation that has prompted the people of Greece and Spain to occupy streets and squares on a permanent basis, the people of Egypt and Tunisia to overthrow their governments, the people of Iceland to nationalize their bank system and rewrite the constitution."

So reads a call to arms by a group calling itself the General Assembly of New York City.

The group has been asking supporters to participate in a "Day of Rage" that started last month and seeks to escalate into protests across the nation.

The General Assembly of New York City has listed some of the possible goals of the current protests:

  • The imposition of a Robin Hood Tax on all financial transactions: The tax is the brainchild of nongovernmental organizations largely based in the United Kingdom. It calls for a new tax on most goods and services to be implemented globally, regionally or unilaterally by individual nations.
    The name of the tax originated in 2008, when Italian treasury minister Giulio Tremonti introduced a windfall tax on the profits of energy companies. Tremonti called the tax a "Robin Hood Tax," stating it was aimed at the "wealthy" with revenue to be used for the benefit of poorer citizens.
    A prominent supporter of the Robin Hood Tax is Jeffrey Sachs, a Columbia University economist who crafted a controversial economic "shock therapy." Sachs is a key member of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, or INET.
    Billionaire George Soros is INET's founding sponsor, with the billionaire having provided a reported $25 million over five years to support INET activities.
    In April, Sachs keynoted INET's annual meeting, which took place in the mountains of Bretton Woods, N.H., at Mount Washington Hotel, famous for hosting the original Bretton Woods economic agreements drafted in 1944. That conference's goal was to rebuild a post-World War II international monetary system. The April gathering had a similar stated goal – a global economic restructuring.
  • Rebooting the system and rewriting the Constitution: The concept seems to be a reference to a plan to push for a new, "progressive" U.S. Constitution by the year 2020.
    WND previously reported at least three White House advisers and officials, including President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, have ties to the Constitution rewrite effort, which is funded by Soros.
    Sunstein has also been pushing for a new socialist-style U.S. bill of rights that, among other things, would constitutionally require the government to offer each citizen a "useful" job in the farms or industries of the nation.
    According to Sunstein's new bill of rights, the U.S. government can also intercede to ensure every farmer can sell his product for a good return while the government is granted power to act against "unfair competition" and monopolies in business.
  • Reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, which sought to enforce more government regulation of the banking industry. Some provisions of the act allowed the Federal Reserve to regulate interest rates in savings accounts.

Wall Street protests to turn violent?

Meanwhile, there are indications the Wall Street protesters are training to incite violence, resist arrest and disrupt the legal system.

Activists advertised on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for a "Day of Rage" on Sept. 17 to begin the "occupation" of Wall Street and continue with protests across the nation.

Planners have their own website – – which is not specific about the purpose of the "Day of Rage" other than calling for "integrity" to be "restored to our elections."

The site accuses corporations of using "money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce."

Advertisements claimed the protests at Wall Street and nationwide will be "non-violent."

However, the official website provides resources, including videos and detailed written instructions, for protesters to engage in "civil disobedience." The resources provided include instructions on how to resist police arrest and disrupt court hearings.

Similar instructions are provided on the website of an affiliated organization, which calls itself "Occupy Wall Street" and was also involved in planning the Sept. 17 protests.

The use of the term "Day of Rage" recalls the "Days of Rage" organized in the 1960s by the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization co-founded by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, close associates for years of President Obama.

Purple shirt power

In March, ACORN founder Wade Rathke announced what he called "days of rage in 10 cities around JP Morgan Chase." Rathke was president of a Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, local in New Orleans.

The efforts are being organized by Stephen Lerner, an SEIU board member who reportedly visited the Obama White House at least four times. Lerner is considered one of the most capable organizers of the radical left. He recently organized the SEIU's so-called Justice for Janitors campaign.

As part of his planned protests, Lerner called for "a week of civil disobedience, direct action all over the city."

His stated aim is to "destabilize the folks that are in power and start to rebuild a movement."

In an interview about the protests, Lerner outlined his goals: "How do we bring down the stock market? How do we bring down their bonuses? How do we interfere with their ability to, to be rich?"

Forecast for American cities: Confrontation, intimidation?

There are other indications radicals and unions are planning chaos using the current economic crisis.

Last month, WND reported that a slew of extremist organizations, some tied to Obama, are preparing protests to coincide with major NATO and G-8 summits in Chicago next May.

Foreshadowing possible violent confrontations, some of the same radical trainers behind the infamous 1999 Seattle riots against the World Trade Organization have been mobilizing new protest efforts geared toward world summits as well as the current economic crisis.

The NATO and G-8 summits are not the only focus of radical groups. WND reported Heather Booth, director of a Saul Alinsky-style community organizing group, the Midwest Academy, was among the main speakers at the "2011 State Battles Summit" in June at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Booth's husband, Paul, also was a speaker at the union summit. Paul Booth co-founded Midwest Academy in the 1970s.

The four-day summit was organized by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME, with participation from the AFL-CIO, the nation's largest union.

An official schedule for the event, obtained by WND, declared: "Our union is under unprecedented attack in every state. Extremist politicians want to weaken us as we head into 2012. Their tactics include budget cuts, layoffs, privatization and the denial of our very collective bargaining rights."

Continued the flyer: "New challenges require new energy and new thinking. We encourage union activists to attend this conference and bring their creative ideas on how to overcome the challenges ahead."

Heather Booth participated in a panel entitled, "Our Message, Alliances and Best Practices."

Another speaker at the union event was John Podesta, who co-chaired President Obama's transition team.

Podesta is president of the Center for American Progress, which is heavily influential in advising the White House. The center is funded by philanthropist George Soros.

Mideast rebellions coming to U.S.?

Citizen Action of Wisconsin, an arm of Booth's Midwest Academy, is part of the Moving Wisconsin Forward movement, one of the main organizers of the major Wisconsin protests in February, as WND first reported.

The protests were in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's proposal for most state workers to pay 12 percent of their health care premiums and 5.8 percent of their salary toward their own pensions.

WND reported at the time speakers at the rallies likened the Wisconsin protests to the ongoing revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa while calling for similar uprisings in the U.S.

And just this past week, former Obama czar Van Jones told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell that "October is going to be the turning point for the progressive fight back" and referred to the Occupy Wall Street protests as part of a "progressive counterbalance to the tea party."

"You're going to see an 'American Autumn,'" Jones said, "just like we saw the Arab Spring."

'Redistribution of wealth and power'

Obama himself once funded Midwest Academy and has been closely tied to Heather Booth.

Booth has stated building a ''progressive majority'' would help for ''a fair distribution of wealth and power and opportunity."

Her husband Paul is a founder and the former national secretary of Students for a Democratic Society, the radical 1960s anti-war movement from which Ayers' Weather Underground splintered.

In 1999, the Booths' Midwest Academy received $75,000 from the Woods Fund with Obama on its board alongside Ayers, In 2002, with Obama still serving on the Woods Fund, Midwest received another $23,500 for its Young Organizers Development Program.

Midwest describes itself as "one of the nation's oldest and best-known schools for community organizations, citizen organizations and individuals committed to progressive social change."

It later morphed into a national organizing institute for an emerging network of organizations known as Citizen Action.

Discover the Networks describes Midwest as "teach[ing] tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation."

WND first reported the executive director of an activist organization that taught Alinsky's tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation was part of the team that developed volunteers for President Obama's 2008 campaign.

Jackie Kendall, executive director of the Midwest Academy, was on the team that developed and delivered the first Camp Obama training for volunteers aiding Obama's campaign through the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. Camp Obama was a two-to-four day intensive course run in conjunction with Obama's campaign aimed at training volunteers to become activists to help Obama win the presidential election.

Also, in 1998, Obama participated on a panel discussion praising Alinsky alongside Heather Booth, herself a dedicated disciple of Alinsky. The panel discussion followed the opening performance in Chicago of the play "The Love Song of Saul Alinsky," a work described by the Chicago Sun-Times as "bringing to life one of America's greatest community organizers."

Obama participated in the discussion alongside other Alinskyites, including political analyst Aaron Freeman, Don Turner of the Chicago Federation of Labor and Northwestern University history professor Charles Paine.

"Alinsky had so much fire burning within," stated local actor Gary Houston, who portrayed Alinsky in the play. "There was a lot of complexity to him. Yet he was a really cool character."

Source: WND With research by Brenda J. Elliott

Here are a few of the leftover 60’s Alinskyites at the orchestrated “Occupy Wall Street” protest

11 Reasons Why Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Hypocrites If They Do Not Call For Obama To Resign

The American Dream
Oct 4, 2011

If the Occupy Wall Street protesters truly believed in the things that they are proclaiming, then they would be calling for the immediate resignation of Barack Obama and his entire cabinet. The truth is that the Obama administration is responsible for most of the things that Occupy Wall Street is supposedly complaining about.

If the Occupy Wall Street protesters were intellectually honest, we would see a flood of anti-Obama signs during these demonstrations. But instead we have barely heard a peep of criticism for Obama. In fact, the vast majority of the protesters seem very excited about sending Obama back to the White House in 2012. As will be clearly demonstrated in the rest of this article, this makes the Occupy Wall Street protesters tremendous hypocrites. If Occupy Wall Street wants to have any credibility whatsoever, it needs to call for Barack Obama to resign. Either Occupy Wall Street protesters will call for Barack Obama to be held accountable for his actions, or they are just a bunch of sheep. They cannot preach to us about how principled they are and yet turn a blind eye to everything that Barack Obama has been doing for the past 3 years.

Below I am going to analyze many of the demands that Occupy Wall Street protesters have been making. A lot of them have been directly taken from the formal list of complaints posted on the “official” organizing website of Occupy Wall Street.

As you will see, there are a whole lot of reasons why there “protesters” should be very angry with Barack Obama.
But we all know that nearly all of them will show up to vote for Obama once again in 2012.

Just like so many “true conservatives” apologized for George W. Bush for all those years, now we are seeing those on the left apologize for Barack Obama.

It is truly sickening.

Posted below are 11 reasons why Occupy Wall Street protesters are hypocrites if they do not call for Barack Obama to resign immediately…

#1 Occupy Wall Street says that they are angry that the big Wall Street banks “have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give executives exorbitant bonuses.”

Well, if Barack Obama and John McCain had not aggressively pushed for the Wall Street bailouts back in 2008, they never would have happened. After Obama took office, he rammed through even more bailouts. The reality is that you could easily call Barack Obama “the king of the Wall Street bailouts”.

#2 Occupy Wall Street says that they are angry that the big Wall Street banks “have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.”

Yet they ignore the fact that 3 of the top 7 donors to Obama’s campaign in 2008 were the very Wall Street banks that the Occupy Wall Street movement is protesting.

Once again, Barack Obama will be taking in huge amounts of money from the wealthy and from big Wall Street banks for his run in 2012.
So why aren’t they complaining about that?

#3 One of the big themes of the Occupy Wall Street protests is the fact that Wall Street has way too much influence and power over the federal government.

Well, the Obama administration is absolutely packed with ex-executives of giant corporations and big Wall Street banks. Earlier this year, Michael Brenner wrote the following about the current composition of the Obama administration…
Wall Street’s takeover of the Obama administration is now complete.

The mega-banks and their corporate allies control every economic policy position of consequence. Mr. Obama has moved rapidly since the November debacle to install business people where it counts most. Mr.William Daley from JP Morgan Chase as White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Gene Sperling from the Goldman Sachs payroll to be director of the National Economic Council. Eileen Rominger from Goldman Sachs named director of the SEC’s Investment Management division. Even the National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon, was executive vice president for law and policy at the disgraced Fannie Mae after serving as a corporate lobbyist with O’Melveny & Roberts. The keystone of the business friendly team was put in place on Friday. General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt will serve as chair of the president’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

#4 Occupy Wall Street says that it is deeply concerned about the rampant corruption in our financial system.

The Federal Reserve is the very heart and soul of our financial system, and yet there has been very little real criticism of the Fed by Occupy Wall Street protesters.

If Occupy Wall Street truly wanted to do something about our financial system they would be calling for the Federal Reserve to be shut down.

But their hero, Barack Obama, actually nominated Ben Bernanke for a second term as Federal Reserve Chairman and Obama continues to support him 100 percent even after a horrible track record of failures that is legendary.

#5 Occupy Wall Street says that it is angry that big corporations “have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.”
This issue alone should be enough for Occupy Wall Street to call for Barack Obama to resign.

The Obama administration has pushed very hard for new “free trade” agreements with Panama, South Korea and Colombia and the Obama administration is currently making the Trans-Pacific Partnership (“the NAFTA of the Pacific“) a very high priority.

The Obama administration has been very aggressively trying to expand the “free trade” policies that are costing us millions of jobs.
In fact, members of the Obama administration run around and openly talk about how there are things that “we don’t want to make in America”.

For example, the following is what U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk recently told Tim Robertson of the Huffington Post about the Obama administration’s attitude toward keeping manufacturing jobs in America…

"Let’s increase our competitiveness"… the reality is about half of our imports, our trade deficit is because of how much oil [we import], so you take that out of the equation, you look at what percentage of it are things that frankly, we don’t want to make in America, you know, cheaper products, low-skill jobs that frankly college kids that are graduating from, you know, UC Cal and Hastings [don't want], but what we do want is to capture those next generation jobs and build on our investments in our young people, our education infrastructure.

Unions should be screaming bloody murder about this.

But instead they are going to line up behind Barack Obama once again in 2012 like good little sheeple.

Occupy Wall Street says that the big health insurance companies “have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.”

Well, as I have written about previously, the health insurance companies helped to write huge portions of Obamacare. Instead of reducing the power of health insurance companies, Obamacare actually gives them more power and will actually increase their profits. The sad truth is that large portions of Obamacare are virtually identical to a bill that was written by the health insurance trade association in 2009. Under Obamacare, our health care costs will go up even faster and the quality of our health care will continue to go down.

#7 Occupy Wall Street says that they are angry because the big banks “have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.”

Occupy Wall Street is correct about this.So where has Barack Obama been on this issue? The reality is that the Obama administration has done very little about the horrific foreclosure abuses that have been going on.

#8 Occupy Wall Street is upset that “our privacy” has been sold “as a commodity.”Well, why aren’t Occupy Wall Street protesters calling out Barack Obama for his horrific track record on civil liberties.

The national security apparatus that George W. Bush set up has been greatly expanded by Barack Obama.

It was the Obama administration that decided that it was necessary for TSA thugs to feel our private parts before we board our flights and it was the Obama administration that decided that TSA “VIPR teams” should run around the country conducting approximately 8,000 “unannounced security screenings” a year at subway stations, bus terminals, ports and highway rest stops.

So where is the outrage?

The truth is that under the Obama administration the United States is becoming more like a totalitarian police state every single day.
Once again, this issue alone should be enough for Occupy Wall Street to demand that Barack Obama should resign.

For much more on how America is turning into a “Big Brother” police state under Obama, please see these articles…

*12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty And Freedom Should Watch Their Backs

*10 Years After 9/11, Is America A Better Place?

*Big Brother 2.0: 10 New Ways That The Government Will Be Spying On You And Controlling Your Behavior

*32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid

#9 Occupy Wall Street is angry that the United States has “perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.”

Oh really  ?

Under Barack Obama, the U.S. military has been used as the “police of the world” even more than it was under George W. Bush.
Under Obama, the war in Afghanistan was greatly expanded and the U.S. military began bombing the living daylights out of Libya. In addition, under Obama the U.S. military has been conducting air strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

Today, there is a U.S. military base in over half of the countries on the planet and U.S. military spending is more than 7 times larger than the military spending of any other nation on earth.
So if “the left” was angry at George W. Bush for what he did, then why aren’t they filled with rage at Barack Obama for his policies?

#10 Occupy Wall Street is angry that the U.S. has “participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.”
Well, Barack Obama did not shut down Guantanamo Bay as he promised to do.

So where is the accountability?
Under George W. Bush, millions of “evangelical Christians” were cheering for torture.

Today, millions of “liberals” are cheering while the Obama administration conducts “enhanced interrogations” of prisoners and performs “extraordinary renditions” in foreign countries.

If liberals want to complain about “torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas”, it isn’t the Republicans they should be angry at.
Barack Obama is running our foreign policy, and he should be held accountable for what is going on.

#11 Occupy Wall Street is angry because the wealthy are not paying their “fair share” of taxes.

Well, it is undeniable that many big corporations (such as Obama’s good friends over at GE) quite often get away with paying no taxes at all.

But Barack Obama and the Democrats controlled the White House and all of Congress for two whole years.

So why didn’t they “fix” the tax code while they had the chance?
Could it be that they actually like the current system?

The truth is that our current tax system is so flawed, so complex and so full of holes that it needs to be thrown out entirely.

Many big corporations get away with bloody murder under the current tax system, yet nearly all establishment Democrats and nearly all establishment Republicans want to keep the current system of taxation.

In a previous article, I noted some of the big corporations that make a ton of money and yet have paid less than zero in taxes in recent years…

What U.S. corporations are able to get away with is absolutely amazing.

The following figures come directly out of a report by Citizens for Tax Justice. These are combined figures for the tax years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

During those three years, all of the corporations below made a lot of money. Yet all of them paid net taxes that were below zero for those three years combined.

How is that possible? Well, it turns out that instead of paying in taxes to the federal government, they were actually getting money back.

So for these corporations, their rate of taxation was actually below zero.

If you have not seen these before, you are going to have a hard time believing some of these statistics…

Profits: $4.9 billion
Taxes: -$34 million
*Fed Ex*
Profits: $3 billion
Taxes: -$23 million
*Wells Fargo*
Profits: $49.37 billion
Taxes: -$681 million
Profits: $9.7 billion
Taxes: -$178 million
Profits: $32.5 billion
Taxes: -$951 million
Profits: $2.1 billion
Taxes -$72 million
*American Electric Power*
Profits: $5.89 billion
Taxes -$545 million
*General Electric*
Profits: $7.7 billion
Taxes: -$4.7 billion

Are you starting to get the picture?

The amazing thing is that GE can get away with all this and still ship thousands upon thousands of good American jobs out of the country.
There is no way that our current tax code can be fixed with a few “tweaks” here and there. Our current tax code is an abomination that should be immediately repealed and flushed down the toilet.

But the Democrats and most Republicans seem to want to keep it around. They like to play their little social engineering games with the tax code, and the current tax code enables their wealthy donors to do quite nicely.

Occupy Wall Street is right to argue that our tax code is fundamentally unjust, and the number one person that they need to point the finger at is Barack Obama.

So can any “liberal” out there actually defend Barack Obama after reading all of this?

Can anyone out there put forth an intellectual argument for why Occupy Wall Street protesters should be supporting Obama?
The truth is that most of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are intellectual hypocrites.

Most of them are so scared that a Republican might win in 2012 that they won’t say anything bad about Obama.

It is the same trap that many Republicans fell into with George W. Bush.

Look, George W. Bush was a nightmare for this country.
Barack Obama is even worse.

If we are not going to be intellectually honest with ourselves, then we might as well tattoo the word “sheeple” on to our foreheads.
If Occupy Wall Street really believes the stuff that they are saying, then they need to call for Barack Obama to resign.
Does anyone disagree?


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