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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oath Keeper Leadership Goes Cultic with ‘Wayseers’ (and skips off to the ‘Occupy’ chaos)

By: Arlen Williams  -  Gulag Bound  -  Cross-Posted at the NoisyRoom

They have strayed sharply off their course of simply adhering to the military personnel’s and law enforcement officers’ oaths to uphold the United States Constitution.

Very sad.  If they don’t put the Kool-Aid down and draw back, it appears they will cause a split or perhaps the disintegration of their movement.

Wayseers, if it is what this video represents is just another foolish “mind science” cult (and it is an affront to the revealed truth of “the Way” which Christians uphold even far above the U.S. Constitution).  One might see the initial attraction in this, for those who highly regard personal liberty, but to drive that vehicle off the highway and way off the radar screen into some bizarre worship of one’s most eccentric characteristics? Please.

Hardly the beliefs of our nations founders, that.

And if this fails to top it all off, they want to join the Marxist foundation and financier led “Occupy” movement and try to win it over — to what, the Wayseer Cult?  Do they not see that these demonstrations are the American part of the orchestrated “democratic uprisings” from the Middle East onward, that are actually elements of a global Marxist-fascist movement?

They must not have been reading in Noisy Room, New Zeal, Maggie’s Notebook, American Survival, or Gulag Bound.

Here is the email sent out by Oath Keepers’ wayward leadership, with the video they promote embedded.  Be sure to listen to the video and check out the crescendo of senseless mumbo jumbo. How does it not alienate most Oath Keepers?

Way stupid.

Potentially, tragic.

Oath Keepers And The Wayseers To Occupy The Occupation!   

Introducing Garret John LoPorto and the Wayseer movement:

Because much more is involved than should be placed in one article, I am going to be uncharacteristically brief.  You will hear much more about this shortly.

On October 04, 2011, Stewart Rhodes and I had a phone conversation with Garret John LoPorto, creator of a remarkable video which announces the “Wayseer Manifesto”.  Stewart and I had both viewed Garret’s video and were keenly interested in talking with Garret. Garret is sending each of us a copy of his book, The Wayseers. I can’t wait to read it! Please order yours today.

Garret LoPorto fulfilled our expectations and we are proud to announce that Oath Keepers endorses Garret’s mission. Mr. LoPorto has graciously agreed to also endorse Oath Keepers.  We are pleased to welcome Garret LoPorto to Oath Keepers. We encourage each of you to check out the video, check out Garret’s site, order his book, and spread the message everywhere you can.

Watch Video Here 

Oath Keepers / Wayseers / Occupy The Fed Now!

We are currently drawing up our press release regarding our own response to the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, which will be Oath Keepers’ official statement.  Garret LoPorto is the leader of Occupy Boston, and I want to assure all readers here that Mr. LoPorto is not a socialist and does not take financing from Soros or any of Soros’ satellites. Garret LoPorto is an American and an Oath Keeper who joins us in seeking Constitutional, lawful remedies to what ails our nation today.  LoPorto’s message is one of self-empowerment, a talent all Oath Keepers should work on daily in their personal lives, yes?

With Garret’s association with Oath Keepers as a key catalyst, we are now planning an official Oath Keepers project which we’ve named “Occupy The Fed Now!”.

Oath Keepers has seen the need to block the attempted takeover of the populist movement generally referred to as Occupy Wall Street.

In an extensive phone conference on the evening of October 04, 2011, we heard from Oath Keepers who have attended Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy Los Angeles, and Occupy Seattle. The overall consensus from our people at these rallies is that most people attending the rallies are very open-minded to the Oath Keepers mission/message, and that they are hungry for answers. Indeed, our reports indicate that many Americans right now are awakening, in droves it seems, and they are full of questions for which we have the answer – the Constitution for the united States of America.

Oath Keepers is not going to stand idly by and watch the Soros socialist/collectivist/Big Government crowd claim these newly-awakening Americans as their own. From Michael Moore to a host of other Big Government statists, the Soros faction is trying now to steal the people’s thunder, just the way the Republican Party tried to steal the Tea Party’s thunder by co-opting the Tea Party.

Continue Reading Here

II Peter, Chapter 2 refers to the error of one who knows better following this kind of bloviation instead.

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