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Friday, October 14, 2011

Office of Independent Counsel

If you want the Fast & Furious wrong-doers brought to justice, here is what you should do.

First write a letter to your Federal Representative, somewhat like this:

“Dear Representative:

I am a Citizen in your District and thank you for all the good work you are doing. But I remain very concerned about our beloved country. Representative Issa is doing the right thing by holding hearings into the Fast and Furious Scandal and when you get the opportunity, please thank them for their service to the citizens. There is no doubt that wrong-doing was going on in this matter and the wrong-doers need to be discovered and brought to justice – it is obvious a serious matter when weapons are provided to our enemies. Issa’s committee can discover the wrong-doing and the wrong-doers, but it cannot bring them to justice. Bringing them to justice is the job of an Independent Counsel. But the problem is that the Office of Independent Counsel was terminated in 1999 and is no longer in existence. The Office of Special Counsel is in existence and often it is confused with an Independent Counsel. A special counsel serves to defend federal employees who have been accused of wrong-doing, whereas an independent counsel serves to prosecute federal employees for wrong-doing. So a special counsel is exactly the opposite of what we patriots need in this matter – what we need is an independent counsel. So I respectfully request that you and your patriotic colleagues pass legislation that will reestablish the Office of Independent Counsel, so that it can bring Federal Fast & Furious wrong-doers to justice immediately after the House Oversight Committee hearing discovers who they are and what they did and when they did it.”

Next write a letter to each of your two Federal Senators along the same line and send them to the Governor with a note asking that she review and approve content (remember senators are supposed to represent the state and so are in the governor’s chain of command).

Next write a letter to your state senator and ask that he/she move the senate to approve a resolution to ask the federal government to reinstate the federal Office of Independent Counsel; and tell him that yes this is federal business, but in this case federal business is also Arizona and your State’s business.

Next write a letter to your state representative and ask the same thing you asked of your state senator in the previous paragraph.

Next write a letter to your county supervisor and ask the same thing.

Next write a letter to your city council person and ask the same thing

If you a member of the Republican Party, then write a letter to the Arizona and or your State’s Party Chairman, and your local Tea Party Chairman plus your 9/12 Organization Head and ask him to do the same thing.

If you live in a community that has a homeowners association, then write the president and ask him/her to do the same.

The more influence we can bring to bear on our Federal Congressmen to reinstate the Office of Independent Counsel the better.


h/t to Sue Hooper

It is becoming more and more evident that Fast and Furious is a much larger operation with many far reaching objectives and tentacles. And it is becoming more and more evident that the DOJ and the White House are doing everything in their power to hide and to distract from the facts because the blame and involvement many very well go all the way to the top… Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama… and definitely to people in the White House. It will take an Independent Counsel investigation to get to the bottom of this! It could end up being Obama’s Watergate!

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