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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Palin and Steve Jobs

I do not agree with everything Judson says in the article below but he makes some interesting points, so thought this piece was worth sharing.  I believe that Sarah Palin will have a big effect in the upcoming election by her support of congressional, gubernatorial and the presidential GOP candidates, just like she did in the 2012 election.

I do however agree with Judson about the re-grouping and rebuilding after that if she intends to run herself some time in the future.

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Sarah and Steve…

Yesterday marked the end of two eras, Sarah Palin’s political era and Steve Job’s life.  Palin launched one of the most interesting sagas in American politics, while Jobs was one of the most innovative minds this country has ever known.

Sarah Palin’s announcement that she was not running for President was headline news for exactly one hour.   Then it was immediately swept away by the news of the passing of Steve Jobs.

Both Jobs and Palin are examples of the American dream.  Their story is uniquely American as both rose from obscurity to prominence and wealth. 

Jobs transformed the computer world with revolutionary products including the IPOD, IPAD and IPHONE.   When Palin was plucked out of relative obscurity to be the Vice Presidential nominee in 2008, she was one of the first sparks of what would become the new conservative movement in America.

Yesterday Jobs died and yesterday Palin’s political career, for now, has pretty much ended.

Palin’s big draw was the threat she would run for President.  She played that out until yesterday.  It was obvious for months, to many; she was never going to run.  Even many of her followers are now disappointed and some very upset with her for deciding against a run and taking so long to make a decision.

Palin will now see the drawing down of what is left of her star power.  There are others in the conservative movement who are becoming bigger draws.  The question is, what happens to Sarah Palin after yesterday’s announcement?

In some ways, her options are limited.  The left has savaged her.   She has made a number of  mistakes, and has been over exposed in the media for the last year or so.  Will we see Sarah Palin’s name on the ballot again?

Probably not soon.

Her negative ratings in Alaska make it unlikely she could win a race there.   Her name has been brought up as a possible replacement for retiring Arizona Senator Jon Kyl.   She does own a home in Arizona and could qualify.  But she has the same problem in Arizona.  Polls show her losing to almost every potential Democrat.

Perhaps Palin could learn something from Jobs’ life.

In 1984, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple Computers.   Jobs later described that as one of the best things that happened to him.  Jobs went on to form a new computer company (NeXt) and bought what became Pixar.

Ultimately Jobs returned to Apple almost twelve years after he left, had the most productive time of his life and placed Apple Computers as the dominate computer company in the world.

Sarah Palin has a similar opportunity.

Much as Richard Nixon walked away for a period of time after he lost the 1960 election, Palin has the same opportunity.  She can regroup, rehabilitate her image among the greater public and then come back again in a few years.

Palin will have some role in this upcoming election.  She will eventually endorse a candidate for President and that will have some value.  She will probably make some endorsements in Senate and Congressional races, which will also have some value.  Her PAC will raise funds but probably not in the amounts it has in the past.

The days of Sarah Palin as the superstar of the conservative movement are gone.  At least for now.  Whether they come back is up to her.

By Judson Phillips on October 6, 2011 at 7:04am in Tea Party Nation Forum


Tammy Bruce & Jedediah Bila discuss Sarah Palin’s decision

Jedediah Bila joined Tammy Bruce on her NEW MEDIA radio broadcast today to discuss Sarah Palin’s decision not to run. Here is the audio excerpt of their discussion.


Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies at Age 56

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