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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Autumn of living dangerously

The Occupy Wall Street anarchy continues. It has managed to draw some radicals and many clueless to downtown New York. The group can only be described now as a mob and a mob is a dangerous thing.

A mob, when formed and whipped into a frenzy, gets locked into a primitive groupthink. The rule of law and the rules of civilization go out the door. So far the violations of the Rule of Law have been fairly minor, such as trying to cross a bridge not meant for pedestrian traffic and trying to crash their way into the National Air and Space Museum.

The problem with mobs is, they grow and their lawlessness grows as well. How long will it be before we see full scale rioting, looting (after all the left always believes it getting something someone else has paid for) and even injury or death?

The mobs have put out their list of demands. They vary from place to place but they are some of the wildest dreams of left wing lunatics. They want a minimum wage of $20 an hour. Hey, if they think unemployment is bad now, just wait until that is implemented. They want free college and a “living wage,” whether you are working or not. They want an end to free trade and at the same time “open borders.” Perhaps someone should point out the contradiction there.

None of their lunatic demands are going to be met. Some of their demands are so incoherent it is tough to figure out exactly what they are demanding.

No matter what it is they are demanding or not demanding, it is not going to be agreed to.

Then what happens?

Civil unrest.

The groups behind Occupy Wall Street, including the SEIU and others want not only unrest but violent unrest. They want to have police in the streets and they want to create problems.

These far left groups have an agenda. They want to bring down the United States as we know it and replace it with a socialist style regime.

Socialism gives us nothing but misery and tyranny.

These mobs should be very alarming to everyone with the ability to think. Mobs and ultimately mob rule is always a disaster. Look at the terror of the French revolution or the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Look at the so-called Arab Spring. They may have overthrown dictators but is what replaced the dictators been any better?

Former White House Czar and Marxist Van Jones has called for an “American Autumn.” What he wants to see is these mobs force the American government to surrender and be replaced by his idea of what a government should be. Based on history, his idea of what government should be will involve the death of liberty and a lot of other people as well.

Herman Cain had a lot of wisdom for the anarchists of Occupy Wall Street. He told them that if they were poor, they had only themselves to blame. He is right about that. In America, you have only yourself to blame.

Unfortunately, if these people have their way and make the changes they want to make in America, we will all be poor.

And none of us will be free.

By Judson Phillips – posted at TPN


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