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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

T&A ... err ... TSA Monster Link List

“He Who Gives Up Freedom for Security Gets and Deserves With Neither!!”  …Benjamin Franklin

TSA should actually be called T&A [sdcraigo]

Dr. Blaylock:  Body Scanners More Dangerous Than Feds Admit, Groping Nancy Pelosi; and Time for Profiling!!

Forget Body Scans and Pat Downs – Let’s Get Busy Profilikng!!  It Is What Works! …It Is What Israel Does

House Republicans Clobber TSA, Insider Deals On Nudie Scanners

Qaeda’s surgical strike: Breast & butt bombs [UNDETECTABLE by TSA]
[Surgical implants that bypass all the latest security.]


Work Slowdown? TSA Revenge for Criticism?

Government Gropers at Airports a Ruse for Body Scanners Coming to Schools and Malls

Courthouses Now Have Nude Imaging Machines

Obama stands by controversial air security screening methods

Refuse to be groped or scanned - face $11,000 fine and/or arrest

Obama Gives a Pass: TSA Won’t Touch Muslims’ Junk

Napolitano May Exempt Muslims from Airport Pat-Downs

Sarah Palin tweets to TSA: Profile!

Napolitano Considering Allowing Muslim Women to Pat Themselves Down at Airports

EDITORIAL: Terrorists hiding in hijabs—Muslims seek special treatment to elude TSA groping

TSA Employee Policy on Homosexual Employees (Why Demand “Same Sex Only” Pat-downs, Then?)

Profile Muslims or Pat Down the Masses?
“This should be a no-brainer to anyone except the TSA”

TSA Full-Body Scans Would Not Pass Hospital IRB Reviews

Cancer Surviving Flight Attendant Forced to Remove Prosthetic Breast During Pat-Down

Perry: Take TSA patters and put them on border security detail

100 “Naked” Scanner Images Made Public

CAIR Tells Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow ONLY “Head and Neck” Pat Downs

Governor Palin Calls Out the TSA for Extreme Political Correctness

Is TSA Security Patdown Sexual Molestation?

Video: TSA Pats Down Crying 3 Year Old Girl [aka molests]

Awful… 3 Year-Old Girl Accosted By TSA Airport Screeners (April 2008 Video)


Tyranny for Toddlers: TSA Pat Downs for Kids

TSA Pat-Down Leaves Bladder Cancer Patient Humiliated, Crying & Soaked in Urine

TSA-Sexual Assault (read what the “mommy blogger” had to endure)

Video: Ohio Woman Describes Sexual Assault By TSA Agent


Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA

Security Theater: The Ripples Spread to Japan (US Becoming Laughingstock Under Obama)

Airports consider congressman’s call to ditch TSA

NH Grandma groped by TSA blasts ‘invasive’ body search

Backlash grows over TSA’s ‘naked strip searches’

‘Naked’ scanners at US airports may be dangerous: scientists

Airport staff ‘exposed woman’s breasts, laughed’

Senate Democrats back TSA ‘virtual strip searches’

Body scanner saved 35,000 ‘naked’ images

San Diego Traveler Says Touch My Junk … I’ll Have You Arrested. UPDATE: Video added

Ron Paul: Cut out this Soviet-style nonsense

Small Manhood Jokes Lead to Miami TSA Officer’s Arrest (Flashback!)

Pilot to Hannity: The TSA wanted to see my penis

A Unionized TSA Will Make Our Airports Less Safe (Obama allowing unionizing)

Mom upset about 12-yr old daughter’s full body security scan experience

CAIR: TSA Can’t Pat Down Muslim Women

TSA airport screeners gone wild in San Diego- again [Nov 21]

TSA Terrifies, Too [WSJ]

Guess who ordered nude body scanners
“Legislation has been proposed to mandate full-body scanners and make them the primary screening method in all U.S. airports by 2013, but Congress has yet to act on it,” John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, wrote in a new commentary. “So we can thank President Obama for this frontal assault on our Fourth Amendment rights.”

“The TSA’s Sense of Humor Makes Me Nervous”

Obama: The rights of Muslim suicide bombers come before the rights of US citizens

TSA Unionization: A $30 Million Annual Gift to Union Bosses

Man arrested after punching TSA screener in Indy (colostomy bag involved?)

Leader of TSA offers pat-downs to senators
“The head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offered on Wednesday to have airport screeners come to Capitol Hill to give senators a pat-down so they could fully understand the mechanics of the newly deployed, controversial technique.”

Senators and TSA Defend “Love Pats” at Airports

TSA boss: New pat-downs are more invasive

Soros Scores on Scanners [Invested with ‘psychic’ precision]

“Since the TSA molested my family, why doesn’t Obama volunteer to subject his family...”

Bill Clinton To Work For The TSA?

Terahertz/Submillimeter Activity Radiation (TSA-Rays) will “melt” your DNA, physicists find.

Nudists Say No to Scanners

TSA Opt-Out Day, Now with a Superfantastic New Twist! (Men, wear a kilt, no underwear)

The ‘We Won’t Fly’ Plan for Defeating TSA Porno-Scanners and Airport Rent-a-Gropers!

TSA ‘Strip and Grope’: Meet the Fourth Amendment

The American Department of Groping

Top TSA Slogans On Twitter

OSI Systems CEO Joins US Presidential Visit to India (Airport Nude Scanner Machine Mfgr)

DHS Head Chertoff Using His Position To Profit For Company He’s Employed By

Former Orlando TSA officer gets probation in sex-slave case

video: Ted Poe (R-TX) ties Michael Chertoff to TSA abuse

Pilot Howard Pinkham, US Airways First Officer Refuses Grope

More On The TSA Uproar [Ann Coulter]

Rep. Duncan Blasts TSA “Pat Downs,” Scanners on House Floor

Airport Scanners Sparking Litigation and Protests.

Funny Video: 44 Ways To Say “TSA”

Grabbing Junk Is ‘Necessary,’ Says Biden

TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Gun-Toting Soldier

Fake TSA Twitter Account Finds Jokes In Travelers’ Junk

Ron Paul denounces the TSA: The American people are being treated like cattle

A Mom’s Message For the TSA — Don’t Touch My KIDS!

DUmmie FUnnies 11-19-10 (FReepers and DUmmies agree: We all hate the TSA!)

Woman says her Lambert security screening was sexual assault

“My Very Own TSA Nightmare - new category of suspect persons to the TSA: ‘traveling with scars’”

Barney Frank volunteers to help the TSA...

Video of TSA Assaults

TSA Agents Absolutely Hate New Pat Downs, Find Them Disgusting And Morale Breaking

Breaking: Former Gov. Ventura Will No Longer Fly Due to Abuse He’s Endured at Hands of TSA

TSA and the El Al Myth [Rethinking Israel’s techniques]

Gloria Allred On TSA Pat-Down: “I Liked It”

Enhanced pat down leaves Grand Rapids airline passenger in tears

Video Tribute To The TSA Set To The Who Singing “See Me, Feel Me”

New Expert Panel To Pick Experts For Expert Panels: Lessons From The TSA

Is the TSA allowing convicted rapists to perform pat-down searches?

Will You Trade Your Freedom for Your Security???

“Don’t Touch My Junk” There Are Better More Effective Ways!!

Are the TSA pat downs a violation of the Fourth Amendment?  Glenn talks to one of the guys who should know. Fox News host and analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano made an appearance on the program to talk about the ins and outs of the legality of these searches. The Judge also gives listeners a course of action to take if they find themselves getting felt up a little too much by TSA agents this holiday season. Check it out on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

TSA Must Profile, Keep Hands to Themselves

ADULTS ONLY: Click on it to see the inverse.
NOTICE: It is too graphic for a thread.
============= CLICK HERE=========

Napolitano Considering Allowing Muslim Women to Pat Themselves Down at Airports"

Senator Kerry 'Liveshot' lives in no-pat-down zone (Avoiding TSA for the very special non-taxpaying people)"

Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA"

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine (Non-muslim bladder cancer survivor) A retired special education teacher on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Fla., said he was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers recently at Detroit Metropolitan Airport."

Enhanced pat down leaves Grand Rapids airline passenger in tears "The female officer ran her hand up the inside of my leg to my groin and she did it so hard and so rough she lifted me off my heels," I yelped. I was in pain for about an hour afterwards. It just felt excessive and unnecessary.""

Qaeda's surgical strike: Breast & butt bombs [UNDETECTABLE by TSA]"

Gov Sarah Palin tweets to TSA: Profile!"

How to Think About the Tiny Cancer Risk Posed by Airport Scanners"

Schneier on Security - TSA Backscatter X-ray Backlash"

TSA Creeps Force Cancer Survivor to Expose Prosthetic Breast"

TSA Makes Cancer Victim Remove Prosthetic Breast A flight attendant and cancer survivor said she was forced to remove and show her prosthetic breast to a TSA agent during a security pat-down."

My Very Own TSA Nightmare - new category of suspect persons to the TSA: "traveling with scars" They took me aside and did the pat-down, feeling all over my body as is their habit. Then the TSA officer proceeded to feel my stomach as if I were a pregnant woman. He explained that I had a hard patch on my stomach and they wanted to check it and make sure it was all me. It was painful and disturbing. I informed the TSA officer that it was the scar from my colon cancer operation that went from my crotch to my sternum. A day later the scar still hurts from the kneading and prodding."

TSA Full-Body Scans Would Not Pass Hospital IRB Reviews An IRB is an Institutional Review Board, a group of physicians, scientists, lawyers, ethicists, and members of the community which meets periodically to review and approve or disapprove research projects.... If the IRB judges the risks outweigh the benefits, the research is denied."

The demand came last week from the politically-connected Muslim rights organization (CAIR) that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Janet Napolitano is actually considering exempting Muslims as per CAIR's demands."

"Former Orlando TSA officer gets probation in sex-slave case

A former Orlando TSA security officer arrested for allegedly molesting a minor pleaded no contest to one charge today and was sentenced to 10 years' sex-offender probation. A victim told deputies Bennett asked her to be his sex slave
and fondled her against her will."

"TSA officer charged in boy's kidnap attempt"

"TSA airport screener arrested for child porn also worked at Catholic school; Questions remain"

(How-many-tsa-sex-offenders DHS doc on TSA screenings from 2004)"

"A Review of Background Checks for Federal Passenger and Baggage Screeners at Airports" (pdf file)"

"Thread dedicated to TSA Criminal Activity"

"Former Orlando TSA officer gets probation in sex-slave case"

"TSA airport screener arrested for child porn also worked at Catholic school; Questions remain"

"TSA Agent Arrested at LAX (TSA using drugs at a party)"

"TSA Agent Accused of Harboring Fugitive"

"TSA officer at DIA arrested in connection with luring child online"

"TSA screener arrested for drug theft at Little Rock airport"

"TSA officer charged in boy's kidnap attempt - Police in Idaho say man also possessed documents for 5 separate identities"

"TSA Worker Arrested On Drug, Gun Charges"

" Memos Detail TSA Officer's Cocaine Pranks Worker joked about finding drugs in luggage"

"TSA screener arrested for beating co-worker"

"TSA Agent: "I am god, I'm in charge""

"TSA officer among duo arrested for stealing from fliers' luggage at JFK"

"Child rape charge rocks TSA"

"TSA- Screener Charged With Raping 14 Year Old Girl"

"TSA Agent arrested for sex crimes"

"TSA Employee Steals Over $200,000 in Electronics"

"TSA Forces Woman To Remove Nipple Rings

Compliments of BossLady Friday, November 19, 2010"

"...J. Brian Doyle, the former fourth-ranking official in DHS's propaganda directorate, who was arrested for conducting sexually explicit cyber-conversations with what he thought was a
cancer-stricken 14-year-old girl."

Sadeq Naji Ahmed - the Transportation Security Administration
hired him as an airport screener after the Air Force kicked him out for making statements supporting Osama bin Laden and praising the 9/11 attacks. Ahmed worked almost a year before enough people at the TSA found that he previously had his security clearance revoked and had to let him go."

"SCARY But Ignored: Terrorist Spies Successfully Infiltrated Top Classified US Cyber-Files
in March, a TSA employee was allowed to remain at his computer-
and inserted a virus-after he knew his TSA employment was terminated."""

"USB Stick May Have Contributed to Deadly Plane Crash
A corrupted USB stick contributed to Spain's worst air disaster on record,
according to a 12,000-page report cited by the Spanish newspaper El Pais and USA Today.
It was initially believed that the crash of Flight 5022 that killed 154 people in 2008
was the result of pilot error, but investigators have now concluded that
a computer infection spread through an infected USB stick may have contributed to the crash."""

"Are External USB Drives a Target for Espionage?"""

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