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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beck: Lessons from the Tower of Babel

Remember the words : The Hunter

PART 1 of Lessons of Babel can be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

GLENN BECK, HOST: Well, hello, America.

Let me give you some news here. Stock market tumbled today. It fell 178 points today.

Then this morning, I read a report out of China. Walmart, Gap and JC Penney are now worried about, quote, "terrifying" rise on cotton prices that could skyrocket your clothing prices by as much as 30 percent by spring. That's inflation — radical inflation.

We told you on this program for a while now and it's becoming more and more apparent to everyone: food prices are rising around the globe and they are beginning to hit here at home. This is going to be a real problem for those who are not prepared, especially those who are living the closest to the edge.

People will be looking for answers. People will be looking for anybody to do something — anything. And then there will be the hunter.
Remember that word, "the hunter."

The people who will be looking for power. They will have an answer to a problem that most likely they, themselves, created. And it won't be a new answer.

Time for us to focus on some answers…

The EU Building… One United Government.  Instead of amazing independent countries, Europe is now a continent of puppet states that rise and fall like dominoes… all strung together.  They have all been gobbled up.

Soros says the EU the greatest feat in social engineering.  Really??  Look at what has happened to Europe.  Is that really where you want to go?  Where you want the United States to go??  We all need to be screaming STOP, right now!!

The powers that be got the individual countries go give up their uniqueness, their individual currencies, their independence by selling them on the idea that they would then be a huge global power.

Beck:I want to talk to you here a little bit about the trouble that I believe is coming, and I've been telling you about it for a while. But I'm not going to — I'm tired of ringing the bell — I'm not going to ring the bell.

I want you to know that this program is going to start focusing on answers, on things that you can do. The answer is not going to come from Washington. It's going to come from you.

And just like the stewardess or the steward now on airplanes — I guess that would be me — put your tray tables in the upright and locked position and prepare. That's what we're going to do and I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do in the coming weeks and months. And we're going to — quite honestly, I believe people in this audience are going to lead the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Now, I want to start in kind of an unusual place. And we will start and end the program here. And believe me — this is worth the ending. I want to show you this building. This is where we start and end.

This is the E.U. parliamentary building. I don't know if you've ever seen it. Pretty striking. It's pretty dramatic the way it looks.

It's obviously an unfinished building. It is the symbol of one united Europe, one language — one Europe.

This is what George Soros calls it:  “The European Union was built by a process of piecemeal social engineering as advocated by Karl Popper.”  “Indeed, it's probably the most successful feat of social engineering in history.”, says Soros.

One World Government is the oldest story in the book…

Go back into the Bible and read about the Tower of Babble.  Don’t know the story?  Go to the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

BECK: OK. Popper, if I'm not mistaken, is George Soros' hero. He's a guy that you should look up because it's where we're headed. It is the — what does he call it — the greatest feat in social engineering.

Well, maybe. How is that social engineering working out today in Spain? They're sporting Europe's highest rate of unemployment at 20.5 percent. By the way, that's the country that led the way on the green jobs. Their debt is 63 percent of GDP.

Right next door, Portugal. They're at 11 percent unemployment. Their debt is 76 percent of GDP.

Greece, just when you thought it couldn't get worse for them, it did. Their debt hit a staggering 120 percent of GDP and they now have 12.2 unemployment.

And now the spill over to Ireland — unemployment is at 14 percent. Their debt has worsen to 65 percent of GDP. And Ireland is where the world is looking today.

The E.U., spearheaded by Germany, is urging Ireland to take the bail-out. Why? Well, to calm the global markets.

You see, we're all tied together now — and Europe, especially so. They're all tied together. What happens to one spreads to the others. It's dominoes.

Portugal is spooked, Spain is spooked. They can't withstand Ireland causing the shock to the system with bad news because they will topple.

We talked about this on the program before. Almost a year ago, I talked about the dominoes falling. Do you remember? This is when we — I think we were just talking about Greece. And at that time, Germany was telling Greece the same thing that Greece is now telling Ireland.

Well, it didn't work for Greece, now didn't it? It didn't help their situation much. They're still rioting in the streets. Their situation seems to be getting worse and worse. And yet, the E.U. is doing it all over again. Why not?

Now, why are they doing it? Well, let me alert all of the Soros bloggers out there on this one. Yes, are you ready?

Here's why they're doing it — here's why they're pushing everyone in to it because they're building a new world order and here's why it will fail. Are you ready? Because what they are aiming for is an affront to God.

Ahhh! How can Glenn Beck actually say it's an affront to God? I can tell you with 100 percent total assurity (ph).

Why? Because even when it's good intentions, we know what happens when big government gets control of the people. What? Oh yes. It's the oldest story in the book — I'll show it to you in a minute — history that will boggle your mind.

Ireland doesn't have the money. They're only good for part of 2011. So, why the wait? Because they know what happens when they go outside for help. They don't want to ask for the help. They don't want to take the help.

Why? Because they lose their uniqueness, they lose their sovereignty and they are afraid of being gobbled up. Ireland will no longer be Ireland anymore. They will have to do exactly what the E.U. says. They're on the hook.

We are on the verge now of doing the same thing they did years ago and it's not going to take us as long to reach their point of no return. Will we reach the point of Ireland or Greece? Oh, yes, we will. How do I know? Well, do you remember the $600 billion bailout?

Here it is from the Wall Street Journal: "Bucking the Federal Reserve's effort to push interest rates lower, investors are selling off U.S. government debt, driving rates in many cases to their highest levels in more than three months."

In other words, you know that whole "print the money thing" that they said is going to keep the interest rates or the yield so people will be able to buy it. Interest rate — yes, yes — highest levels in more than three months. Uh-oh! It means the exact opposite of what the Fed told us would happen is happening.

Should you be surprised that the central power has failed to control something? Of course. People are not cats to be rounded up. It's a trend all through history.

Do you know — do you know — show that building again. Do you know the idea behind this building?

I mean, Europe has not always been one big happy family. But they'll make it one big happy family. The idea was to join together, focus their power centrally and become a world super power. Then they abandon their currencies in favor of one currency and they officially tied each other together as nations.

You are seeing this in Ireland. They're pressured in to doing what is best for the E.U. first. Worry about your country afterwards.

When Greece falls, they fall. Ireland falls, they all fall. It's what we talked about on this program before — mutually assured economic destruction. Do you remember this? There is MAD, add an E in there — mutually assured economic destruction.

You're probably the only audience in America that has even heard of this theory. And it is what's happening to our world.

The whole world is being pushed into a global model of government. And George Soros, we told you, we've shown you the strings. The strings that he's pulling are amazing. Is it a coincidence that the E.U. and really — I mean, that's where we're going and he's a big fan — really?

Global government — that's everybody's answer, it seems today. Our Founders would say smaller government. Everyone who has power now is saying bigger. Tonight, I want to spend some time on global government — one big government, one language.

People, like George Soros, talk about global government like it's a brand new idea. You know, Popper is the guy who's — oh, he's a guy who's come up with this great idea. Really? No, it's actually one of the oldest ideas known to man.

Have you ever heard of the Tower of Babel? Oh, this is fascinating. Buckle up, gang. Here we go.

It has affected each and every one of our lives and our culture. Without us really even knowing, your kids start babbling, comes from this story.

Has anybody ever called — do you remember when we were kids, "You're a Nimrod"? This story — even Bugs Bunny called Elmer Fudd a Nimrod. Why did he call him a Nimrod? Because he was a hunter. How does Bugs Bunny calling someone a Nimrod because they're a hunter tie in to the Tower of Babel? It's all there. Everything.

The Bible is not really just a history book. It is really to teach us lessons so we don't forget them. They're the most important lesson in all of man. And you see the pattern — it's always the same pattern.

Well, what is the pattern we're supposed to be looking for? It's in the Book of Genesis. After the Great Flood, everybody on Earth was getting together and then, all of a sudden, somebody had a different idea: Hey, how about we all speak one language and we'll build a tower to reach the sky. Then God wasn't happy about it and he confused the language and they all scattered. That's probably your understanding of the Tower of Babel.

I've read the story many, many times and I never understood it until I talked to friend of mine. You can read it a million times and never fully understand it, unless — unless you have a rabbi, unless you can read it in ancient Hebrew.

I can't read Hebrew, I'm guessing you can't either, but we're both in luck, because I've got my rabbi. If you have 40 minutes, I promise you this will blow your mind.

We have Rabbi Lapin. How are you, sir?

PART 2 of Lessons of Babel can be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

The Tower of Power CD was given to Beck by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.


BECK: Good to see you.

The rabbi was — when was this, two or three months ago? And you handed me a CD that you made, "The Tower of Power."

LAPIN: Correct.

BECK: And you live in Seattle and you came out and you're on the set and you said, "Glenn, I don't know why I'm giving this to you. I just felt like I had to give this to you." I started listening to it and I told you this, I couldn't believe it because I was doing research on ancient Babylon.

LAPIN: Oh, my goodness.

BECK: And all of these things — and I look at this and it is the answer of the many of the things that I was looking for. The Tower of Babel, let's start up here. On this chalkboard here, I've written that things that I remember from the story. Great king says let's build a tower.

Why is that a problem? Who is the king? Why the tower?

LAPIN: Well, I mean, the important thing is what you said a few moments ago and that is that we're living now in a time where it's literally the first generation in history where people consider themselves educated and yet are biblically illiterate.

BECK: Right.

LAPIN: I mean, there are pundits who —

BECK: Historically illiterate.

LAPIN: In every possible way.

BECK: Right.

LAPIN: But imagine people who are the heirs of Western civilization not knowing the foundation of Western civilization. People are on television all over the place probably don't even know how many books are in the five books of Moses. So, I mean, we're talking about a remarkable effect, which people have dismissed the Bible as some obsolete collection of legends about long forgotten nation.

BECK: But even if it — let's just do this. Let's say, I don't know, Michael Moore is watching. And so, let's just say Michael is out there and he has, you know, got Cheetos all over himself and he's like, "It's a legend!"

Let's just look at the legend itself. I don't believe it's a legend. But what is it teaching? A great king says let's build a tower. What's wrong with that?

LAPIN: Right. Well, a few things are wrong with it.

First of all, he didn't actually say — according to Chapter 11 in Genesis and these nine verses really reveal this dark secret that lies at the deepest recesses of the human soul, which is our susceptibility to become slaves. It's there. It's ready. It can pounce at any moment and transform us into serfs.

And sure enough, these nine verses in Chapter 11 in Genesis, as you say, the King Nimrod doesn't say let's build a tower. He starts off with this extraordinary pronouncement: Hey, everybody, let's build bricks. And then he says let's build a city and a tower.

Now, ordinarily people would say, hey, let's build a city and a tower. A shining city on the hill, said John Winthrop. And people will say, how are you going to do it? Well, we'll make bricks. No, here, the key thing was let's make bricks.

And what's more he's not identified necessarily or early as a king. He's first identified as a hunter back in Chapter 10, verses 8-10.

Now, here's the key thing about that, Glenn — everybody was hunting.

BECK: Right.

LAPIN: Today, it's just the good guys hunt. But back then, everybody hunted. That's how you ate.

Why on earth would this one man, Nimrod, be identified as a hunter? Because he hunted, not animals, he hunted people. Not to kill them, he hunted people to seduce them into becoming his subjects and to allow him to become their master.

BECK: OK. So, he said — Nimrod, a great hunter of man, he says, let's build bricks. And then let's build a city. Why did he say let's build bricks first? What do the bricks represent?

LAPIN: Bricks are really important things here. Later on in the five books of Moses, ancient Jewish wisdom highlights the fact that that an altar — an altar to God must not be built of bricks, right? It has to be built with stones.

Why? Because this tension between the bricks and stones is absolutely crucial. Bricks and stones are a biblical metaphor for the way people should be stones, and the way we are easily pulled to be bricks.

BECK: I live in Connecticut. Stonewalls are so beautiful because everything is different. And it takes a real artist to be able to put them all together. So, you're saying the stones are representative of people, right? And they're all different —


LAPIN: Two differences between bricks and stones.

Number one, every brick is the same as every other brick. That's the whole point. They're totally interchangeable. If you want to turn people to bricks, you are able to turn them into interchangeable social economic cogs that can be just plugged around society.

The second thing about bricks is they're made by man. Stones are each unique. When we have a tradition in Western civilization that man is created the image of God, what it really means is that just as God is unique, so is every single human being is unique, just like a stone.

Don't allow other people to turn you into bricks, retain the personality of a person for which you are created.

BECK: It's a difference between "yes, I can," and "yes, we can."

LAPIN: Yes, exactly.

BECK: OK. So, Nimrod is a guy and he says, we want — I'm going to build — I'm going to build bricks. Was it — was it a real religious society? Because this is right after the Great Flood. Everybody is wiped off and everybody is scattered their own way. They all have their own language, right?

LAPIN: Many different languages.

BECK: And they're all — and they're all worshipping God.


BECK: And Nimrod comes and there's something about — you know, he had a — he had a new idea, right? Tell me about the new idea.

LAPIN: The new idea is — and is presented as the Babel blueprint. This is not long forgotten story. This is actually something which is as relevant today as it will be tomorrow, as it was when Robespierre was conducting the French Revolution. The principle is always the same.

The two competing ways of organizing human society: One is the Abraham vision of individual independence, individual accountability, God-centric — versus the idea of centralized control.

BECK: It can be really — I mean, even our Founders, both Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson were misled by Robespierre. They thought the French Revolution was good. It's a very subtle difference if you don't know what you're looking for, right?

LAPIN: Very important. Exactly right.

BECK: And Thomas Paine ended up in prison in it.

LAPIN: So, Abraham gives the vision of individual independence, which always has to include economic impendence. That's absolutely crucial. And sure enough, Abraham, first man in the Bible described as a wealthy man, a blessing, a good thing. Not a curse — a good thing.

BECK: OK. All right. So, when we come back, the bricks and the mortar.

And when — America, when you find out what the mortar means in Hebrew, right?


BECK: Yes. What the mortar — what the translation — mortar is not mortar. Bricks are not bricks in this story. When you see it and you begin to see the parallels of what is happening today — remember this is a story to remind us what not to do.

And then, God gets mad and punishes them. No, no, he doesn't. Wait until you hear the rest of the story.

Back in just a second.


BECK: I think I've turned into the Church Lady today.


I want to talk to you a little bit about the Tower of Babel. Why? When you hear the whole story of the Tower of Babel you will see the pattern is being repeated today and it will end the same way unless we wake up.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is here — a friend of mine — president of the American Alliance for Jews and Christians. An extraordinarily brave man and a man who is part of the Black Robe Regiment. It's good to have you here.

LAPIN: Wonderful to be with you Glenn, thank you.

BECK: I want to talk to you — I want to pick it up at — we have the Tower of Babel.


BECK: A hunter, a king — Nimrod — says, let's build bricks and then we'll build a tower. But the bricks represent people. He's taking people and making them all uniform and exactly the same, right?

But in that part, he says bricks — we'll use bricks and mortar, right? What is the mortar? Bricks and mortar — why is the mortar part important?

LAPIN: Yes. Well, so this Bible blueprint is a depiction for all time of how the world really works.


LAPIN: And one way it really works is that in every epoch, there is always going to be somebody who tries to seize power. What these 11 verses — these nine verses in Chapter 11 tell us is here are the things you have to watch out for. Here are the things that a potential tyrant is going to do in order to seduce you.

Number one, he is going to have a tower. Now, a tower means reaching for the skies — appealing to everything that is great in human nature.

Now, look, any leader, whether you're taking care of your family, whether you're running a business, whether you're a military leader — you know, military recruiters don't say: Hey, come join us. The food is horrible. You're likely to get killed and you're going to be a horribly hot — they don't do that. Step forward and play a role to defend your country, be all you could be. You appeal to the highest in human nature.

That's what tyrants learn to do as well.

BECK: Here's what — here's what he did though. He erased religion. He said God is not important, right?

LAPIN: Correct, making a war on heaven. Yes.

BECK: Right. We're making a war on heaven, really, and we're building a tower to reach heaven.

LAPIN: And we don't need God. We don't need stones. We don't need anything that God created because you are great, people are great. All of this is going to be built with bricks and we're going to make you all interchangeable. That's why tyrants will do exactly that.

BECK: OK. And the mortar that holds those bricks together.

LAPIN: Yes now, in Hebrew, mortar is very related — same word really as the word materialism. And you can actually even hear the similarity transfer into the English language. Mortar — M, T, R are the key consonants. Material — matter — same word essentially.

And it's very important because the lesson from ancient Jewish wisdom here is that you can bond people and unify people with a sense of common spiritual purpose, but if you're going to eliminate the spiritual — if you're going to take God entirely out of the picture — then you can unify people through materialism.

Get people in debt, use your credit cards, folks. Buy stuff. Acquire stuff. And then you can rent storage facilities to keep the stuff you bought that you don't need.

But that way, we're all in this together and we can all talk about the great commercials we saw during the football game. And we're all in this great materialistic splurge because it will unite people.

BECK: America, I want you — I want you to think about this. What he's saying here is — the king made everybody into bricks so they're all exactly the same. Everyone is equal. Everyone is equal.

And then the mortar that holds it together is the stuff, the material. Not the — not their common experiences of spiritualist or even history.

Think about this: What holds us together as a nation? Two years ago, did you know a lot of our own history? How many Americans right now can't tell you the Signers, can't tell you anything about the American Revolution, can't tell you about Frederick Douglass, can't tell you anything about our history?

But we all know Nike. We all know the Mercedes Benz logo. We all know everything about materialism. If you take — think about what you're headed for — if you take our materialism, our stuff, our wealth, our TVs, our phones, if you take that away, what holds our bricks together?

LAPIN: Exactly right. And what any tyrant knows is that you cannot enslave a people that believe in the boss. You have can't. And so, therefore, any tyranny will always begin to develop a hostility to traditional biblical faith, a hostility to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a hostility to biblical commitment of any kind at all.

You always find that, whether it's Cuba or the Soviet Union or anywhere else, secularism becomes the religion of the day. In fact, I gave it a name — secular fundamentalism, I think, is the religion of the day.

BECK: OK. So, I want to take a break because I guess where we go now is God gets mad and punishes them but actually, this is a happy ending.

LAPIN: It's wonderful ending.

BECK: Yes.

LAPIN: And because it's one filled with hope for us, I think.

BECK: Right. Because it's not — God doesn't get mad and he doesn't punish them. And then we're going to — then we're going to end where we began with the actual picture of the Tower of Babel. Blow your mind! Coming up.


BECK: I have been telling you in the last few years that higher food prices are coming. I told you earlier today that I saw report out of — I think it was Shanghai — out of China, one of the big distributor for clothing in America, JC Penney, Wal-Mart and — what was the other one? Target? Oh, the Gap. The Gap is saying — all three of those retailers are now saying that clothing prices could go up as much as 30 percent by spring.

Please prepare. Please prepare. We're going to help you do those things in the coming weeks, in days and months quite honestly, because you're going to be presented with a choice.

And the choice is: We can be bricks and we can — "yes, we can," or "yes, I can." And I can reach out to my community and I can reach out to my neighbor and I can help. And together, a collection of strong eyes will make the strongest "we" the world has ever seen. We have done it before.

Now, there is a new global order that is coming. George Soros doesn't seem to have a place for the American free market system or the American system at all. Now, we're being shoved head first by our own people. We have seen bill after bill that does nothing but collapse our system.

Health care already costs — they are already going through the roof. At least 111 companies have been declared exempt from having to use Obamacare — many of them, the ones who helped design it. If it's the most historic bill of all time, why would anyone, who helped design it, especially, want to be exempt from it? It is so delicious. Even the group who helped designed the bill, the unions, getting exemptions from it now. It's a job killer and an economy killer. You know it and I know it and so do they.

Europe is ahead of us. They're on fire because of the similar policies that they have done years ago and they've all failed.

What they created over there is coming apart at the seams. But instead of admitting wrong, they're doubling down and trying to force the entire globe in a new world order.

This may seem like a new story to you, but a new world order is not. The very fist time that this was tried — let me bring in Rabbi Lapin. He is the president of the American Alliance for Jews and Christians.

Rabbi, the very first time socialism or communism or new world order was tried was the Tower of Babel, right?


BECK: OK. So let's just pick the story up. If you missed the story — if you missed the first half of the show, DVR the show, man. What are you thinking? The idea was this hunter of men started to erase God. He became king.


BECK: He said, Let's make people all like bricks, all the same, not like stone. The mortar that will hold those bricks together is materialism.


BECK: And we'll have this utopia. We'll build a tower that will reach the heavens.

LAPIN: Yes. You will be able to fulfill your highest aspirations in that fashion.

BECK: We're all bricks.

LAPIN: And I urge people to read the story and to listen to us, not as if we're describing some long forgotten historic event, but we're describing what is really happening today and will happen in our grandchildren's generation somewhere in the world again.

It will happen over and over again.

BECK: OK. So now, tell me the happy ending, because I've always read the story and God gets angry and comes down and he scatters the people.

LAPIN: OK, fine.

Well, to just put into context, the surest indicator that this is going on is when your leaders try to turn you from stones in to bricks. And there are lots of different ways that's done depending on the epoch in history.

Right now, for instance, you might find that people might want to get you out of one of the most beautiful expressions of freedom and independence, the automobile. You can buy it in whatever color you want, whatever make you want. You can go whenever you like, when you like.

No, we want you all in public transport. And it's always for the tower, always for a higher purpose. We're going to save the environment.
We're going to have fewer cars. Surely, you want to save the environment.

And then, housing — where the housing is in Cabrini Green in Chicago and Moscow, the government housing always looks the same — everybody in ticky-tacky little boxes, because we want everybody to be like bricks.

And there will also be a war on state's rights because we're taking away individuals' rights. We even take away the states rights. It's all going to go to the tower in the middle. And we see that happening as well.

So the blueprint of Babel is absolutely reliable.

And God comes along and as you correctly said earlier, doesn't punish the people. The name of God used in the Hebrew text is not judgment God; it's the mercy god.

And he is saying, I'm on the side of people. I'm not on the side of tyrannical government. I'm on the side of the Abraham model which happens to be the model subscribed to passionately and fervently by the founders of the United States.

BECK: So what he says — because we're going to have to take a break here — what he basically says is I'm going to make you back into stone, not into bricks.

LAPIN: That's exactly right. Exactly.

BECK: And that's why he confuses their language because they're no longer working as one.

LAPIN: Yes. He's not crazy about the one world idea.

BECK: Right.

And he's not punishing them because the people thought they were doing the right thing. It's almost like social justice. People are getting involved in social justice which is a perversion, in most cases or in many cases of that Jesus idea or the grand idea of help one another.

It's push it — like Jim Wallis says — push it into the government, into the tower. They think they are doing good and that's why God didn't punish them. He blessed them by making them stones again, right?

LAPIN: Correct.

BECK: Now, here comes the big finish, boys. Wait until you see. I'm going to start back again or end where we began the show in something that will boggle your mind.

Back in a minute.

BECK: Back with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Now, we have been talking about the Tower of Babel, the hunter — Nimrod was a great king but he was actually a hunter. And the difference between bricks and stones — these are individuals. This is — everybody is exactly the same. The mortar that held the bricks together was materialism, and they were building a tower, the Tower of Babel.

All right. I'm going to start where I began tonight. Bring up the E.U. Parliament building. Love this. Beautiful building, isn't it? Look at that.

Now, let me go back to the Tower of Babel. Put the tower of Babel back up. Here is the Tower of Babel. Here, you see it's unfinished — it's unfinished, a little doorway over here. Pretty amazing. Put them side-by-side, please. Coincidence?

LAPIN: Well, there is no word in Hebrew for "coincidence," Glenn. I have to reject the coincidence theory.


BECK: This is amazing. If you look at the unfinished doorway here and here and the doorway here, the little doorways up here, the doorway here, you have these — what would you call these?

LAPIN: Vertical buttresses.

BECK: Buttresses —

LAPIN: Yes, they are.

BECK: Which are all right here. It's unfinished. Same angle, area — I mean, it's unbelievable.

LAPIN: And how it steps down, all the unfinished work in both pictures —

BECK: Right.

LAPIN: In the same direction, both from right to left. Strange.

BECK: So now, you're not saying, Rabbi — you're not saying that they intentionally are building the Tower of Babel?

LAPIN: I think they are. I really do.

I do believe and was told that the design of the headquarters of the European Parliament in Strasburg, France was the designers were asked to make it resemble the Tower of Babel.

BECK: They said — because we called — we tried to verify. And what they say is they're just reflecting, like, the Coliseum.

LAPIN: Yes, that's what we want to build in Europe, right? That's the place where Christians got fed to lions.

BECK: Right. So that would really make — it really doesn't make it any better. But it is remarkable, especially since — what was the name of that report? Virginia, what was the name of that report? One tongue, one language or —

LAPIN: Many languages, one people.

BECK: Yes. Something like that. Yes. Their actual slogan is "Many languages, one family," which goes again to Nimrod's story of

LAPIN: They can't help it, Glenn. Anybody who is following the Babel blueprint wants to eliminate distinctions between individuals and between countries and bring it all together under one tower of government.

BECK: OK. So now, look. Here is the thing, America. I don't know if that's what they were — I mean, that is — wow! I don't know if that's what they were doing. I don't really care.

I just know the lesson you should learn here is that we're stones.
We're not all made exactly alike, and materialism is the mortar that holds us together. So now, what are we going to do about it?

Oh, that's right. I told you that it was starting on solutions and answers. Yes. Next.

PART 3 of Lessons of Babel can be seen here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

Interesting: Europe’s Part in the End Times

Interesting: Europe’s Part in the End Times

Join Glenn’s de-clutter campaign and use the money to get out of debt or prepare.

Starting next year, because of the healthcare bill, if you sell anything worth more than $600 you have to send out a 1099

Don’t incur any new debt and plan on becoming a shelter for others during the difficult times that are coming.

BECK: This program is going to stop just warning people about what's coming and we are going to be a part of the solution. Tonight, we take another step in that direction.

I just told you the story of the Tower of Babel and how Nimrod tried to make everybody into a brick. And everybody is not a brick. We're stones — made them into a brick and materialism was the mortar that kept everybody together.

We've got to — we've got to stop worrying about stuff that we have and not be another brick in the wall, play a role in a stone foundation.

Last night, I told you to go home and talk to your spouse and your families about downsizing your life. I told you that there is a study out there that shows the average person has $25,000 of unused stuff in their house. I find that amazing.

Well, I made a decision to downsize my life by decluttering my house and selling the stuff that my wife and I — we don't use. We went around our house this weekend and we tagged all the stuff. And we're going to start selling it now on a website called, It's coming up next week. I'm going to have it posted next week.

I'm donating all the proceeds of my stuff to a very special cause this Christmas. And you'll find out more in just a few days. Find all the details about what I'm doing at

Now, I'm — to be totally upfront with you, I'm using UPillar because they happen to be a sponsor of my radio show and I know the guy who started UPillar. I think the guy is a genius. You can use whatever you want. You can sell it on eBay or Craigslist or whatever. These guys don't charge anything for it.

Now you could have just a yard sale — that is if the government is still allowing that in your area. And don't forget, starting next year, in the health care bill, for some unknown reason, if you sell anything worth more than $600, you need to send out a 1099. So this will be your last chance before the end of the year to do all the selling without any of the paperwork.

Get the clutter out of your life. And then, I ask you to please use that money wisely. Invest it. Invest it in food storage. Have the extra on hand, because we need to be a shelter for others.

Over the next few days, I'm going to show you what is happening to our food and energy prices and our clothing prices. I told you earlier the price of cotton is 95 percent increase this year — 95 percent. Do you know what that means for the price of clothing?

Bloomberg had a story today: "The Gap, Wal-Mart Clothing cost Rise on Terrifying Cotton Prices." The director at a China market research group warns American consumers better get used to rising prices on the shelves of Wal-Mart and other retailers.

The world is about to change, so we must. Please don't incur any new debt. Focus on being a shelter for others. Do these things and realize that you are a stone, not a brick and that God is our master, not man.

We do these things together, together as strong individuals. We will change the world.

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To save America and freedom  we must grow our own George Washingtons… by educating ourselves, by educating our children, by standing up and being examples for the next generation, by turning back to God, and by being prepared for all emergencies and then be willing to share and be generous when the tough times come.

Every tyrant knows that you cannot enslave a people who believe in God… 

We will all eventually be called on to either be part of the the problem or part of the solution.

ObamaCare is a disaster… most of the people who helped get it passed… like unions have already gotten waivers. And we are seeing that again right now with the TSA scam, that George Soros is making money off of.  The little guy, the average good person is the one who is victimized and harassed, the leaders are always exempt and often even on the perpetrators… again look at the TSA example.

Think about it~

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Glenn Beck's 40 Days & 40 Nights Challenge

Beck's 40-DAy 40-Night Challenge

We will need someone bigger than ourselves to get through this one!!

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