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Reading Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election is a great place to start!

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And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soros: The Puppet Master - Collapsing Currencies Internationally Part III

Soros:  “I want my conscience to be the conscience of the world.”

In Case You Missed Parts I and II: 

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Glen Beck:  “America, tonight, I ask you to watch this program with an open mind. I ask you to put your partisan differences aside and really listen. And then do your own homework. Don't take my word for it. Research yourself. This is far too important.”

PART 1 Collapsing Currencies here!  -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

“Just Write:  The Former Soviet Empire is Now the Soros Empire.”,  George Soros

It takes a cold heart to know what you are doing is destroying people’s lives.  And now his focus is on us… on America!!!  …from his own words and he has a history of creating chaos.

Inflation is coming under the Soros plan of the orderly destruction of America

When Soros manages the decline of the dollar… who do you think will suffer and pay?

-->  Read the Beck TV Background Guide to George Soros <--

Remember… Soros sees himself as God and he sees Global Governance replacing the present system as the answer.

There is a pattern… a footprint.  Soros has brought down banks and governments before!!

This is how George Soros sees us: “The main obstacle between and Just and stable “World Order” is the United States!”  

PART 2 Collapsing Currencies here!  - CLICK FOR VIDEO

If you have saved all your life to retire, it is now worth 30% less, over the past 10-years already.

It is important to know history… Look up the history of Czechoslovakia


Do any sound familiar?? He has already done it 4-time before and is now working on the U.S.

Form a shadow party

Control the airwaves

Destabilize the State

Provoke an election crisis

Stage massive demonstrations

Form a shadow party 

(using humanitarian aid as a cover) which Soros does through OSI

Well, Open Society, his little group, Open Society, started by the guy with SDS, it was one of only a handful of groups that spent $123 million to push finance reform. Soros quote said, "Do something about the distortion of our electoral process by the excessive use of TV advertising." So, he wanted to make sure that lies couldn't distort things.

Well, it wasn't long after that speech at Columbia University that, lo and behold, Senator Russ Feingold, a progressive, and a few months later, with John McCain, a Republican progressive, came with a proposal in hand for what would eventually become the McCain-Feingold Act. The irony, if it is, is that McCain-Feingold ultimately led to the explosion of 501(c)(3) groups which can advertise at will — 501(c)(3) groups.

Oh, 501(c)(3)groups, you mean like Sojourners or Color for Change or the Tides Foundation or Media Matters or People for the American Way or, Center for American Progress, the Apollo Alliance, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights — you mean those things?

You see, we had the McCain-Feingold Act and then mysteriously, almost unbeknownst to everyone, those groups became very powerful, much more powerful. And guess who controls most of the most powerful? George Soros.

George Soros, in the aftermath of 9/11, talked about police action as an alternative to war. Now, did anybody pick up on that? This is what he said: "War is a false and misleading metaphor in the context of combating terrorism. Crimes require police work, not military action."

George Soros. “Here he is, the Democratic candidate for president, John Kerry, adopting crimes require police work not military action positions…

Shadow Party Members… John Kerry, John Edwards, the Clintons, Obama, John McCain, Russ Feingold, Arianna Huffington, Nancy Pelosi to name just a few, controlling and working through a long list of media outlets and 501c3 foundations.

The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party

Open Society Institute (OSI) - Soros’ Charitable Arm is  headed up by Bill Ayers

The McCain-Feingold Bill limiting corporate donations to campaigns led to the control of the Democrats via Soros' 501c controlled operations.

Running the Shadow Conventions:  Arianna Huffington, Jim Wallace

Control the airwaves

Remember the 100 million that Soros just gave NPR to hire new liberal reporters and to further his agenda.

And then the money to silence Beck…

Destabilize the State

Days after President Obama was elected, George Soros again set the agenda. He said, quote, "I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets, because they are not allowed by the Constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars. In addition, another infrastructure program is necessary. In total, the cost would be between $300 billion and $600 billion range."

Well, what was on Obama's — the first thing on his agenda? The $787 billion stimulus bill. Gee. I remember this and I remember saying at the time, who wrote this? It was too complex. It was too early in his — oh, yes, that's right. The Apollo Alliance.

Where does the Apollo Alliance come from? The Tides Foundation. And where does the Tides Foundation get a lot of their funding? George Soros.

Soros also heavily promotes green jobs in cap-and-trade. Also, days after Obama was elected, he called for a new energy bill. "I think this is a great opportunity to financially deal with global warming and energy independence. The U.S. needs a cap-and-trade system with the auctioning of license for emissions rights. I would use the revenues from these auctions to launch a new environmentally friendly energy policy that would be yet another federal program that could help us overcome the current stagnation."

Well, Congress introduced — but you stood up, you said, I don't think so. The audience started to revolt. Cap-and-trade failed.

Now, through Freedom of Information Act, we find out that the Department of Energy and the EPA actually coordinated their response to damming reports on green jobs from Spain with the help of George Soros and his Center for American Progress — which gets their funding from here, George Soros.

Here it is, December 9th, 2004. Also there was this piece of information. This guy. Where is Eli? Eli Pariser, there he is. He headed the Soros group, the front group MoveOn.PAC.

Now, he wasn't upset that Kerry lost. Why? He explained this is an e-mail, this is important that you understand.

Quote, "In the last year, grassroots contributors like us gave more than $300 million to the Kerry campaign and the DNC and proved that the party doesn't need corporate cash to be competitive. It's now our party. We bought it. We own it. And we're going to take it back."

Do you understand what just happened? George Soros got rid of all of the corporate money through McCain-Feingold which then allowed all the 501(c)(3)s to come in, this one might help and this one might help and this one might help.

And all the 501(c)(3)s now make their party lift their hands. The money is the string. They control everything. They tell the party what to do.

You've been watching the show. You think Democrats are still Democrats? They're not. They're not.

I want you to understand there are two kinds of puppets here. The first puppet is the puppet organizations, you know, I don't know, this is the musicians union and maybe this is SEIU, and the AFL-CIO, and ACORN. Their job on stage is to create an illusion of a big dramatic movement that is happening, a grassroots.

You know how Nancy Pelosi is always saying, oh, that's a grassroots and that's Astroturf? Right. They're doing something on the stage. And they're getting you to believe something. But it's all part of the show.

The second kind of puppet is an individual puppet. It could be John Kerry. It could be Van Jones. It could be Andy Stern, Richard Trumka, perhaps President Obama.

Have you ever wondered who is at the other end of a BlackBerry? No president has ever had that. That was a security risk.

Why did we spend so much money? Who does he need to talk to? Who does he need to see text from? Who's writing the damn speeches on the teleprompter everywhere?

There are also two storylines. If you — if you would come to a show, there's always two storylines and you'll see it in different movies about stages and stage performers. Even "Moulin Rouge" is just a favorite movie of my family.

Two stories — there is what's happening on stage, and then there's the one behind the stage. You don't ever see what's happening behind.

But the story that they're telling on stage and they're acting out, you know. Oh, the government needs to spend more money to stimulate the economy. No, no. We need more government intervention. Those evil rich people won't spend their money. We need more taxes. All that. You know this story line.

But how much of it is real? How much of it is orchestrated? Well, there's only one way to find out that answer and that is you have to look behind the curtain.

On this program over the years, we have shown you the people who are taking our country apart piece-by-piece and we've shown it to you in their own words. Well, we didn't expect to find many of the things that they said, because many times they've said these things and they thought they were behind the curtain. They didn't expect you to see these words — words from even the president of the United States.

Provoke an election crisis

Creating distrust in the electoral system…

Remember his Secretary of States Project: Soros-supported ‘Secretary of State Project’ Dealt Blow in Midterm Elections

Stage massive demonstrations

He's at the AFL-CIO. That wasn't part of the story line. That wasn't supposed to be revealed. That was behind the curtain. He was talking to the AFL-CIO, behind the scenes.

Over the next couple of nights, we'll do our best to give you a complete tour of the show, the puppet, the money strings, the story lines, behind the stage, everything. Not just the parts they want you to see — and again, I don't want you to take my word for it. I want you to read all of this yourself.

All of the links and information and additional reading material will be available at Also in my free e-mail newsletter, you can sign out for it there. Also, we have put it on There are new stories about George Soros today.

And also amazing stories about violence from MSNBC. We have a commentator last night saying that we wonder if there should be a revolution. Of course, he's saying now, of course, the answer is yes, and maybe even a violent revolution. It's amazing — it's amazing what you are missing when you don't know what you're looking for.

This isn't a conspiracy. That was on MSNBC. It's all out in the open.

I believe you take a man at his word and George Soros has publicly dedicated his life to this. He has even said he's willing to die for what he believes in. Here he is.

PART 3 Collapsing Currencies here!   -  CLICK FOR VIDEO

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