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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Media Matters on Breitbart Cancellation: Let This ‘Serve as a Warning to Other Outlets’

“Strategist Charles Krauthammer Late on Election Night 2010 …  “For the Next Two Years Obama Will Be Working on His Agenda Mostly Under the Radar Where We Generally Won’t Notice or Can’t See!”.  Yesterday’s Victories were Great… But We Must be More Vigilant than Ever

Still glowing from a clean win after NPR’s firing of Juan Williams, the anti-free speech forces on the Left are already dancing in the aisles with the news of their victory over ABC News, who caved to their demands and canceled Andrew Breitbart’s involvement in an online townhall just a few hours before it was set to begin.


David Brock of Media Matters sends a chilling message, stating in no uncertain terms that he hopes the ABC News experience…

“…serves as a warning to other outlets before they too gamble with their credibility.

And obviously, Media Matters will be the final arbiter of just when these other outlets are “gambling with their credibility.”

Meanwhile… James Rucker, Executive Director of something called ColorOfChange writes on Huffington Post, one of the online publications that demanded ABC News rescind their invitation

Victory — ABC News Drops Andrew Breitbart.

This is a huge victory against Breitbart’s brand of race-baiting propaganda and lies, and it couldn’t have happened without the quick and powerful outcry from thousands of us all across the country.

Does this sound like grassroots?:, together with CREDO Action, led the charge to pressure ABC News to rescind their offer to Breitbart, circulating a petition letter that secured more than 125,000 signatures and resulted in over 2,000 phone calls to The Walt Disney Company and the Disney-ABC Television Group, which owns ABC News, over the last two days. presented the signatures and thousands of member comments yesterday, as it began facilitating phone calls to key executives at ABC and Disney.

There will always be a totalitarian left eager to silence opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, the very same institutions who should be at the forefront of fighting these blacklisters, the news media, seem all too eager to comply.

Source: Big Journalism  -  Media Matters on Breitbart Cancellation: Let This ‘Serve as a Warning to Other Outlets’  -  Posted by John Nolte Nov 2nd 2010 at 4:30 pm in ABC, Mainstream Media, Media Matters |Comments (11)

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