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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meg Whitman "Nannygate" Proven To Be Union Dirty Trick

Meg Whitman "Nannygate" Proven To Be Union Dirty Trick

Most people assumed this was the case, but now there is proof.  The "nannygate" incident which essentially toppled Meg Whitman's campaign for Governor of California was a political dirty trick orchestrated by the nurses union.

At the end of September the California Governors race was taken over by Gloria Allred, attorney, Democratic Party advocate, lover of the TV Camera, and protector of scandalous "other woman." According to Allred, Nicky Diaz-Santillan "toiled" for  Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman for nine years, and was fired in June 2009.

Ms. Allred, savior of the downtrodden "d-listers," claimed that Diaz was fired "for what appeared to be political reasons involving Ms. Whitman's decision to run for governor." Ms Whitman, on the other hand claimed the former nanny falsely filled out immigration forms when she first applied for employment as a housekeeper and was not, in fact, a legal resident of the United States. The Republican candidate Meg Whitman says that Ms. Diaz was terminated because she lied about her resident status.

According to the SF Chronicle the entire incident was brought to the forefront by the California Nurses Association in order to sabotage the Whitman campaign

This is how it went down. The Nurses Union as well as other labor forces were actively campaigning against the GOP candidate, even to the extent of protesting in front of her house.

Video:  1000+ Corrupt Inexperienced Union Nurses Protest in Front of Meg Whitman's Private Residence

At the beginning of September Diaz complained to a friend that she thought her dismissal was unfair. That friend knew the  California Nurses Association's stance on Whitman, and gave the information to a friend at the Nurses Union.

The union called in two lawyers for Diaz: Marc Van Der Hout, a longtime immigration attorney in San Francisco, and celebrity feminist attorney Gloria Allred, a fierce workplace rights litigator who arranged for Diaz to tell her story in a live-webcast news conference.
Asked to confirm her organization's role in Diaz's case, Rose Ann DeMoro, the nurses union executive director, said Monday, "I won't deny it, but I prefer not to comment directly on the case."
But several sources close to the matter, speaking on condition that they not be named, have now confirmed the union's role in Diaz's emergence, a moment labor leaders hailed as a watershed in the immigrant-rights movement - and political opponents have called a classic campaign dirty trick.
...One union insider said the first reaction to news that one of Whitman's former housekeepers wanted to go public was an elated "Thank you, thank you, thank you."
But, "we were concerned about her immigration status - and concerned about her," the source said.
Diaz was carefully vetted and interviewed by union insiders, and counseled "for days" regarding the implications of going public as an undocumented worker, sources said.

Diaz's emergence sleazily orchestrated by Gloria Allred was a turning point in the campaign.  Most polls say a key factor in Jerry Brown's win was the Diaz. This goes to show the lengths a union will go, to protect the progressive agenda and prevent states from making the cuts necessary to climb back to solvency.

Source:  The LID

And are we in the middle of another leftist union ploy???

TSA controversy a union ploy?
Remember when the progressive left complained non-stop about warrantless wiretaps and the Patriot Act? It seems they no longer fear government overreaches because the same people who were screaming are now cheering on the new TSA procedures. One possible reason? The TSA recently won the right to unionize, and the AFL-CIO is running to the defense of TSA agents who are getting lots of heat. Was this a ploy by the unions? Glenn has more on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

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