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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dollar and Scrip - Devaluing The Dollar... GOLD and SILVER – Alert (Part II)

The Dollar and Scrip

If gold and silver can’t hack it as currencies, basically because there is not enough of either of them to be used as currency, there is a sensible alternative, one that is both legal, was used extensively during the Great Depression, and is very stabilizing and practical, at the local level.

It is called ‘scrip’. It is an alternative, or complementary currency, that is not legal tender. It is based solely on the credibility of the issuer as a person or group that can be trusted by other people.

The more businesses that accept a scrip, and the more people who use it, the more powerful and effective it is. When used properly, it can keep local government and markets functioning.

It is also a tightly controlled currency. It does not suffer from inflation or deflation. Prices are fixed. And the currency can be recalled or reissued at any time. During the Great Depression it was used hundreds of times, and greatly improved the lot of people in its area that used it.

Today, a modern version of scrip could even be printed on plain paper, with little or no worry that it could be counterfeited or used in the black market. This is because the reverse of the scrip would be printed with a (public domain) encrypted data matrix bar code. Data matrix bar code readers are common.

How does scrip work?

People take dollars to the scrip issuer and get scrip in return, at the fixed exchange rate. Even if the dollar inflates, the scrip retains its value. Retailers sell goods for scrip at a fixed price, or include their own discount, and are able to buy more goods from producers for scrip as well. Then the producers redeem their scrip for dollars from the issuer.

While the issuer has a bunch of dollars, he can use them to bulk purchase goods (like pharmaceuticals) not made in the region. This gives the most efficient use for dollars. These he can then provide to retailers just like a producer. This also gives participating retailers exclusive goods that no other retailers carry.

Because of the encrypted bar code, scrip can be registered as the property of a particular person. It remains theirs alone until it is scanned, and the owner enters a PIN number to verify the sale.

Even the value of a scrip bill can change automatically, to subtract sales taxes. Some scrip bills lose 2% of their value automatically each month, to discourage hoarding.

And ironically, people who are now saving gold and silver should not in any way see scrip as a threat to their assets—in fact, scrip *protects* the value of their gold and silver. It provides an exchange system in which they can cash it in if they need to, so they can have the common currency. In other words, they can make change, which matters if you have an ounce of gold, yet just want to buy a dozen apples.

So they should become as familiar as they can with scrip.

Importantly, though, the one thing that is forbidden is for people to try and *base* their scrip on gold and silver, because this will summon the federals like nothing else. So the gold and silver have to remain on the periphery of the system—which is probably fine and dandy with those who have gold and silver.



The video below is from Glenn Beck's TV show on Fox News Channel from November 4th, 2010, and it's an excellent segment discussing the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar, and the sort of inflation that's coming.

It's really a bit disappointing how many Americans still don't get it, but that's how it goes. It's really up to us to help gently coax them awake, and if they roll over and refuse to budge, we must move on.
Eventually, when prices of everything have doubled within a week, they'll wake up in a cold sweat. I hope we're ready for them...their refusal to prepare is going to really spread resources thin should we choose to help those who refuse to prepare.

Perhaps if you show them this video clip it will help; please share this with everybody in your 9.12 Project Group, your Tea Party group, and everybody in your email list who is at all likely to be a 9.12'er; actually, considering how close we might just be to this sort of thing (we won't know, of course, until it begins), you might want to invite your neighbors over and watch this with them, then ask them to prepare themselves & their families.

It's far easier to convince your friends, relatives, co-workers, church congregation members, neighbors, etc. to prepare before hand, than to divide up your stuff, or worse, have to defend it, after people start going hungry. And if they call you crazy, or if they ignore you, at least you have done your part, and you won't have to answer their question: "Why didn't you warn us if you knew this was coming?"

Remember when George Soros told Germany that they're 'a threat to Democracy' if they cut spending? Now, thanks to Glenn Beck's recent TV shows exposing Soros, it should be far more clear, far more apparent what's happening.

Here's Glenn from last week:

Beck:  DeValuing the Dollar

And now we need to also remember to prepare, for not only does God help those who help themselves, He also most certainly expects us to do all we can, before we can expect him to intercede on our behalf. If we take no thought but to ask Him for His help, if we ignore His counsel, shen we have been slow to obey, we cannot expect him to be quick to hear our cries.

Please prepare your family; it's better to be safe than sorry!

Whether you just buy some extra cans of soup, some extra sugar, extra cereal, etc. at Wal-Mart Supercenter or Neighborhood Market, Costco, Sam's Club, Safeway, Smith's, Piggly Wiggly, SuperTarget, Kroger, Food Lion, Albertson's, or elsewhere, whether you load up on wheat, oats, and rice, or you get a full year's supply of meals for your whole family from, please do something.
It may or may not be necessary this month, or even this year, but it is always smart to prepare, and it buys you peace of mind.

Regardless of where you get it from, you have probably heard that wheat prices are set to rise, and with this Quantitative Easing garbage going on, the monetization of the progressive Democrats' reckless deficit spending, preparedness is the best policy.

Please, ensure your family will have the food, water, cash, and fuel needed for what may come. And if this ends up being just another news story, at least you will have peace of mind, and you won't be caught unprepared when things DO go wrong in your area, or across America. The floods, hurricanes, etc. recently have shown us the wisdom of preparedness. Eventually, we'll all need to be prepared. Hopefully we won't need it this month. I pray we won't. But either way, please prepare your family!

GOLD & SILVER - Alert >> The Final Countdown - Get prepared don't hesitate. (bank collapse coming)

These videos have to do with the banking holiday - the shorts in silver are going to cause banks to close.

Suggestions on what to do now. Go to Google news and put in "currency wars" as a search term.

GOLD & SILVER - The Final Countdown - Get prepared don't hesitate. PART 1  - 

GOLD & SILVER - The Final Countdown - Get prepared don't hesitate. PART 2  -

--> WOW… Even SNL Admits Glenn Beck was Right About Buying Gold - That really does mean that the world as we know it is about to end!! <--

All of us need to prepare… have some food and water on hand; some cash; some precious metals if possible (gold and silver coins etc); a little gasoline if you have a safe way to store it; batteries, a boog-out bag, a Bible or inspirational book and something to protect yourself with… common caliber ammunition can be used three-fold:  for protection, hunting food, and to trade.  If things become dicey… people would often rather trade for ammo than for gold, silver or worthless money.

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