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Saturday, October 9, 2010

How Crazy is it?


Here is this from Alan Caruba of Canada Free Press on the Failed Stimulus and other failed Obama plans.

Plan to harm the nation and all Americans when it comes to energy, healthcare, and national security

How Crazy Is It?

By Alan Caruba Friday, October 8, 2010

How crazy is it to keep telling people the economy is recovering when everyone knows the “stimulus” was a complete flop and unemployment is up?

How crazy is it to keep wanting to spend more billions on “stimulus”?

How crazy is it to let the Bush tax cuts expire when every economist in America is telling you to extend or make them permanent?

How crazy is it for the federal government to sue Arizona for passing a law that directly mirrors a federal one intended to enforce the prohibition against illegal aliens?

How crazy is it to help fund a deepwater oil drilling operation off the coast of Brazil while refusing to allow it anywhere off the East and West coasts of America? (Soros is a large Petrobas  (Brazilian Oil) Stock Owner

How crazy is it to refuse to open a tiny portion of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for oil at a time when we are importing sixty percent of oil from foreign producers?

How crazy is it to “reform” Medicare by adding thousands more to its rolls while telling everyone you were cutting its costs?

How crazy is it to pass Obamacare without telling people that many would lose their insurance while others would see their premiums increase? (Free video clip: Obamacare is already achieving its goal: single payer by pushing private enterprise out of the picture: WATCH)

How crazy is it to require utilities to purchase electricity from wind and solar farms when neither could exist without taxpayer subsidies, nor produces a steady supply?

How crazy is it to try to stop the building of coal-fired plants to generate electricity when the United States is the “Saudi Arabia of coal”, having hundreds of years’ supply?

How crazy is it to continue the moratorium on U.S. oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, throwing more people out of work, denying the oil to the marketplace, and yet give money to Mexico so it can drill in the same Gulf? (And now we read verification of what many of us already knew… that the government blocked scientists on spill estimate figures…. and  probably a lot more information)

How crazy is it to try to close Guantanamo when no U.S. state prison system and no foreign nation want to take the detainees? When one third or more of those previously released returned to the battlefield?

How crazy is it to continue blaming G.W. Bush for everything when you’ve spent more time on the golf course in a year and a half than he did during eight years in office?

How crazy is it to give a speech on the war in Afghanistan at West Point and announce when the U.S. will be leaving?

How crazy is it for the federal government to ban the incandescent light bulb?

I could ask this generic question many times regarding the Obama administration, Obama’s thoughts and some previous congressional actions, but they add up to something less than “crazy” and more like a plan to harm the nation and all Americans when it comes to energy, healthcare, and national security.

Some may say this notion is just plain crazy, but it may be closer to the truth than anyone wants to admit.

Here is the site:

Another few thing she forgot here is: How Crazy is it when you take more vacations and golf dates than any other President in history, while you sink America into more abyss? Or keep placing America under United Nations Laws which violate Our Constitution?  Or promoting Islam and Sharia Law while disallowing Christmas Trees in the town square or the word God to be used in schools in a country that is 83% Christian?  Or to keep allowing additional illegals to pour into our nation putting Americans at risk as well as adding to our population and to the rolls of people who need assistance and benefits in an economy that cannot take care of American citizens and the legal immigrants who are here?

Robert M. Sutton NJ District 7 Coordinator (Oath Keeper  - Members of Law Enforcement and Military, Etc who have sworn to stand by their oaths to protect America and their fellow citizens that DHS has now put on their enemies list(s)

Hat Tip to Robert at Song of Truth Foundation

**The Canada Free Press articles are usually right on and they often print what our press is too afraid or to brainwashed to print!!

Is Obama a Neo-Colonialist and therefore blames Europe and America for the ills of the world… like his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr, did and is at the root of Black Liberation TheologyReverend Wright’s Church?  Is Obama a socialist or Marxist (like many of his advisors and czars) who believes that free-market capitalism is at the heart of all the ills of the world?  Is Obama an American Progressive, like Hillary Clinton, whose beliefs reach back to the elitism of the Fabian Society?  Is Obama just a puppet of George Soros… a hater of America.  Is he just another radical who believes in Global Governance and the superiority of a New World Order promoted and run by the United Nations and groups likes the Bilderbergers, the CFR and the Trilateralists, etc using guidelines like Agenda 21… or a product of various factions?  Or is Obama a hybrid of all these anti-American theologies and groups?  Whatever the roots, the end result is the same:  Barack Hussein Obama wants to fundamentally transform America into a mediocre country at best, lower our standard of living to level the playing field for the world by redistributing the wealth and nullify the freedoms and beliefs of Americans (in the Constitution, God and our history… as they re-educate our children) and in believers in hope and freedom around the globe…  but then expecting to remain one of elitists who will not have to live by the rules of that Orwellian World.

It leaves us with the questions:  What Are We… and Is America Done?  Or will we stand up?!?

**There may be some links that are missing some videos… it is a result and evidence of the “powers that be” scrubbing the Internet almost as quickly as videos and article can be posted.  I often choose to leave them as is on my site postings, to make the point.  You often find the info at u-tube or online somewhere else with the starting information left on my site.**

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