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Election Season 2014

And it has brought us to this trainwreck called ObamaCare and we have bankrupted our kids and grandkids!

We are now headed into the 2014 Election Season and common sense and conservatism are on the rise. Please stand-up and be counted!

Reading Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election is a great place to start!

The Founding Father's Real Reason for the Second Amendment

And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

The Leaders Are Here... Palin, Cruz, Lee, Paul, Chaffetz....


Can You Really Still Believe That None of These People Would Have Done a Better Job???

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Monday, October 25, 2010

The gumball illustration on immigration . . . Please Watch

Video:  Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – Updated 2010


Obama Authorizes 80,000 “REFUGEES” to Enter Country  -  President Barack Hussein Obama, in a determination letter to Congress, has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – mostly from Islamic countries – - to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.  Read Full Story Here

Refugee Resettlement Watch and other organizations have expressed grave concern that Mr. Obama is allowing so many immigrants into the country while so many Americans remain out of work and living in poverty.

The U. S. Census Bureau shows that the median household income for Americans has fallen to $49,777 – - a decline of 0.7% in the past year. One in seven Americans no longer can feed themselves.
One in eight Americans are now on food stamp

40th Anniversary of 1st Earth Day a Grim Reminder of Immigration’s Devastation of a Vision



Ban Amnesty Now MORE ON ILLEGAL ALIENS STEALING THE ELECTION: Kansas Secretary of State candidate, Kris Kobach states, "Voter fraud is a very real problem in Kansas.... In Kansas, the illegal registration of alien voters has become pervasive. Our voter rolls must be purged of the thousands of deceased individuals, illegally-registered aliens, and felons."

AZ Immigration Law Writer Running For Office In Kansas On Voter Fraud Platform

For the most part, the Republican machine that churns out allegations of voter fraud in the weeks before an election operates in the shadows, a few steps away from the actual Republican Party. Not so in Kansas, where the Republican candidate for secretary of state is running almost entirely on a pla…

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