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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liberal Groups Gathered at Progressive Rally at Lincoln Memorial


At least they pulled out the American flags which is something Obama often doesn’t even attempt to do anymore~


Overall Crowd Sparse… Even after getting free transportation

Slave Labor: Teamsters President Says Members ‘Have’ to Go to One Nation Rally

WASHINGTON (AP) – Thousands of people flocked to the Lincoln Memorial for a rally Saturday organized by labor and civil rights groups, hoping to show support for the Democratic agenda in the face of expected GOP election gains next month.
More than 400 organizations, including faith, environmental and gay rights groups, sponsored the “One Nation Working Together” demonstration on the same end of the National Mall where a month ago tea party activists met to hear conservative commentator Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

“We’re here to show the rest of the country that there are people who support the progressive agenda,” said Ken Bork, who came from Camas, Wash. But he acknowledged that Republicans are enjoying an advantage heading toward the Nov. 2 election that will determine whether Democrats retain control of Congress.

“There may be an enthusiasm gap, but we’re not going to know until we have an election,” Bork said. “A lot of the noise from the extreme right-wing stuff, it’s been well orchestrated by big money. But it‘s not as bad as they’re making it out.”

There were people with union T-shirts and others participants who carried banners advocating expanding Medicare for all Americans. While the Beck rally stretched well down the National Mall, Saturday’s event was shaping up to be far smaller, with sparse groups lingering around the reflecting pool and other monuments.

Some people described the event as a counter-protest to the Beck rally. Many mentioned the perceived racism they see among the tea party-style activists, even though no one who spoke at the Beck rally neared anything approaching criticism of President Barack Obama or his race.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

CNN reported that the Progressive Leftist rally in D.C. where the unions and most of the organizations involved supplied free transportation for participants and many required members to go has drawn a bigger crowd than Glenn Beck’s event organized by just him, an individual, and supported by grassroots organizations in individuals using their own dimes, yet they and CSPAN use tea party rally crowd shot from Beck’s Restore Honor Event  for Leftist “One Nation” Rally article and coverage.

No numbers have been given but from the actual photos, the crowd looks sparse, especially for an event that had White House supports and was required has supplemented attendance from many of the progressives groups and labor unions!  As the panned the crowd you could see whole groups in their matching shirts.

Figures. CSPAN Uses Tea Party Rally Crowd Shot for Leftist “One Nation” Rally Article  -  Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, October 2, 2010, 10:56 AM

CSPAN is airing the leftist “One Socialist Nation” rally today in Washington DC.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a good crowd shot of the turnout… So they used a photo from a Glenn Beck tea party rally

Notice the Gadsden flags in the background.
Hat Tip Ed

This is despite the fact that thousands of supporters were given free rides by unions and the NAACP to the rally.

The actual crowd is a little sparse at the One Nation rally today.

Despite the free rides and T-shirts the leftists just couldn’t match this crowd.

This photo is from the Glenn Beck rally last month.

They just told the crowd that Capitalism is dead. Meanwhile, they were selling $10 smoothies and $4 bottles of water on the other side of the Memorial.

Video:  Ed Schultz Attacks Conservatives

MSNBC’s Schultz at One Nation:  We ‘Must Fight the Forces of Evil – the Conservatives!!

AP: ‘Sparse’ Crowd of ‘Thousands’ Gathers in DC to Push Dem Agenda via @theblaze

One National Rally & they were bussed there

There appeared to be a lot of hateful rhetoric here at a rally that was the response to a rally based on restoring honor, love, turning back to God and real unity!!

ONWT Rally… a Project of the Tides Center – Who Will Be (WAS) There?

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