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Thursday, October 28, 2010

CA: 28-Year Veteran Sen Barbara Boxer Violates Law to Rally Teachers to Recruit Students for Campaign

California Needs a change!!  According to polls only 8% of Californians believe that California is headed in the right direction.  Yet the Progressives have such a hold in California that both the Senate race between Carly Fiorina and 28- Year Incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer and the Gubernatorial Race between Meg Whitman and life-long career politician (who was already a bad governor of California… known as governor Moonbeam) Jerry Brown are still in tight neck and neck fights to the end.

Both Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown are career politicians entangled with the unions and the Progressive agenda that has brought California from a dream state to live and work in to a state that business runs from and is on the edge of bankruptcy.

Even if Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are not your perfect or ideal choices… they are fresh newcomers to the political system, yet have enough connections through business to hit the ground running on day one.  And they are both wealthy enough not to owe their soul to special interests after the election because of needing campaign funds.   Both candidates poured millions of their own dollars into their campaigns.

Meg Whitman, left, and Carly Fiorina both dumped millions of dollars into their primary race campaigns.

After winning their primaries and speaking for both women, Whitman announced to her supporters , "Career politicians in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., be warned — you now face your worst nightmare; two businesswomen from the real world who know how to create jobs, balance budgets and get things done!"

If you do your homework, which all Americans must do before they vote, and especially this time, you will see that Boxer has accomplished very little in her 28-years except to add pork to bills and promote leftist progressive bills that have never passed because they are so far on the fringe.  And Jerry Brown has a dismal record (in most areas) that speaks for itself and is in the pocket of the unions and the liberal media.

Both Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman have vowed to turn the water back on in CA’s Central Valley, while Barbara Boxer stepped in with Nancy Pelosi to stop Senator’s DeMint and McCain from turning it back on (and Jerry Brown and Schwartzennegger have pretty much ignored it)  after Sean Hannity highlighted the situation.  If you are not familiar with that situation see:  Federally Created Dust Bowl in CA – Another Test Crisis??  Turning the water back on would put the farms back to work bring jobs and lower priced food back to CA and the whole Country!!

Do your homework! But the stunt by Jerry Brown and his buddy Gloria Allred to smear Whitman over an illegal maid who lied to her and and agency about her status that she paid $23 an hour and is now under investigation by the DHS, because of Brown’s personal political ambition and then today’s news on Boxer’s stunt to use school teachers and school kids as free campaign workers after all their experience says a lot about their character or lack of…  Also if not familiar with Brown/Allred incident see:  Meg Whitman vs. the Dirty Tricks of the Brown Campaign

Boxer Faces Ethics Complaint for Telling Teachers to Send Students to Work for Her Campaign

Anti-Tax Group Files Complaint Against Barbara Boxer, Boxer Campaign Apologizes


Boxer:  More of the Same!!!

If you aren’t happy with where California is headed… and only 8% are, give Meg and Carly a try.  They can’t do any worse than Jerry and Babs have for decades!

Video: Again??  - Brown Admits He Had (Has) No Plan and Lied  -  Why Would CA Do This Again?

Video: Gov Christie Says Meg Whitman Has a Positive Vision

Video: Spoof on Boxer’s Call Me Senator by David Zucker

Video:  Sir

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