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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Are Palin’s Polls on Running So Low?

What Don't Republicans Want Sarah Palin to Run?

Later today, Sarah Palin will be speaking to a large gathering of Tea Party supporters in Iowa, then she will be flying to New Hampshire to speak at a Tea Party Rally sponsored by Tea Party Express. (Judson left this morning to join the same tour.) Her speech in Iowa is greatly anticipated and many of her supporters are driving and flying from all over the country to hear her speak.

She has stated that this speech will not be an announcement that she is running for President and those who have previewed the speech say she will focus on slamming the establishment and Obama, while praising the Tea Party movement itself. While I am of the personal opinion that she will not be running for President, many not only think she will not, they think she should not.

Earlier this month, Tea Party Nation had a poll asking you if you thought Sarah Palin should run for President. Almost 60% of you said no, she should not run. A few days ago, Newsmax released the results of a similar Fox News poll where almost 75% of the Republicans polled stated they did not think she should run. From the article:

Americans overwhelmingly believe that Sarah Palin should remain out of the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, a new Fox News poll of registered voters reveals.
Respondents were asked: “Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012 or not?” Overall, 74 percent said no, just 20 percent said yes, and 6 percent said they’re not sure.
Among Republicans, 71 percent said the former Alaska governor should stay out of the race, as did 80 percent of Democrats, 66 percent of independents, and 66 percent of tea party members.

Will you be watching Palin's speech on CSPAN later today? Absolutely!! Why do you think so many Republicans do not want to see her run?  Absolutely!!


Sarah Palin is exactly what we, mainstream Americans, keep asking for... someone that the average American can relate to; someone like you and me.  She is patriotic, loves America and will fight for 'Her' and us.  She is probably the potential candidate most like Ronald Reagan in her belief system and lights up a room when she walks in. The left hates her, which is always a good sign; she can speak with a word or two jotted in her hand (without a teleprompter) and is smart, spunky and pretty to boot!

Sarah was thrown to the liberal media wolves and remained standing!  We let them demonize her and now don't want to take a chance on her because we are afraid she isn't electable. She isn't electable only if we don't stand behind her and up for her.

Palin is pro-Constitution, pro-family, pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-second amendment, pro-capitalism, pro-U.S. energy self-sufficiency, pro-Israel, pro-strong military, pro-life, anti-ObamaCare, and has just enough of a Libertarian streak in her to make her more flexible when needed than Bachmann and if you read the emails released about time as governor you know she is a hard worker and can do the job we need.  And if you watch film Undefeated (which will air on most cable groups this month) you will see she someone who can relate to like.  She is a wife, a mom... including of a handicapped child, she can hunt, fish and then cook-up what she brought home... and then jump into a pair of heals and wow us with an extemporaneousness speech to a crowd of thousands or millions on Fox News.

So... why would we/the tea party, Republicans and Independents want to support her?  Because she makes sense, is what we need and is someone we can relate to with our values.

Sarah is a winner and a fighter... the question is will we fight for her and help her win or will we settle for the lesser of two evils again?!?

Sarah Palin's Speech on Saturday Will Be a Full-Throated Defense of the Tea Party

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