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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cain on Tea Party, Freeman and 9 9 9

Morgan Freeman: 'Racist' Anti-Obama Tea Partiers Are Controlling The Republican Party… Wow!  Really?

Morgan Freeman

Actor Morgan Freeman tells CNN's Piers Morgan that the Obama presidency made racism in this country worse — saying tea partiers are targeting Obama because of his skin color. (He is right that race relations are at an all time low for recent history, but not for the reason Morgan states or promotes.  It is because of the constant race-baiting from the left, including from the White House.)

"The tea partiers who are controlling the Republican party... their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term," he said. "What underlines that? Screw the country, we're going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here."

He added, "It is a racist thing."

The full interview will air on "Piers Morgan Tonight" at 9 p.m.

--> Video:  Morgan: GOP Goals are Racist  <--

Source: Business Insider

Posted at the Tea Party Nation:

Only hours after not very bright and misguided Actor Morgan Freeman claimed that the only reason Republicans and Tea Partiers were after Obama only because they are racist, something interesting happened…

Herman Cain wins the Florida straw poll and becomes the Man of the Hour

From USA Today:

Businessman Herman Cain scored a major upset Saturday, winning the Florida straw poll and creating a new set of problems for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

The final tally: Cain carried 37% of the vote, Perry 15% and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney 14%. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum was at 11%, Texas Rep. Ron Paul at 10% and former House speaker Newt Gingrich at 9%. Trailing far behind were former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, at 2%.

The straw poll in Orlando was non-binding and voting was limited to about 3,500 delegates who had paid $175 each to attend Presidency 5, hosted by the Florida GOP. But Perry's failure to win on the heels of a shaky performance in Thursday's debate will underscore concerns by some of his supporters about whether he can maintain and build on his quick rise in the polls.

Cain was one of just three contenders who showed up to speak at the Saturday convention. He got a particularly enthusiastic reception, disputing the "rumor" that he couldn't win the election and saying it was time to send "a problem-solver" rather than a politician to the White House. "Send Washington a message!" he said, bringing the crowd to its feet.

It is hard to say whether Cain’s win or Perry’s loss was the bigger story.  Cain has constantly pushed his Tea Party connections and worked the Tea Party to energize his base.  The only bad thing about Cain is his terrible 9-9-9 plan.

For Perry, who worked hard to come up with a win in Florida, this is a disaster.  Perry not only had a terrible debate, but his Achilles heel became very visible.

Conservatives do not like his stand on immigration.  Perry burst on to the scene with fanfare and a lot of interest from conservatives.  Now that conservatives are looking at Perry, a lot of conservatives are having second thoughts.

From Mediate:

Over on Fox News, Carl Cameron declared the results a “clear message” for Perry that his debate performance did not go over so well, and that his supporters were willing to default to Cain and not Romney. For Cain himself, Cameron argued, it was a “huge, huge win” in terms of fundraising and name recognition. The news is also tremendously upsetting for the winner of the Iowa straw poll, Rep. Bachmann, given that she came in behind Huntsman.

For a full appreciation of the results, however, one must take into account that Romney, Bachmann, and New Mexico governor Gary Johnson were not on the ballot, and that Huntsman, Perry, and Paul were not at the event to campaign whatsoever.

But there is one clear message from the straw poll.  This is not a two-man race and the man or woman who wins the nomination is probably not the leader today.

The second lesson is that the tea party and the GOP wants to make Obama a one term president because of his ideology, inexperience and lack of leadership.  They do not care about the race, age, religion, ethnicity, gender or color of the skin of their candidate. 

Video: Herman Cain: Morgan Freeman Never Has Been To A Tea Party Event

Look at some of the so-called tea party favorites or candidates and the GOP line-up:

Ron Paul – Oldest Presidential Candidate and a Libertarian

Sarah Palin – a woman

Marco Rubio – a Cuban Hispanic

Herman Cain – an Afro-American

Michele Bachmann – a woman

Mitt Romney – a Mormon

Gary Johnson – A pro-gay rights Libertarian

Jon Huntsman – a Mormon

And who is the tea-party’s favorite entertainer?:  Lloyd Marcus, and African-American who sings the tea party anthem.

Video:  Herman Cain Takes on Morgan Freeman or Calling Tea Party Racist

It is long past time for the left to stop the race-baiting and fear-mongering about the tea party, the GOP and the right. Let us remember our history. Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves was a Republican and so were most Blacks after they were emancipated. The KKK was primarily a southern Democratic group. And it was Republican President Eisenhower's hopes and policies that JFK and LBJ finally got passed and implemented, as their own, which ultimately got Republican Martin Luther King and his followers to become and remain Democrats.

It is also beyond time for sensible Americans of all parties and ideologies to stop supporting Hollywood and other entertainment organizations who insult them or continue to march along the Progressive Ideological line that is anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-capitalism and anti-the average American’s beliefs.

I love Morgan Freeman’s movies and really always liked him when I’ve seen in him in interviews, but this unfounded attack at the tea party has changed my feelings about him to some degree. (I’m always willing to give someone a second chance.) But it is time that we stop supporting leftist Hollywood and the entertainment community by boycotting their products… their movies, their music and their projects. The power of the purse… or withholding the purse is one of the greatest weapons there is!

Last week the NFL decided to move forward with their TSA style-pat downs. Alex Jones called for a boycott of the NFL and NFL and related products. But how many Americans put their immediate needs and wants over their own principles, let alone the good of America and the good of future generations? I think you will see… far too many!

These entertainers and sports figures have the right to donate to any candidate they like. They do not have the right to use their fame to sway people to their ideology by making false, irresponsible and uninformed statements like Morgan Freeman did. (As for Piers Morgan… could CNN have found any more of a leftist??).

Herman Cain and his team have developed a smart plan for America’s recovery… His 9 9 9 plan.  With this win in the Florida straw poll, Citizen Cain to President Cain… No Longer a Reach.

A 9% business flat tax. Gross income less all investments, all purchases from other businesses, and all dividends paid to shareholders.
A 9% individual income flat tax. Gross income less charitable deductions.
A 9% national sales tax. This significantly expands the tax base, which helps everyone.

This plan has the following advantages:

It is fair, revenue-neutral, transparent and efficient.
It puts zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits.
It replaces the payroll tax.
It will aid capital availability for small businesses.
It saves taxpayers $430 billion in annual compliance costs.
It eliminates the uncertainty holding this economy down.

Ask Marion~

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