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Monday, January 2, 2012

Afghanistan's dancing boys

It really just doesn’t stop… Remember the horrible info on child brides and abuse of women and girls under Sharia Law? Now get a load of this:

Human Cattle and the "Muslims" of Afghanistan's Gentlemen of Perversion… Not only in Afghanistan is the "Muslim" tradition of pedophilia perversion rampant, but so is it in Saudi Arabia.  What is even more interesting is that the whole world is aware of this "Muslim" perversion yet the "Arabic Muslim" world seems to be unaffected.  This in itself demonstrates the strangle hold that the "Islamic" world already has on the power elite and over those who abhor such practices.  As with many distasteful practices in the "Islamic" world (like stoning) so is the case of the use and abuse of Muslim women, but also women from the Slavic regions, Europe, and even the U.S. Those who either do not make the grade as sexual servants or slave labor, in one form or another end up being the victims of a jealous lead wife, are used as unwilling organ donors for a never ending market, or left to wander in the desert to die… never be heard of again. A~

"Watch the video below"



Frontline: Dancing Boys of Afghanistan


On Tuesday night, I watched the harrowing Frontline: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan which exposed an ancient practice known as as "bacha bazi" which, literally translated, means 'boys' play'.

This illegal practice exploits orphans and street boys, and has been revived by powerful warlords, businessmen and military commanders in Afghanistan. These men dress the boys in women's clothes, who are trained to sing and dance for their enjoyment. The dancing boys are also used sexually by these men.

This is outstanding journalism by Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi, and my hat's off to PBS and to the Frontline producers for doing such an admirable job. I was particularly impressed by Quraishi and his producers' attempts to arrange the rescue of one of the dancing boys profiled in the film, an 11-year-old boy bought from an impoverished rural family.

In contrast with other productions (see my post of yesterday, for instance) the 11-year boy's face was blurred throughout the film to preserve his anonymity and self-respect.

Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, and yet pederasty and boy concubinage has had a long history in the Persian cultural world which includes much of Afghanistan.

Video: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan - CLOVER-FILMS


Australia: Sharia – Sanctioned Polygamy and Child Marriage

Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa Defending Pedophilia as Marriage

BBC:   The Sexually Abused Boys of Afhanistan

Pam Geller on Fox Business: Mainstreaming Sharia and Islamic Gender Apartheid

German View of Islam

Lambs to the Slaughter

Check out “Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace”…

Women, children of both sexes, animals, Christians, Jews… who is not in line for their abuse? Yet, these are the people we are allowing to use the (our) U.S. Constitution against us… Wake-up America! You just need to look at practices in the Middle East and Europe to see what is coming!! You can continue to look away, but this won’t get better or go away… in fact it will come to your neighborhood!

However we better start speaking up soon… or it may be to late! Today courts in India… tomorrow?



“On Saturday a Delhi Court ordered 22 social networking sites, including Yahoo and Microsoft, to wipe the objectionable and defamatory contents and file compliance reports by February 6, 2012.”

“A Google spokesperson told the website: 'We comply with valid court orders wherever possible, consistent with our long standing policy.”

Court orders Google and Facebook to remove all anti-Islamic content

Social websites including Google and Facebook have been ordered by an Indian court to remove all 'anti-religious' and 'anti-social' content within six weeks.

On Saturday a Delhi Court ordered 22 social networking sites, including Yahoo and Microsoft, to wipe the objectionable and defamatory contents and file compliance reports by February 6, 2012.

Additional Civil Judge Mukesh Kumar passed the order on a suit filed by Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi seeking to restrain the websites from circulating objectionable and defamatory contents.

Qasmi had objected to a number of images on the websites which he complained would cause 'irreparable loss and injury to the people who are offended by them'.

He argued that some of the images defamed Hindu gods, Prophet Mohammed and other religious figures, India Today website reported.

The order will raise serious questions about how users' posts and opinions will be edited, censorship and freedom of expression.

On December 22 Judge Kumar had issued summonses to the social networking sites, demanding they remove photographs, videos or texts that might offend religious sentiments, the Hindustan Times website reported.

The order comes a day after a criminal court issued summonses to the sites for facing trial for allegedly webcasting objectionable contents.

Santosh Pandey, appearing for complainant Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi, told The Hindu Times after the court hearing that the websites have to submit a report to the court by February 6 describing the action they had taken to remove the contents from the websites.

Representatives of Yahoo India Pvt Ltd and Microsoft told the court that they had not got copies of the order and complaint against them, but Qasmi's counsel told the court that he would supply the relevant documents to them, according to the Hindustan Times.

The order comes at a controversial time as IT minister Kapil Sibal had recently discussed with representatives of some of the companies ways to guarantee the offensive contents are not posted.

India Today quoted him as saying: 'There were some demeaning, degrading, clearly pornographic depictions of gods and goddesses which no reasonable, sensible person anywhere in the world would accept, on any site.

The minister insisted he was not smothering free speech but was suggesting screening possible 'incendiary' material.

The Hindu Times reported Facebook India, Facebook, Google India Pvt Ltd, Google Orkut, Youtube, Blogspot, Microsoft India Pvt Ltd, Microsoft, Zombie Time, Exboii, Boardreader, IMC India, My Lot, Shyni Blog and Topix were all given the order.

A Google spokesperson told the website: 'We comply with valid court orders wherever possible, consistent with our long standing policy.

'We're yet to receive the details of this order and can't comment on this specific case.'


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