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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rick Santelli Looks at What the Latest Debt Ceiling Increase Will Cost Each Person Living in the US

Rick Santelli on Thursdays Debt Ceiling Vote

CNBC ‘s Rick Santelli has been credited with delivering the February 2009 rant heard ‘Round the World’ that many have said was the spark that led to the Tea Party movement. Following a somewhat unnoticed vote to allow the President to raise the debt ceiling last week, Santelli is at it again.

To largely less outcry than the ‘debt crisis’ that broke out within the beltway this past summer, the Senate on Thursday voted to allow President Barack Obama to increase the debt ceiling by $1.2 trillion to ensure that the federal government can pay its bills through the November elections. With the political discussion of late largely focusing on the GOP primary and income inequality chastised by “the ninety-nine percent,” many media commentators have seemed to forget the mounting US debt that will weigh heavy on the backs of each and every American.

Rick Santelli hasn’t forgotten, and he’s quantified just how much each person will be on the hook for with the latest rise in the debt ceiling.

Santelli hashed out the population and debt numbers on CNBC Friday, where he determined that the additional increase from Thursday alone places “$3, 834 for every man, woman and child,” and if you take into account the August increase $10, 545 each. To look at the total picture, the new debt ceiling is now at $16.4 trillion for the 312 million people in the US, which equals $52, 409 per American.

“I can’t even think of a clever way to close this other than a gulp,” said Santelli said on CNBC Friday. “I don’t know that my mike is that good. How much have we heard about this last debt ceiling increase? zero.”

Watch the fiery Chicagoan go off HERE at the Blaze.

Video:  The National Debt Roadtrip – A Must See Video!

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