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Friday, August 19, 2011

Beck: Furious After Boehner Doesn’t Allow Congressmen To Attend Rally: ‘The Republican Party Sickens Me’

As Mediaite readers know, Glenn Beck is the undisputed king of the angry monologue. Unfortunately though (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of the man), we haven’t gotten much of it recently in this time between his Fox News and GBTV shows. However, today on his radio show, Beck let loose with a torrent of anger and frustration at an issue he described as having been going on for a few weeks now. Before he began, Beck said he would post what he was going to say online, thus forever disproving anyone who thought he was a “shill” for the Republican Party.

Considering the amount of venom he then let out towards the GOP establishment, he can consider his point made.

It all started with a conversation with Rep. Joe Walsh who described sadly the fact that House Speaker Boehner’s office had denied his and other congressmen’s requests to attend Beck Israel rally in an official capacity as a fact-finding mission. Beck maintained his composure during the call with Walsh, offering the Illinois Congressman a free GBTV membership to watch from there. However, you could hear just how frustrated he was with the whole situation as he wondered allowed if Boehner wasn’t just punishing Tea Party Republicans for not voting for his debt plan.

Then, once Walsh was off the line, Beck really got into it:

“Speaker Boehner, you should be ashamed of yourself. The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t have to attend my event. Let them come to our biggest ally and our only friend in the Middle East in their hour of need. They don’t have to attend my event! In fact, I’ll ban them. Does that make you happy? Let Congress come here! You should be ashamed of yourself for playing politics. That’s what it is, Boehner, and you know it. The Republican Party sickens me.”

Listen to the full segment including the conversation with Walsh below:

Yesterday I received ‘a special deal’ message from WND yesterday which included a (15-minute) clip from one of Beck’s Fox Shows on Iran and the Islamic Antichrist or 12th Imam that Ahmadinejad believes in and therefore really is at the center of what is going on in Israel and the Middle East.  It is a video worth watching… for the first time or a review, so am sharing it again. 

Also just a reminder that if you haven’t joined and aren’t already an Insider, Beck’s Event in Israel Restoring Courage is on 8.24.11 and you can watch it there.  (Restoring Courage follows his successful event in Washington D.C. last summer Restoring Honor.

And please pray for Glenn and all those who are travelling to Israel for his Restoring Courage Event.  Beck has become a champion for Israel and has received blessings for his event from the top Israeli Rabbi.

Breaking: Terrorists mount multiple attacks in Israel; (amazingly) Clinton condemns attacks

Attacks on civilian vehicles plague Israeli roads.

Terrorists attacked Israeli civilian vehicles in simultaneous operations this morning, when gunfire...  The Examiner

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