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Monday, June 20, 2011

Updated: Floods Threaten Nebraska Nuclear Plants…

The Fort Calhoun Station nuclear-power plant in Nebraska is surrounded by floodwaters from the Missouri River. Officials said there is no danger of a radiation leak at the plant 19 miles north of Omaha. (Associated Press)

The Fort Calhoun Station nuclear-power plant in Nebraska is surrounded by floodwaters from the Missouri River. Officials said there is no danger of a radiation leak at the plant 19 miles north of Omaha. (Associated Press)

There  are reports of a no fly zone and there is a huge FEMA drill going on this week along the East Coast and now the Homeland Security Threat Level has been raised to Yellow.

Video:  the Warning Signs Are Here


Homeland Security Threat Level: YELLOW (ELEVATED)

Missouri River Basin Flooding Summary

An active weather pattern is expected to continue across the region over the next couple of days. Additional precipitation, more than an inch in some areas is forecast today. Additional severe weather will be possible through tonight. Most common threats with these storms are large hail and damaging winds; however, an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

Evacuations have taken place in McKissick Island, Corning, Big Lake, Fortesque and Craig in Holt County, MO. Individuals along the Nodaway and Missouri Rivers are evacuating in Andrew County, MO.

A levee breach due to overtopping occurred on the Holt County #10 (non-federal) levee in Missouri on overnight, June 18-19, 2011, causing closure of Highway US-159 between Missouri and Nebraska due to water over the roadway. Evacuations are underway in the Big Lake area.

On June 19, 2011, the Unit L-550, a federal levee overtopped about 6 inches on a 300 yard stretch of the levee in Atchison County, along the Missouri River in Missouri. The levee located about ¼ mile north of U.S. Highway 136, north of Phelps City, MO., is rapidly eroding. Officials are evaluating what response is needed in this area. Over 360 residents in the towns of Phelps City and Watson, MO., could potentially be impacted. Current efforts are focused on evacuation and road closures as they brace for imminent failure of this levee.

In Atchison County along the Nishnabotna River in SW Iowa, there is a levee (non-federal) breach currently affects agricultural land. This breach is on the north side of the Nishnabotna River and will add to the water that is impacting Hamburg, Iowa.

The US Coast Guard has closed the Missouri River to all vessels from Mile Marker 450 near St. Joseph, to Mile Marker 811 near Gavins Point Dam in Yankton, SD. Nearly a 100 mile stretch of the Missouri River is affected.

USACE Dam Releases:
Releases from the Garrison Reservoirs are at 140,200 cfs and are projected to rise to 150,000 cfs.
Releases from the Fort Randall Reservoir are at 143,100 cfs and are projected to remain at 143,000 cfs, with the schedule dependent on the Gavins Point pool level.
Releases from the Fort Peck Reservoir are at 65,900 cfs and are projected to remain at 65,000 cfs.
Releases from the Oahe Reservoir are at 150,400 cfs and are projected to rise to 160,000 cfs.
Releases from the Big Bend Reservoir are at 148,400 cfs and are projected to rise to at 160,000 cfs.
Releases from the Gavins Point Reservoir are at 150,100 cfs and are projected to remain at 150,000 cfs.
Peak reservoir releases are expected to continue well into August.
Lincoln County, NE, has had 150 to 200 homes evacuated with several homes reporting minor damages. Several city and county roads are closed including Highway 30 east of the North Platte Airport.

Significant National Weather

An upper level trough over the Rockies will produce showers and thunderstorms from Montana to Colorado. Some areas could receive as much as an inch of precipitation. Gusty wind low relative humidity and long term drought will produce high fire danger across the Southwest and critical fire weather in New Mexico.

A low pressure system over the Central Plains will produce widespread precipitation across the Central and Northern Plains, Great Lakes and Southwest into Central Texas. The system is expected to produce severe thunderstorms including damaging wind gusts, large hail and tornadoes from the Central Plains to the Ohio Valley. Heavy precipitation (1-2 inches) associated with the thunderstorms will produce localized Flash Flooding. Strong west to northwest winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph are expected behind the deepening system. The system will shift eastward into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley tomorrow.

The region will be generally hot and dry. Precipitation will be limited to showers, thunderstorms and even severe thunderstorms in Texas, Oklahoma, eastern Tennessee, the Carolinas and southern Florida. Much of the Southeast will have unseasonably hot temperatures with many areas in excess of 100 and additional records may be broken. Gusty winds, low relative humidity and long term drought will produce high fire danger across the Southern Plains and critical fire weather in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Tomorrow the system moving out of the Midwest will produce severe thunderstorms in the southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley.

A frontal system extending from the system in the Midwest remains stalled over the Mid-Atlantic. Expect showers, thunderstorms and severe thunderstorms across much of the Mid-Atlantic. Some areas could see more than an inch of precipitation. A weak high pressure will keep New York and New England dry.

Tropical Weather Outlook

Atlantic / Caribbean / Gulf of Mexico
No activity expected within the next 48 hours.

Eastern / Central Pacific
The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical Storm (TS) Beatriz, located about 205 miles south of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Based on the current forecast TS Beatriz is forecast to move in a north-northwesterly track. Based on the current warning TS Beatriz will not affect the U.S.

Western / South Pacific:
No activity affecting U.S. territories.

Earthquake Activity

No new activity (FEMA HQ)

Wildfire Update

Sunday, June 19, 2011:
National Preparedness Level: 3
Initial attack activity: Light (153 new fires)
New Large Fires: 6
Large Fires Contained: 3
Uncontained Large Fires: 36
Type 1 IMT Committed: 6
Type 2 IMT Committed: 10
States affected: AZ, NM, GA, NC, FL, OK, UT, TX, MS, AK & CO.

Arizona and New Mexico
Wallow Fire – FEMA 2915-FM-AZ (Apache, Navajo, Graham & Greenlee Counties); FEMA-2917-FM-NM (Catron County)
The fire has consumed 511,118 acres (increased by 10,709 acres) and is 51% contained.
Approximately 2,714 homes, 473 commercial properties, 1,216 outbuildings are threatened
32 homes, 4 commercial properties and 36 outbuildings were destroyed.
Five homes and 1 outbuilding have been damaged.
12 injuries have been reported.
Fire is reported to have jumped its containment lines and is burning towards Luna, NM (Catron County), six miles from the Arizona border.
Evacuations remain in effect in Sunrise, Greer, and Blue River, AZ. A precautionary evacuation is in effect for Luna, NM.
A pre-evacuation alert remain in effect in Apache County, AZ for Greens Peak, Hidden Meadows Lodge and the surrounding areas.
Multiple highways and road closures in the fire area.

Monument Fire – FEMA-2919-FM-AZ (Cochise County, AZ)
The fire is located within 5 miles of Sierra Vista (Pop. 3,700) and has consumed 26,956 acres, 27% containment.
Approximately 95 homes and 25 outbuildings are threatened, 50 residences have been damaged or destroyed and 2 outbuildings have been destroyed.
Evacuations continue for Sierra Vista, Ramsey, Miller Canyon, Hunter Canyon, Lower Stump Canyon, Ash Canyon, and Nicksville, AZ.
A pre-evacuation order is in effect for the area north of Sierra Vista, AZ.
Three shelters are open with no occupants

Horseshoe 2 Fire – FEMA-2907-FM-AZ (Cochise County, NM)
The fire has consumed 213,511 acres (increase of 3,200 acres) and is 80% contained (increase of 5%). Full containment is expected on June 22.
Nine residences and 14 structures have been damaged or destroyed.
No updates are available for evacuations.

Track Fire - FEMA-2918-FM-NM (Colfax County, NM)
The fire has consumed 27,792 acres (increase of 652 acres) with 80% containment (increase of 45%); Full containment is expected on June 27.
Seven structures have been destroyed; 300 are threatened.
No updates are available for evacuations.
Two injuries reported

East Volkmar Fire
The fire is located approximately 25 miles east-northeast of Delta Junction.
The fire has consumed 58,059 acres (increase of 9 acres) with 28% containment (increase of 2%)
No structures are threatened. The incident command will release all resources and monitor the fire by air. There will be no further reporting from the state unless significant activity occurs.

Hasting Fire
Located on State land burning approximately 15 miles Northwest of Fairbanks.
The fire has consumed 22,819 acres with 61% containment; expected containment unknown. ATemporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is still in place for pilots operating in the Fairbanks in the airspace surrounding the Hastings Fire.

Duckett Fire – FEMA-2923-FM-CO (Westcliffe, CO)
The fire has consumed 4,353 acres (increase of 5 acres) and is 55% contained.
Several structures are threatened; 200 structures remain within 2 miles of the fire border.
Evacuations remain in effect for the Eagle Peak Subdivision, Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, County Rd 192, Brush Creek subdivision, Maytag Ranch and other scattered structures.

Honey Prairie Complex Fires – FEMA-2920-FM-GA (Racepond, Honey Prairie, Paxton Road and Durdin Prairie Fires)
Fires are burning near the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, 5 mi NE of Fargo, GA.
The fire has consumed 233,606 acres (increase of 2,588 acres) with 60% or less percent containment.

Sweat Farm Again Fire – FEMA-2921-FM-GA
5,000 acres burned, with 30% containment. Full containment expected June 25, 2011.
No updates are available for evacuations or damage.

Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG)
McDonald 2 Fire
An FMAG was approved on June 20, 2011, for the McDonald 2 Fire in Clay County, TX. At the time of the FMAG approval, the fire had burned 5,000 acres. 500 persons had been evacuated and 1,300 homes were threatened. Two shelters are open.

Cowboy Church Fire
An FMAG was approved on June 20, 2011 for the Cowboy Church Fire in Walker County and Madison County, TX. At the time of the FMAG approval, the fire had burned 1,000 acres in Walker County and crossed into Madison County. About 700-800 homes in surrounding unincorporated areas are affected. 1450 residents have been evacuated.

Dyre Mill Fire
An FMAG was approved on June 20, 2011 for the Dyre Mill Fire in Grimes County, TC. At the time of the FMAG approval, the fire had burned 1,000 acres. 250 residents were evacuated. 30 homes had been destroyed in the Mill Stone Subdivision.

Floods threaten Nebraska nuclear plants - Washington Times

Two nuclear-power plants in Nebraska remain threatened by Missouri River flooding, including one plant where a fire briefly shut down a cooling system for spent fuel rods earlier this month.

Federal and state officials said there is no danger of a radiation leak and insisted the facilities would not see a repeat of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear-power plant disaster.

Jeff Hanson, spokesman for the Omaha Public Power District that operates the Fort Calhoun Station, dismissed Internet reports by bloggers and anti-nuclear groups on the threat of flooding.

“This is not something out of the ordinary,” Mr. Hanson said. “We train for this.”

Concerns over the flooding of the nuclear plants heightened after a June 7 fire in a basement switch-gear room of the Fort Calhoun Station, a nuclear-power plant19 miles north of Omaha.

The fire cut off electricity to a cooling pump used to prevent spent nuclear fuel rods in a cooling pond from overheating. The power outages lasted an hour and a half, Mr. Hanson said.

During that time, the temperature in the pool only rose two degrees, reaching 82 degrees Fahrenheit, Mr. Hanson said, noting the water has to reach 212 degrees to release radiation.

The tsunami that damaged the Fukushima plant shut down the cooling system and resulted in a meltdown of spent fuel rods.

Mr. Hanson said advance preparation helped both plants avoid a Fukushima-like meltdown.

Fukushima did not have the opportunity [to prepare] and was then hit with a wall of water,” Mr. Hanson said. “Ours is not. We’ve had time to prepare.”

Water levels at the Fort Calhoun Station rose 1,006 feet above sea-level Monday, Mr. Hanson said. The plant’s nuclear reactor, which was shut down April 9 for routine refueling, is protected against floods that reach 1,014 feet, he said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers controls Missouri River water levels by changing water-flow rates from six dams along the river.

In May, heavy rain in Montana and North and South Dakota fell in amounts that typically take an entire year, Army Corps spokesman Carlos Lazo said. The increase in rainfall and anticipated snowmelt led to greater water releases along the river dams, he said, including its latest water-flow raises Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Lazo said the increases will be the Corps’ last upward adjustments.

“We’re maintaining the releases until mid-August because of the ongoing snowmelt,” Mr. Lazo said.

However, one of the spokesman would say what would happen if water levels increased and flooded the plants.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks, speaking for the region that includes Nebraska, dismissed worst-case scenarios as speculation.

Flooding of the plants is “not a concern,” he said.

The second plant, the Cooper Nuclear Station, located several miles from the Nebraska-Missouri border, has not experienced any flooding, and as of Monday, continued to operate at full capacity, said Mark Becker, a spokesman for the Nebraska Public Power District, which operates the plant.

Workers at the plants continued to prepare for flooding by placing sandbags and 8-foot-tall water-filled rubber barriers to protect the reactors from the river water, officials said.

Recently, some buildings at Fort Calhoun suffered water damage, but they were described as “minor buildings,” including a warehouse, that pose no risk for the possible release of radiation, Mr. Hanson said.

By Marieke van der Vaart  -  Monday June 20, 2011 – Washington Times

Video: MEDIA FAIL: MSM Coverage of Casey Anthony vs. Nuclear Meltdown in the USA

This gal is right… the corporate interest is to dumb you down! And now that WeinerGate is over, much to their dismay, they are focusing on Casey Anthony instead of stories like the Nuclear Meltdown in Nebraska.  Or if they really are so fascinated by Anthony Weiner how about a little coverage of Weiner’s Mother-in-Law is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood While Her Daughter Works for Hillary  or the truth that Holder Absolutely Knew About the Fast and Furious Gunrunner Project (if not Involved)!

More Coverage of the situation in Nebraska below. They say that there is extreme danger in terms of the serious condition of things there. The bad weather continues in that area.

Video: Language alert on this one  -  nuclear alert for Nebraska

Video with Map of Iowa  - shows the Roads closed in Iowa and the risk to the levees which if they break will cause the water to flow down river.
6-20-2011 - Missouri River is Fl...
6-19-2011 - We are being "Played...

Video: Fort Calhoun nuclear plant new Fukushima?

Video: Cooper Nuke Plant Still Operating, Levee about to break(or has -


ALERT: Much Worse Than They Tell Us!!

Start taking your iodine…

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