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Monday, June 20, 2011

Smart Dust Computers… Vaccination Nanotechnology… NWO Here We Come

Video:  NWO Smart Dust Computers Can Track Everything

What Is Smart Dust?

Smartdust is a term used to describe groups of very small robots which may be used for monitoring and detection. Currently, the scale of smartdust is rather small, with single sensors the size of a deck of playing cards, but the hope is to eventually have robots as small as a speck of dust. Individual sensors of smartdust are often referred to as motes because of their small size. These devices are also known as MEMS, which stands for microelectromechanical sensors.

Smartdust has theoretical applications in virtually every field of science and industry. Research in the technologies is well-funded and sturdily based, and it is generally accepted that it is simply a matter of time before smartdust exists in a functional manner. Opponents question the risks to personal privacy, but proponents hold that the downsides are strongly outweighed by the positive benefits.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been funding smartdust research heavily since the late 1990s, seeing virtually limitless applications in the sphere of modern warfare. So far the research has been promising, with prototype smartdust sensors as small as 5mm. Costs have been dropping rapidly with technological innovations, bringing individual motes down to as little as $50 each, with hopes of dropping below $1 per mote in the near future.

Source:  wiseGeek

Video:  PBS Special  -  The Secret Government

This aired on PBS in 1987 and is as good as anything on the tape (must see). Moyers is a very respected TV journalist who also worked for Lyndon B. Johnson and has a very professional approach. He interviews many different people involved with the CIA and other government agencies. His documentary gives quite an overview of what has actually happened in the last 50 years regarding the CIA and the cold war (including Iran, Guatamala, Cuba, Viet Nam and Chile). He features such people as Ralph McGeehee and Phil Retinger (both former CIA agents), Rear Admiral Gene La Rocque (Ret. U.S.N.), Theodore Bissell (active in the CIA at the time), Sen. Frank Church and many others. Moyers is so very credible. The full video "The Secret Government" is 90 minutes - this segment is edited by Frank Dorrel to 20 minutes.

Video:  The Illuminati and the New World Order


Video: PROOF! PUBLIC LAW 105-85, bio warfare or population reduction funded by the DOD

First link

second link

third link


It is known that a public law in the United States allows the testing of chemicals and biologics on American citizens with their consent. Concern arises when we realize the true meaning of "consent" in this context.
Consent can be considered to be a condition that exists when both parties have knowledge of the terms of an agreement and neither party openly objects to it (Uniform Commercial Code-UCC).*
Because this law is "public" or "available for review" publically, it is assumed that the public is acquiescing to (agreeing to) the activity stated in the law (under the UCC).* This is why it is often said, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". If it is published, it is assumed that you are aware of it. If you are aware of it and you don't openly object, you are agreeing to it. You have consented.
fourth link he uses



The research of Clifford Carnicom, Will Thomas and others has exposed chemtrails as a primary vehicle through which Morgellons, modified molds, fungi and numerous other pathogens and nano-particulized toxins have been spread into the global population. 

One area that bio warfare or population reduction research funded by the Dept. of Defense is reported to have focused on is pathogens that are race specific.  The SARS outbreak of a few years back infected mostly those of Asian descent.

The World Health Organization has been caught on several occasions in recent years vaccinating women of childbearing age in third world countries with vaccines that promoted sterility.   Researchers, Dr. Leonard Horowitz in particular, have presented very credible & convincing evidence that AIDS was a deliberately bio lab created pathogen engineered for the purpose of eugenically motivated population reduction.   Additionally this virus appears to have been spread deliberately through WHO vaccinations in Africa shortly after 1975.  Also spread into the gay population in 1975 in New York City through the Hep B vaccination trials.

Read more about this at: Vaccination Nanotechnology  -  Check out the links.

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