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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Watcher’s Council Forum–Did Rand Paul’s Filibuster Last Week Have An Effect?

Forum: Did Senator Rand Paul’s Filibuster Last Week Have An Effect?

JoshuaPundit on Mar 11 2013 at 2:20 am | The Council Forum

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day. This week’s question: Did Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster last week have an effect, and if so, what do you think it was?

The Noisy Room: It definitely had an effect and won Paul some points with Conservatives, as well as the Tea Party and there was certainly cred earned with Libertarians. You may be seeing the birth of a new movement in which Libertarians, Constitutional Conservatives, the Tea Party and some Democrats start to come together to stand for the Constitution and founding principles. I believe the filibuster was an indication that the Republicans have begun a journey that takes them to the same destination as the Whigs.

The filibuster was a show of resolve from what could well be a new dynamic in Conservative/Libertarian leadership.

On the other side, the great stone-faces of the ‘most transparent administration ever’ found themselves compelled to blink. From establishment RINOs such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham to the staunch Progressive Left, they in one distressed voice decried the filibuster as grand-standing. Meanwhile, in true Alinsky fashion, those such as Van Jones and Code Pink declared their ‘support’ of Rand Paul’s efforts, in what I believe, is an effort to discredit him through association.

A new Mr. Smith went to Washington, and in the tradition of Mr. Smiths, sowed consternation among the Old Guard. ‘Stand with Rand’ became the clarion call in a moment of moral clarity that caused even the cynical to turn their gaze toward the Ten-Mile-Square and consider — if only for a moment (or maybe thirteen hours) — that there may yet be noble causes and noble men to carry their standard.

It may only be one domino. But that’s what it takes. The cascade? That comes later and nothing can stop it. The Senator from Kentucky has everyone’s attention. For real leadership, that’s the first requirement. The New Guard of the Tea Party has begun to fight.

Bookworm Room:


The Independent Sentinel: Rand Paul’s filibuster got the attention of the public and perhaps they will start thinking about how our constitutional rights are being compromised by this administration.

The drone program certainly needs some guidelines on privacy rights.

I don’t agree with everything that Rand Paul says but for me it was exhilarating to see an honest politician having the courage to stand up for his beliefs for almost 13 hours! For a moment, I thought the Grand Ole Party was back. Establishment Republicans missed a real opportunity.

I think McCain and Graham felt upstaged by a sincere man who was not trying to upstage them. They, on the other hand, were trying to make political hay.

Here we have the president using sequester against Republicans, shutting down the White House tours, cutting off tuition assistance to our military, etc. and Graham and McCain partake in a 20-car motorcade and fancy dinner with him. It’s a disgrace.

Lindsey Graham should concentrate on Benghazi, McCain should focus on our military, and they should both leave the Constitution to Rand Paul.

The Razor: Paul’s filibuster as energized the libertarian base of the GOP. Krauthammer calls it a “stroke of genius” and says the event will launch his national persona. Even limousine liberal John Cusack tweeted “where are the democrats? Where are the progressives?”
As Paul was filibustering, the GOP guard was dining with Obama – proving that the Old Guard really has no sense of timing. And the near hysteria that followed by the likes of John McCain only shows how out of touch they are with the grassroots.

Right now I’m expecting a 2016 contest between Christy and Paul. Both have completely different visions; Christy is a liberal that will pull from the Left while Rand is a saner version of his old man.
At this point I’d be happy with either one of them but for different reasons.

Ask Marion: Although I did not officially participate this week, I must say that my opinions, and post if I had participated, would be very much in line with my buddy, Terresa at the Noisy Room.  Though this filibuster we saw the first strong challenges against the status quo, the Obama administration and the Old Guard of the Republican Party.

Well, there you have it.

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