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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wilmington Ohio, An Example of Hope

“It is often not until we have hit bottom or are faced with tragedy, want and despair that we find what we are made of, what really matters and our inner strength!”

Just two years ago the town of Wilmington Ohio was hit by a tsunami.  Wilmington was a hub for DHL.  Overnight after announcing that they were closing 7,500 jobs in a town of 12,000 were lost… just in time for Christmas.  And in that moment, the town faced a choice… to become Potterville or Bedford Falls. (If you don’t understand that reference, time to watch the Christmas Classic: It’s a Wonderful Life!)  Wilmington Ohio chose the latter.

The people of Wilmington Ohio banded together to support each other.  They had rotating dinners at each other’s homes… no one was going to let their neighbor go hungry!  They supported each other… they still do.  They became self-reliant and turned hopelessness into hope.  They took the homeless into their homes.  The redefined worthless and made it into worthy.  This town and their determination and love for one another is a beacon of hope and an example of what America needs to be if we are going to beat the odds!!!

America’s First Christmas Show - Wilmington Ohio

Video:  Excerpts From America’s First Christmas Show in Wilmington Ohio on 12.17.10


Wilmington Ohio… An Amazing Town to Give Us Hope!

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