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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Morning (Week) of Victories… and Success

DREAM Act Dies in Senate

AP The weeks of rallies, hunger strikes and sit-ins and the thousands of phone calls placed to Senate offices didn't pay off for immigration activists.The decade-old DREAM

Act once again failed to break a filibuster in the Senate on Saturday morning, effectively killing the bill this year and shutting the door on what perhaps was the last chance for pro-immigration reform legislation until at least the 2012 election.

Senate Democrats came up five votes short of the 60 needed to advance the House-passed bill, which would provide a path to citizenship for up to illegal immigrants brought to the country as children if they attend college or join the military for two years. The 55-41 vote was mostly along party lines, though a handful of Democrats — perhaps fearful of their 2012 election outlook — also voted against the DREAM Act.

This latest vote really didn't have a chance in the current political climate, which has moved decidedly against liberalizing immigration laws in recent years.

The DREAM Act’s defeat was a resounding victory for conservatives who have denounced the bill as a mass amnesty plan, and a blow for top Senate Democrats and the Obama administration who enlisted a half dozen cabinet secretaries to lobby undecided lawmakers and embark on a media blitz, highlighting that the bill would send more people to college, boost military recruitment and help the economy.

“This bill is a law that at its fundamental core is a reward for illegal activity,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on the floor an hour before the vote. “It’s the third time we’ve tried to schedule a vote on it during this lame-duck session. It’s the fifth version of this legislation that has been introduced in the past five months.”

In the final minutes before the vote, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin pleaded with his colleagues from the floor to vote for the DREAM Act — or as he described it, an act of "political courage."

“Many of you have told me that you’re lying awake at night, tossing and turning over this vote, because you know how hard it’s going to be politically, that some people will use it against you,” Durbin said. “But I might say, if you can summon the courage to vote for the DREAM Act today, you will join ranks with senators before you, who came to the floor of these United States and made history with their courage. Who stood up and said the cause of justice is worth the political risk.”

After years of Congress failing to deal with the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants, Hispanic leaders and immigration activists expressed frustration at the vote, vowing to target senators who cast no votes in 2012 and future elections.

For the lawmakers who voted against the bill, “it will be a defining vote in their career,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an immigrant advocacy group which has been fighting for the DREAM Act.

“They’re standing at the schoolhouse door, saying no to the best and the brightest of the Latino immigrant community,” he said, “and they will have a lot of explaining to do if they run for reelection or aspire to higher office.”

Democrats in recent days had brought forth immigrants who might benefit from the legislation to tell their personal stories, but the odds were stacked against the DREAM Act going into the vote on Saturday.

Julieta Garibay, an activist with the United We Dream Network, emigrated from Mexico City when she was 12. Now 30, Garibay said she is bilingual and received a master’s degree in nursing yet hasn’t been able to find a good job because of her undocumented status.

“It’s very disappointing. You work so hard for your degree, and then you just need to put it on hold. It’s no longer a matter of politics. These are lives, and this is my future,” said Garibay, who recently traveled to the Capitol from her home in Austin, Texas. “We’re going to remember who voted against us and we’re going to hold them accountable. It’s been enough talk, it’s been enough promises and compromises.”

The version of the DREAM Act considered by the Senate on Saturday was more narrowly tailored in an effort to appeal to moderate Democrats and Republicans. Those eligible for conditional legal status must have come to the U.S. before the age of 16, be under the age of 30, have lived in the country for five consecutive years, pass a criminal background test and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Under the bill, children who were brought to the country illegally who go to college or sign up for the military for two years could receive permanent residency after 10 years.

But Sessions and other critics maligned the bill for weeks, saying it would offer amnesty to up to two million illegal immigrants and add billions of dollars to the federal deficit in the long term. They also complained that there were loopholes. For example, the bill doesn’t require beneficiaries to graduate from college and allows those who have committed up to two misdemeanor crimes to be eligible.

The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, first introduced in 2001 by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), initially received bipartisan support. But Republicans have mostly abandoned the legislation in recent years as the conservative wing of the party gained greater influence.

The Senate in September tried to pass the measure as part of a broader defense policy bill, but the effort was filibustered by Republicans. The Democratic-controlled House breathed new life into the legislation last week when it passed a standalone bill 216-198, but few expected the bill to attract a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate.

Beginning next month, as the GOP grabs control of the House and more seats in the Senate, pro-immigrant measures will have even a more difficult time advancing.

But Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, said this year’s fight for the DREAM Act have rallied conservative religious leaders, labor groups and mainstream celebrities behind a single cause.

In recent days, actress Jessica Alba, comedian Margaret Cho and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz have spoken in favor of the DREAM Act.

“While legislative votes did not move, it’s clear the country is moving in the direction of immigration reform,” Noorani said.

“This vote is the World Cup of immigration votes for the immigrant community,” he said, “and I think it’s going to be very clear for Latinos, Asians and other immigrant voters who voted for the DREAM Act and against the DREAM act, and the community will make a decision along those lines in 2012.”

Source:  Politico

In a 55-41 vote, the Senate voted down the House version of the DREAM Act (H.R.5281). Sixty Senators were required to end debate on this bill, and in the end, amnesty supporters came up five short. Thanks to all of FAIR’s members, activists and supporters who over the past days and weeks contacted their Senators and urged them to oppose this bad legislation and bad public policy. There is no doubt that grassroots activism was the key to this win!

Notably, several Senators switched their votes since the last time the Senate voted on the DREAM Act in 2007 (S.2205). Senators Murkowski, Landrieu, Conrad, Dorgan, and McCaskill all voted no in 2007, but voted yes today. Others, such as Senators Brownback, Nelson (NE), Collins, and Snowe voted yes in 2007, but voted no today. Four Senators did not vote.

To see how your Senators voted, click here. FAIR will report more on this weekend’s vote in Monday’s Legislative Update. FAIR

“Others say this vote is proof that the political wind has changed directions and that the American people are ready to stand-up, not only in this arena but against the entire Progressive Global Agenda!”


The Federal Reserve has reversed its decision that originally forced a small Oklahoma bank to remove from its premises and website Bible verses, crosses, and Christmas buttons. The reversal occurred after national outcry and a letter from two Oklahoma lawmakers who charged that the decision may be unconstitutional.

Feds Reverse Anti-Christian… Anti-Freedom Ruling

Video:  Feds Change Bank Ruling

(See our previous coverage of this story here and here.)

Sen Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) sent a joint letter to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday afternoon saying they have “seldom encountered a more alarming case of heavy-handed interpretation and enforcement of Federal regulations,” and charging the decision may be in violation of “fundamental Constitutional protections.”

The letter ended by demanding a response. That response came Friday afternoon, when the Federal Reserve’s second in command  contacted Payne County Bank president Lynn Kindler in Perkins, OK and told him he could once again display his Christian artifacts and Bible verses.

“The Federal Reserve restored everything on a permanent basis,” he told KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City. “It’s over. We can put everything back up the way it was and keep it there.”

Originally the Fed told the bank its Christian symbols violated the discouragement clause of Regulation B of the bank regulations. The clause prohibits “… the use of words, symbols, models and other forms of communication… [that] express, imply or suggest a discriminatory preference or policy of exclusion.” Fed examiners interpreted that to mean the bank’s overtly Christian messages could offend people of other faiths.

“This is an all out assault on the faith, values, and rights of the bank, its employees and the people of Perkins they serve,” Sen. Inhofe said in response. “It is absolutely ridiculous for the regulation to be interpreted this way, and it unduly discriminates against a persons faith in Christ and their Constitutionally protected freedom to publicaly express that faith.”

Rep. Lucas agreed: “The recent actions taken by the Federal Reserve at Payne County Bank are of great concern to me. I do not agree with its interpretation of Regulation B in this circumstance and believe that it infringes upon fundamental Constitutional rights afforded to all Americans.”

And whether or not the Fed agreed too, it acquiesced. That pleases Perkins citizens.

“I think that’s good,” local resident Bill Erwin told KOCO. “I don’t think they should have had to take it down,” added Carrie Kinsey.



After three small human bone fragments and other long-abandoned articles  were found on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific by a group dedicated to finding Amelia Earhart’s historic aircraft, speculation began to circulate Thursday as to whether the mystery surrounding the infamous disappearance of the world’s most famous female pilot may finally be laid to rest. The Associated Press reports that those tiny bones are now being studied in hopes of extracting DNA:

Earhart“There’s no guarantee,” said Ric Gillespie, director of the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery in Delaware. “You only have to say you have a bone that may be human and may be linked to Earhart and people get excited. But it is true that if they can get DNA, and if they can match it to Amelia Earhart’s DNA, that’s pretty good.”

Lab officials said test results could take weeks or months.

The remains turned up in May and June at what seemed to be an abandoned campsite near where native work crews found skeletal remains in 1940. The pieces appear to be from a cervical bone, a neck bone and a finger.

But Gillespie offered a word of caution: The fragments could be from a turtle. They were found near a hollowed-out turtle shell that might have been used to collect rainwater, but there were no other turtle parts nearby.

“This site tells the story of how someone or some people attempted to live as castaways,” Gillespie said Friday in an interview. Bird and fish carcasses nearby suggested they were prepared and eaten by Westerners.

“These fish weren’t eaten like Pacific Islanders” eat fish, he said. …

Millions of dollars have been spent to figure out what happened to Earhart, who was legally declared dead by a California court in early 1939. Theories have included the official version — that her twin-engine Electra ran out of gas and crashed at sea — as well as the absurd, such as abduction by aliens, and Earhart living in New Jersey under an alias.

Amelia Earhart Found

Video: Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

The island lays on the course Earhart planned to follow from Lae, New Guinea, to Howland Island where she and navigator Fred Noonan had planned to refuel.  “It looks like she could have landed successfully on the reef surrounding the island,” Gillespie says.  Gillespie and others who have studied Earhart’s historic aviation career and last-known facts of her life believe she and Noonan may have survived on the island and lived for some time on scant food and rainwater.

In the last seven decades, the island has produced suggestive evidence, including human bones and sextant found just three years after Earhart vanished.  Those remains, however, were lost before the advent of DNA technology could identify them.

As Gillespie and other wait with bated breath, the University of Oklahoma’s Molecular Anthropology Laboratory will try and extract DNA from the bone fragments to compare to genetic material donated by an Earhart family member.

This is a sad victory… but finally gives her family closure!

TSA Greets Passengers With Employee Christmas Choirs

Maybe it‘s a marketing ploy to change the TSA's recent image, or maybe it's genuine Christmas cheer. Whatever it is, the TSA's decision to use all-employee Christmas choirs at two airports to cheer up travelers is turning heads.


Video:  TSA Greets Passengers With Employee Christmas Choirs

USA Today reports:

The LAX TSA Choir, a group of 17 singers and musicians, all of them officers of the Transportation Security Administration, have been surprising passengers with performances of holiday music and other tunes in the midst of one of the nation’s busiest airports.

“Wow, it’s crazy,” said Miriam Kositchek of Santa Monica, Calif., who was clutching her ticket and passport for a flight to London when the LAX TSA Choir broke into song at the Bradley International Terminal of Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

“In this climate, where travel is so scrutinized and security is so tight, it’s nice,” she said. “It adds some lightheartedness to travel.”

Airports around the country have scheduled musical performances during this time of heavy holiday travel to try to brighten the experience for harried travelers. The choir here is one of just two — the other is at the airport in Austin — made up entirely of TSA workers, said TSA spokesman Greg Soule in Washington.

“The solution the American people want is their freedom back and to stop the invasive strip searches and full body scans that don’t work!  But the victory herein is that the TSA and Homeland Security know that they American people are watching them… and that it is only a matter of time until we must change to what works… profiling and sniffing dogs!  Reserving the strip searches and full body scans for those who fail the smell and interview tests… not grandma, baby Suzy et al!!”

Wilmington Ohio, An Example of Hope

Harry Reid is pictured. | AP Photo

Harry Reid Pulls Back From Yearlong Omnibus, Aims for Short-Term Funding Resolution

Feds buy space on Google to promote ‘ObamaCare’  -  Giving up their fight against that moniker as Judge Hints He May Rule Against ObamaCare in latest case up for consideration after last week’s ruling declaring the individual mandate unconstitutional and in violation of the Commerce Clause.

Keep praying and standing up!

The winds are definitely changing…!!

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