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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rick Perry with Bill O’Reilly… Gov Perry Explains His Law Enforcement Surge on the Border

Horror at the Border

If you have gotten sucked into the rouse that it is only children crossing the border and since it is children we are morally obligated to help them… take a good look at this photo above… it hardly looks like just children!  It is Cloward-Piven at its worst at work!!

HOUSTON, Texas—Militia groups in Texas and across the nation are responding to the Texas Border Surge announced Wednesday night by the offices of the Governor, Lt. Governor and Texas House Speaker. An announcement was made on several new media outlets including Facebook… but has been pulled from several sources now.

The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out. – Alexander Hamilton

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion


Bob Price – Breitbart:  The alert to the civilian militia groups, which includes many groups who showed up at the Clive Bundy ranch in Nevada, calls on all able bodied militia members to converge on the Laredo sector of the Texas/Mexico border. A man who identified himself on a national conference call as “Ruthless” said their objective it to “put up a man-fence” to prevent the illegal aliens from crossing the border in their area of control.

Following is the text of the actual alert which was published on and several other locations:

“***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas & National Militia Available Please Converge Immediately Status GO: Mission close down Laredo Crossing for starters ((All need to be closed)) Operation complete when border fence is in place and secure Name: Love’s #298 Love’s Travel Stop 28527 Interstate 35, Encinal, TX 78019 (956) 948-7044 Location: I 35 & Hwy 44, Encinal, TX Distance from Encino: 93.7 miles Contact numbers: for location and or pick up 580 889 1036 423 333 8872 Militia ***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas & National Militia Available Please Converge Immediately Status GO: Mission close down Laredo Crossing for starters ((All need to be closed)) Operation complete when border fence is in place and secure Name: Love’s #298 Love’s Travel Stop 28527 Interstate 35, Encinal, TX 78019 (956) 948-7044 Location: I 35 & Hwy 44, Encinal, TX Distance from Encino: 93.7 miles Contact numbers: for location and or pick up 580 889 1036 423 333 8872 Militia Conference Number 24/7 For info and assistance 559 726 1300 access 639939# It’s time to bring down the thunder. Activating the Patriots willing to stand up for America GO GO GO. III% Kelli in Texas USA Let’s share this like the brushfires of Liberty”

Another leader of the conference call said there are 500 militia troops currently deployed on the Arizona/Mexico border. She declined to specify where they are deployed. She also confirmed they have “boots on the ground” in the Laredo sector at this time.

State Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) spoke to the Texas Department of Public Safety Director, Colonel Steve McCraw about the militia groups coming to Texas. On a Facebook chat thread this morning Toth said, “Steve McCraw is not looking for anyone to show up on the border to help DPS or the Guard. If you would like to join the Guard we would love to have you but don’t show up on the border to help it will only cause confusion and lead to someone getting hurt.”

Breitbart Texas reached out to the offices of Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott for comment about the announced “Action Alert” being called by the militia groups. No response has been received at this time.

Rick Perry with Bill O’Reilly Video: Gov Perry explains his law enforcement surge on the border

Gov. Perry: We’re gonna do our part to secure the southern border in Texas

The Right Scoop:

Gov. Perry says we have a real humanitarian catastrophe on our hands because of all the illegals coming across the southern border right now. Perry says one of his big concerns is that in finding a place to temporarily house all these illegals, they will have no place to house American citizens if there is another big hurricane that sweeps ashore.

So Perry is sending tons of law enforcement to the border to try and stop as much of these illegals as they possibly can. Because he says the Obama administration absolutely won’t do it.

And thank God… Check out this chilling Video: AMERICA HAS FALLEN OFF THE CLIFF

As well as:

Video: Feds Confirm Flying Planeloads Of Illegal Immigrants To Massachusetts – The Kelly File

It was always the plan… 

Capsizing the Republic – Cloward and Piven on the Southern Border

Cloward-Piven at Our Border…

Should Stupid Is As Stupid Does Be America’s New Motto? And How Did We Get Here

Palin: GOP Support for Amnesty Makes Me Want to Renounce Ties to Party

Sen. Cruz on Immigrant Influx: ‘Send Them Back’ -  “We need to follow the law,” Cruz tells Obama

Military Bases… Obama’s New Dumping Ground for Illegal Aliens

And now here comes the extortion: 


Guatemala Pushes Back On Immigration

Mexican Army Troops INVADING Arizona, Shooting at U.S. Citizens

And this is far from just a border state problem or localized to immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, etc… even though they are the lions’ share:

Massachusetts mayor asks US to stop sending refugees, says Somalis strain city services

It is amazing… instead of telling Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico… etc. that if they don’t keep their people home and help in the process of sending these illegal alien children back and reuniting them with their families, we will cut or stop their foreign aid…, Obama has already promised to send them more…

PLEASE, please get involved and take action and contact our elected officials to tell them to CLOSE THE BORDER NOW~ NOVEMBER IS COMING!!! Nothing wakes up a politician more than thinking his job is in jeopardy.


Donald Trump (CPAC 2014)… “Immigration… We either are a country, or we are not.  We either have borders or we don’t!”

Nations… empires, like people, have life cycles and they die. America once thought they could perhaps beat the normal pattern with God’s guidance and continue to be the beacon for freedom and hope for the common man everywhere forever.  Ronald Reagan’s ‘shining city on the hill’.  And I believe that was (perhaps still is) true… possible,  but somewhere along the way we lost our way.

The repentance of Nineveh in the Old Testament should give us hope that things could still be turned around. But in addition to repentance for having forsaken God we also need to find our patriotism and some courage and join those in Texas, Arizona and militias around the country who understand… You cannot help anyone until you get your own house in order.  And if we continue to allow America to be destroyed and turned into a country like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela… the invasion of refugees will stop, for they will no longer have a reason to come.  But we will also no longer have a country that we will want to live in or that can help anyone… at home or abroad.

Update 06.23.14:  Feds Stand Down As U.S. Border Collapses   -  Border Patrol trucks sit in parking lots as surge of illegal immigrants flood America


Update 06.24.14: BREAKING: Militia Units Have Arrived at the Border

Militia Have Arrived In Texas

Update 06.29.14:  Obama seeks more than $2 billion in border aid… as whack-job Progressive House Leader Nancy Pelosi goes to visit border in Texas to stir the pot

Pelosi said she’d love to adopt some of the children she saw at the border… so what is stopping the rich liberal leader?  Like with everything else she does… all propaganda to look good and sway the uninformed… no follow through or actual intention!!


Wake-Up My Fellow Americans… We Are Being Played For Fools and the Stakes Couldn’t be Higher. If  We React as the Progressives Are Counting on America Will Be Done For!  #SendThemBack !!  Or They Will Just Keep Coming…

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