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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Right Picture (Graphic) Is Worth More Than a 1000 Words

This Photo and comment was posted on the Bundy Ranch facebook page:  (Graphic picture)

Digging up 1 of the HUGE holes where they (the Feds) threw the cows that they ran to death or shot.
I feel that this NEEDS to be put out for the public to see

By Marion Algier - AskMarion

Over Easter Weekend, the mainstream (MSM) morning shows spun the news for Harry Reid and the Progressive Left, as usual.  Almost every show was filled with misinformation and lies about the situation at Bunkerville, the Bundy Family, the Bundy Ranch, Harry Reid’s Involvement, and the history leading up the the present situation there in Nevada. Below is a rebuttal by Lt. Colonial and Congressman Allen West.

 Video: Cattle Battle - Reid's Latest Verbal Assault On Bundys - Allen West - Fox & Friends

Breaking News - Reid's involved in a Solar Farm 35 miles away from Bundy's Ranch as well as files on the BLM website that confirm they took cattle from Bundy's Farm were deleted, because They Needed To Clear The Way For Their Lucrative Solar Deal With Transnational Corporation…

For those not up on the situation in Nevada, thanks to alternative media there is some good information out there on this on-going situation and western states’ leadership as well as supportive grassroots and militia groups are getting the story out (see below), but for those who only get their news from ABC, CBS, NBC or MSNBC the photo above is the result of the Feds killing the Bundy’s cattle after trying to frame the discussion around endangered species and animal rights causes.

Bundy Family Members Appear With Greta on ‘On the Record’ Discussing New Evidence That Feds Killed Their Cattle (Video)

You be the judge… 

The Western States: A Return To Sovereignty 

Statists Call For Drone Strike on Bundy Supporters

Wildlands Project, Agenda 21, and its Future Enforcers (hardly just the Bundy Ranch)

Did Feds Kill Bundy Rancher Cattle, Destroy Water Tanks and Run Over Tortoise Dens?

Senator Harry Reid: the Cattle Rustler

Diamond Bar Ranch in NM Seized by US Forest Service


Did Reid postpone Bundy ranch seizure until after 2016 elections?

Plot Behind Bundy Ranch Showdown Thickens

BLM Whistleblower Reveals Financial Motive Behind Bundy Ranch Raid

BLM Rounding Up Wild Horses, Sending To Slaughterhouse In Canada

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