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Election Season 2014

And it has brought us to this trainwreck called ObamaCare and we have bankrupted our kids and grandkids!

We are now headed into the 2014 Election Season and common sense and conservatism are on the rise. Please stand-up and be counted!

Reading Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election is a great place to start!

The Founding Father's Real Reason for the Second Amendment

And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

The Leaders Are Here... Palin, Cruz, Lee, Paul, Chaffetz....


Can You Really Still Believe That None of These People Would Have Done a Better Job???

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Wrap at Ask Marion 12.08.13 Thru 12.15.13

Its a Wrap

Our weekly wrap… Sunday to Sunday… Please share! Ask Marion

Quote of the Week: “Once the Government Spends a Dollar, They Have Decided to Tax That Dollar.  The Only Question is When and by What Means!” … Rep Tom McClintock (R-CA)

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How many Americans knew?  How many Americans Care?

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    Book of the Week – The Black Book of the American Left: The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz (Kindle)

    David Horowitz is writing a series of books on Communism to inform conservatives about the dangerous enemies now seated at the precipice of unfettered power in this country. Horowitz warns that ideological Marxist radicals under Barack Obama, are purposely destroying the America economy, the healthcare system, the education system, and our standing in the world.

    His series of books will give concerned, patriotic Americans of all stripes the tools to fight them. His first book is now available and it is a book that everyone needs to read. It clarifies who and what Barack Obama.  He makes it clear for anyone who still has doubts that Barack Hussein Obama is anything but incompetent. He, and his crew including Valerie Jarrett, is probably the most competent president we have had. He is successfully destroying America.

    David Horowitz has published the first book, The Little Black Book of the Left, in a series of ten which educates conservatives about Progressivism and the organized forces of evil that have been poisoning our culture, our schools, and our government for the past forty years.  The first volume explains how social justice has become the means by which they sell their leftist ideology.  ‘Its phony, it’s not real’, says Horowitz.

    The Black Book of the American Left: The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz (Kindle) is a compilation of essays that start with Mr. Horowitz’ as a Communist activist through his conversion to become one of the staunchest fighters for conservative ideals that we have today.  Horowitz paints a ‘collective’ portrait of the left. It helps Conservatives, all concerned Americans, understand how we got to the point of electing a man whose goal is to take down our country.

    David Horowitz spent the first part of his life in the world of the Communist-progressive left, politics he inherited from his mother and father, and later in the New Left as one of its founders.

    The torture and murder of a friend , Betty Van Patter, that he had sent to help them with their bookkeeping, by his so-called ‘friends’ in the Black Panther Party was so traumatic that it took Horowitz ten years to come out of depression, anger, guilt and disbelief. But when he did, he came out as a conservative fighting a courageous battle, but lonely battle for years.

    One of those who is believed responsible for Betty Van Patter’s murder, according to David Horowitz, is a vicious ex-Panther named Elaine Brown. She now lives in Atlanta and has become a public speaker. She is still the same person and the fact that she is free is a paradox of American justice.

    Horowitz quotes Elaine Brown: “"Faith was all there was, if I did not believe in the ultimate rightness of our goals and our party then what we did, what Huey was doing, what he was, what I was, was horrible”.

    Quite a remarkable statement. The “end justifies the means” is her mantra and almost a type of religion that pretty much allows anything for the cause, as she and they see it.

    Because of Horowitz’ change of heart and departure from the Communist party at age 35, he not only lost life long friends but was also completely shunned by some in the media who were once his most ardent supporters.

    Horowitz says ‘we are at war.’ People must understand that and they must be ready to fight.

    Reading the series of books will be enlightening if the first volume is an example of what is to follow.

    The leftists or ‘neo-communists’ (neo-coms) as Horowitz calls them hate America and what America stands for. They want to tear it down and install their utopia, their NWO.

    Horowitz makes it clear that‘Obamacare is Communism and that Obama is a Communist, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist… all the same!

    Horowitz explains education as the place where leftism gained its foothold into society, beginning with the Catholic colleges and universities. He believes that  K-12 schools should be on a voucher system with parents getting the money, not the schools.  He is also against Common Core.

  • It certainly makes you think… doesn’t it, when just this week the Pope attacked Capitalism and said he has known many Marxists who were nice people…

  • Limbaugh Calls Out Left's New Pope Love:

  • "A radical Pope’s first year.": …

    This series is a must read and should be both a primer on how to fight back and an eye-opener for many who are just waking up.

    If You Like Your Plan

    We are living in amazing times, good and bad, the kind of times that truly try men’s (and women’s) souls and that make or break countries and shape (or reshape) societies. Please get involved, pray for guidance, prepare for the worst (for yourself and to help others), then educate yourself and share what you learn with as many people as you can. All our futures depend on it!!


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    True Meaning of Season

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