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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Preparedness Alert: US DOE (nuke site) code for we're going on full alert very soon... because of North Korea and our actions in that part of the world - Apr 8, 2013


As you may remember I was a Federal Police Officer for the US DOE, I still have a family member working US DOE.  Got a call yesterday alerting me to the following info:

One of my family members who still works for the US DOE (nuke site) informed me today at approx 4:30 pm, that in the very near future their alert level was going up dramatically… code for we're going on full alert very soon... because of North Korea and our actions in that part of the world. He also told me a co-worker son who is in the US Navy enroute to that area, who is a guided missile type expert, is updating the fire control men on TWO other ships plus the one he's on... on route together to the region.

Total 3 ships...

Understand, US DOE alerts will incorporate 4 crews into 2, to double their manpower... working everyone 12 hr days/7 days a week, as long as the alert is in effect... supplies will be updated to keep as many personnel on site as
possible. This is both security, operations/etc…  adds up to alot of over time... and when the typical guy is making $28 a hr... You do the math...  They didnt adjust their alert level as our military has been building up men/equipment over the last week or so..... other than increased vigilance… I would suspect some action in that region shortly...

Keep your gas tanks full... Do whatever shopping you may need to... Keep in touch w/ family if you are bugging out together... and have an UNDERSTANDING if phone/cell service/internet goes down here (EMP attack) have a rally point for all to meet... prior to travelling, if you can...

You be the judge… but it is always better to be prepared than surprised!!



Barack Obama (of Course) blames US Navy for increased North Korean tensions

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